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Minutes 26


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									                                    UniS Materials Network
                                    Management Committee
                                   Minutes of the 26th Meeting
                                         9th June 2003

Present: Dr Lynn Boniface, Dr Phil Costen, Prof John Hay, Dr Mike Hughes, Dr Tina Lekakou, Prof Peter
McDonald, Prof Ugur Tuzun, Dr Julie Yeomans (chair)

1.     Apologies
          Apologies were received from Gary Stevens, Ken Taylor, Panos Tsakiropoulos and Elizabeth

2.     Minutes of last meeting / matters arising
          The minutes of the previous meeting (10/4/2003) were approved.

           Further to previous discussions about access to electronic library resources by external users, PC
           confirmed that it is likely that the £30 fee charged to UniSdirect "hatchlings" for similar access
           would be applicable in the case of Industrial Affiliate Scheme members.

           Other matters arising are dealt with under the relevant items.

3.     Matters to report
          JY reported that administrative and financial control of the Network is in the process of being
          transferred to the School of Engineering to follow the change of chairmanship. LB‟s post as
          coordinator will also transfer to the School and from June, she will be working one day per week
          (usually Tuesdays) and will be based in room 10AB03 (ext 9312).

           JY brought to the attention of the committee a call for speakers for the Second Defence
           Nanotechnology Conference, entitled "Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Applications",
           to be held on 6-7th November 2003 in London. The meeting is being organised by Defence
           Event Management Ltd in association with the Institute of Nanotechnology and will cover
           multifunction adaptive materials, nano-engineered functional materials, chemical and biological
           agent detection/destruction, active camouflage systems, interactive textiles, electromagnetic and
           radio frequency shielding, and energy and waste issues. The Institute of Nanotechnology is also
           organising two other meetings in late 2003: "Advanced Technologies: Crime Prevention and
           Detection" in London in October, and "Nanomaterials and Smart Medical Devices" in Edinburgh
           in December. LB will put further details and contact information for all of these meetings on the
           UMN web intranet.
                                                                                                  Action: LB

           PC reported that, following a recent meeting with the Assistant Chief Executive of Surrey County
           Council (SCC), he and the other UniSdirect Innovation Network Managers (INMs) were asked to
           suggest names as expert witnesses for “Surrey in 2020”, a project on future planning and
           forecasting for the county. The INMs have proposed a provisional list of UniS contacts (where
           the named contact will either act as an expert witness or will disseminate information between
           SCC and UniS colleagues) which LB will include on the UMN intranet. Those areas relevant to
           the Network include:
           “I-Living” (smart homes, smart material etc) - Lynne Hamill, Peter Buckle, Julie Yeomans
           Genetics/nanotechnology - John Joe McFadden
           Sustainability/environment - Tim Jackson, David Uzzell, Gary Stevens
        Please let Phil Costen or Kirsty Cartland Glover of UniSdirect know if you would like to suggest
        any other colleagues.
                                                                                             Action: LB

        JY announced that the Oak Suite has been booked on Wednesday 24th September between
        12:30pm and 5:30pm for an internal seminar on all aspects of fuel cells research. The programme
        for the meeting will be confirmed at a later date but is likely to include presentations by John Hay
        and Chemistry Department colleagues, Elizabeth Wright speaking on CES activity in the area,
        and collaborative PhD students based at Rolls-Royce, Derby, working with JY. PC has agreed to
        assist LB and JY in organising the meeting.
                                                                                         Action: LB, PC, JY

        PC has been approached by the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) to host a
        visit to the University on 24th June by a group of Canadian investment bankers who are
        potentially interested in setting up companies locally, possibly on the Surrey Research Park, and
        who are seeking contacts with local industries and universities. JY and JH will try to be involved
        with the meeting and Peter Slater has provided PC with background information on his own
        research in fuel cells. PC will pass on information to the group about UniS Materials activities.

4   Reports from Representatives
       4.1 ATI
       PM reported in brief on ATI activities. Alf Adams has been invited to bid for an EPSRC award
       in the area of biophotonics which would provide £400k over a period of 5 years. Ravi Silva has
       been awarded an £8M EPSRC Portfolio/CSER. The recently-awarded SRIF grant of £3.8M, held
       jointly with the University of Ulster, will support refurbishment and changes to existing
       laboratory space for use in biosensors research.
       4.2 CASPIE
       PM also reported that Mark Baker and John Watts will lead a second proposal to the Royal
       Society to support nanotechnology research under the UniS Materials Institute umbrella. The
       proposal will seek resources for activity not directly supported within the SRIF-2 bid (see item
       4.3 Centre for BioMedical Engineering
       MH tabled information about the medical devices Faraday partnership headed by the TWI and the
       DTI, accessible through their website at www.biomaterials.org.uk. PM proposed that MH tries
       to attend the European Research Conferences (EURESCO) “Biological Surfaces and
       Interfaces” meeting in Castelvecchio Pascoli, Italy, on June 21-26 to represent UniS
       Materials interests in this area. MH agreed to seek funding from within the UMI and UMN.
                                                                                                Action: MH
       A general discussion followed on the role of the DTI and EPSRC in facilitating access to funding
       opportunities. UT stressed the increasingly important part that the DTI plays in a „gearing
       capacity‟, bringing together consortia to bid for appropriate EPSRC awards. It was agreed that is
       important for potential success in grant applications to bid at a very early point in the process and
       to have made high level contacts within the grant-awarding body. PC was asked to compile a list
       of DTI contacts to target in future research funding applications, particularly in the areas of
       materials and sustainability.
                                                                                                 Action: PC
       4.4 Centre for Environmental Strategy
       CES has moved to building AZ.
       4.5 Chemistry
       JH reported that he would take over as Head of Department of Chemistry from 1st July this year.
       4.6 Engineering Materials & Structures
       CL reported that Andy Crocombe is organising monthly EMS seminars, which are geared
       particularly to MPhil/PhD transfer talks by its research students. The first of these will take place
       on 19th June; details of future seminars will be given on the UMN intranet. Dr Timothy
        Righiniotis has joined Civil Engineering as a lecturer in the area of structures. UT welcomed the
        promotion to Professor of EMS colleagues Andy Crocombe and Gerry Parke.
        4.7 Fluids Research Group
        The Fluids Centre had held a one-day meeting on 26th March aimed at attracting research students
        to the group. CL reported that there had been a reasonable number of attendees and that everyone
        had enjoyed the informal talks. Rex Thorpe of the Chemical & Process Engineering Department
        hosted a symposium on Multiphase Flows on 14/15 April 2003 at UniS within the Fluids Centre.
        This was a joint venture between researchers in UK and Japan; it was very well attended and
        included 18 speakers from distinguished research teams from the two countries presenting the
        latest developments in multiphase flows. The proceedings can be found at
        4.8 School of Biomedical and Life Sciences
        No representative was present.
        4.9 SCRIBA
        No representative was present.
        4.10 UniS Materials Institute
        PM reported that the UMI had now produced a formal academic plan and that meetings of
        Institute members take place regularly. The recently-awarded SRIF funding, held jointly with
        Loughborough University, provides £3.51M which will be used for new ToF-SIMS equipment
        and refurbishment of space in AZ00 and AZ01 for purpose-built UMI laboratories, including a
        bio-surfaces lab. PM will progress the setting up of a UMI website, using the UniS Materials
        banner to be used by both the Network and the Institute. UMI members will submit a bid within
        the second tranche of the DTC process later this year, in association with Bristol University
        (contact – Dr Felicity Guild), Westlands, and Cranfield University.
        4.11 USEB
        No representative was present.

5.   Industrial initiatives
        5.1 SME subscription club / Industrial Affiliates Scheme (IAS)
        JY, LB and PC will arrange to visit the some of the companies which have requested information
        on the IAS in the near future.
                                                                                   Action: LB, PC, JY
        5.2 Other initiatives
        Defence Technology Centres – see item 4.10 above.

        Motorsports Academy – PC reported on a SEEDA-driven initiative seeking participation by UniS
        in providing degree courses within a dedicated motorsports academy, as recommended by the
        DTI Motorsports Competitiveness Panel in November 2002. SEEDA contact Mike Evans (Group
        Sector Facilitator responsible for aerospace and defence) has passed on an enquiry from Mike
        Meechan, Motorsports Project Manager at Oxford Brookes University, asking for comments on
        the draft academy project strategy. In particular, he asks whether the University of Surrey would
        be interested in being part of a consortium and what specific particular services, skills and
        expertise the University of Surrey would provide that would strengthen the UK motorsports
        cluster. PM commented that a materials first degree or MSc may be more appropriate than a
        specialist motorsports degree; JY added that existing School of Engineering materials modules
        are very relevant in this area. PC agreed to inform those involved in the proposals that it is
        possible to customise courses for a particular market.
                                                                                                 Action: PC
        Building Research Establishment – PM is continuing discussions with BRE contacts.

        Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) – PC mentioned a forthcoming meeting between Nigel
        Wood, Adel Sharif and Gordon Fearns of UniS with a medical devices company located near to
        the University, namely Thermocore. Discussions were about a possible collaboration on plaque
        measurement in arteries. Several options were presented to the company, including a proposal to
        set up a KTP, which replaces the Teaching Company Scheme. Tony Flint from Thermocore
        already has some experience with the TCS. A further meeting will take place later in the summer
        to establish a work programme. In the meantime, other avenues are being sought for possible
        funding of the academic partners.

        South East Technology Transfer (SET2) - SET2 is funded by the Higher Education Infrastructure
        Fund and is centred at UniS, involving Bristol, Bath, Southampton and Surrey Universities. This
        provides a funding mechanism to pay academics to assist with enquiries which come through the
        UniSdirect „hatchery‟.

6.   Newsletter
        Issue 7 of the newsletter is being printed and Issue 8 (for October 2003) is in preparation. This
        will include a item by PC on the Innovation Network Managers, an article on the fluids group by
        CL, and any other news items contributed by members. The deadline for contributions is 22nd
                                                                                       Action: LB, PC, CL

7.   Web site
       LB will re-circulate draft versions of the UniS Materials Network web pages listing content for
       the “People”, “Techniques and Facilities” and “Materials” pages. Please send comments on
       completeness of the listings and information on links to personal and research group web sites.
                                                                          Action: LB, ALL MEMBERS

8.   AOB
       Open Lecture 2003 – Prof Tony Ryan, ICI Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of
       Sheffield, has agreed to give this year‟s lecture on 12th November. LB will ask Amanda Cool in
       Marketing to send a formal invitation to speak to Prof Ryan and to ask for a title and an abstract.
                                                                                               Action: LB
       PC reported that the UniSdirect office is to move to the Nodus Building on the main campus in
       the near future.

        Surrey/Brunel Bioengineering Forum – a second meeting of the UniS/Brunel group took place at
        Surrey on 7th May, the first in November 2002 having been to initiate collaboration between the
        engineers in general, while the second was specifically to look at the bioengineering area. PC
        will send LB minutes of the meetings for inclusion on the UMN intranet and UT will report to
        this committee on future meetings of the Forum. The Forum aims to bring together Brunel‟s
        established background in bioengineering with the clinical access available at Surrey. Funding of
        up to £50k may be available as part of the initiative.
                                                                                           Action: PC, UT

9.   Date of next meeting
        Tuesday 9th September 2003 at 11:15am in 30BC03.
LB, JY 16/7/2003

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