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					?While seeking services for your business, a lot of companies go through the turmoil
of whether to hire freelancers or professional service providing companies. Here is a
quick run down on some potential advantages and disadvantages of both options to
help you make the bestchoice for you.

Ability to Deliver
Freelancers are independent workers. Though freelancers may be totally dedicated to
their work and often produce more personalized and dedicated work product, the lure
of being their own master does have some draw-backs at some point or the other. For
example, they may need to take a break or holiday during a time that you need them
devoted to your work or they may need to pass over certain quality checks because it's
time to get some sleep. In addition, they can't get others in their organization,
especially specialists, to provide additional input into the project.

With companies, such draw-backs may not be as prevalent. Most companies generally
have a larger team of experienced industry professionals to complete tasks for their
clients. And since they work in an office environment, they are often subject to
internal controls and procedures aimed at ensuring the best quality work is delivered.
In addition, there are often a number of different specialists within the company that
can all provide valuable input and comments on a project.

This round surely goes to Company people!

Flexibility - the very word screams ‘freelancers'. Imagine an urgent piece of work that
you need done that does not fall in the usual realm of services your freelancer
ordinarily provides to you. Because freelancers are usually very flexible, once you
check that your freelancer has the time to do your new project, you can often just give
them a brief of the specifications and nature of the work and it is done. It is often
based on mutual trust and understanding. With companies, there are often more
formalities involved with briefing urgent pieces of work.

Companies are often not as flexible. With all the communicatio n lines open, you can
often contact your service provider at any time for assistance that you might need.
However, there is often a less personal connection between you and the company
employee working for you. Even if that person likes you, they may not be able to do
anything extra without company approval, which sometimes can require a fair share
of paperwork.

This round belongs to the Freelancers!

Trust and Reputation Factor
Freelancers are independent and may not have the financial backing and reputat ional
risks that a company has. You may find and hire a freelancer though B2B
marketplaces and job portals that even testify to their credibility, but there is often no
one to complain to if things go wrong. In some cases, you might consider making use
of Escrow payments while dealing with freelancers.

Companies are businesses and often have a reputation in the market and many
employees to pay. They often have a company website, a physical office and clients in
the market. The trust factor is significantly heightened when you know you are
dealing with another business who, like you, has a brand identity that it needs to
protect and may be less likely to take your money and run.

Winner of this round - Companies

In most cases, freelancers are a steal when it comes to pricing. They can charge you
much cheaper prices for the services they deliver, largely because there are less
over-head expenses associated with them running their freelance business. Hiring a
freelancer often means huge savings in your cost figures.

With companies, however, you often pay for what you get. You cannot seek rock
bottom prices when hiring professional service providing businesses, without
seriously undermining the quality of the work they provide you.

As you can see, both freelancers and companies have their pros and cons. Speaking
broadly, it is often better to hire freelancers for small contract projects that a one-off
freelancer can perform. However, for more strategic processes of the business or for
larger projects requiring numerous persons to be involved, it is often better to hire a
professional service providing company.

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