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DESCRIPTION                                                    GA        SKU        SY     DEN

Bonded Cushion
3/8" Win Bonded Cushion 30SY                                   3/8      WIN38       30       8
7/16" Win Bonded Cushion 30SY                                 7/16     WIN716       30       8
1/2" Win Bonded Cushion 30SY                                   1/2      WIN12       20       8
3/8" Place Bonded Cushion 30SY                                 3/8     PLACE38      30       6
7/16" Place Bonded Cushion 30SY                               7/16    PLACE716      30       6
1/2" Place Bonded Cushion 30SY                                 1/2     PLACE12      30       6
3/8" Show Bonded Cushion 30SY                                  3/8    SHOW38        30      5.5
3/8" High Society Cushion 30SY                                 3/8      HS38        30       8
1/2" High Society Cushion 30SY                                 1/2      HS12        30       8
All bonded cushions offered are either FHA class 1 or 2 and come with a web.
No nominal weights or thicknesses. Densities and sizes are as published.

PMF Ultra Luxurious Foundation
7/16" Super Nice Poly Memory Foam 20SY                        7/16    MC71612       20      12
Premium Residential Cushion Made With Microcell Soft Memory Foam
Ultra Fresh Antimicrobial Protection From Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria
Moisture Barrier Film On Both Sides Protects From Spills and Subfloor Moisture
Environmentally Friendly With Virtually No Chemical Emissions
Great Noise Reduction and Ideal For People With Allergies
Warranted For Five Years Beyond Carpet Life
Environmental Fiber Cushion
3/8" Clean & Green PCW Synthetic Fiber 6'X45'                  3/8      CG38        30       8
Made From 100% Post Consumer Recycled PET Bottles
Non-Allergenic and Will Not Support Bacterial Growth
Designed For All Commercial and Residential Stretch-In Installations
Gauranteed Free From Plastic, Lumps, or Hard Spots
LEED Points As Sustainable Product Made From 100% Recycled Material
No Smells, Odors, or VOC's
Commercial Cushion
.175 Double Stick 6'X100'                                     .175     TM186       66.67    16
.250 Double Bond Cushion 30SY                                 .250      DB14        40      9.5

Area Rug Cushion                                                              Area Rug Cushion Sold In Rolls Only
Daltonian Area Rug Pad 12'X120'                                NA     AR12120     160    10
Long Life 6' X 60' Area Rug Cushion                            NA       LL660     40     NA
Long Life 12' X 60' Area Rug Cushion                           NA      LL1260     80     NA
Dura Hold Plus 6' X 60' Area Rug Cushion                       NA      DH660      40     NA
Dura Hold Plus 12' X 60' Area Rug Cushion                      NA     DH1260      80     NA

Prices: Prices are subject to change without notice and applicable taxing authorities
Terms: Net 30
Returns: No material may be returned without authorization from FCS and restock charges may apply.

Cushion Pricing Sept 21 2009                                                                               Descriptions Only

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