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					“Don’t have other gods – Love God
with all your being” – Ex.20:2,3;
Dt.6:4,5; Mt.22:34-40

God has revealed himself in 2 books:-
1. The book of creation – Ps.19:1-6; Is.6:3;
    Job 38-41; 42:5; Acts.14:15-17;
2. The Bible – what he does & says. The
    full revelation is in Jesus. He is the only
    God – Dt.4:39; 32:39
1. The exclusive worship of God
God has revealed himself clearly:-
a. He is the Creator – Gen.1,2
b. He is the covenant God – Ex.3:15-17
c. He is the saving God – Ex.20:2
d. Worship this God & no other –Ex.20:3
Ex.23:32,33; Dt.4:32-35; 6:4,5; Ps.86:8-10;
    Is.44:6-8; 45:5,6; 1 Cor.8:4-6
Exclusive allegiance to God
1. Worship – Heart-loyalty
2. Trust
3. Prayer – Phil.4:4-7
4. Thanksgiving
2. The attraction of other gods
a. In the O.T. – the gods of Mesopotamia,
  Egypt, Canaan, Assyria, Babylon etc.
b. In the N.T. – the gods of Rome & others
- fostered superstition – Acts 14
- intellectual pride & discussion – Acts 17
- promoted economic interests – Acts 19
c. Today
- Sex, shekels & stomach (SELF)
- Pleasure, possessions, position

- Football, the Firm, Freemasonry, family

- Celebrities, commerce

The prophets mock these gods –
  Ps.115:3-8; Hab.2:18-20; Is.40:18-20;
  44:9-20; 46:1,2; Jer,10:3-5
3. The joy of worshipping only
a. We experience God’s presence everywhere –
     1 Cor.10:31; Ps.23 - David
b. We are strengthened to serve God – cf. Daniel
     & friends
c. We are enabled to live a full life- cf. Jesus
 1. Total submission to God
 2. Trust of his Father
 3. Life of Prayer
 4. Thankful heart
4. Implications
a. Our relationship with other religions
 1. No inter-faith worship
 2. Work together for the good of the community
 3. Share the Gospel with respect & grace
b. Our “heart-loyalty”
 1. Am I 100% submitted to Jesus?
 2. Do I trust God in all of life?
 3. Does prayer define my life?
 4. Am I a thankful person?

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