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					     At AXIS Family Resources Ltd our mission is to be the leader in the delivery of community based social services while
                     enhancing the lives of the diverse people we serve, our employees, and our partners.

                  Happy New Year to everyone!
                  Hard to believe it‟s 2010. Last year flew by at AXIS, with many milestones, including a
                  number of new residential and non-residential programs in the North, Cariboo, and South,
                  a successful re-accreditation process, increased training opportunities for staff, full-on
                  ShareVision use, wonderful Team Days in many communities, a successful fitness
                  challenge, and incredible fund-raising success for Food Banks as well as at Christmas
                  time. The generosity and spirit of our staff and caregivers is overwhelming - thank you all!
  As an agency we dealt with loss as well in the latter part of the year. One of our staff members passed
  away suddenly and is greatly missed by co-workers and persons served - Dave Pratt was a fabulous
  residential care worker in Williams Lake and we miss him. As well, one of our young adult persons served
  in Williams Lake also passed away suddenly while visiting family in Alberta. Our staff who worked with
  “AG” were hit hard, and I want to commend them for their professionalism and courage in working through
  the stages of grief and loss, which included a number of tasks which provided great support to her family.
  Observing and interacting with our staff during these experiences strengthen my belief that we have all
  worked hard to create a very caring and compassionate environment, and the commitment staff and
  caregivers demonstrate to persons served is very strong. There are many ups and downs faced in all
  offices in our agency, and I know people come together to work through those challenges.
  On the horizon this year are wonderful things! We will continue to respond to service requests from our
  funders, either through the Request for Proposal process (BC Bid) or direct requests to put programs
  together. We are just getting off the ground with a new program in Creston, a supported independent
  living program for adults with developmental disabilities. It is great to now be providing non-residential
  services in the Kootenays to complement our residential services. Further north in 100 Mile House, we
  were the successful proponent in an RFP process to provide outreach services to adults with
  developmental disabilities. This will be a half-time position and will begin later this month. With our
  Business Development Team starting up, headed by Rick Gibson and Tracy Johnson, new ideas will be
  explored in detail. We welcome Trudy Annand back, who will take on the responsibility of Regional
  Director for our South programs, Tracy Johnson‟s previous role.
  Internally, our agency training plan will be rolling forward this quarter, as well as further ShareVision
  implementation. We will be doing some re-vamping of our outcomes management work, which will lead to
  more efficient conformance to CARF standards. Expect to see updates to policies, procedures and forms
  which will assist us in meeting our quality assurance objectives.
  On the health and wellness side, we will again host an agency-wide Fitness Challenge, beginning this
  month. Watch ShareVision and office bulletin boards for further information. Our goal is to encourage as
  many staff/ caregivers as possible to be active and lead a healthy lifestyle. We will also be supporting
  more fund-raising campaigns - details to follow.
  Thank you to all who participated in the organization of our Team Days, and to those who attended. For
  those who did not due to work, thank you for supporting the process and plan to attend next year. They
  are a lot of fun. Thanks to Rick and Maureen for providing great gifts!
  Here‟s to a great New Year everyone!

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24 Hours Call Toll Free 1-877-392-1003 Press 205 or locally from Williams Lake 392-1000 and Press 205
                                                                 Christie Peters completed her
                        I hope you each had a
                        delightful holiday season.               Human Resources Certificate
                        Mine was filled with family,
                        fun and food (not                             program in December.
                        necessarily in that order).
                        It was a nice break and I
                                                                             Way to go!!!
                        feel refreshed and ready to
                        enjoy the challenges of the
                                                              It just seems like a few short weeks ago that
                        coming year!
                                                              we forwarded our Fall submissions. It‟s been a
  As you will remember from the last newsletter,              busy last couple of months in HR with hiring for
  La‟Wanda Tazelaar has taken over my role in                 new programs in Creston, Prince George and
  our Northern regions. I am working more                     Cranbrook. We have been concentrating on
  closely with our Branch Managers in the                     improving orientation and training for all
  Cariboo which means less travel away from                   positions. We are creating a training and
  home. I do miss everyone I worked with in the               orientation plan which we hope to have ready
  North and look forward to our paths crossing                to pilot by February/March. We‟ve created
  again from time to time. I will be working on               some training modules and continue to create
  various projects and Quality Assurance                      more so we have an array of in-service training
  initiatives so will still have the chance to travel         we can provide to staff and contractors. We will
  around this great agency of ours.                           keep you posted as we get closer to delivering
                                                                                  these programs. Hopefully,
  We have had most of our Team Days                                                  as the year goes on staff
                                                  You can and will achieve
  and I think they were all a great              more in the next year than           and      contractors   will
  success. I was fortunate to be                  you have in the past ten             notice a difference and
  able to attend most of the Team                with a disciplined plan of           feel more confident in
  Days and was impressed with the                          action                   carrying out the duties in
  effort and creativity that went into                                          their jobs.
  planning each of them. Thanks to
                                                                        With Christmas holidays coming soon,
  all of you who were involved in the
                                                              we had our Christmas party at Storms
  planning and to those of you who were able to
                                                              Restaurant which 36 staff attended. An Axis
  attend. The team work was amazing and I
                                                              Christmas cake was ordered for dessert and
  learned something new at each and every one
                                                              looked great. It was posted on Sharevision
  of the Team Days I attended. The North West
                                                              over the Holidays.
  is the only region that hasn‟t had its Team Day
  but that is planned for January 20, 2010 in                 I will be looking to temporarily replace Sandra,
  Prince Rupert.                                                                           HR Assistant as she
                                                                                           will be going on
  I hope you each have a healthy and happy                                                 maternity       leave
  2010!                                                                                    sometime in late
  -Shane                                                                                   February        /early
                                                                                           March. If you know
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  someone with HR experience, please have                      huge highlight for me. Thank you for moving
  them forward the resume to me and don‟t                      your family and taking the risk. I appreciate
  forget if they do get hired; you can get $100                what you have brought to the Team and to the
                                                               community- you are amazing.
  through the employee referral program if the
  candidate stays for at least 6 months.                       Of course when I received the message from
                                                               LaWanda Tazelaar that she was leaving that
                                                               was a huge loss day for me. The exciting thing
  Happy New Year Everyone!                                     is that prior to the end of 2009, LaWanda and
                                                               her family were able to relocate to Prince
  -Brenda                                                      George and get settled. LaWanda brings so
                                                               much strength and experience to the North.
                                                               And so they are lucky to have her. Thank you
    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE                                 LaWanda for all of your hard work in the
                                                               Kootenays-you paved a path that has been
        EXPECTING MOMMIES                                      easy to follow.
  Christie Peters who is expecting in June                     Tami Wilson and Stephanie Loucks bring
                                                               strength, experience and energy to their roles
                                                               as Coordinators in the Kootenays –thank you
                                                               for all of your perseverance as I believe it has
                                                               paid off. You both have solid teams working for
                                                               you and as teams continue to take on new
                                                               Justyna Sindrewicz in Kelowna came on board
                                                               with the agency in October. Thank you for all
                                                               your work with the person served. It is amazing
  Sandra Wright who is expecting in March
                                                               how far you have moved our young lady in
                                                               such a short time. We are very happy to have
  Maegan Archibald who is expecting in June                    you on board.
                                                               Trudy Annand is back for our New Year and as
                                                               many of you already know she is the Regional
  Happy New Year Everyone. It is amazing that                  Director for the South. Welcome back Trudy!
  the years go by so quickly or is that an age
  thing-the older you get the faster they go?                  So where am I going. I am moving to a new
                                                               role as the Director of Business Development. I
  If it is an age thing then I guess I hit the magic             am excited about the challenge and
  age awhile ago. The work                                             opportunity.
  from the team in the past                 Success is not an
  year      has    truly   been          accident; it begins with         I look forward to sharing the highlights
  inspiring for me.                       a well-conceived plan
                                                                          of this year with you all next year.
  Everyone is out working in                                                   So with our team in place, the
  work that is 24/7 and they are happy, and                                      energy and commitment
  energetic, and enthusiastic. I know that we had              everyone brings, and the focus of everyone to
  our bumps over the year but the thing I                      enhance the lives of our Persons Served, I
  appreciate is people on our team pull together               know we will have an amazing 2010.
  and work through the bumps and get to the                    Best Wishes,
  other side. Thank you for being so committed.
                                                               -Tracy J
  2009 Snapshot:
  The arrival of Trisha Cruickshank to the
  Thompson Branch over the past year was a

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                    Happy New Year and all the             quality of services we offer will continue to be
                    best in 2010, hard to believe          your focus over the coming year!
                    another year has gone by.
                    When I reflect back on 2009 I          Finally team day will be held in Prince Rupert
                    am so thankful for all that it         January 20, 2010. We are all looking forward to
                    brought. I was given an                this event.
                    opportunity to expand our
                    Agency in the Kootenay‟s,              We continue to have a part-time vacancy in our
                    build some unforgettable               FPSP in Prince Rupert. I would encourage
  relationships and take away a ton of
                                                           anyone thinking of relocating to the beautiful
  knowledge. I also have had some time to
  reflect on my time with AXIS and cannot                  west coast to give me a call.
  believe I was given my fifteen year recognition,
                                                           Merlin sends New Year‟s greetings to all!
  it really does not feel like it has been that long.
  AXIS has become my second family. We                     -Kate
  continue to grow together, face challenges
  together, learn together and support each other          HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM SANDI & KELLY
  as a family does. This is an amazing team that
                                                           AT THE DAWSON CREEK OFFICE AND
  I feel proud to be part of.
                                                           TRACY AND STAFF FROM ALLIANCE
  Speaking of Team I have had the opportunity                            HOUSE!
  to    attend     Prince     Too often we underestimate the power of a touch,
  George and Dawson            a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest      Kelly and Sandi enjoyed
  Creeks team days             compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of     the Christmas holidays
  and I just want to            which have the potential to turn a life around
  thank you all for the                                                              with family and friends
  days. I enjoyed meeting                                                        and are now eager for a fresh
  everyone as well as                                         start and a new beginning in 2010. Tracy
  participating in some fun        activities, but            actually got to wake up in her own bed, on
  best of all I enjoyed the laughter that filled the          Christmas morning, a feat that hasn‟t actually
  room. I am looking forward to attending Prince              happened in seventeen years!            It was
  Rupert‟s Team day on January 20th and
  meeting the teams in this area.
  I look forward to all the new opportunities that         New Year's morning is the most beautiful of all
  2010 will bring as well as forming new                   mornings, don't you agree? There's something
  relationships here in the North.                         so special about waking up with excitement in
  -La‟Wanda                                                the air that something wonderful is about to

  Northwest Update                                         Our New Year‟s wish for each of you is health,
  Greetings from the arctic outflow capital of             strength and courage. Resolve to live the best
  B.C.!                                                    life that you know how by remembering the
                                                           feelings of others, by putting the past behind
  As we embark on a new year I would like to               you, by forgiving whenever you can, by being
  take this opportunity to thank my team for their         patient with children and by loving with your
  incredible committed work over the past year.            whole heart.
  Without all of your efforts, our services would
  not be as strong as they are. I know that your           Tracy would like to share a New Year‟s Idea
  dedication to the people we serve and the                with you: “We spend January 1 walking

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  through our lives, room by room, drawing up a         Thank you to AXIS staff for donating to the
  list of work to be done, cracks to be patched.        Food bank this year. In the past we have put
  Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought        together a hamper for a family in need, this
                                                        year we decided to do a food drive with our
  to walk through the rooms of our lives... not
                                                        donations going directly to the food bank,
  looking for flaws, but for potential.” My hope is     helping many needy families. Your donations
  that we all reach for the potential that is in each   were greatly appreciated.
  of us, for in doing that, we learn the value of
  our contributions in this world.                      Team Day was held at The South Thompson
                                                        Guest Ranch back in November. It was a
  -From the Dawson Creek Axis Family to the             great success as many of our staff were able to
  Axis Family Resources Family elsewhere in the         attend including a few from our head office in
                                                        Williams Lake. It was an opportunity to learn
  province, the Best of the Season!
                                                        about taking care of your health and wellness,
                                                        share some laughs, and connect with other
                                                        staff. The team building exercises led by Trudy
  Greetings to All & Happy New Year from the            Annand taught us a lot about the value of
                                                        working as a team and what we can
  staff in the Quesnel office.
                                                        accomplish when we do. There was some
  This last quarter was very busy with Team Day         friendly competition amongst the different
  activities and organizing staffing over the           teams and a whole lot of laughter shared by all.
  holidays. It was a busy but very productive              I would like to officially welcome Emily
  year as well.                                            Sedgwick to the AXIS team. She is the friendly
  Thanks to the staff for their commitment to the          voice you hear when checking in or calling our
  persons served; I see you go the extra                                  front desk.      As our office
  mile and it is noticed and makes                                           coordinator she will be able
                                       Look up and not down. Look
  a difference in their lives.          forward and not back. Look            to assist you with many of
  I wish everyone good health            out and not in, and lend a           the day to day questions
  and new insights into the                        hand                    that come up.
  work completed.          Also a
  reminder to take breaks and treat                             We wish Angela all the best in her future
  yourself special we need to ensure                       endeavors and will hopefully get to see her
  balance. To the staff in Williams Lake                   from time to time as she has agreed to stay
  just reminders to make sure you‟re using your            with AXIS on a casual basis! Also to Rebecca
  pennies                                                  Sullivan who leaves us January 15th from her
  All the best in 2010                                     Purchasing Coordinator position. You will both
                                                           be greatly missed.

  -Angela                                               Warm wishes to Kirk Bissett who was recently
                                                        injured in a car accident. We are all wishing
                                                        you a speedy recovery.

  Happy New Year!! 2010 is going to be another          Over the past few months we have had several
  great and exciting year!                              staff take some specific training to support
                                                        them in their role within AXIS. Leon Bynoe and
  I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday              Devin Gambler both went to the leadership
  season and had a chance to relax and spend            training in late November and both had some
  time with family and friends! It seems in this        positives to share of the experience.
  fast paced world we live in we often do not take
  the time to do just that!                             -Trisha

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  TRAINING FOR FRONTLINE LEADERSHIP                   training opportunities such as this. I take this
  IN BURNABY                                          training as an indicator of the value that AXIS
                                                      has for an employee, and I‟m more effective in
  My experience in partaking in the Frontline         my role in being a Program Coordinator.
  Leadership training was instrumental in
  enhancing my ability to be effective as a           -DEVIN GAMBLER
  Program Coordinator. I travelled with
  Residential Manager Leon Bynoe to the 8 day         I found the Leadership training gave me new
  training that was done in 2 parts over 2            found skills to be able to do my job more
  separate weeks. During this training we joined      effectively when it came to working with all my
  a cohort of 6 other professionals from              work colleagues as well as in day to day life.
  government offices, probation, & corrections.       Margot D‟Souza the instructor made the
  The training was a heady pace of lecture, video     training not only enjoyable but the content was
  scenarios and interactive group scenarios. The      excellent and was delivered light heartedly. As
  discussion and differing styles of management       well as training I also had the benefit of
  was evident within the cohort in finding the        spending a lot of time with other AXIS
  right mix (or tools) to be a more effective         employees (Devin Gambler, Stephanie Loucks
  manager. One of the things that most of us          and Tami Wilson) which is always good, mind
  were surprised to find out, was that there is no    you sharing a room with Mr Gambler is still
  one style that is right for all management. We      giving me nightmares. I definitely recommend
  learned that being flexible and proficient in all   the training as a must as the information is
  styles of management was vital for being an         invaluable to what we do within AXIS on a daily
  effective manager. Being as this was all            basis.
  cohorts based for our learning group, we
                                                      -LEON BYNOE
  worked through a lot of tough & sometimes
  amusing scenarios to practice all these new
  skills together. Having taken business courses
  in college, I was familiar with a lot of the
  content. I found this class to be very effective
  in touching on many aspects of management
  that are key to successful models in practice.
  Because the course covered a lot of content
  within the four day training initially, it was
  helpful to be able to practice these newly
  learned methods for a week before heading
  back for the remaining four days. During these            “Kamloops Christmas Cake”
  days of training, I was able to meet with two
  other coordinators from other AXIS offices that
  do residential care. Interacting with other
  management was great for discussing
  strategies and the face to face recognition of
  the team in other offices a part of the AXIS
  organization. All in all, I‟m thankful for the
  opportunity to grow and develop through

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                                  This was a busy quarter for Williams Lake
           If you can't feed a
          hundred people, then
              feed just one.          October was care giver appreciation month and
  we                                chose to honor our caregivers by offering one-on-
  one     interviews  with             each. Our goal was to let each caregiver know
  how much we appreciated them and provide opportunity for them to give us
  feedback. We created a questionnaire to help us look for areas where we could
  improve our support and help to increase positive workplace experience and connectedness. Each
  person who came to the interview was given Individualized appreciation certificates noting some
  ways they uniquely contribute to person served as well as the agency as a whole. Not every caregiver
  was interviewed but overall there was a good level of participation and the response was generally

   THEMES OF INTERVIEWS          NOTES                                   AGENCY ACTION PLANS
   Training and Treats           These were noted by staff as            Continue to provide and solicit topic
                                 valuable and staff want to see          ideas from staff
   More opportunities for        Suggestions, ideas and support          Will look for and promote community
   Community involvement as      welcome!                                opportunities for the agency
   agency i.e. “Bowl for Kids”
   Less gossiping / negativity   This takes a lot of energy from staff   Encourage people to come to their
                                 and creates discouragement              supervisor if they have concerns or
                                                                         issues to not lay on coworkers
   Suggestion box                An anonymous suggestion box has         Checked monthly and assess
                                 been placed in the staff mailbox area   comments and look for positive
                                                                         ways to respond
   Have on call people better    For the most part people felt they      Hold regular meetings with on call
   informed to support staff     were well supported                     workers and encourage current
                                                                         worker to read back some of the
                                                                         previous reports
  We also planned our team day around some of the feedback and themes of the interviews. Our team
  day had guest facilitators who presented a work shop called “The Business of Kindness” which further
  solicited opportunity to increase support and improve work place health and wellness. This was done
  by as well as asking for feedback on how we can better support our staff and work to increase our
  sense of team here in Williams Lake. Please read the following pages, they were some brainstorming

                         AXIS FAMILY RESOURCES LTD. TEAM DAY
                               KINDNESS in business is simple
      Always remember before you speak or take action, ask yourself three imperative questions:

                                   1.       Is it TRUTHFUL?
                                   2.       Is it NECESSARY? And above all else,
                                   3.       Is it KIND?

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  November 13th is now KINDNESS DAY!
  Plan to participate EVERY DAY!

  KINDNESS TO ONESELF: This theme includes self-care, resilience and nurturing of one‟s inner spirit. By
  beginning with self-worth and building a strong foundation, one is then capable of expressing kindness to
  others. The journey begins with self.

  KINDNESS TO COLLEAGUES: This theme focuses on treating others with mutual care and respect. It fosters
  teamwork and looking out for one another through establishing friendships in the workplace. We then can invite
  others into our circle of positive influence.

  KINDNESS IN THE COMMUNITY: This theme looks at making a difference locally and globally through
  community service. It encourages people to expand their kindness efforts beyond their immediate life and work
  by giving freely of themselves for others. In giving we receive back.

  Brainstorming in groups we came up with the following:

                      HOW CAN WE BE KINDER TO OURSELVES?
      Take more time for ourselves –      Smile at a stranger                  Take time for your passion
      bubble bath, spa/pampering,         Hold door open for someone           FIND your passion
      manicure, pedicure, regular         Let someone else go first at         Model self-care
      exercise, go to movie,              Give a compliment                    Accept emotions
      Laugh                               Buy yourself flowers                 Practice and acknowledge
      Positive Self-Talk                  Plant a garden or flower             Replace negative self-talk
      Good night‟s sleep                  Call your parents or kids            Boundaries
      Eat healthy, good diet              Remember birthdays                   positive self-talk
      Be open-minded to                   Say “I love you”                     Dance like no one is
      Proper Rest                         Be honest                            Watching
      Socialize                           Breathe deeply                       Have fun
      new possibilities                   Meditation                           Play
      Education/Continue to Learn         Join a club                          Sing
      Spend time with family              Buy a coffee for a senior            Enjoy your own company
      Leave work at work                  Give someone an Umbrella             Make time for things you enjoy
      Give yourself recognition           Make a donation                      Ask for support or what you
      Be proud                            Laugh or cry with a friend           need
      Always do your best                 Buy something YOU want               Take Yoga
      Turn your phone off                 Love yourself                        Give to others
      Volunteer                           Go out to dinner                     List your goals
      Meet new people                     Actually Mail out your Xmas          Step outside your comfort Zone
      Read a book                         Cards                                Do your BEST and KNOW
      Spend $$ on yourself                Take a class or workshop             Self-healing
      Relax your mind                     Challenge yourself                   Self-awareness
      Go on a date                        Forgive yourself                     it is good enough
      Read to kids                        Balance your life                    Listen to your body
      Activities with children            Downtime (without guilt)             Know your limits
      Try something new                   Connect with nature                  Voice your limits when
      Visit a friend                      Cut yourself some slack              necessary
      Take a trip                         Acknowledge                          Enjoy silence
      Rekindle old friendship             Take a vacation/holiday              Enjoy music
      Walk your dog                       Decorate your home                   Learn to say NO
      Hug your cat                        Accomplishments                      Love who you are
      Spring/fall cleaning                                                     Pursue happiness
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      Take chances                     Search for strength               Know it‟s okay to cry
      Cuddle your puppy/kids/other     Receive help graciously           Look for good in others
      Like yourself                    Be Loving                         Find one positive for every
      Do good work                     Give 100%                         Date night with spouse
      Accept when I‟m right and        Voice an opinion                  Tell people you love them
      wrong                            Be Considerate                    Self-check every day
      Be trustworthy                   Take responsibility for           Do something kind for someone
      Have integrity                   Be accepting                      else every day
      Try hard                         Listen                            Give self time to think
      Know I am valuable               your actions                      Give something to someone
      Care                             Have empathy                      who needs it
      Share                            Let others win                    Celebrate traditions/family
      Be a team player                 Step outside your comfort         gatherings
      Make a difference                Be positive about my mistakes     Chill out
      Enjoy others‟ success            Accept ourselves as we are
      Enjoy Life                       Have laughing circles

      Appreciate uniqueness            Acknowledge hard work             Have good communication
      Smile and say Hello              Praise/compliment                 Go the “extra mile”
      Encourage                        Not judge                         Don‟t rush
      Acknowledge if someone           Be curious, ask questions         Be available
      Give a hug                       Show interest                     Be consistent
      Offer help with something        Ask others their likes/dislikes   Random acts of kindness
      is having a bad day              Provide comfort                   Treat others‟ special
      Listen                           Eye contact                       Point out strengths
      Empathize                        Use humor                         Build self-esteem
      Joke/laugh/cry with others       Be friendly                       Don‟t gossip
      Bake something                   Get to know others                Stop/discourage gossip when
      Share                            perspectives/inner thoughts       you hear it
      Say Thank You                    Get to know individual            Acknowledge others‟ efforts
      Bring coffee                     personality                       Believe in others
      Ask “How are you?”               Be respectful                     Respect others‟ values and
      Treat a senior to coffee         Communicate                       beliefs
      Turn the other cheek             Value diversity                   Give practical support
      Not take things personally       Learn what others value           Be interested in others
      Start every day as a new day     Trust                             Include others
      Understand shortcomings          Respect colleagues                Show understanding
      Greet with “Hello/Goodbye”       responsibilities                  Be accepting
      Remember Golden Rule –           Give benefit of the doubt         Show compassion
      Treat others as you would like   Give responsibility               Offer fashion advice
      to be treated!                   Give opportunity                  Go for coffee
      Acknowledge efforts              Delegate respectfully             Let others‟ know if food on
      Acceptance                       Respect boundaries                face/tags showing
      Being good on your word          Respect others‟ time              Offer resources
      Apologize when wrong             Practice tolerance                Let others‟ vent
      Be honest                        (Continued…Kinder to              Be a safe person to talk to
      Forgive                          Clients/Colleagues)               Respect confidentiality
      Greet/welcome new staff          Be real – authentic               Validate
      Greet others at lunch/break      Follow through                    Encourage self-preservation
      times                            Have healthy boundaries           Be a positive thinker
24 Hours Call Toll Free 1-877-392-1003 Press 205 or locally from Williams Lake 392-1000 and Press 205
      Give positive feedback               Be courteous                      Have realistic expectations
      Be solution oriented when            Be fair                           Use candor
      Use good manners                     Show confidence                   Look for meaning
      Share successes                      Be trustworthy                    Spontaneous acts of kindness
      Share failures to learn from         Be forgiving
      Take to movie                        Be polite                         Help strangers
      Share laughter                       Apologize                         Choose your words carefully
      Make time for others                 Walk your Talk                    Be punctual
      Be patient                           Overcome having to have your      Plan fun times
      Know when to be quiet                needs met first                   Be accountable
      Let others‟ know it‟s okay to        Touch someone in a gently         Be a cheerleader
      have a bad day                       way                               Recognition
      Be in tune with others               Be genuine                        Give small gifts/tokens
      Check in to see how someone          Accept challenges                 Don‟t sweat the small stuff
      is                                   Be playful                        Have fun
      Teach to accept self and             Give gifts                        Believe in the goodness of
      others                               Acknowledge every                 people
      Be flexible                          achievement
      Share space                          Be open-minded

                           WHAT CAN WE STOP, START, SUSTAIN?
    Gossip/Listening to Gossip
    Being so stressed
    Picking on Shane


      Welcome Front line staff into        Yoga/Meditation                   to cope with stress
      office                               Anti-Bullying Strategies          When doing “Fish”/good
      More info on Share                   Deep breathing                    comments, be aware of all who
      Vision/enhance                       Review policies – more            are present
      Invite front line staff to present   consistently and more             Improved communication with
      a treat and training event           creatively                        all levels of staff
      Communication Strategy (ie           More planned after hours get      Increase humor (ie Joke Day)
      Understand each other‟s              togethers                         More team meetings
      roles/learn how they connect)        More community involvement        Break down barriers
      Identify each others‟ learning       Explore ways to decrease          Encourage asking for help
      and communication style              stress
      Use Suggestion Box                   Training re specific techniques
      Encourage staff to share             Increasing awareness       to
      talents/explore                      “include”


      Encouragement/Praise/ Support
      Zero tolerance for harassment
      Calendar showing birthdays, special events
      Training and Treats/ Workshops
      Model respectful communication
      Birthday Lunches
      Inter-branch communications
      Continue Newsletter
24 Hours Call Toll Free 1-877-392-1003 Press 205 or locally from Williams Lake 392-1000 and Press 205
      Keep communications going between management and staff
      Continue innovation in ways to help staff
      Continue to care
                                                                                 Being good is
      Interagency interpersonal relationships
                                                                             commendable, but only
      Express new ideas
      Ensure safe venting within teams                                         when it is combined
      Encourage professionalism in communication                              with doing good is it
    “Fish” – good comments re staff

  Williams Lake Annual Christmas Hamper Campaign 2009
  This year staff and friends collected $875.00 and AXIS topped this up with an additional $700.00 for
  the total of $1575.00!!!!
  With this money we helped six (6) of the families associated with our local office in a variety of ways.
  The workers who supported the families wrote about each family:

     Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! A few quick words to let everyone know how your
     generous gifts to the Christmas Hampers helped families in Williams Lake. I personally assisted two

     One family is a family who we have supported for many years whose child is served through some of
     our programs. Our agency has committed to continue to support this family as long as the children
     remain in the home. This single mom was grateful for our assistance to purchase gifts for each of her
     boys and her Christmas meal and to have groceries in the cupboard for the months ahead. She sends a
     warm thank you.

     We also supported a Family Outreach family. This mom has five boys, has recently left an abusive
     relationship and her home community. She has few supports, and none in Williams Lake. Her income is
     very limited; she is having a hard time just meeting her rent, so our support enabled her to give each of
     her children a gift they wanted, and to ensure she had Christmas dinner and some groceries to spare as

     It is a special privilege to have the opportunity to assist families at Christmas and I want to thank
     everyone for making this possible.

                                                  -Elaine Phipps

24 Hours Call Toll Free 1-877-392-1003 Press 205 or locally from Williams Lake 392-1000 and Press 205
     One of the parents helped is a 25 year old single mom with 2 children ages, 2 and 4. She is a dedicated,
     caring parent attending Thompson Rivers University, and enrolled in Applied Business Technology with
     the support of Bear Valley Consulting. She is hoping that with this training she can get a viable career in
     the near future where she can support her children in a sustainable manner. AXIS Family Resources
     chose her as one of their Christmas families that they support. AXIS was able to provide her with $400
     towards Christmas, so that she could have an excellent holiday! When I met with mom and gave her the
     news she was ecstatic! We made a list and went shopping, buying toys, groceries, gift certificates for
     later and something for her. She thanked AXIS profusely and gave me a big hug. It was a warm feeling
     for me as well, having AXIS provide this gift to her and her children
                                                     -Sheila Cohen

                                                                     We can do no great things,
                                                                     only small things with great

     Another FBI family that was sponsored by AXIS for Christmas consisted of mom, dad, a 7 year old boy
     and a 2 year old girl. I took the family shopping with me and together we chose items for the family. The
     7 year old boy is in special needs classes and loves going to school at Marie Sharpe Elementary, he hates
     to miss a day of school. He is very social, polite and respectful. For him we bought him a game, toy cars,
     boots and warm clothes. The 2 year old girl is just learning how to talk and loves when I come over to
     visit and wants to show me everything and loves to entertain. She loves dolls so when we went shopping
     we bought her a dress up doll and some warm clothes for herself. Christmas dinner groceries were
     bought as well as a coffee maker and winter boots for dad as he does a lot of walking with the children
     to school and appointments. Mom is very busy as she is at school full time taking courses that include
     First Aid, Foodsafe, Worksafe and Computer classes. Mom loves the coffee maker and told me that she
     loves to sit and enjoy coffee in her own home, it saves her money too! The gifts were very much
     appreciated and both mom and dad wanted to thank AXIS for making Christmas possible for them.

                                                 -Wendy Chevigny

24 Hours Call Toll Free 1-877-392-1003 Press 205 or locally from Williams Lake 392-1000 and Press 205
     This mom has been supported through Caregiver support for quite some time. She has been off drugs for
     a year now. She moved to a supported home to have her baby 10 months ago. She came back to spend
     Christmas. She is doing well and looking to move back to Williams Lake to be closer to her natural
     supports of family and friends. With the $30.00 that was left over, I bought Save On certificates for her
     and her baby. She was very appreciative and said it would help with groceries after Christmas!

                                                -Monica Giesbrecht

              I expect to pass through life
            but once. If therefore, there be
              any kindness I can show, or
            any good thing I can do to any
            fellow being, let me do it now,
            and not defer or neglect it, as I
             shall not pass this way again.

    Another mom is a 25 year old single mom with 2 boys ages 7 and 1. She is committed to an emotionally
    healthier life for the children’s sake and her. Some health issues have prevented her from returning to
    work at this point. She gets enough money for her family’s basic needs but little else, not leaving
    anything extra for Christmas. This mom is a caring mom and it is important that her children’s needs are
    met first, which I find so admirable. AXIS Family Resources jumped in, choosing her as one of their
    Christmas families that they support. AXIS was able to provide her with $150 towards Christmas, so that
    she could have the Christmas she deserved. I met with her to see in what way the $150 could be used. As
    this family was one of the families sponsored in the Williams Lake Community she had lots of toys for
    the children, decorations and food, enough to last for a couple of months. I asked her what she had for
    herself, and she replied she had a couple of presents for her under the tree. When prodded further it
    turned out she did not have a coat, gloves or scarf. AXIS’s generosity provided a delightful shopping
    experience for her (and myself being the onlooker) where she was able to get the much needed items.
    This mom was very appreciative and grateful that she was able to get something for herself and I was
    glad to be the ambassador!

                                                 -Sheila Cohen

  Thanks everyone for all your hard work.
  All the best in 2010!
  -Tracy Haddow

24 Hours Call Toll Free 1-877-392-1003 Press 205 or locally from Williams Lake 392-1000 and Press 205

  Happy New Year, On December 1st 2009, the Individuals tab in SV was completed, (except for as
  some call it, the magic button to print reports). For some locations all staff has been trained and is
  using the links for their individuals. It is marvelous to see the information taking on a form of its own
  as the data is entered. Keep up the excellent work.

     A) When you have a new program or person served in your programs, please email the following

         1.   The persons served first and last name
         2.   Program Name
         3.   Address of residence if applicable
         4.   Who works with person served (which staff)

    ***Also, if staff move into a different program we need to know so we
                                    can set up
                       Permissions in the new program.***

      B) When a new staff person is hired, please follow the steps below.
         1. Send a Request to HR to add new staff to SV and assigned a username and password. HR
            will reply with username and password.
         2. Forward the reply with the user name and password to Desiray & myself along with the four
            steps above completed for new program or person served.
         3. We will confirm when completed in SV

         *** The s in https is the important piece. Don‟t forget it. It logs you into the secure site.
         When logging in use the following

                        Username: firstname.lastname
                        Password: firstname.lastname or your axis#### code that was assigned to you.
                              **to change password use the link at the bottom left hand side of the

         When Logging in, after you try to log in 4 times, unsuccessfully, the system will disable your
         account and you will need to contact the AXIS Sharevision Admin Team to have it reset.

      D) After a new PS is added:
         1. Click on the Person Served Tab and select the individual by last name.
         2. All individuals must have the Person Served Database and Individuals Information
            completed as soon as the file is opened.
         3. Complete all other applicable forms for your programs, ***Some may have a different but
            similar name to them***

  A special acknowledgement to those in the Kootenays and Sharon Woods for all their hard work and
  Remember any questions, comments or complications please call Desiray or myself ASAP.

24 Hours Call Toll Free 1-877-392-1003 Press 205 or locally from Williams Lake 392-1000 and Press 205
  Training in Quesnel
  Here in Quesnel we were fortunate to have Katherine Gulley, Child and Youth Mental Health Clinician
  from Williams Lake present a workshop on “The Impact of Trauma on Neurodevelopment”
  The information presented was from Dr. Bruce Perry‟s research on Neurodevelopment and
  Dr. Bruce Perry is an internationally recognized authority on brain development and children in crisis.
  Dr. Perry has conducted both basic neuroscience and clinical research. His neuroscience research
  has examined the effects of prenatal drug exposure on brain development, the neurobiology of
  human neuropsychiatric disorders, the neurophysiology of traumatic life events and basic
  mechanisms related to the development of neurotransmitter receptors in the brain. His clinical
  research and practice has focused on high-risk children - examining long-term cognitive, behavioural,
  emotional, social, and physiological effects of neglect and trauma in children, adolescents and adults.
  This work has been instrumental in describing how childhood experiences, including neglect and
  traumatic stress, change the biology of the brain – and, thereby, the health of the child.
  Briefly what Dr. Perry says is that there are Six Key Principals of Neurodevelopment.
         The brain is organized in a hierarchal fashion, such that all incoming sensory input first enters
         the lower parts of the brain.
         Neurons and neural systems are designed to change in a “use-dependent “fashion.
         The brain develops in a sequential fashion.
         The brain develops most rapidly early in life.
         Neural systems can be changed, but some systems are easier to change than others.
         The brain is designed for a different world. Of the 250,000 years or so that are species has
         been on the planet, we spent 245,000 years living in small transgenerational hunter-gatherer
         bands of 40-50 individuals. The human brain evolved in this relational environment. Caregiver-
         child ratios of today result in an impoverishment in relationships (= neuropsychiatric problems)

         The knowledge of the impact of trauma on the brain helps one to have patience, compassion
         and understanding. Dr. Perry offers some tools and strategies to use, while affirming the
         challenges in our society and in our work with children, youth and adults who have suffered the
         impact of trauma.
  Below are two resourceful websites related to Dr. Perry‟s research.

                                      Applied Suicide Intervention
                                            Skills Training
                   Has Suicide touched your life? Have you felt unprepared and unable to help
                   someone struggling with suicide? The ASIST workshop is designed to make
                   participants more willing, ready and able to help a person at risk of suicide. This
                   two-day workshop has been taught to half a million people worldwide.

                   Contact Sarah Coffey in our Prince George office if interested:
                   250-564-9064 ext. 29


24 Hours Call Toll Free 1-877-392-1003 Press 205 or locally from Williams Lake 392-1000 and Press 205
  How many times have you heard on the radio the report that another soldier was
  killed in Afghanistan? Do you stop about who that individual was, or whose family
  member isn‟t coming home? Do you think how sad, how terrible, or do you turn
  the station and look for your favorite song. 138 soldiers have died since 2002.
  That number is overwhelming, and huge to stop and think of each individual. But
  what if they were your family? What if they were your mother, father, brother,
  sister, son, and daughter? What if they were a member of a family that you

  Have you given a moment to think of the impact on their families or the impact on
  the soldiers, watching their friends die? I have thought about this, often, as I am a
  family member of a soldier. I‟m not political, I don‟t know if it‟s right or wrong of
  our government to use soldiers in this conflict. What I do know, is I completely
  support our Canadian Military Personnel. I support and respect them for risking
  their lives in the name of Canada. I support and respect their families, for
  carrying on without their loved one for deployments of 6 – 8 months of constant
  worry. So I do what I can to support our troops. But what does that look like?
  Have you ever driven around town and seen Yellow or Red ribbons on cars, in
  windows, on lamp posts? Have you looked closely to see what they say? Support
  our Troops is written on them. Have you ever noticed people on Friday‟s wearing
  red? Especially around a military base, you can see a sea of red clothes on a
  Friday. These people are participating in an idea called Red Fridays. „Red
  Fridays‟ asks all those who support our soldiers, their families and the Canadian
  Forces to wear red clothing, every Friday. It is not about your politics, whether or
  not you support the war, or think it‟s wrong or right. This is about showing support
  and appreciation to the men and women who are willing to risk their life in the
  name of Canada. To remember the ongoing sacrifices of our troops and their
  families. Red Fridays started in the US and was picked up in Ontario at the
  Petawawa Military Family Resources Center. Red was chosen as it is the color of
  Canada and the color of Remembrance. So I‟ll be wearing read every Friday, and
  I invite you to join me to show our support for our Troops & their families.

  -Sarah Coffey
  Phase II & Rainbow Coordinator
  Prince George Office
  Proud sister to a solider

24 Hours Call Toll Free 1-877-392-1003 Press 205 or locally from Williams Lake 392-1000 and Press 205

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