Follow up Letter after Interview - Write One to Seal the Deal by gyvwpsjkko


									?During every interview, you need to give the employer something to remember you
by. After all, you are only one of many vying for the job. Always showcase your best
qualities and skills. Be sure to leave the employer with the impression that they
cannot afford to NOT hire you. They need you on their team. Help them to remember
it by writing a follow up letter after interview.

There will be numerous interviews held for the position that you want. How can you
stand out? Out of all of those interviews, how many do you think will be followed up
with a letter? Not many. You can take advantage of other people's inaction by taking
the initiative. Always follow up with a letter.

Follow up Letter after Interview: How It's Done

You write thank you notes after you receive gifts or a kindness of some kind. So why
not send a thank you note after an employer considers you for a job? If you're not
sending follow up correspondence, you should start doing so without delay. Statistics
show that following up improves the odds that you will be hired.

Now, before you become overwhelmed, you should know that a follow up note does
not have to be elaborate. A simple thank you is all that is needed.

What Your Letter Should Include

Always begin with an appreciative sentence. Thank the manager who interviewed you
for the opportunity. Also include a few of your achievements that you want the
employer to remember about you. Tell the employer again why you are the person
they want to hire.

The follow up note is your opportunity to address anything that you felt was left
unfinished during the interview. Talk about your skills and qualifications. Bring up
comments that the employer said about you during the interview. This will help the
employer remember who you are and keep you at the forefront.

Reiterate anything that is important. Tell the employer when you can start work.
Leave them with the impression that you are very interested in the job and would be a
great addition to their team. Steer clear of any confusing or contradictory points of
discussion. If you have concerns, these are best discussed on the phone.

A follow up letter after interview should be mailed within 24 hours of the interview.
Do not give them a chance to forget you. Competition is fierce. You need to sta nd out
from the rest. A follow up note could give you the edge that you need.

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