Wholesale-dress-New-arrival-2009-11-24 by wuyunyi



     Lapel Fake Pockets Long Apricot Cotton Coat        X09112729-1

     Oblique Panes Thick Long Coat Black                X09112729

     Pillow Collar Hooded Girdling Short Coat Apricot   X09112728-1

     Girdling Hooded Fine Hair Side Short Black Coat    X09112728
Double Breasted Oblique Panes Hooded Short Coat   X09112727-1

Big V-collar Bowknot One-piece Dress Black        X09112726

Oblique Panes Hooded Short Coat Black             X09112727

Lace Round Collar Vogue Stripe White Sweater      X09112724-1
Vogue Paillette High Collar Blue Sweater              X09112725

Vogue Stripe Round Collar Blue Sweater                X09112724

Korean Style Hooded Double Breasted Black Dust Coat   X09112722-2

Hooded Double Breasted Purple Dust Coat               X09112722-1
Single Breasted High Collar Long Black Sweater   X09112723

Korean Style Hooded Long Fine Hair Dust Coat     X09112722

Pretty Footprint Patterns Long Blue Sweater      X09112721-1

Lovely Footprint Long Grey Wool Sweater          X09112721-2
Lovely Footprint Patterns Long Rose Sweater      X09112721

Cosy Ribbed Stripe Elastic Legging Black         Y09112605-2

Cosy Ribbed Stripe Elastic Legging Coffee        Y09112605-1

Comfortable Ribbed Stripe Elastic Legging Grey   Y09112605
Long Sleeve Drawstring Hood Coat Black         Y09112604-2

Front Two Pockets Drawstring Hood Coat Blue    Y09112604-1

Double Breasted Long Blue Coat Belted          JR0021-3

Front Conceal Zip Drawstring Hood Coat Green   Y09112604
Stand Collar Pink Long Belted Coat          JR0021-2

U Neck Asymmetric Bottom Knitting Sweater   Y09112603-1

U Collar Back Drawstring Knitting Sweater   Y09112603

Long Sleeve Belted Wool Coat Black          JR0021-1
Long Sleeve Double Breasted White Coat            JR0021

Boat Collar Ribbed Bottom Knitting Sweater Pink   Y09112602-1

Boat Neck Front Pocket Knitting Sweater White     Y09112602

Long Sleeve All Weather Coat Khaki                JR0426-1
Ribbed Cuff Long Style Knitting Sweater Black   Y09112601-1

Two-piece Belted Cotton Military Coat           JR0426

Fur Trim Belted Coat Black                      JR428-1

Long Sleeve Fur Trim Hooded Coat                JR427-1
Cowl Collar Long Sleeve Knitting Sweater Beige      Y09112601

Stand Collar Short Rose Down Coat                   X09112630

Hooded Elegant Temperament Long Wool Coat Coffee    X09112634

Slender Double Deck Collars Hooded Down Coat Pink   X09112633-3
Double Deck Collars Hooded Short Belted Down Coat   X09112633-2

Double Deck Collars Black Down Coat                 X09112633-1

Slender Hooded Short Blue Down Coat                 X09112633

Removable Hat Zipper Pockets Long Down Coat         X09112631
Hooded Tinsel Short Light Gray Down Coat             X09112632

Zipper Pocket Bubble Collar Short Purple Down Coat   X09112629

Puff Collar Flare Sleeve Long Down Coat              X09112628

Double Deck Collars Short Claret Down Coat           X09112627-2
Double Deck Collars Grey Down Coat              X09112627-1

Double Deck Collars Hooded Short Down Coat      X09112627

Pentagrams Fanny Pack Black Cotton Shirt        X09112626

Elastic Waist Hooded Princess Short Pink Coat   X09112625
Oblique Zipper Cold-proof Cotton Jumper Grey   X09112624

Leisure Frock Light Grey Cotton Trousers       X09112622-1

Three Kinds of Usages Scarf Deep Grey          X09112623-2

Lovely Bear Multifunction Beige Scarf          X09112623-1
Lovely Bear Joker White Sherpa Scarf             X09112623

Double Pockets Leisure Frock Pantalettes Black   X09112622

Pink Butterfly Golden Circles Bracelet           Z09112609-4

Leisure Round Collar Jumper with Soy Smile       X09112621
Korean White Butterfly Couple Circles Bracelet   Z09112609-3

Korean Big Butterfly Black and Golden Bracelet   Z09112609-2

Golden Couple Circles Buckle Blue Bracelet       Z09112609-1

Golden Butterfly Yellow Buckle Bracelet          Z09112609
Korean Three Color Golden Circles Ring        Z09112615

Silver Frosted Double Circles Ring            Z09112614

Korean Bear with Crown Diamonds Silver Ring   Z09112613

Silver Shinning White Pearl Bracelet          Z09112612
Silver Adjustable Belt-shape Bracelet          Z09112611

Korean Irregular Silver Six Circles Bracelet   Z09112610-1

Korean Golden Spiral Circles Bracelet          Z09112610

Black Square Diamond Adjustable Bracelet       Z09112608

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