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                                   Mission Heights Junior College Stationery
                                         First Day of School: Monday 7th February, 2011

        Dear Parent/Guardian,

        MHJC Stationery Packs and 2011 subject fees are now available for viewing/payment on the MySchool
        website. We request that you order your stationery through OfficeMax, as staff have hand selected high
        quality products that will last the duration of the school year.

        Benefits to you:
        • You receive competitive prices direct from our supplier
        • Save time by avoiding busy retail stores
        • Save money – you are not asked to purchase items you already have
        • Free delivery to your home for orders over $57.50
        • Your child will start the year with the correct MHJC supplies
        • Payment of compulsory subject fees online (no queuing at the school reception)

        Your stationery order will be delivered to your home or a designated address by courier. Payment is by
        credit card (on-line) or cheque/credit card (mail order). Goods are couriered to you free of charge for
        orders over $55 placed on-line. Delivery must be to your home or place of work – not to our school.

        Mission Heights Junior College teachers strive to keep stationery costs to a minimum each year and
        encourage you to place your 2011 stationery order by Wednesday 8th December (the last school day of
        the year). This will ensure delivery before school starts and give your child time to clearly label all items.
        All Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students are required to order the '2011 MHJC Compulsory Stationery Pack' and will
        need every item in the pack, however if you already have the product you may choose to press
        ‘Remove’ on the right hand side of the webpage.

        The easiest way to buy is online at using your credit card. All you need to do is
        search for Mission Heights Junior College, click on the “Order Using Quick and Easy Grid” button then
        follow the instructions on the website.

        Ordering On-line:

              1.   Go to and enter Mission Heights Junior College.

              2. Enter your child’s name (student ID is not required) and select '2011 MHJC Compulsory Stationery
                 Pack’. You are able to click on the link to have a look through the list before confirming your

              3. Select the ‘Click here’ link to view the requirements list for the 2011 stationery pack, including any
                 notes provided by the teacher/s.

              4. It is advisable not to remove items unless you are sure you already have these items e.g. Casio
                 Scientific Calculator.

              5. At this point you can also order additional items you require eg. roller twink.

              6. When you have finished ordering your items click ‘Add these items to Cart’.
    7. You can check your purchases by clicking ‘View Cart’, then ‘Continue to Checkout’ and follow

    8. If some items are unavailable when you place your order then these items will be put on
       backorder and delivered to you as they arrive. It will be indicated on your delivery docket.

    9. Progress through the ‘Fees Payment’ + ‘Order Details’ sections to the checkout.
         * Please note that the compulsory subject fees must be paid by the first day of the school year.

         • Year 7 + 8 Compulsory Subject Fees                                               $80
           (These must be paid in full before the start of the academic year)

         • Year 9 + 10 Compulsory Option Subject Fees                                       $25 per listed Option Subject
           (These must be paid in full before a student's entry in a course is confirmed,
            $25 for each of the following individual options taken: Art, Technology,
            Food Technology, Graphics, Media Studies, Enterprise)

         • Mathletics/Spellodrome Compulsory Yr 7 to 10 e-Learning Programmes               $30
           (These must be paid in full before the start of the academic year)

         • MHJC Smart Card + Lanyard                                                        $12
           (All students must have a personalised MHJC Smart Card.
            2010 card can be reused)

         • MHJC Printing Credit                                                             $10

         • MHJC School Donation (Tax Deductable)                                            $250
          ($250 for one MHJC student or $470 for two or more MHJC students)

    10. Print a copy of your order and retain it for your records. Note the order number. This is required in
        case you need to return items.

Mail Order: To order by mail order and/or pay by cheque, all you have to do is go to and when you get to the check out, click on the Mail Order Form button. This will
build a customised mail order form for you to print. Students could even do this at school if you do not
have a computer or printer.

If you are asked for a participating school reference number it is: 4083274

   -     Allow up to 20 working days for delivery, order early & select a delivery window to suit.
   -     Any problems call OfficeMax Direct on 0800 724 440, not the school.
   -     Incorrect items can only be returned through first contacting the customer service team. Returned items must be in good
         condition. You will need to quote your order number. Returned goods will not be accepted more than 3 months after

We trust that this system will make the start of the year simple and efficient!

A reminder that our first day of school in the New Year is Monday 7 th February. New students will be
guided to the MHJC School Theatre by teachers and returning students are asked to meet teachers in
their Whanau. All students should be at school by 8.15am.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday,

Melanie Kindley
Assistant Principal
Mission Heights Junior College

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