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									                                         RISING STAR

                                   Josie Maran – Winner
Argan oil, an incredibly rich source of vitamin E and fatty acids from Morocco, is commonly
called “liquid gold.” By infusing her line of cosmetics with this natural Moroccan oil, model-
turned-entrepreneur Josie Maran has essentially created her own brand of “liquid gold.” Her
products for the hair, face, hands, and body have turned out to be a veritable goldmine for

First airing in February 2010, the extraordinarily popular Josie Maran Argan Oil with Bonus
Color Stick initially generated $45,000 in sales. After two airings in April, that total quickly
skyrocketed to $313,000. In November, the Josie Maran brand—built on the idea of enhancing
a woman’s features rather than covering them up—brought in another $2 million, raising
aggregate sales of the brand to over $6 million—and exceeding the original goal of $5 million by
over $1 million. Amazingly, Josie Maran achieved these numbers without any Today’s Special
Value® offers or hour-long shows—and only seven unique items in the product line.

Looking forward, Josie Maran plans to build the brand, using the original Argan oil ingredient
story to launch additional products. Based on this year’s success, there are great expectations
for the future, both from QVC and Josie Maran herself. “I want to contribute to making positive
change, and I also want to create something fun, beautiful, and luxurious,” Josie says. “My
dream is to build a brand with so much influence and popularity that my customers and I can
work together to make the world a better place.”
Dyson may be the new kid on the block, but they definitely know how to make a good first
impression! The first Dyson Today’s Special Value® launched in January 2010—and sold out so
early that QVC felt the need to bring it back as a “redo”. And in the company’s first year with
QVC, they cleaned house by bringing in $30 million in business.

As a leader in upright vacuum sales in the US market, Dyson has earned their position as a Tier
1 Brand that our customers know and trust. Their impressive engineering changed the vacuum
world with the introduction of the ball design that allows for increased maneuverability without
the loss of suction. And now, QVC customers receive an added bonus when Dyson provides
them with exclusive colors and configurations not available anywhere else.

Although they’ve only been with QVC a short time, Dyson’s innovation and customer awareness
echo those characteristics valued here at the Q. They’ve changed their industry by perfecting
their product—and that’s something worth celebrating. Welcome to the QVC family, Dyson!
Your future certainly looks bright.
                                 Foamex International (FXI)

In the nearly two years since Foamex International (FXI) has partnered with QVC, the company
has done anything but lie down and rest easy. A new vendor since 2009, Foamex International
has become the main memory-foam bedding supplier for QVC’s PedicSolutions brand and
cornered the market on great value and quality—and the results really stack up.

In 2009, Foamex International achieved $8 million in volume. In light of that, sales for 2010 were
projected at $12.5 million. As it turns out, the vendor has risen to the occasion and far exceeded
the goal—selling approximately $25 million in its first full year and supplying over 90% of
memory-foam merchandise on QVC. How did they do it? The Foamex International team began
with the basics, working closely with the QVC team to deeply educate them on the product,
manufacturing process, and unique technology—so QVC, in turn, can pass on that knowledge
to the customer.

And the QVC customer has both appreciated and enjoyed the benefits. All of the Foamex
International memory-foam mattresses sold on QVC have earned Customer Top-rated status, or
a 4.5 star rating out of 5 stars. According to just two of the many happy customers, it’s “by far
the best mattress we’ve ever had” and “a great investment, giving me the much-needed comfort
I was looking for.”

Foamex International believes that satisfied customers begin with satisfied employees. All of its
mattresses made for QVC are manufactured in Auburn, IN, where the employees are
completely engaged and the pride is evident. And for good reason: Foamex International uses
an exclusive patented process for exceptional comfort and support and a greener footprint. Its
new open-cell memory-foam technology conforms to the body’s contours and reduces pressure
points and motion transfer — resulting in more comfortable and supportive sleep.

QVC and its customers will be looking for much more to come from this Rising Star.
Does your blender make juice from whole foods, cook soup from scratch without a stove, and
whip up homemade ice cream? The Vitamix high-performance blending machine does—and
more! And ever since its QVC debut in January 2010, this revolutionary 10-in-1 appliance has
been creating quite a stir, generating $18 million in sales.

The Vitamix team already had a winner on their hands—literally. The 10-in-1 wonder had
already received the Food Service Equipment and Supplies Magazine “Best in Class” award for
2007, 2008 and 2009. So, when they partnered with QVC to offer the product exclusively to our
customers, expectations were high. Still, no one could have predicted that, with its first airing,
the Vitamix blending machine would generate a staggering $980,000 in sales at midnight and
$6.3 million for the day, selling out early. Later, in October, the Vitamix was offered at a Today’s
Special Value® price on Cooking on Q Day. Despite the fact that the brand had been at QVC less
than a year, the Vitamix brought in $9.3 million, making it the largest Cooking on Q Day Today’s
Special Value ever.

With an overwhelming majority of customer reviews giving the Vitamix five stars, the item
easily falls into the Customer Top Rated category. And customers continue to buy: sales for the
year—the brand’s first year at QVC—are expected to top $20 million. Truly, the Vitamix is a
“high-performance” blending machine in more ways than one.

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