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					Poem Analysis
Steps to Poem Analysis for there is a last, solitary coach.
1.     Read the Poem.
2.     Last victim watching.
3.     Bystanders
4.     -Conformity-Walk into the coach quietly.
        -Snowball effect.
        -Death does not wait-The last solitary coach is a metaphor for death
5.     Allusion-to the trains the Nazis use to transport prisoners to
death/concentration camps.
6.     Mood-Alliteration ex. Solitary-softly-quietly-sad , Diction=Word Choice
7.    Tone-Negative because of the diction of the poem, sad-tone, morning-tone,
solitary coach, many are before, one
        left and death won’t wait.

Allusion-Not a literal object but an idea.

Simile-Describing using like or as.

Personification-Giving an inanimate object human traits.

 Cartload of Shoes Poem Analysis:
1.    Speaker: A person on the street watching a truck of shoes goes by.
2.    Speaking to the shoes, where are the feet?
3.    Shoes are empty-were are the owners.
4.    He wants people to feel the sense of loss, the people who died.
5.    Personification-shoes where shivering and tapping.
6.    The mood is quiet but questioning, wondering were the owners went?
7.    Significance lies with the shoes.

Pigtail Poem Analysis
1.     Speaker: The visitor of the holocaust exhibit.
2.     The speaker is addressing the public about the gas chambers.
3.     The conflict lies with the women and children who died in the gas
4.     The message the author wants to leave to the reader is that the woman
and children died in a unpleasant and cruel
        way, without the joys of life (stanza 3)
5.     Repetition – “of those who suffocated”
        Metaphor – “clouds of dry hair”
        Imagery – “pigtail pulled by naughty boys”
        Contrast – “comparing the twigs to the stiff”
6. I think most of the mood lies with stanza 3. It tells us they died without the nice
things in life, ex. “the hair is not shot
        through light, parted by the breeze, touched by any hand, or rain.

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