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                                         volume 63 number 1
                                         october 2009
                                         greendale, wi

fresh faces
Learn about the new teachers
at GHS this year.

halloween 101
A look at the latest Halloween trends

alone in a
Greendale Marching Band takes
home the state title for the 5th
year in a row with their 2009
show, “Alone in a Crowd.”
                                             look inside...
                                    5 smooch alert!             by Carly Gaeth

              sports                As students try to make it through the hallways to their clases, obstacles are standing in their way.
                                    6 fresh faces by Danielle Perszyk and Ann Ricca
                                    Learn about the new teachers here at GHS this year.
                                    8 alone in a crowd by Rachel O’Keefe
                                    Greendale Marching Band wins the State title for the 5th year in a row with Alone in a Crowd
                                    10 curtains up! by Rachel Lewandowski
    29                              Here’s the details on the latest masterpiece from the theatre department.

                                    11 panther of the month                    by Nicole Lopp

                                    Featuring seniors Alyssa Sanflippo and Andrew Schwerin
12 laptops for learning by Kristen Mendoza
Throw away the schoolbooks ...and bring on the laptops?
13 driven to distraction by Kat Rodriquez
The distractions are countless, the responsibility is priceless.
14 local milwaukee music by Katie Walter
Musicians in the Milwaukee area often hit closer to home.

15 blast from the past                   by Angelika Villafuerte
The present seems stressful. Maybe it’s time to sit back and look at the simpler days.                                             13
                                    16 viva la vida by Jovana Kuridza and Milica Stojsavljevic
             people                 18 what a guy wants by Maggie McInnes and Kiri Salinas
                                    Not sure what guys are interested in? We asked a few what they look for.
                                    19 jean fetish? by Kristen Tracy
                                    Jeans from the Buckle are sweeping the hall of GHS.
                                    22 fright night by Joey Vinci
                                    A look at the best movies to watch this Halloween.

     5                              24 Halloween 101 by Amy Baumgardner and Brandon Smith
                                    A look at the latest Halloween trends.
26 is 2012 the end? by Patrick Dielehner
A comet, a magnetic field reverse, a nuclear war, a permanent blakout...
27 student spotlight by Kim Le
Featuring sophomore Mara Kuzmanovic
28 fantasy football by Jimmy Nguyen
The rage, the obsession, the addiction - Fantasy Football.
29 team of the month by Matt Wanezek
Featuring Girls Varsity tennis
30 point-counterpoint by Mike Van Ermen and Cordney Wren                                                                         24

                                       on the cover
                                 Senior Lauren Piotrowski hits the ball during one of her
                                 many tennis matches. Piotrowski qualified for the State meet
                                 earlier this month.
                                  back in business
                                Dear Greendale,           privileged that I have such a fine piece of literature
                                Now that we’re back       to tell me about that new lady that is teaching my
                                in the swing of things    classes (pages 6-7), or how incredibly talented
                                it’s time to bring back   our very own GHS Marching Band is, (pages 8-9)
                                your favorite part        who just captured their fifth consecutive WSMA
                                of Greendale High         State title. Looking for a good scare? Check out
                                Schoo--the Pioneer        what movies will for sure make you jump out of
                                Outlook.                  your seat (pages 22-23). Just be sure to tip your
                                     Don’t worry, I       editors. :-)
                                know, you’ve been             Good Day,
      mike van ermen            itching to get a brand            Mike
         editor-in chief       new PO hot off the
                               press. Anything we         EDITORIAL POLICY
staffers can do to make your day that starts at 6:30      Pioneer Outlook is an outlet for reporting facts, conveying ideas, and pro-
a little bit better, we would gladly do. But seriously,   moting the diverse nature of opinions of the student body. Pioneer Outlook
                                                          is a periodical in which the rights of the First Amendment are recognized
if you don’t like Pinoeer Outlook, you belong in the      and respected.
insane asylum. Tons of work goes into each issue,         Pioneer Outlook as an open forum accepts and encourages letters to the
                                                          editor. This section is reserved for its readers, both students and staff, to
so next time you see an Outlook writer, run up to         express their opinions freely.
them and give them the biggest hug you can and            Letters must be free of obscenities, libelous statements, and racial or ethnic
                                                          slurs. Only signed letters are accepted, but signatures can be withheld from
tell them how much you appreciate all of their            publication on request. Writers should be aware that their letters may be
blood, sweat, and tears (or mostly papercuts).            edited for space and grammatical errors. Letters may be submitted to any
                                                          adviser, editor-in-chief, or staff member in Room 110.
     As I sit here with my Qdoba burrito, I feel so

                  speak out              What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

                  “A Moose.”                                                     “A Mermaid.”

                           Michael Lucchesi ‘10                                              Kayla Marquardt ‘11

                  “A Pizza Slice.”                                               “A Unicorn.”

                                 Andrew Brees ‘11                                                   Angela Oaks ‘11

                  “A Fireman.”                                                   “A French Maid.”

                          Christopher Rowe ‘12                                                     Amy Roddick ‘12

                  “A Zombie.”                                                    “Snow White.”

                           Stephen Scannell ‘13                                              Jenna Gradinjan ‘13

                                                                                                            3 | OCTOBER 2009
                        Spread The                                                           On Top Of Things...
                        Wealth!!!!                                                            Predictions on how the will the NFC
                                                                                              North play out (Records accurate as of
                                                                                              press night, Oct 21)
                        Everybody in Milwaukee is sick of
                                                                                              1.   Minnesota Vikings
                        the Brewers losing. Everybody in                                          The Minnesota Vikings are legit this
                        Pittsburgh is sick of the Pirates losing.                             year with Quarterback Brett Favre at
                        All of these teams would love to add                                  the helm. The Vikings are currently 6-0
mike van ermen players such as CC Sabathia, Mark                      jimmy nguyen and on top of the NFC North. I think the
   editor-in chief      Texiera, or Manny Ramierez, but the                                   Vikings will remain on top and win the
                                                                          staff writer
                        reality of it is that no small market                                 division.
                        team has any chance of signing a big                                       They have a lights out defense lead
shot like these without giving up half their payroll.               by Pro Bowlers Kevin Williams, Jared Allen, Pat William, and
     Meanwhile, teams like the Red Sox, Yankees, Angels,            Antonio Winfield. The Vikings are tied for first in number of sacks
and Dodgers are able to throw insane amounts of money at            and tied for sixth in the league in interception.
                                                                         But what makes the Vikings so dangerous is that they not
players, who would be foolish not to take the monster deal.
                                                                    only have an amazing defense, they also have a feared offense.
Looking at this year’s payrolls, five of the eight playoff teams
                                                                    Brett Favre has been on top of his game so far, and shows no sign
have payrolls over $100 million!!! While it has been proven         of slowing down. The scary part is that they have the best running
that money cannot buy you a championship (you can thank             back in the game with Adrian Peterson, who leads the league
a certain Chicago team for that), I feel something must be          in rushing yards. But if you want to stack up the box and try to
done in order to level the playing field for all teams, and not      prevent Peterson from running wild, watch out for Favre and his
just let the same few teams monopolize free agency.                 young wide receiving core. Favre currently is third in the league
     To put it in perspective, the Yankees have six of the top      for passing yards and third in passer rating. Continue to see these
20 highest paid players in baseball for the year 2009 (not          Vikings on top of the NFC North and to make a run at the Super
to mention three of the top four), and three of them were           Bowl.
signed before the season started in free agency, for a grand        2.        Green Bay Packers
total of just over $51 million. $51 million for two pitchers             This one was a closer call than I thought. The Packers are
                                                                    currently 3-2 and tied for second place in the NFC North with the
and a first baseman!!!
                                                                    Bears. The edge goes to the Packers because they have the eighth
     But what could the MLB do to stop all of this madness?         ranked defense in the league and the tenth ranked offense in the
I have no idea, except put in the salary cap that baseball          league.
analysts have been talking about for a long time!!! It’s the             The Packers have been held back by many injuries, but when
perfect solution. Pretend a player can make at most, $15            safety Atari Bigby and tackle Chad Clifton comes back, you can
million a year. That means that teams like the Brewers,             expect more time for quarterback Aaron Rodgers to throw and
Pirates, Padres, and Marlins have a legitimate shot at signing      more pressure by the Green Bay defense. Expect the Packers
phenoms like Sabathia and Texiera. If Sabathia could have           to make a run for the playoffs, but I would be surprised if they
made at most $15 million this past off-season, other factors        accomplish anything more.
would have contributed to his decision on where to play, like       3.        Chicago Bears
the chance of winning a World Series ring, or team chemistry             With the addition of QB Jay Cutler, the Bears have seen
                                                                    major improvement on the offensive side of the ball. Although the
in the clubhouse.
                                                                    receiving core is young and inexperienced, Cutler has the ability
     The Brewers could have easily paid $15 million a year
                                                                    to still manage the game.
for CC, and even offered him $20 million a year for five                  I believe the Bears offense will struggle down the road, unless
years! With a fantastic pitcher at the top of the rotation, who     their runningback Matt Forte can get going. Forte has the ability
knows what the Brewers could have accomplished this past            to change a game, but has yet to show it. Chicago suffered a major
season? Instead, the Yankees just throw a big wad of cash at        loss at the beginning of the year when they lost six time Pro Bowler
the guy and hope he performs well enough to win. It’s time          Brian Urlacher (who plays middle linebacker and was the heart
for a change. Mike Van Ermen for next commissioner of               and soul of that defense) with a dislocated right wrist. Look for
baseball.                                                           Chicago to make a run for the playoff like the Packers, but once
                                                                    again, I would be surprised by anything more.
                                                                    4.        Detroit Lions
                                                                         A lot of change has happened in Detroit as they hired a new
                                                                    head coach, drafted QB Mathew Stafford with the number one
                                                                    overall draft pick, and changed the players’ mentality and attitude.
                                                                    The Lions are currently 1-5, but happy they earned their first win
                                                                    after they went 0-16 last season.
                                                                         As the Lions rebuild, it may take a couple years before they
                                                                    make a legit run for the playoffs. Don’t expect much from them
                                                                    this year. But look up Detroit fans; at least you’re not as bad as the
                                                                    St. Louis Rams.

4 | OCTOBER 2009
 Smooch Alert!
        As students try to make it through the hallways to their classes,
        obstacles sometimes stand in their way. By carly gaeth
                                                        dating for a year, it’s not that strange-feeling,” La-
                                                        Guardia said, “I really don’t care about what other
                                                        people think.”
                                                             The two lovebirds see each other between
                                                        every class during the day, except before they go         Acceptable:
                                                        to their fourth hour class. “I care about him and
                                                        it makes my day when I see him,” LaGuardia re-
                                                        marked.                                                   -Holding hands
                                                             They may be okay with their affection, but           -Giving hugs
                                                        some people really aren’t that ecstatic about it.         -A peck on the
                                                        For example, junior Sean Marus really does not             Cheek
                                                        enjoy seeing two people engaging in that particu-
                                                        lar behavior. “I don’t want the hallways littered         -Talking with
                                                        with grotesque public displays of affection,” Mar-         each other as
                                                        us explained. “I feel awkward whenever I see it,           long as it is
                                                        especially if they are leaning in for a big, wet one.
                                                        It just grinds my gears,I mean, people should just         out of the way
                                                        get a room.”
                                                             Math teacher Mike Bourke doesn’t see the

                                                        harm in it, as long as they respect their peers and
              ou’re frantically power-walking down      teachers, and it isn’t a slobbery mess. “There are
              the hall, trying not to be late to your
              next class when all of a sudden you
                                                        different levels of PDA,” Bourke said. “I mind ex-           Not
                                                        cessive PDA; making out for minutes at a time is
              are stopped by a horrible, awkward        not acceptable.”                                          Acceptable:
              force. That force is two people, com-          However, there are couples who do not dis-
              pletely infatuated with each other,       play their affection publicly. Sophomores Jack
making out right in front of you. You can’t be late     Bosanac and Erin Weinkauf have been dating
                                                                                                                  -Making out
to your next class so you try to maneuver around        for four months, and they do not seem to be lead-          without com-
them. You can’t, so you stand there like a total        ing PDA offenders. “I think that it is one of the          ing up for air
creeper and wait to see how long they are going         most disgusting things in the world when you see
to linger.                                                                                                        -Face Licking
                                                        people slobbering all over each other,” Bosanac
     Then the bell                                                                         said. “It makes me     -Blocking the
rings, and they are
still standing there
                         “People should just get a                                         want to hurl up         hallway or
                                                                                           chunks.”                lockers
sucking face.       Now
you are officially late,
                         room.”                                                                 The biggest       -Lingering
                                                                  -junior, Sean Marus problem with PDA
fantastic. At last there                                                                   is that those who        make-out
is a glimmer of hope;                                                                      do view it as an         sessions
they start to separate.                                 immense hassle don’t know how or what to do to
Can it be? Are they really moving? Yes! They fi-         stop it. While many try and figure out a way to
nally said their goodbyes. Now all that you have        encounter it less, whether it’s changing a route to
to do is figure out a way to explain all of this to      a class or walking faster, some simply don’t have a
your teacher.                                           clue about how to resolve this particular dilemma.
     It’s understandable that couples miss each         “I think that it can be handled without official ac-
other throughout the day, and that they want to         tion,” Bourke said. But, Marus disagrees. “It’s an
talk to each other about how their day is going,        evil on the rise, and we should stop it,” he said.
but many feel that smooching does not need to                Inclusively, PDA in the hallways is a very con-
be incorporated in that. Two juniors, Veronica          troversial topic. And even though there are many
LaGuardia and Taylor Covelens, are very                 people that engage in it, most students feel that it
outward about their Public Displays of Affection        is annoying and down right nasty. On that note,
(PDA) in the hallway. They have been dating for         “Hand-holding and light kissing are okay, but
over a year and they don’t seem to mind the awk-        when I see people making out I want to throw up.
ward stares and annoyed glances that people shoot       Do that after school or in your basement,” senior
their way as they walk down the hall. “We used to       Morgan Johnson said. “I just stare at them and
feel awkward before, but now that we have been          think, I would be so embarrassed if that was me.”
                                                                                                                 5|OCTOBER 2009
                                 Fresh Faces
   Wonder who the fresh faces are that wander the halls of GHS? Well, here’s the
   chance to find out who’s who and what they do. By Ann Ricca and Danielle Perszyk

                                              their life.”                                         Another new face in the classrooms
                         irst    on     the         Because of her extreme passion for        this year is Whitney Dawe-Crahen,
                         list is Kristen      teaching, Zwirgzdas feels inspired by her       who teaches Intro to Psychology,
                         Zwirgzdas, who       students. “The thing that inspires me           Economics, and Global Studies.Dawe-
                         teaches Physical     most about teaching is helping a kid ‘get       Crahen graduated from UW-Eau-Claire
                         Education and        it.’ If a student is struggling, and they are   with a degree in Broad field social studies
                         Health. She also     trying and practicing and finally they are       teaching with history. “I like all social
                         coaches       GMS    able to succeed, no feeling is better,” she     studies because it’s the study of humans.
                Cross Country and is          said.                                           There’s humans behind everything we
                  planning on coaching              The next new teacher is Poonam            do,” she said.
                   GHS Track and Field.       Girdhar, who teaches Analytical Physical             She also got her Psychology and
                   Zwirgzdas,          who    Science. Girdhar has both a Bachelors           Economics degree from UW-Milwaukee.
                   graduated from UW-         and a Masters degree in Chemistry, and          “I love school and teaching
                   LaCrosse and who           also a Bachelors in Education. She started      and want to share that
                   previously        taught   teaching at the age of 21, and previously       with students. And I
                              summer          taught at St. Thomas More High School,          had some particular
  Kristen Zwirgzdas school PE                 Carroll University, and S.V. High School        teachers in high
                              at Westosha     i     n              Bombay, India.             school that I really
                              Central                                        She decided to   liked,” Dawe-Crahen
High School, loves the changes that come                                 go into teaching
with teaching. “Each day is never the                                      because of her
                                                                                                   Whitney Dawe-Crahen
same. I enjoy that it is ever changing. If                                  love of science
you give students the opportunity they                                      and children.
can truly amaze you,” she said.                                             “Science and
     She also had great things to say about                                children:      I   said. She also likes to work with and help
GHS. “Greendale has been great so far.                                    love them both      people.
I really enjoy the support and how close                                                           Previously, Dawe-Crahen taught
people are here,” she said.                         Poonam Girdhar                            at Wawatosa East High School and
     Outside of school, Zwirgzdas enjoys                                                      Brookfield Central High School. In her
disc golfing, basketball, track and field,                                                      free time she enjoys going to sporting
movies, and reading when she gets the         dearly.    Teaching brings them both            events like Badger football and Brewers
chance. “Teaching has always been a           together,” she said.                            games and likes to read. So far she is
passion for me,” she said.       “Working          Her favorite part about teaching           enjoying her time at GHS. “Everyone is
with youth has been a big part of my life.    is that it allows her to stay connected         really nice and I feel that I got a warm
Throughout high school and college I          with the latest developments in science.        welcome from the staff and students,”
coached and worked with youth through         Because teaching is something that              she said.
Park and Rec along with the Boys and          Girdhar enjoys doing, it inspires her in             Taking on the choir department after
Girls Club of greater LaCrosse.”              many ways. “What inspires me is the             the retirement of Art Jaehnke is Erica
     She could have decided to teach just     opportunity to be continually creative in       Thornton, a UW-LaCrosse graduate
about anything, but she chose Health          my profession and to experience the joys,       with a Bachalor of Science in Music
and PE because of her athletic childhood.     the promises and the challenges that            Education K-12 with a Choral Emphasis
“Physical education has always been a         come along with it,” she said.                  degree. Before coming to Greendale she
huge part of my life. I have been involved         Girdhar has many hobbies outside of        taught elementary and middle school
in a number of activities throughout my       school that she enjoys. She likes reading       choir in the Greenfield School District for
childhood and adulthood,” she said. “I        and painting. She also likes baking             three years.
have found a number of things that help       because it is applying chemistry in the              While she is new to the Greendale
my stress and health. I want to help          kitchen. She likes Greendale because of         School District, she is not completely new
students find those things. I want to help     its family-like atmosphere, “Greendale          to Greendale. This summer she directed
them to find something that they enjoy         is a beautiful, close-knit community and        the GMS’s Summer School Musical
to do and will continue to do throughout      I’m glad to be here,” she said.                 Theatre programs. “So far I really like

6| OCTOBER 2009
how helpful all the staff and students have      to Tourism        at MATC and teaches
been. I am traveling between schools             Travel, Product and Sales, Destination
trying to learn where everything is in the       Geography, Intro to Hospitality and
               building and am desperately       Rooms Divison Management. Although                         “M s. Z re -
                  tying to learn 260 new         she likes teaching at GHS, there are some
                                                                                                            ally relates
                    names and that is not        definite differences. “Age is a factor. High
                                                                                                           to us , so
                     evening counting the        school students are 14-18. My college
                      staff!” she said.          students range from 18 to over 60. They                   she is able
                           Choir is her true     have more life experiences, they have a                   to teach
                      passion and she is         specific goal in mind, and are foccused to                 us well.”
                                                 meet that goal-finish a degree,” she said.
        Erica Thornton                                Before teaching, Kumm worked in           Sarah
                                                 hotels and restaurants and she also worked
                                                 part-time for an Associate Dean at MATC
very excited to be working with both             after the birth of her oldest daughter. Her
the middle school and the high school.           favorite part about teaching is, “The fresh
“Choir had a huge impact on my life when         start at the beginning of the semester and
I was in school,” Thornton said. “It really      the closure at the end.” She also enjoys,                 “Ms. DC is
helped me grow as a person and was a             “Watching students grow as they learn.”                   ful l of life .
class that gave me confidence and a place         Kumm likes taking walks, reading books,                   She does a
to fit in. I want to be able to give the same     and spending time with her family.                         lot of interac-
experience and support to my students.”               Her favorite part about Greendale                     tive things.”
     She enjoys helping her students too.        is, “How warm, friendly, and helpful the
“I like helping my students realize that         faculty and staff are at Greendale!” she
they do have talent and that they can be         said.                                          Madeline
part of a team,” she said. “The best part is
when you see the smile on the students’
                                                      Last on the list of new teachers is
                                                 Wendy Jensen , an MATC teacher who                 Frank
faces after they just sang really well. It’s a   teaches Computer Applications and Web
totally different kind of excitement than        Design. Not only does she teach, but she
getting an A on a test.”                         also runs a company called Next Level
     In her free time, Thronton likes to         Technologies.
swim and play volleyball. She is also                 Jensen went to UWM and has                           “ M s .
a part of a book club with some of her           a Bachelors degree in Management                         Thornton
friends and visits her younger sister at         Information Systems, a Masters degree                    connects
UW-Madison.                                      in Administrative Leadership, and is                     with the stu-
      Next is Karen Kumm from MATC               going back       to school this semester,                dents well.”
who is teaching Business Management                                     considering getting
and Event Marketing this year. She                                         her PhD.
graduated from UW-Stout with a B.S.                                              J e n s e n
in Hotel and Restaurant Management,                                          l o v e s          Sara
got a Travel Diploma from MATC, and                                           technology
received her Masters in Management                                            and teaching.     Weiss
from the University of Phoenix. She                                           “[Because]
didn’t always consider
teaching      though.                                  Wendy Jensen
“My        Associate
Dean asked me
to       consider                                computer work can be a solitary activity,
                                                                                                              “ M r s .
teaching after                                   teaching compliments it nicely,” she said.                   Ku mm is
working        on                                She also enjoys teaching because of what                     really help-
                                                 she can do for her students. “I like helping                  ful and has
                                                 people. There’s a lot of satisfaction in                      great sto-
  Karen Kumm                                     that,” she said.                                              ries to tie
                                                      Other than teaching and technology,
                                                 Jensen likes knitting, gardening and
                                                                                                Brandon         into her
developing an Associate Degree program           decorating her house because it gives it         Hart          tea ch ing .”
for Travel and Tourism in her Division,”         character.
Kumm said. “It was a lengthy project
involving many people.” Kumm has been
teaching ever since.
    Kumm has also taught Intro

                                                                                                   PIONEER OUTLOOK | 7
Greendale Marching Band takes the State title for the fifth year in a row with their
2009 field show, “Alone In A Crowd” by Rachel O’Keefe

            or five consecutive years now the                                                     going to be something I enjoyed doing,
            Greendale High School Marching                                                       but I didn’t know it was going to be as
            Band has been Wisconsin’s
            Class AA State Marching Band
            Champions. They won the State
            title again with a score of 88.10
            and took home all
                                                   in a
                                                                                                 fun as it is.”
                                                                                                      One fifth of GHS’s population gets
                                                                                                  to experience this fun, as that’s how
                                                                                                  much of the school population belongs
                                                                                                                to marching band in
four caption awards of Best                                                                                     some way—whether its
Color Guard, Best Percussion,
Best Visual Presentation, and
Best Musical Presentation.
This year not only was State
the goal again, but the band
also hopes to dominate at
                                  CROWD                                                                         colorguard, dancers, or

Marching Band Nationals in Indianapolis as they perform their           agrees, “If you’re not in Marching
2009 season show “Alone in a Crowd.”                                    Band here it’s like you’re totally
     “Alone in a Crowd” was composed by Craig Andrew                    missing out; it pretty much kicks
Fitzpatrick, with original music based on the opera “Nessum             toucas.”
Dorma.” GHS is the first marching band to ever perform this                        Senior year has to be
show. “I like the fact that this is one of the most challenging         the most emotional year of
shows we’ve done,” senior Marisa Irwin said. “It’s just really          high school; at the end of

different than any other show we’ve performed before.” Irwin is         the year you really look

the band’s instrument soloist, who starts the show “alone in the        back and think about how

crowd,” not on the field, but in the bleachers. “I feel that it’s neat   much fun you had in

to be able to bring to life the concept of the show,” she said.         high school—what your

                                                                                                    st M
    Hollywood gives high school marching bands quite the geeky          favorite parts were,

image, but at GHS it’s pretty much the opposite. “When I came           least favorite parts,

to high school I thought marching band would be way more                most interesting,
boring,” freshman Jake Kurczewski said, “but it definitely               craziest, the list
wasn’t.” Some new members of the Marching Band are actually             goes on. For most
not freshmen, like junior Cody Hough who just decided to                of the band seniors,
j o i n                      late. “A lot of           my friends       they would all agree
wanted                          m     e                   to join,”     that marching band
Hough                            said,                      “They       could fit all of those
s a i d                                                      it was     categories. “Band takes up
a lot                             o f                        f u n .    a lot of time, but it honestly
When                              I                           joined    goes by so fast,” senior Jake
I knew                                                         it was   Bucko said. “It’s the most fun
                                                                        I’ll ever have in high school, and
                                                                        I have no problem being there as
                                                                        much as I am.”
                                                                              Senior Brenna Patterson also
                                                                        feels Marching Band was one of her
                                                                        favorite parts of high school. “I’m going
                                                                        to miss everything about it,” Patterson
                                                                        said. “The work was intense and there was
                                                                        a lot to do, but the competitions made it worth it; mainly when
                                                                        you get to see your hard work pay off. I will especially miss all of

                                                                             “The work was intense and
                                                                             there was a lot to do, but the
                                                                             competitions made it worth it.”
                                                                                                                      -Brenna Patterson
                              Mikaela Schneider and Lauren Jones

8 | OCTOBER 2009
the people that I’ve met and gotten to know being involved in as you can hear from inside the school. But practice doesn’t
marching band.”                                                    stop at just in school; every Tuesday night of the marching
          Drum majors are the people standing in front of the band season, the band has “Tuesday Night Band Rehearsals,”
band conducting them to the tempo of each song in the show. which typically go from 6:15-9:15 p.m., depending on how much
This year the band has three drum majors: seniors Lauren cleaning had been taken care of the previous Tuesday night. “My
Jones and Gabey Davis, who were also drum majors last favorite                 memory                            of Tuesday Night
year, and new drum major junior Claire Baniel. “Conducting R e h e a r s a l s                                         was when we
is different than marching in that more people notice if you marched in                                                   the fog,”
screw up. It feels like a lot of responsibility sometimes, but I

love it too much to really notice,” Baniel said.

     The Color Guard is the people in the band that “make the

show pretty.” They twirl the flags, throw the rifles, and also

consist of the dancers of the show. Usually the Color Guard

and the marchers have pretty good contact, but this year

                     senior Zoe Blankenmeyer thinks it

                      was different. “The interaction between
                        us and the band has been pretty much
                          nonexistent this year,” she said. But it
                            was fun nonetheless, and the Color
                             Guard still conquered talent-wise.
                              “On the all day pull -out we had
                                an assistant named James come
                                  and help us. He said we were so
                                    awesome people would throw
                                     their babies at us. It was
                                       pretty much the highlight
                                        of highlights,” she said.  sophomore                                            Kaitlyn
                                               From mid-July to S h a u g h n e s s y                              said. “When you
                                            mid-October, around looked out on the field,                      you could see people
                                              150 hours of each marching in and out of the clouds of fog, it looked SO cool!”
                                               band      members’      Sometimes it’s hard to be asenthusiastic as Shaughnessy on
                                                time is taken up Tuesday nights. “I don’t mind going to Tuesday night practices,
                                               by marching band. but I wouldn’t say that it’s one of my top choices for activities
                                              These long hours during freezing Tuesday night weather,” junior Nellie Reidel
                                            start with Band Camp. said.
                                          Band season pretty           From Band Camp to Tuesday Nights, there is still more time
                                         much starts with summer taken up by band—the competitions. Almost every weekend of
                                       sectionals, which usually September and October are consumed by band competition time.
                                     happen for one hour, once At all but one competition this year Greendale took first place
                                    or twice a week.                              for their performances. “The most fun during
                                       At sectionals each                              competitions is when Amanda Jonas
                                section gets together                                      and I have ‘sour spray’ competitions
                              to memorize the                                                on the bus where we time to see who
                             music so by the time                                               could down a whole bottle or sour
                            camp actually starts                                                 spray first,” Jensen said. “But
                          the band can solely                                                      performing and dominating is
                        focus on marching                                                           also pretty cool.”
                      the show. The camp                                                                  This year the GHS
                     with full band takes                                                            Marching Band has the
up the full last two weeks of summer from                                                            awesome opportunity to
9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon                                                               attend      Marching      Band
Monday through Friday. “The best part                                                                Nationals in Indianapolis
of band camp was getting together with all                                                           where they’ll compete against
my friends that I hadn’t seen throughout                                                            tons of top bands from all
the summer,” sophomore Ruth Jensen                                                                 across the country.
said. “The worst thing was the heat and the                                                            “I don’t know a single person
length of time we had to be there.”                                                             in band that isn’t looking forward
     When band camp’s 6-hour days are done,               David Heinen and CJ Noggle          to Nationals,” said sophomore
the practices don’t lessen in intensity whatsoever.                                        Kristin Eul. “I’m definitely counting
Band kids automatically have to march for the actual                                    down the days already.”
class seventh hour every day out in the back parking lot,

                                                                                                         PIONEER OUTLOOK | 9
                      Senior Mark Liederbach
                    & Sophomores Alec Lachman
                            Kelly Korek

Gov ’s the d
    ern      e
          me tails on

                                                                                           Sophomore John Giesige
             nt I
                  nsp the lat                                                              & Senior Mark Liederbach

S                                                                                    Up!
                     ect      e
                         or b st fall p
       is     in
             session and it’s
                             y          l    Rac        ay m
                                                 hel           aste
             time for theatre to get                  Lew            rpie
             under way once again. Last i n                     ow        ce f
             year, we said goodbye to many t h e                    ski        rom
great cast and crewmembers, but we             play a lot of                         the
                                               fun, it is also a lot of
welcome a brand new class this year for                                                          tre
the fall production of The Government work. According to junior                                        dep
Inspector.                                     Sean Marus, who will play the role                           artm
  Director Eric Christiansen chose of the Mayor, Anton Antonovich, in The                  fun                      ent:
                                                                                           because                        The
his play wisely this time around, looking Government Inspector, the play is so
for something new for this year’s GHS much more than just a good time. “It’s               you are helping
fall play. “I wanted a comedy, something fun, exhilarating, educational, but also          out with the play, but
really funny. I’ve been wanting to do this hard work. It’s cool getting to meet new        there is no pressure to memorize
play for a while and this seemed like a people and getting to know them,” he               lines and you get to spend time with your
good year to do it,” Christiansen said.        said.                                       friends. But tech week is pretty hard, the
      The play is about a town in the              According to senior Jessica Ermis,      crew is there longer than the actors, ” she
boondocks who hears that a government who will play the part of the innkeepers’            said.
inspector is coming to town in disguise. wife, the play this year will exceed                   But while the crew is working hard
Unfortunately, they mistake an ordinary all previous plays. “The GHS theatre               backstage, the actors are hard at work
person for the inspector and accidentally is notorious for over-exaggerating               on stage preparing for opening night.
try to impress the wrong person.               how humorous their plays are. In The        “It’s exciting. I love being onstage even
     The cast is expected to perform this Government Inspector’s case, it goes             though it’s scary sometimes because you
play very well, and each year Christiansen above and beyond. Basically it’s one big        hope the audience laughs at your funny
is learning something new from his sexual innuendo,” she said.                             lines,” junior Ameara Wahhab said.
performers. “I’ve learned that every year          The cast isn’t the only one that has         So come see what happens in this
    is different. Each time we do a show it    been working hard. The crew works           theatrical comedy at Greendale High
             is an adventure,” Christiansen behind the scenes of the play to help keep     School on Thursday, Nov. 19 at 7:30 p.m.,
                     said.                     the whole production together.              Friday, Nov. 20 at 8 p.m. or Saturday,
                                Not only is        From setting up the lights to making    Nov. 21 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets will go on
                                    b e i n g the scenery, without the crew, the           sale next month and the price is $8 for
                                               play wouldn’t be able to go on. Junior      adults and $5 for students.
                                                  Marressa Maldonado, the stage                   “The audience will love it. It’s
                                                          manager, enjoys the work she     a comedy that you wouldn’t expect
                                                                  does with the theatre    and it’s had us actors laughing for
                                                                         department.       weeks,”sophomore John Giesige said.
                                                                                 “It’s     “Everyone should see it. It’s a show to be
                                                 Sophomore                                 remembered.”
                                              Nicholas Meythaler

                       Junior Sean Marus

                                                                                                        10 | OCTOBER 2009
Panthers                                                                              Andy Schwerin and
                                                                                       Alyssa Sanflippo
of t
                                                                                              By Nicole Lopp

   e Month
                                                                                  When you hear the phrase “tall, goofy, drum-
                                                                             playing ginger,” who pops into your mind? Senior
                                                                             Andrew Schwerin of course!
     As senior Alyssa Sanflippo walk                                                Schwerin plays in the marching band,
the halls of GHS she not only thinks                                          competes in cross country and tears up the
about the the tests she has that day,                                         basketball court. “My favorite has to be marching
but what she has to do after school.
                                                Favorite st ore-Target         band because of the people, and I love to play
“I’m involved in NHS, ABC Club, the                                            the drums,” he said.
pit during the spring musical, softball,
and Peers With Impact,” she said. “Pit          Favorite co  untry-                  Band has made quite an impact on his
                                                                                high school experience, and some of his most
has to be my favorite because you get           Guam                            memorable experiences involve all of the
to become good friends with a lot of the                                        championships band won. “I like band not only
people since you practically live with           Favorite Mo                     because it teaches skill and improves technique,
                                                               e Opera
them in the pit for a month.”
                                                 Phantom of th                   but it is also an excellent opportunity to meet
     She’s not only musically inclined,                                          new people,” he said.
but she is academically advanced too.                             100 Grand
“My AP classes are my favorite classes           Favo rite Candy-                       Music is a big part of Schwerin’s life, and
                                                                                  not only does he represent GHS at the football
because we all choose to be in the class,                                         games and the band competitions, but he also
so we all like the class,” she said.                                              has his own band called, No Center Stripe,
     Because Sanflippo is involved in                                               which performed at several different venues.
such a wide range of activities, she has                                                Schwerin has made the most out of his
many unforgettable memories. Last year,                                            high school years by participating in lots of
she had a blast on the Boston Trip with                                            activities and having fun with his friends,
orchestra in February, loved playing for                                           even if they were sometimes painful. “I have
the many sold out performances of Sound                                             busted my head on a bench, and almost got
of Music, and enjoyed Prom at the art                                               my legs caught in between Evan Goyette’s
museum. So far this year she has loved the                                          and Neil Steinmen’s cars,” he said.
Homecoming pep assembly with all the                                                       Another thing that Schwerin is known
fun activities and games.                                                            for is his general uniqueness. He gives a
     As graduation approaches she advises                                            word of advice to his fellow students and
underclassmen, “Try as many things as                                                 underclassmen, “You shouldn’t care what
you can. Get involved in GHS. If you don’t,                                           people think. The time you have at high
you won’t get the best experience you can                                             school is way too short to worry about
possibly get. And you never know who you’ll                                            what these people think. So you should
meet while doing different clubs or activities,                                        just have fun and not care.
I know everyone says this, but it’s true!”                                                   He also adds, “It’s never too late to try
     “She takes on many of the jobs for NHS                                             something new, so do whatever you want
that others don’t want to do and she does                                               for the short time you have at GHS.”
them cheerfully and does them well,” said
                                                     Fav   orite color:                       He has taken this advice to heart.
teacher Tari Garnaas.                                                                    Math teacher Laura Staats said, “He
     She will also leave high school with a                         rd:Shnikes
valuable lesson learned. “I’ve learned at GHS         Favorite wo                        gave a really moving senior speach to
                                                                                         the band, and I heard about it from my
that it’s okay to be yourself,” she said. “You
may not fit into just one group-I know I don’t-         Favorite se  ason:                students because they were so touched
                                                                                          by it. He also gets the whole crowd
when you fit into more than one group you can           Winter                             going at the football games.”
really be yourself. And when you are yourself                                                   As his last days are coming up
people notice.”
                                                        Favorite an                        quickly, he is making the most of his
     Although she isn’t sure yet where she’s                                               time. “I am looking forward to so much
headed once she graduates, she’s applied to                                                this year, but mostly basketball,” he
UW-Stevens Point and UW-LaCrosse. She will                                                  said. As the days pass that also means
also apply to Lawrence University next month.                                               deciding what college to attend. “I’m
“I’m planning on majoring in Biology since                                                  still looking, but I am thinking either
I’d like to go into forensic science or genetics,                                            Carthage or Oshkosh, and I’m going
and I’d like to minor in music since I really like                                           to major in music and business.”
playing in different ensembles with my violin,”
she said.

                                                                                                          PIONEER OUTLOOK | 11
                        Throw away the schoolbooks... and bring on the laptops?

Laptops For Learning   By Kristen Mendoza

                                    ou’re stuck with a 15-page reading           9 classes, seeing if laptops are practical in the
                                    assignment with follow up questions for      classroom. The answer is no. Building Leadership
                                    U.S. History. Great! Now you have to         Through Technology is an exclusive group to two
                                    take the seven pound book home along         individuals from every grade; through which we get
                                    with your English and Geometry books.        a laptop,” sophomore Jason Genz said.
                                    Oh, how much easier it’d be to just take          A lot of schools already have been switching to
                       home a laptop that contains all the information you       having mobile laptops for their students. St. Thomas
                       need for all three subjects.                              More High School is a good example of this. They
                             So, why doesn’t Greendale go with the process       issue their new incoming freshmen a laptop to use
                       of wireless laptop learning? Switching out old            throughout their four years of school. Although
                       textbooks for laptops can be more efficient and            this sounds good, the funding for this would be
                       convenient. There would be no use for backpacks,          tough; the district would need enough money for
                       notebooks, loose-leaf or all the other necessary          each student to get a laptop and maintain its good
                       school supplies that students need now, when they         condition, which would be costly.
                       could store everything on the laptop. Instead of                Another downfall would be that students would
                       schoolbooks, students would learn through E-books,        get distracted at some point and want to check their
                       online books that are just like the textbooks used        social networking accounts (myspace, facebook,
                       now except way more modernized.                           twitter, etc.) or just surf the web.
                             Many students think this would be great. “I
                       don’t like carrying around my books all day so it
                       would be great to be able to pull ouot my laptop and
                       look at my math problems online,” junior Claire
                       Baniel said.
                              These e-books are better in many ways. For
                       instance, the text can be updated and relate to
                       current examples, instead of those that happened
                       decades ago. Through E-books, students can take
                       practice tests and look at many different illustrations
                       or models to help them get the material more.
                       Senior Zach Geiger wishes GHS used E-books. “I
                       can get more information off of the Internet, but the
                       textbook is still the only place where the information
                       in class is most focused,” he said. Not only are you
                       using the laptop for school, but also, you’re getting
                       more comfortable with a laptop, which is essential
                       to know nowadays for future jobs or just everyday
                                                                                    Senior Zach Geiger poses with the laptop he
                             While GHS isn’t totally upgrading just yet by
                                                                                    was given as part of the BLT2 laptop program.
                       handing out free laptops to each student, they are
                       trying out programs to see what it would be like if
                       students did have personal laptops for school. One
                       program is the Pilot Program (also known as 1 to               “Although I’m not tempted to go on the Internet
                       1) that science teacher John Wilkinson has been           or play games, sometimes I do other homework like
                       using for his Science 9 classes. In this, each student    type essays,” Baniel, who is part of the BLT2 laptop
                       has a laptop for the class period to participate in       program said.
                       class projects and activities. “Teaching with a laptop         Along with the Internet distractions, students
                       involves a lot of work on the teachers end that also      may also waste the battery life on more leisure
                       involves engaging work on the students end, too,”         activities during school rather than carrying out the
                       Wilkinson said.                                           class tasks. So when the class starts, they would need
                             Another current program is the Building             to charge their batteries or not be able to participate
                       Leadership Through Technology, or BLT2, run by            due to earlier distractions.
                       Director of Technology Wade Bosworth. Two                      And students are not the only ones that would
                       students from each grade are chosen to participate        be affected with the laptops; there are the teachers to
                       in BLT2; they are given a laptop to use for the entire    think about, too. All teachers would need to arrange
                       school day and to take home to use for homework.          their lesson plans to be somewhat based around
                             Sophomore Jason Genz is part of the program.        the laptops, and of course there is also the common
                       “People have asked me if I am part of the Science         possibility of small technology hiccups, or glitches.
                                                                                                               12 | OCTOBER 2009
Driven To Distraction
The distractions are countless, the responsibility is
priceless By Kat Rodriguez                                                                                                           c

                                                                                                                     ra Br   ajkovi
            here really is nothing more exciting than                                                       A lexand               likely
            being able to drive for the first time all on                                                                  to be in one if
            your own. And it gets even better when                                                          you have friends in the car.
            friends are in the car with you. But with                                         It’s never a friend’s intention to distract
            this new-found glory comes a whole new                              you, but when you’re cruising the Greendale scene
bunch of distractions. From the cell phone ringing,                  and laughing with your friends, it’s hard to not have fun and get
music blasting, and friends talking, to the adrenaline f r o m       distracted, but this could get you and your friends into a horrible
driving 50mph on a 25mph road, the night seems endless. But,         mess. “I kick the back of the driver’s seat,” said sophomore Alec
with all that freedom comes a great amount of responsibility.        Lachman, “and I mess with their hair.”An article in USA Today
     The distractions that teens face today while driving are        by Larry Copeland said research shows that, “Teen drivers
endless. In this day and age of cell phones and texting, alcohol     carrying one teen passenger face double the risk of a fatal crash
isn’t the only factor that causes automobile accidents among         as teens driving alone. That risk increases to five times as likely
teens. In fact, Students Against Destructive Decisions, or SADD,     for teen drivers with two or more passengers.”
took a survey of more than 900 teens with drivers licenses from           It’s nice to do a favor for a friend or two and drive them
26 high schools and found that 37 percent of them rated text         home after school, but there should always be a limit to how
messaging while driving to be the number one distraction.            much you get distracted.
Social Studies teacher Daniel Rogaczewski said, “Once a kid               But these statistics shouldn’t scare teens. If anything, they
turns 16, they’re inclined to text. It’s very dangerous.” Texting    should just be a reminder that driving could be safe and fun if
requires too much concentration on a cell phone screen and not       we only pay attention a little more. The teen driver is still in
enough on the road.                                                  control of the car and it’s up to them to keep themselves and the
                                                                     passengers in their car safe. “I keep both hands on the wheel,
“Once a kid turns 16, they’re in-                                    ignore the phone if it goes off, and keep my eyes on the road,”
                                                                     junior Kirsten Voss said.
clined to text. It’s very danger-                                         These are all good ideas to help you from getting distracted
                                                                     from the road. Some other tips are to never drive while you’re
ous.”                                                                in a bad mood. And try to keep emotions in check if there’s a
               -social studies teacher Daniel Rogaczewski            person on the road that’s driveng too slow or too fast. “I get angry
                                                                     when drivers speed up to pull ahead of you and don’t use their
                                                                     blinker,” says senior Samantha Brenner, “also when people
     Many students here at GHS, like junior Violet Lane, admits      don’t understand the intersections. It gets really annoying.” The
to texting while driving. “I only do it,” she said, “at stoplights   fact is, annoyance can leave to distraction.
though. It sort of distracts me, but usually not too much, and            Even when anger isn’t involved, teens still drive fast.
I never do it when other people are in the car.” Senior James        Speeding is an infamous activity that teens have so earnestly
Eagle, Jr. also admits to talking on the phone while driving.        acquired since forever. You can see it every day right after the
He said, “I talk on the phone about 10-15 percent of the time        bell rings for school to end. The parking lot empties with tired,
while driving. I do think I’m more distracted, but I am a good       anxious teens racing to get home or go to work. Speeding can be
driver and I know I won’t crash. Besides, driving in the car is a    just as distracting as texting or talking on the phone and should
good time to talk on the phone.” he said.                            be controlled just the same. Junior Connor Chadwick’s
     Texting and talking on the phone aren’t the only thing that     advice is to not drive fast, and for a good reason. “Once I was
stops teens from paying attention to the road. Simply driving        driving and there was snow on the highway,” he said. “My car
with friends can also disrupt their concentration. “I look at        flipped and had to be taken away by police.” Depending on the
my friends when I’m talking to them to make sure they are            condition of the road and weather, the best way to avoid a bad
comfortable,” senior Inga Bently said. Obviously, even in cars,      situation is to try your best to be in a relatively positive mood
teens are sociable people and want to still have fun with their      and to not distract yourself from driving appropriately.
friends, but constant talking while driving can be extremely              There really is nothing more exciting than being able to
dangerous.                                                           drive for the first time, and keeping distractions low will make
     A car accident is a situation nobody wants to find themselves    it even better.
in. We all hope to never have one, but the fact is, you’re more

                                                                                                                13 | OCTOBER 2009
Local Milwaukee Music
                          Musicians in the Milwaukee area often hit closer to home. by Katie Walter

             laying an instrument in front of thousands of We were all a very tight knit band both musically and as
             people at night, having a normal job during the friends. We shared anything and everything,” Bennett said.
             day; that’s what many Milwaukee-based bands do. “Losing a band member is the same as breaking up. It’s not
             Besides not being famous in the eyes of the entire fun, but sometimes it just has to be done. Sometimes it’s
             nation, local bands have everything in common due to unfair treatment or, in our case, creative differences.”
             with the big dogs. They have hopes and dreams                Some students get disappointed when their favorite
and struggles, just like the rest of us, and perhaps that’s bands break up or kick out members. “It was better for the
why so many people at GHS enjoy listening to local bands. band,” senior Laura Mattheis said about Smoke Letting’s
     Young up and coming bands find it tough to get out there. kicking out of a member. “It has made them so much better.”
They have to go everywhere to get a venue, and do anything and            The one thing that separates the local from the famous
everything to get noticed by the audience. “It’s a tradition for us bands is their amount of recognition in the fan base world.
that at least once a show, we run out into the audience with our Having 100 fans on MySpace versus having people spend $300
wireless kits,” Alex Bennett of Smoke Letting said. And these on a ticket is a barrier that many bands have tried to cross. “Any
things work. “Once when I saw                                                                          band that claims they don’t
Juiceboxxx, the lead singer                                                                            want a larger audience isn’t
climbed up onto a table and           “Any band that claims they don’t                                 being honest,” Bullock said.
crowd surfed on 15 people,”                                                                                  Members of No Center
senior Emma Wenzel said.              want a larger audience isn’t being                               Stripe think the same. “We
     The       local
like the big boys, make
                                      honest.”                                                         all would give it up to be
                                                                                                       famous, it’s the reason we
                                                              -Daniel Bullock of The Scarring Party
cuts and changes to their                                                                              came together as a band,”
members. Many bands are                                                                                senior Harry Epright said.
made up of friends and this makes things even harder, but                 Many fans of local bands don’t like the conformity of everyone
it has to be done to keep the band moving on to fame. Other liking a band, and thus have latched onto their lesser-known
bands that have been together for a while know this well. local bands. Some bands don’t think that they need to conform
“We’ve been together for four years,” Daniel Bullock of The to anything. “We are playing a popular style of music already and
Scarring Party said. “That probably sounds like a very long loving it,” Marshall Holm of Nine Mile Fever said. “I suppose we
time, but considering that the band has had a few personnel would play about anything as long as we’re still having fun with it.”
changes, we have undergone some change in sound and                       Local bands come and go, but they add a bit of flare to
collaborators, which has always kept things interesting.” our music scene. Ever changing, Milwaukee’s breed of bands
     Other bands that have had to kick out a member have make it hard not to listen to them. For all the work, the
strong feelings about what happened. “It wasn’t fun at all. money, and the time put into it, they at least deserve a listen.


   The Scarring Party                     Smoke Letting                    No Center Stripe                   Nine Mile Fever
    Sounds Like: 20!s-30!s              Sounds Like: Iron                  Sounds Like: Blink182,             Sounds Like: The Toys,
     music hall, 70!s punk               Maiden, Judas Priest,              T h e K i l l e r s , Ta k -       classic rock and blues
                                         progressive rock                   ing Back Sunday
 One CD is currently                  Originally formed for a high      Their CD is coming out             A pop cover band, the band
 out for sale, “Come                   school talent contest, the        around January 2010,               plays everything from
 Away From the Light”.                 demo is finally out, featuring     featuring “Am I Getting            songs that top the charts
 New CD is in progress                 “Come and Get Me” and             Through to You” and                and other things such as
 for spring 2010. For                  “Endangered Socialite”.           “Damsel in Distress”.              rock and blues. They!ve
 more information,                     For more information,             For more information,              played at many different
 v i s i t h t t p : / / w w w.        visit http://www.myspace.         visit http://www.myspace.          venues, including parties.
 s c a r r i n g p a r t y. c o m /    com/smokeletting                  com/nocenterstripe

14 | OCTOBER 2009
               Blast                                                   FROM THE
  The present seems stressful. Maybe it’s time to sit back and look at the simpler days
                                                    By Angelika Villafuerte

          et’s face it, we’re getting older. Every day new TV shows,   of the night. Tired and frustrated, I threw it at a wall,” junior
          technologies, types of music, and other new fads come        Emily Weingart admitted. “Apparently, something broke
          out every day. But can you remember what it was like         because it wouldn’t stop screaming. It was scary, so I put it in my
          when we you were a kid? Do you recall your simpler days      closet.” Now though, Furbies may be looked upon as “creepy.”
          when your mind was set on getting the latest Beanie               Do you remember walking to school with the lyrics “Hit
          Baby or watching that new Disney movie on VHS?               Me Baby One More Time” stuck in your head? Though Britney
        Reality shows like American Idol and Survivor may rule         Spears may no longer be what we call a role model, there was
the world today, but in the mid-90’s things were a little different.   a point in time where she was the “it” girl of our generation.
For freshman Liam Duffy, The Power Rangers and Dragon                  “Britney Spears was my idol. That’s changed,” Maldonado
Tales were his favorite programs, “I liked pretending to fight evil     said. Some of the music constantly being played during the
and Dragon Tales was good because of the adventure,” Duffy said.       90’s were songs like “Genie In A Bottle” by Christina Aguilera,
    Other shows that seemed to have an effect on the childhoods        “Living La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin, “We Like To Party” by
of today’s teens would be shows like Rugrats, The Wild                 the Vengaboys, and “Every Morning” by Sugar Ray. “I enjoyed
Thornberrys, Doug, Pepper Ann, The Fairy Odd Parents, and              trying to dance like they did in the videos,” junior Samantha

the ever so famous Spongebob Squarepants. “It [Spongebob               Crebussa said of her favorite music artists in the 90’s.
Squarepants] always made me laugh and made me think                         There was also the takeover of boy bands everywhere.
about my best friends,” junior Marressa Maldonado said.                It was common to be obsessed with musical groups like
    All these shows all seemed to share much in common.                N’SYNC, the Backstreet Boys, B2K, and 98 Degrees. “I
Not only were they cartoons, but they were funny and                   was N’SYNC all the way. My entire childhood was N’sync
entertaining to children of a young age. Though, one can               versus Backstreet Boys. It was like the rival families
admit that many of these shows had storylines that interested          in Romeo and Juliet,” senior Alissa Rendon said.
older people as well. “I like Rugrats because Angelica was                  Titanic, Home Alone, The Sandlot, and Little Rascals were
always doing bad things and I liked to see how the children            some of the movies that swept the nation during the 1990’s. Senior
dealt with it,” sophomore Paige Bednarz explained.                     AJ Sciano loved Jurassic Park. “I liked watching Jurassic
    Rather than computer games, iPods, and PS3s, children              Park because it was science fiction for kids, pretty much.”
entertained themselves with toys such as Gameboys,                          It also seemed as if the ‘90s was the time for the best
Beanie Babies, Pogs, Poo-Chis, and the famous Pokemon                  work out of Disney Productions. Who could doubt that with
and Yugioh cards. For sophomore Meghan McVan, she                      movies like Mulan, Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast, The Little
enjoyed using the, “Skip-it! I guess I loved to jump a lot.”           Mermaid, Toy Story, and the globally loved The Lion King. “I
    One particular toy that seemed to be owned by just about           liked the Lion King because I loved the animals, the opening
everybody who was anybody was the Furby. With its launch               song, and Timon and Pumba,” junior Mirko Sever said.
during the holiday season of 1998, it continued to sell successfully        Though it seems like all these things were from a time
until 2000. Probably what helped add to its popularity was the         much too long ago, they really weren’t. Before you know
Furby’s ability to learn and react. It started out speaking plain      it, you’ll be looking back at the very things that made up
“furbish” and over time was able to pick up the language of            your life today. One can’t stop the changes that happen.
English. “I had one a while back, and it went off in the middle        One can only stop to look around, enjoy, and savor them.
                                                                                                                  15 | OCTOBER 2009
 Greendale Cheerleaders pose for the camera.                     Juniors Casey Guillotte, Bianca Gasparri,
                                                                   Hannah Reichenbach, and Alexandrea


                                                       “We all had a great time, and it was fun to
                                                       just hang with my friends. It was a perfect
                                                                   last Homecoming.”
                                                       --senior Elaine Zautke, with Amanda Stel-
                                                                   berg and Jenny Lee

Seniors Alyssa Sanfilippo, Maria Carrasco, Jenna
  Dornak, Ashley Luetzow, and Laura Serrano.
                                                            A group of friends enjoy their Homecoming in

                                                                     front of the Mariachi Trio.

             “I had fun sitting next to the
             best rapper alive, [Quay Jen-
              kins] after Homecoming.”
                -junior Brianna Walker

                                                                              By: Jovana Kuridza &
                                                                               Milica Stojsavljevic

 “My first homecoming was a blast. Not knowing                     Seniors celebrate their last homecoming.
what to expect, or even do added to the night, but
        in the end it was all so much fun!”                “Me and Brandon had a lot of fun dancing to
   -freshman Austin Lasch pictured with Jenna             “Don’t Stop Believing” and belting the words.”
          Gradinjan and Jake Kurczewski.                -junior Allison Hancock, with Brandon Kurczewski

16 | OCTOBER 2009
 “I definitely enjoyed hanging   “The decorations were really     “I liked being able to dance   “My favorite part was the
 out with my best friends and    tight. It was cool to see all    with my friends...and they     amazing after party and hang-
 partying after!”                different groups of people       had cute little eclairs too.   ing out with friends!”
         -senior Brennan Gaeth   talking and dancing. ”           They made me smile :)”                  -freshman Luis Baran
                                            -junior Taylor Reed         -sophomore Nina Caruso

Homecoming Court ‘09                                                              Homecoming Court ‘09

                                                         Kelli Bly &
                                                        Cordney Wren

     Taylor Huber &                                                                                    Callie Prindiville &
     Kyle Goodman                                                                                        Evan Goyette

                                                  Homecoming King and Queen,
                                                   Jacob Eul & Chelsea Weber

      Tessa Maglio &                                                                                    Abigail Davis &
      Zachary Geiger                                                                                    Christian Noggle

                                           Alexis Salzer &               Karalen Senft &
                                            Ryan Korsmo                 Andrew Schwerin
                                                                                                       PIONEER OUTLOOK | 17
                                                                                           Have you ever liked a guy but
                                                                                           didn’t know what interested
                                                                                           him? Most of us girls have. As
                                                                                           a favor to the ladies at GHS, we
                                                                                           questioned a few guys as to what
                                What m                                                     they look for in a girl.
                                        a                                                  By Maggie McInnes and Kiri Salinas
                     When      stand o kes a girl
                the gu    asked        ut to y
                       ys       what
                with a all had to p makes a gir
                        re         a         u  l
               going, sponse. M se and thin tand out to t
                                                                s                                       How do you show
                                                                                                         a girl that you like
                       nice, a            os                  k befo               h
              said, “           nd pre t said they                     re com em,
                      If she’s           tty. Se            like a               ing up
             and is             a girl t          nior A            girl th
                      at                 ha
            It’s rea hletic in so t takes care hony Emo
                                                           nt                 at’s ou
                                                                                      t-                          her?
                                        me wa                                   rd                                                  t in some way
                     lly gre
                             at if sh           y, then
                                                             of hers
                                                                       elf, wo eno                      Almost all guys will flir
                                      e’s dow              s
                                                n to ea he stands o ks out,
                                                                               r                                              t it can be a tough
                                                                                                   if they like a girl! Bu
                 Althou                                 rth an               u
                                                                 d has a t to me.                                              guy’s flirting with
         that w           gh ma                                                                    time to figure out if a
                  as              ny of
         person proven wro us girls thi
                                                                            nice sm
                                                                                     ile            you. Surely alm       ost every girl’s been
                  ality is           ng wh              nk it’s                                                                  does a guy flirt?
        Freshm             a big f            en all              all in t                          through that. So how
                   a                ac               of the                 he loo                                               Grieshop he says,
        be the n Dustin H tor in their j                      guy                   ks,              When it comes to Dan
                 girl wh             ejdak             udgme s said that                                                   the girl laugh and talk
       the gir            o likes              added             nt on g                                “I’ll try to make
                lw                 to hav             , “If sh             irls.                                                     ieshop says, “I
      Also n ho’s shy an                    e                    e                                       to her often.” Matt Gr
               o mak              d quie fun and is ou seems to                                                                           going with
                       eup is             t, then               tgoing                                   will get a conversation
            Acc                a b
     jor plu ording to th ig plus to m catches my
                                                   she                   , not
                                                                                                         her.” It’s a good     way to get his flirt
              s and t            e guys             e.”                  eye.                                                           r and asking
     asked             hey lik            ,
                               e it wh being outgo                                                        on. Getting to know he
             sopho                                                                                                                      l to how He-
    go abo           mo                 en                  ing                                           questions is an essentia
            ut stan re Matt Gr a girl stands is a ma-
   answe              ding o             iesho               o
                                                  p how ut. So we                                         jdak operates.
           r.                 ut?                                                                                                             physical
   attenti ”I like girls He tried to                       a girl w                                             Kozinski takes a more
          on                   b                  g
  course , but get it b etter that d ive us his ho ld
                                                                       ou                                                            “Yo  u gotta get
                                                                                                          approach, and says,
          looks d             y bein             on’t tr             nest                                                                   ” Not only
 and ey              o matt            g                  y                                                    m to give you free hugs!
         e                   er too, themselves,” to get my                                              the
                                                                                                                            s, but he compliments
 on the color, there                   but wh              he said                                        does he do thi
         girl.              is no d             e
                                      omina n it comes to Of
                                                                     .                                                               get her to hang
                                               nce. I                                                     her a lot and tries to
                                                                    hair                                                              s he really likes
                                                       t all de
                                                                 pends                                    out. One of the thing
                                                                                                          in a girl is if the y can dance. Guys all
    What n
                                                                                                                                          es, but each
                                                                                                          take different approach
                                                                                                                                        depending on
      a tur ?
                                 tupid nto.                                                               way can be successfu
                           a t s
            o , girls thatnotcwhat he’e’is not goinms
                                                    g                                                      who it is.
                                                      h               e
                 ejdak         nitel
                                      y         hair,         , he s
         To H y are defi py or bad rieshop d hair is
           nobb           e slo
                                          Matt          or ba             eally
     and s they hav omes to “greasy ing that r her,                                                             T
      Also When          it c e says,                   th              rot                                          he perfec
             .              se h              ever
                                                           nse h
                                                                   is b
                                                                                                    So there
                                                                                                                really is              t girl
      there ee becau off.” How l. In a se girl can’t to                                            had the
                                                                                                               guys pic
                                                                                                                            not one
                                                                                                                                        perfect g
       to a ely a tur       n              g ir         If a             ting                                              k o                     irl. We
                                    umb           es. “           r get                            they don
                                                                                                              ’t have th ut a few qualiti
        defi  nit            is a d op, agre to bothe                                                                       eir mind                 e
                               iesh             ant                            ior
                                                                                                             . “                      s set to o s, but
         ticks Dan Gr I don’t w                                        e jun                      have som A girl can win                        nly these
               or               ,                               virtu dies, if                                 e                       me over
          juni ersation ” he sai              d          t a d, la                                that I no special quality                        if
                  v               r,              is no         an               ing                         tice, som                 that stan they
           a con her bette tenance s either guys hop z-                                          ferent fr
                                                                                                            om all th
                                                                                                                          ething to
                                                                                                                                       make th
                                                                                                                                                  ds out
                                   in            e               f                o
            know igh ma nski lik front o ea! As K t                                             average,                 eo                      em dif-
                    H            ozi own in                    d id d it’s no                               everyday ther girls. Not
                              K                            ba                                                           , girl,” D              just the
                      don            elf d          of it,            an            d                We even                       an Gries
              Bran ut yours hing out annoying g fun an                                         fect girl          tried to g
                                                                                                                              et a pictu     hop said
               you get som ts kind   et            of            B ein        ram   -
                                                                                                          but it res
                                                                                                                       ulted in          re of the
                                                      ear.”                                                                                         per-
                      l                 e                            ts too                                of differe             putting n
                you’l aid, “It g like to h a girl ge . Which                                 er. It ju                 nt girls b            umerous
                         s              s             n                ff                               st didnt                   o
                 inski hing guy but whe ozinski o y girls                                    left). So               look righ dy parts togeth-
                        et              at,            K                an                               it re                   t (as s
                  som g is gre ly turns f how m t this                                       the guy’s ally is just who y hown to the
                   ex citin s it real aturity o                  br ough ying                              attention
                                                                                                                        . Y
                                                                                                                                    ou are th
                                                                                                                                               at ge
                           tiou                          ally                                 to be som
                    bunc in the im deno re hey’re an it’s
                                                                           no                               eone you ou don’t need to ts
                                                                                              you a sli                 ’re not.                   try
                        ings             mor fs. “If t                   and                               ght insid                Ho
                                             n of           s to
                                                                             id.               Oh, and                 e on how pe this gave
                      can up in tur eally get s,” he sa                                       take sop
                                                                                                           if all else
                                                                                                                         fails you
                                                                                                                                     guys ope
                       poi  nt           re it r      pel  guy                                            homore                     could alw .
                                matu            to re                                         “Bake th                John G                     ays
                        or im ood way                                                                     em a cak
                                                                                                                      e. Guys.
                         just a                                                                                                  Love. Ca

18| OCTOBER 2009
                                                             ( Fetish?)
                     hen it comes to buying clothes, jeans
                     are probably the hardest purchase
                     to make. There are many brands
                     to choose from, as well as endless
                     styles, fits, colors, and then, of
course, there’s the price. But teachers and students
alike would agree that the price isn’t what matters the
most; it’s the quality of the jeans and how long they
will last, and right now the place to go is the Buckle.
     The Buckle offers over 30 different brands of jeans
for men and women. Some brands are much more
expensive than others, but for many shoppers, the quality
of the jeans makes it all worthwhile. “I never regret                      Jeans from the Buckle are sweeping
buying these jeans,” Special Education teacher
Kimberly Amann said. “These jeans are so
                                                                           the halls of GHS. BY Kristen Tracy
popular among students and teachers because                                   to spend myself,” junior Lydia Chiappetti
they are staying current with the fashion, and the                            said. “So I make sure that the few I get are
fit can be tailored to you. The Buckle has someone                             worth the money and that they will last long.”
in the store who can hem anything for free,” she                                   And these jeans are not just among popular
said. “The quality is also great. They don’t stretch                          girls, but there are quite a few boys at GHS
out or wear out and the seams stay strong.”                                   who own Buckle jeans as well. “I have as many
     Jean shopping can be extremely frustrating                               as 10 pairs of jeans from the Buckle,” junior
for people because a lot of jeans aren’t tailored for                         Connor Chadwick said. “These jeans feel
specific body types. No two people have the exact                             better than many other brands and they fit the
same shape, so finding jeans that fit perfectly can                            best. They seem like they are actually made for
definitely be a challenge. “I really like jeans from                         you, not just made by a machine from a pattern.”
the Buckle because I have a really hard time finding                              But are these expensive jeans really worth it?
pants that fit,” senior Kelli Bly said. “I’m pretty                         One could argue that the only reason people buy the
short, and it’s nice that these jeans come in sizes by                    Buckle jeans is because of the brands. “These jeans
inch and inseam size, not by the standard 0,3,5, etc.”                    are really unique, but I would never buy them,”
     The jeans sold at the Buckle are a little more                       sophomore Erica Gore said. “They’re really cute,
on the expensive side – ranging from about $70 to                         but $90 for a pair of jeans is just a joke. The funny
about $150 a pair. “I have five pairs of Buckle jeans,”                    part is that I can just b’dazzle my jeans for less.”
freshman Ashley Kopczynski said. “My favorite                                    Brands, brands, brands. “I think our society
brand is Miss Me because I love the pocket designs,                        puts brand names into our heads from the time
the fit, and the unique stitching, which is what                            we’re little, and whether or not we’re aware of it,
makes them worth the extra money, in my opinion.”                          those messages influence us,” English teacher
     Since these jeans are so pricey, some parents                         Jenny Hussa said. “The Buckle seems to try to
won’t pay for their child to get them, so for the                           create the impression that you’re buying something
students at GHS who have to buy them on their                               that’s ‘one-of-a-kind’ from the way that they don’t
own, they better be worth spending their hard                               stock a huge quantity of any particular item (unlike
earned cash on. “I never regret buying these                               most stores). However, they’re a chain like all of
jeans because they cost a lot of money that I have                         the rest of the stores, just working to convince us to
                                                                                  buy new things that we don’t actually need...”
        How much is too much?                  $ $ $                                   Gore agrees “When you see someone at
                                                                                  school wearing these jeans, they are basically
                                                                                  advertising them so you want them too, and
                                                                                  if you buy them, you’ll be advertising too,”
      “Anything               “Around $150              “It depends on the        she said. “When they are supposedly ‘one
      o v er $ 1 0 0          or over is too            ‘wearibility’ of          of a kind’ and everyone is wearing the same
                                                                                  kind of jeans, it just becomes like any other
      is way too              much for me,              them. If you spend        pair of jeans, and nothing really special.”
      much!”                  considering I             $150 and wear them             So whether or not you’re willing to spend
            -English          make $7.45 an             only three times,         the extra money for the fancy pocket designs,
       teacher Mary                                     your purchase was         the quality of the jeans, or just the brand
                              hour!”                                              names that are popular, it looks like these
             Durand               -senior Kelli         a waste!”
                                                                                  jeans will stick around with GHS for a while.
                                           Bly          -junior Abby Pekar        “Denim is what people are spending their
                                                                                  money on right now,” Bly said. “Sometimes it’s
                                                                                  shoes or handbags, but right now it’s jeans.”

                                                                                                           19 | OCTOBER 2009
               .out look
 for love or friendship                                                         reid gridley

 The Boyfriend Taco Bell Usual:              Mexican Pizza Meal
                    Best Golf Score:         67                      Couple        Jordan
                    Favorite Animal:         Turtle                  Stachowski        and
                    Birthday:                January 19th
                                             The Used/Fall Out Boy   Aubrey        Zauner
                    Favorite Musician:
                    Most Time Spent Doing:   Guitar/Eating           have been dating
  Jordan Stachowski Idol:                    Tiger Woods             for two years now.
 The Girlfriend Taco Bell Usual:             mexican pizza meal      Brandon Bett and
                    Best Golf Score:         64                      Stachowski have been
                    Favorite Animal:         Turtle                  friends since middle
                    Birthday:                January 19th
                                                e Used
                                                                     school. It seems that
                    Favorite Musician:
                    Most Time Spent Doing:   guitar/xbox             Brandon’s undying
     Aubrey Zauner  Idol:                    Tiger Woods             friendship speaks for
 The Best Friend Taco Bell Usual:            mexican pizza meal      itself, as he got only
                    Best Golf Score:         67                      a question and a half
                    Favorite Animal:         Turtle                  wrong. Aubrey was
                    Birthday:                January 19th
                                                                     close behind with two
                    Favorite Musician:       Fall Out Boy
                                             Golf/nothing            questions wrong.
                    Most Time Spent Doing:
     Brandon Bett   Idol:                    Tiger Woods

 look over here                                                                      kim le

   If you turned on your Ipod now, what would be playing?

20 | OCTOBER 2009
                                           look out.
 reid gridley                                                              pop culture grid
 do YOU
 fit in?
                            wil raasch              sam sardina     steve wojcehowicz           jake bucko
                           class of 2013            class of 2012       class of 2011           class of 2010
If you could own any   Cheetah, a big cat I   Cat                   Tarsier, look ‘em up    humans are
animal as a pet...?    can chase in my car                                                  classified as animals
                                                                                            aren’t they?

If you could go on a   Albert Einstein        Jake Eul and          A lovely lady           Brandon Bett under
picnic with anyone?                           Frankie Rutkowski                             the stars

Last meal on death     Orange Peeled          Pickles and Romano    Nice warm quesadilla, Number 9 no
row?                   Shrimp from            Cheese                guac on top           tomatoes and a
                       PF Changs                                                          volcano taco

If you could make up   National Road Trip     National              Second Christmas in     I don’t know, but it
a holiday...?          Day                    Alyssa Brunelli Day   June                    would be in June

Favorite pastry?       Eclair                 Nana’s cookies        Tiramisu                The ones with creamy

Best Halloween         Nerd                   Pippy Longstockings   Woody from Toy          Charmander
costume you’ve ever                                                 Story

Color lightsaber?      Yellow, hands down     Turquoise             Purple, Mace Windu      Mood saber
                                                                    is awesome

Midnight snack?        graham crackers and    Pickles               OJ and a warm cookie Fourth meal

Actor who would play   Owen Wilson            Eva Longoria          Me ‘cuz I’m a good      Morgan Freeman
you in a movie?                                                     lookin’ dude

Scare, or be scared?   Scare, don’t like      I’m used to being     I AM the wolf           Scare, I do it on a
                       being scared           scared all the time                           daily basis

                                                                                           PIONEER OUTLOOK | 21

            ctober is here once again.                              unpredictable, even if you watch it today. The film also has some
                                                                    of the greatest special effects, making this little alien invasion
            People are getting excited for                          seem all the more realistic, as though it really happened. “For its
            trick or treating and everyone                          time, it was really original and scary. It was very realistic-looking
                                                                    for something made in 1982,” freshmen Caleb Szyszkiewicz
            is looking for a good scare.                            said. This is one of the best for Halloween and earns its slot
Some will turn to haunted houses, many                              amongst the top five films for Halloween.

to urban legends, while others will turn                                            4. Se7en (1995)
to scary movies. Lately, many have been                                  There are very few movies that can shake the world. So in
                                                                    1995, no one was prepared for the wows that would come from
disappointed by the scary movie selection                           David Fincher’s murder masterpiece Seven. The movie follows
year in and year out. But there are a few                           two police detectives, one about to retire (Morgan Freeman) and
                                                                    one brand new to the force (Brad Pitt), as they work together to
scary films that have stood the test of time,                        stop a mass murderer using the seven deadly sins as his MO.
films that continue to either scare or taunt                              The death scenes are simply brutal, showing enough gore
                                                                    and fear to make you dream of Saw. The acting is great, but
us with the disturbing images and blood                             what more could you expect from Freeman and Pitt. The story is
fests that awe us. These films are the best                          so elaborate and makes you want to solve the mystery yourself
                                                                    as the film goes on, and let’s not forget about the mysterious
scary films, ones that will surely make                              box at the end of the film. “It was extraordinary. The acting, the
your skin crawl this Halloween.                                     storyline, and how everything unfolded seemed to be played out
                                                                    masterfully,” junior Alec Verish said. The film is a must-see
                                                                    for Halloween.
        5. The Thing (1982)                                                         3. Alien (1979)
    By 1982, John Carpenter had already made a name for
                                                                         In space, no one can hear you scream. A movie with a
himself in the horror genre with Halloween and The Fog. Many
                                                                    tagline so chilling is bound to become a phenomenon, and Alien
wondered what was next for the horror mastermind. He decided
                                                                    is just that. In 1979, Ridley Scott (future director of Gladiator
to make The Thing, a remake of a 1951 horror film about alien
                                                                    and Blade Runner) decided to make a film that would change
invasion. The result was terrifying.
                                                                    horror. Sigourney Weaver stars in this film which takes place in
    Kurt Russell and Keith David star in this brilliant film about
                                                                    the near future. A suspected SOS rings through the galaxy and a
an alien landing near a remote U.S. science base in Antarctica
                                                                    near-by mining ship is deployed to investigate the cry for help.
that can take the form of anything it kills and the group of U.S.
                                                                    They discover a ship in ruins and an alien crawling around,
scientists who try to stop it.
                                                                    ready to kill.
      The film was masterful, applying a brilliant story to
                                                                         The film is sheer horror and a thriller, doing things unheard
hundreds of scares with superb acting by Russell, displaying
                                                                    of at the time of the film’s release and is even heralded as “near
the ruthlessness needed to catch a killer. The scares are so

22 | OCTOBER 2009
         Night                                                                                              By Joey Vinci

perfection” by Bravo TV. “I love the movie. It’s really exciting
and it’s one of the best films to watch on Halloween,” junior Sam
                                                                            1.The Shining (1980)
                                                                          This is simply the best psychotic thriller of all time. Stanley
Wintheiser said. Scott used fine direction and a great script
                                                                     Kubrick, who already made a name for himself with 2001: A
                                                                     Space Odyssey and A Clockwork Orange, took a book written
 “The first time I saw The Exorcist                                   by Stephen King in 1977 and made it into a horror classic and a
                                                                     psychotic phenomenon. Jack Nicholson stars as Jack Torrence, a
 was at a sleepover freshmen year                                    troubled writer who takes a job babysitting a secluded Colorado
                                                                     hotel for the winter with his family. It’s during this four-month
 of high school. We were terrified.”                                  time frame that Jack begins to go insane from seclusion and
                                                                     paranoia, and his wife begins to question the safety of her and
                                   -Film teacher Kate Wagner         their child and tries to escape from the clutches of Jack.
                                                                          The acting is brilliant, with Nicholson making you feel the
                                                                     terror and the insanity building up inside of him. The story is
                                                                     complex, yet wonderfully written, and the directing is sheer
to make a necessity for Halloween. If you want to be freaked
                                                                     brilliance. “The Shining is one of the greatest thrillers I’ve ever
out this Halloween, you can’t go wrong with this brilliant horror
                                                                     seen. Jack Nicholson is brilliant as a psychotic killer,” junior
                                                                     Joey Puchalski said. It’s a film that has stood the test of
     2. The Exorcist (1973)                                          time and has become a true masterpiece. No movie is better to
                                                                     watch on Halloween night than this masterpiece of screams; it’s
     When it comes to the subject of controversy, no movie comes
close, with its intense scenes of gore to its flashes of demonic      magnificent.
images. William Peter Blatty wrote the novel years before, but                          HALLOWEEN (1978)
William Friedkin (director of The French Connection) wanted to                          Everyone knows about this film by now. but
truly show people the horror masterpiece. In this story, Regan                          still, 31 years later, this film still manages to
(Linda Blair) is a simple teenager living in a calm, peaceful part                      scare people every time around with its bril-
of town. But she then becomes possessed by a demon, and then                            liant scares and eerie music.
a priest, who has experience with the possessed, is brought in to
                                                                     NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968)
save the girl and rid the house of the demon possessing her.
                                                                     A Halloween classic and controversial for it’s
     The movie is sheer terror and made the whole world
                                                                     time, this cult classic marks the beginning of
squirm back in 1973 with great acting by Blair, and its truly
                                                                     zombie horror and is still scary to this very
scary scenes are unparalleled. “The Exorcist is by far one of
the scariest movies I’ve ever seen,” Film teacher Kate Wagner
said. “The first time I saw it was at a sleepover freshmen year of                       PSYCHO (1960)
high school. We were terrified.” This is a film that truly captures                       A film that many say is Hitchcock’s finest,
the scares, thrills, and spirit of Halloween. It’s a must see on                        this film has been making people afraid to
Halloween night.                                                                        take a shower for 49 years and it is still a
                                                                                        definitive film for Halloween.

                                                                                                           PIONEER OUTLOOK | 23
H a l l o
It’s just about that time to get down and scary with Halloween. This weekend all across the country
sweet and innocent fairies, to scary and dark ghosts and goblins. They will not only be trick-or-
Flags. But if you’re one of those people who hasn’t even thought of your costume yet, you’ve got a lot of
By Amy Baumgardner and Brandon Smith
                    Decorating Houses                                  pumpkin and make it a masterpiece,” Sirus said.
                                                                           After you find your pumpkin, the next step is to carve out
     To be the best Halloweener out there, you’re going to have        a face or a design. “I make hillbilly faces with two teeth and
to pretty much make your yard a living nightmare to the best of       crazy eyes,” freshman Devin Patterson said. This can take
your abilities. It’s best to have someone really creative help you    a lot of creativity and patience, but there are many books and
out in this decorative department. “My house-both inside and          websites on ideas for jack-o’-lanterns which can really help
out-is decorated a lot. It’s awesome. My mom’s a nurse so she         when thinking of ideas such as After you find
has access to prosthetic limbs and she dresses them up and puts       the design you want to carve out, you can always trace it on the
blood on them and chainsaws,” senior Megan Conrad said.               pumpkin first, instead of doing it freehand to save yourself from
Some even go to extremes and put themselves into the mix, “One        any mistakes.
time this dude was wearing a toga and was running around the
block with his friends as part of the decoration,” sophomore
Michelle Miller said.
                                                                                           Haunted Houses
     Other stories have been told of adults or teens acting as
statues while waiting to frighten the trick or treaters. “I dressed        Creepy, Crawly, and just flat out scary. Haunted houses tend
up as a ninja pirate, went up to a house and there was a scarecrow    to vary in size, price, and scariness. Some haunted houses are so
sitting in a chair with a bowl of candy, there was a sign that said   scary they’re practically rated R and you can only go in if you’re
please take only one. Being the daredevil that I am, I took a         18 or older. Depending on the quality of the haunted house, you
whole handful. At that point the scarecrow’s eyes opened and its      might have to pay a pretty penny for entry, but usually it’s worth
mouth yelled ONLY ONE!” junior Joel Sirus said.                       it. “A lot of stuff popped out at me at this one haunted house. It
                                                                      was pretty intense,” junior Nick Lichtenwalner said.
                      Jack-o’-Lanterns                                      If you’re looking for a long scare, you’re going to have to
                                                                      look for a bigger haunted house, maybe even multi-storied.
                                                                      These houses are normally real castle-like or barn-like places,
                                   Another popular Halloween          “I walked in and some really creepy dude started talking to us.
                              tradition is creating the perfect       Then, he led us in a dark room around and we had to try to find
                              jack-o’-lantern. It starts with         the exit,” sophomore Erica Gore said.
                              finding the right place to go                  Along with attempting to find the exit, you get stopped along
                               hunting for the perfect pumpkin.       the way by scary sights and people. But other than the various
                               You could stop by your local           sights in the haunted house. “I’m looking forward to going to
                               grocery store like Pick n’ Save        the Bear Den with my boyfriend. I don’t know who will be more
                                and pick a pumpkin out of the         scared, him or me,” sophomore Miranda Krasinski said.
                                big box, but if you’re one of those   Some other popular haunted sites in Wisconsin besides Bear
                                people who absolutely has to          Den are, Angel of Deaths House of Darkness, Mars Haunted
                              have the biggest pumpkin in town,       House, Dr. S. Carys Haunted House, and Hauntfest at the State
                       you’re going to have to go searching in        Fair fairgrounds. Whatever your choice is, you’re sure to have
                             the pumpkin patches. “I have been        a bone chilling time.
                                   an official jack-o’-lantern
                                       maker for six years now.                                Costumes
                                           I always find the
                                                                          The most stressful part of Halloween is finding the perfect
                                                                      costume. Costumes can come in all different kinds of styles
                                                                      including scary, funny, or just plain odd. “One of the best

24 |OCTOBER 2009
w e e n

streets will be filled with people of every age dressed up in all sorts of different costumes from
treating, they will also attend parties, venture to haunted houses, and travel to Fright Fest at Six
Halloween cramming to do. No worries, though. This holiday isn’t very complicated to figure out.

costumes I saw was a person who was very tall that looked                                 Halloween Parties
exactly like a wolf on it’s hind legs at Fright Fest,” Lichtenwalner
said. The costume you choose in the end can really show what                 After all the
kind of a person you are, so be sure to choose wisely.                 little trick-or-
     If you’re looking to buy yourself a costume, you can always       treaters head
try Halloween Express or just stop at any retail store such as         off to sleep
Target. “Once, I wore some traditional Hispanic clothing with          after a long
a sombrero and boots,” sophomore Jack Bosonac said. If                 day         of
you can’t find the costume you are looking for at the store, you        collecting
can always try to make your own because you are no longer              candy, all
restricted to what the stores have to offer.                           the      teens
     Because there are so many different costumes, there is            and adults
some controversy over whether costumes should be scary or              get      ready
cute. Sometimes, though, people take it a little too crazy. “I         for the best
went to a Halloween party and literally everyone was dressed           part of their
inappropriately,” senior Hadi Hemmat said. Or, if you’re               Halloween
feeling on the comedic side, you could take the funny route,           celebration-
such as, “A giant penguin with a red bow tie and yellow feet,” as      the      parties.
senior CJ Noggle said.                                                 Houses start
                                                                       to fill up with
                        Trick or Treat?                                creepy, wacky,
                                                                       and           funny
                                                                       characters to get ready for the
                                                                       final few hours of Halloween. “I
      Trick-or-treating has been a tradition during Halloween          think Halloween parties are fun. It’s cool to see
all across the nation for years and many people continue this          all the different costumes that people are wearing,”
tradition for most of their lives. Being tricked instead of getting    sophomore Brandon Kais said.
a treat is not common, but beware, it does happen. “A group of               During these parties, many partiers have spooky activities
little kids came up to the door and said ‘trick or treat?’ and I       to enjoy including haunted houses, haunted trails, and trick-
told them ‘Sorry no candy left.’ They were super sad, but then I       or-treating. “Every year in Jon Vickery’s house we make a
told them they got tricked and I gave them extra candy,” Noggle        haunted house. We invite all of our friends over for a Halloween
said.                                                                  bash,” Sirus said.
      There are two types of trick-or-treating: daytime and                  If you’re lucky enough to attend a bigger Halloween
nighttime. “Night trick-or-treating is better because it’s old         party, you will probably end up with a lot more to do. “There
fashioned and perfect for scary costumes or whatever,” Patterson       was a Haunted maze and barn at this giant Halloween party,”
said. Most students agree with Patterson. Trick or treating in         Lichtenwalner said. If you want to have the “perfect” party, you
Greendale is in the afternoon, so if you want to go night trick-       will need to have many different things to do. “It’s great when
or-treating, check other towns to see when they’re having it.          they show scary movies, have creepy music, and serve creative
      One of, and probably the only, reason that most people           halloween food,” sophomore Lauren Michelz said. Halloween
of all ages go trick-or-treating, is for all the free candy. “You      parties can be extremely fun and entertaining, but make sure to
should never stop trick-or-treating because of the free candy,”        be careful of the guy in the shockingly realistic psycho murderer
Patterson said. Most people prefer chocolate candy over sweet          costume.
sugar-filled candy. “The best candy would have to be Twix,”
Miller said.
                                                                       Photos courtesy of Kat Rodriguez
                                                                                                           PIONEER OUTLOOK | 25
            Is 2012
           the End?
A comet, a magnetic field reverse, a nuclear war, or even a
permanent blackout - this is what some say could happen in
three years. by Patrick Dielehner

                comet, a magnetic field reverse, a nuclear war, “No I don’t think the world
                or even a permanent blackout! Is this really end in 2012. I lived through
                going to happen? Or is it just some ridiculous the big Y2K (year 2000) scare and I think this will be the
                nonsense? According to Nostradamus, these same sort of thing,” science teacher Pamela Schulteis said.
                things could happen on Dec. 12, 2012, the day Freshman Joseph Dielehner isn’t sure. “It’s mix for me.
                the world will supposedly end.                     On one hand I don’t think it will happen because it would be
    Some believe that in 2012 we will face death and very bad because we would all die, but on the other hand I
destruction, while others feel that things are going to could see it happening because it’s on the Mayan Calendar,”
improve. Nostradamus predicted that in 2012 the astrological he said.
alignment of the earth would occur, which would eventually                 There are a lot of ideas on how the apocalypse will
precipitate a cataclysmic event. He made a lot of predictions happen. Some theories are that a comet will strike Earth with
about the future that                                                                            great force, or there will be a
indicate the destruction                                                                         magnetic field reverse but there
of the entire planet due to
                               “No I don’t think the world will                                  are many others. Another theory
various events, such as a
massive comet collision,
                               end in 2012. I lived through the                                  is that a nuclear war will cause the
                                                                                                 Earth to have global destruction.
volcanic eruptions, a global   big Y2K scare and I think this will                               “Human warfare would be
environmental        disaster                                                                    the only thing I can imagine
and many more. “I don’t        be the same sort of thing.”                                       that would cause widespread
know if it’s real, but I still                                                                   destruction. I’m hopeful we
hope something strange                                     -science teacher Pamela Schulteis are not capable of that kind of
happens. I hope there’s a                                                                        destruction,” Schulteis said.
sign,” sophomore Dane                                                                                 If the event happened,
Bieniek said.                                                      people would miss life and how they loved their family. They
    This date is when the Mayan Calendar ends, which some will miss what life was like. “I would miss not getting to see
scientists believe could mean we might enter a new age or my son grow into adulthood -- graduate, get married, have
cycle. This event is also mentioned in the Bible as Judgment kids as well as just the senseless loss of so much beauty,”
Day, or Armageddon. “Then they gathered the kings together Schulteis said. Students probably would hate that they never
to the                       place that in Hebrew is called got married, or never got to go to a place that they always
                                  Armageddon,” Revelation dreamed of going.
                                     16:16. “I don’t think             Hollywood has picked up on this prediction and will
                                        anything will happen release the movie 2012 on Nov. 13. The synopsis of the movie
                                           because the Mayans is as follows: Never before has a date in history been so
                                             were invaded and significant to so many cultures, so many religions, scientists,
                                              couldn’t     keep and governments. 2012 is an epic adventure about a global
                                                working       on cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells the heroic
                                                the calendar,” struggle of the survivors. The movie will include a song sung
                                                f r e s h m a n by the former season 8 American Idol contestant, Adam
                                                Olivia Steele Lambert. “I want to see the movie because it looks like it will
                                                said.              have cool special effects,” Bieniek said.
                                                     But many
                                               people simply Photos:
                                              don’t believe that Top right: original portrait of Nostradomus by his son Cesar
                                            the world will end. Lower left: The Mayan Calendar.

26 | OCTOBER 2009
Student Spotlight
                                                                          by Kim Le

  - Grew up in Greendale               Name: Mara Kuzmanovic
  - From a family of five
  - Has an older sister &              Grade: Sophomore
  a younger brother

  Activities Involved In                                          “My mom
  -Student Council                  “I enjoy traveling and
  -Varsity tennis
                                                                and my sister
                                      competing against        both took dance
  -Varsity soccer
  -Musical                           other dance teams.”       lessons, so my
  -Math Club
                                                               mom signed me
  -Band                                                        up when I was
  -Poms                                                            four.”
  -Favorite type of                                           “I love art
  dance is modern/                                            class because
  contemporary                                               there’s less
  -Goes to dance twice a
  week (When she competed,
                                                          pressure to get
  she went five days a week.)                           a good
                                                     grade, and I
  Fun Fact                                        love drawing.”
  -Went on tour with Kenny Rogers
  in 6th grade as a dancer

        !I want to go to Madison.              “Winning Miss
        My entire family has gone              Badgerette is
        there, and I know the campus           the award I’m
                                               most proud of
        really well."                         because I was
                                              competing against
 “I’m interested in                            80 other girls
being an architect or                          and I won as a
 interior designer.”
                                                                  27 | OCTOBER 2009
                                                                                                    Courtesy of

                The rage, the obsession, the addicton. Fantasy Football by Jimmy Nguyen
         magine owning your own football team with Peyton                Fans are in love with this virtual game for many reasons.
         Manning as your quarterback, Adrian Peterson as “Fantasy Football lets people act as if they were a General
         your runningback, and Andre Johnson as your wide Manger, and sometimes they end up giving away their best
         receiver. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, not players like Ted Thompson does,” senior Tristan Gross said.
         in the world of fantasy football. “I live for it,” junior       Fantasy football also provides a lot of freedom and allows
Manny Medina said. This is the sentiment of many students players to do whatever they would like with their team. “I love
and faculty because fantasy football is not only a hobby, but also the ability to do what I want without any consequences such
an obsession and even an addiction.                                 as trade players, cut players, and add players. It’s always fun
     Fantasy football is an online program that allows an because everyone has a different opinion on players, which
individual to “own” and manage their own football team with makes trading players more fun,” junior Alex Najera said.
NFL players. At the beginning of every season, participants              Fantasy Football also urges people to watch the NFL
have a draft to choose the players they would like on their games. Participants always want to know how their players are
team. Players drafted range from                                                               performing, therefore they are more
quarterbacks, team defense, and                                                                 addicted to the TV and the game.
kickers. “In most leagues, Adrian                                                               “The games are more intriguing
Peterson was the first pick just                                                                 when you have someone to root for,”
because he is the best runningback in                                                           freshman Joseph Ksobiech said.
the game,” sophomore Sam Brick                                                                      Sometimes fantasy football
said.                                                                                           causes a conflict within onesself.
     Usually, either a runningback                                                              Some particpants may have a
or quarterback gets drafted first,                                  Courtesy of favorite team, but they may also own
depening on the type of scoring                                                                a fantasy player who is going against.
the league uses. Many leagues go so far as to have the option their favorite team. So who do you cheer for? It’s a tough call.
of drafting individual defensive players. Participants decide “I hate it when your favorite team plays against a team with a
who to start every week in order to earn points. Players who lot of fantasy players that you own on it. You hope your team
do not make the starting roster still record points, but they do wins, but you also want the players you own to do well. It’s just
not contribute to the team’s total points. All of the stats are difficult to pick a side,” freshman Justin Povlick said.
electronically added, so there is less hassle on the participants.       Many participants are involved in many leagues instead of
     Some participants are so addicted to fantasy football that just one. “I think when you’re in too many leagues it becomes
they constantly watch all the stats to get a general idea of how overwhelming and it’s too hard to keep track of,” sophomore
their team is doing. But it wasn’t always like that; fantasy Alex Noggle said.
football has come a long way, even though it may seem new to             Fantasy Football has become an obsession and possibly
some. “The first year I played fantasy football was in the early an addiction. So the next time you’re walking down the hall
90’s when I was in college. We didn’t have electronic scoring, and you hear someone say “I’ve got a great trade!” or “Peyton
so we would have to hand score all the stats from the paper the Manning just put up 60 points!” You’ll know what they are
next day,” guidance counselor Chris Muench said.                    talking about.

 Courtesy of ESPN Magazine
                                                                                                        28 | October 2009
Team of
the month:
   Girls Tennis
63-0??? Ridiculous! The Varsity Tennis Team                                                           junior Alyssa Brunelli

exceeded all expectations besides their own.
By Matt Wanezek

                lood sweat and tears are only a few ways a team can         The complete focus of the whole team paid dividends
                get to be 63-0 in conference. It takes dedication,    throughout the season and the girls never blinked for a
                the mental and physical toughness of a warrior        second. Besides focus, talent helped too, for instance Hackett’s
                and oh yeah, a skirt helps too. The Girls Varsity     backhand is her favorite and Brunelli’s forehand is her
                Tennis Squad went undefeated this year and sent       strength. Piotrowski’s is to hit it where the opponent isn’t and
                three members to the State meet at Madison.           McCormick’s is playing at the net and her angles of her shot.
      The total destruction of the conference was due to the          When you add the collected abilities of the talented girls, it
incredible team GHS had. Various members of the team have             equals out to one superpower house.
been playing for many years. Senior Lauren Piotrowski                       With any sport without fun your game will soon be done.
played on varsity all four years. “Our goals for the season were      The tennis team kept it fun by, as McCormick put it, “Jamming
for our team to go undefeated and for some members to make            out in cars to matches and singing to songs.” Besides music
it to state. We accomplished this with a record of 63-0,” she         junior Kelsey Gardetto and senior Deanna Lenarchich
said.                                                                 ate Buffalo Wild Wings before a match. These formal…well not
      As captain of the team, Piotrowski enjoyed every minute she     so formal... rituals kept the team loose and ready to succeed.
spent with her teammates.                                                                                   State is only meant for a
“The best part about being       “The season went really well, but                                     select few people that exceed
captain was the honor                                                                                  expectations of the regular
of representing a quality        I’m sad it’s all over.”                                               player. Three Panthers were
team.” Piotrowski always                                                                               chosen to go to this great
kept her cool throughout her                                               - senior Lauren Piotrowski event. Piotrowski, Weber, and
matches, “The season went                                                                              Brunelli all qualified for the
really well, but I’m sad it’s                                                                          meet. Brunelli and Weber were
all over,” she said.                                                  partners for one doubles and Piotrowski was one singles. On
      The girls all got along very well and attribute this to their   the first day at state Piotrowski won her match, yet on the next
success. “I think our team was so successful because we had a         day she lost her match to the second place winner 6-3, 6-3.
pretty closeknit team,” senior Elizabeth Loomis said. “The            “She was too good,” said Piotrowski.
returning varsity players were all friends and we welcomed the              Weber and Brunelli lost their first match closely. Weber
newbies.”                                                             said the game just didn’t go well. “I really didn’t play my best
      Memories made up the season and made it enjoyable               and the state players were way better than the players in
for everyone. Through memories teams either fall apart or             conference.” Brunelli had the same view. “We didn’t play like
bond as a unit, and this team stuck together like glue. Third         we know we can but we were still proud to be there because we
year returning varsity member junior Molly McCormick’s                had a really hard sectional.” she said. “Our coach always told
favorite memory of the season was, “Eating goldfish after every        us that our game was high risk and high rewrd, but it didn’t
set at conference. It worked we never lost a set!”                    always pay off”
      Junior Casey Hackett admired the season. “Tennis                      Looking back on the year these girls had an amazing season
changed my life for the better and now is the focal point of my       even with State disappointment. “Overall we accomplished
life. It is just awesome!”                                            all the goals we wanted to get done,” Piotrowski said. Going
      Tennis has made all of these girls’ lives a lot more            63-0 is no little deal. What is a big deal is how hard these girls
enjoyable playing the sport they love. These girls got to 63-0        worked and what they accomplished.
in conference by old-fashioned hard work. “Our whole team                   “I thought our season as a whole went well. We had fun,
worked really, really hard this season and that’s why we won          competed against tough teams, and worked our way up to
so many matches. It’s pretty awesome. We did a good job               getting Honorable Mention in the Journal Sentinel,” senior
cheering the team on.” McCormick said.                                Emily Perinovic said.

                                                                                                            PIONEER OUTLOOK | 29
                                   counter point
 with Mike Van Ermen and Cordney Wren                                 essentially has an RBI per game. Plus Cole Hammels, Cliff Lee,
                                                                      and Pedro Martinez can match any Yankee pitcher pitch for
                                                                      pitch, and maybe even out play them. I’m picking the Phillies
Proudly bringing you the best in quality, semi-                       in seven.
informed sports banter since October 2005.                                             Super Bowl Prediction?
                                                                      C: The New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl hands
                                                                      down. I say this for one reason. Bill Belichick. Belicheck has the
We’d like to send out a warning to all you “fans” who do not re-
                                                                      ability to get his team ready for anyone. The Patriots always look
ligiously follow the world of sports, this may seem like a foreign
                                                                      too old and doesn’t seem like a good team right away, but they
language to you.
                                                                      always seem to just get in the playoffs and make a lot of noise.
       Brandon Jennings: Hero or Zero?                                M: I don’t care who is calling the plays on the football field, it’s
M: With the addition of Brandon Jennings to the Bucks’ roster,        all about execution to me. And nobody executes better to me
many people think that he is the dynamic player the Bucks need        than the New Orleans Saints. The Saints easily have the most
to turn their franchise around. During preseason, Jennings has        explosive offense in the NFL and a defense that ranks near or at
impressed players, coaches and fans alike with his fast paced         the top. Drew Brees doesn’t seem to miss a pass, and his players
play and aggressiveness. However, I feel that there are too           around him seem to feed off of his energy. To put up 48 points
many holes in the Bucks’ lineup to be patched by just one guy.        against a defense as good as the New York Giants takes a lot
Even though Jennings is a talented player, I think he would be        more than luck, and the Saints have the total package.
a quick fix more than anything, and not necessarily a long- term       C: The Saints are good, but I don’t think they will ever get
solution.                                                             through the NFC with all those tough teams that they can play.
C: I think with addition of Brandon Jennings will definitely           I don’t see them in the playoffs on the road in the cold weather
help out the Milwaukee Buck. Jennings adds speed to an old            against teams like the Giants, Vikings, and other teams who
and slow backcourt. Jennings also is a huge playmaker with his        are in cold weather with thier type off offense. They don’t have
flashy-style passing and scoring ability. Jennings will also bring     a running back who can handle taking more than 25 carries
back the energy and entertainment aspect to the Milwaukee             a game. And you should care who is calling the plays because
Bucks this year. He still has to improve on his shooting ability      great plays are called for great players like Brady and Moss.
but everyone struggles for a bit coming into the NBA. Plus,
Jennings also already has some professional play in him because
he played overseas last year.                                                           Test Of Knowledge
M: We’ll see...                                                       Aside from the 2008 season, when was the last time the Phillies
                                                                               won the World Series and who did they beat?
                The October Classic...
M: Because Pioneer Outlook’s press night is Wednesday, Oct.
21, we can technically only say that both the Yankees and the
Phillies have a 3-1 lead over their opponents. However, it is very       And the winner is...
unlikely that the Dodgers or the Angels will have any chance to                                     C.Wren            Mike
come back from that sort of deficit, especially against quality
teams like the Phils and Yanks. But the question remains,               AFC East                    Patriots          Patriots
should the Phillies and Yankees face off in the World Series,
who would emerge victorious?                                            NFC North                   Vikings           Packers
C: I think the Yankees will take it in six. They have three amazing     NFC South                   Saints            Saints
starting pitchers in Sabathia, Burnett, and Pettite, and the rest
                                                                        NFC                         Saints            Saints
of their rotation can hold it down when they need to. They have
one of the most potent offensive line-ups the MLB. There is no          AFC                         PATS              Steelers
way that the Phillies have enough pitching to keep the Yankees                                                        Saints
away from home plate, and there isn’t even a chance that the
                                                                        Super Bowl                  Patriots
Phils can touch Yankee pitching.                                        MVP                         Brett Favre       Brees
M: I would have to disagree. If you look at the Phillies lineup,
you have Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, and Chase Utley
at the top of the order, and Ryan Howard, Jayson Werth and
Raul Ibanez below them to drive them in. You can’t keep those
top three off the base path for very long, and Ryan Howard

30 | OCTOBER 2009
                       sports world.
    In the past there have been sports        but the talk this year has been the               Wren’s NFL Power
editors who didn’t know what they             Saints’ defense. The Saints lead the                 Rankings
were talking about, but this year             NFL in defensive takeaways. Safety
                                                                                            The Top 15 Teams
is going to be diffrent with senior           Darren Sharper also leads the NFL in
                                                                                            1 Saints 5-0
Cordney Wren in the wRenzone!                 interceptions with five.
                                                                                            Offense will always keep them in the
                                                   The Saints having an offense that
                                              gives every team problems, including          game
     There are a few things that I need                                                     2 Vikings 6-0
to get off my chest this month.               their own, and now a defense who can
                                              shut some teams down. The Saints are          Can run the ball and stop the run
     First thing I want to discuss is
                                              looking like a team to watch out for.         3 Patriots 4-2
this whole “Brett Favre Controversy.”
I understand that some fans are mad                Next, I understand a lot of people       Tom Brady, Randy Moss?
because of what Brett did and how they        may not agree with what I am about            4 Colts 5-0
say that he betrayed the Pack. But as         to say, but Boise State isn’t as good as      Peyton feeding off Eli
you think of how the sports business is,      teams may think. I understand that            5 Broncos 5-0
these things commonly happen. If the          Boise State is like 44-4 in the last couple   Josh McDaniels does know what he’s
Packers wanted Brett Favre, he would          of seaons, but come on now, these guys
still be in green and gold, but they          aren’t playing anyone.
                                                                                            6 Bengals 4-2
didn’t.                                            Come on now, do you think Bosie
                                                                                            Carson Palmer and Ochocinco finally
     The Packers wanted Favre, a              State can beat teams like Miami, LSU,
                                              or even Virgina Tech? Boise State is          back
proven veteran and winner, a super                                                          7 Giants 5-1
bowl winner, to stay on the team, but         ranked higher than all those teams I
                                              just named. I’m not saying that Boise         Smith replaces Burress
to battle with Aaron Rodgers for the
                                              State isn’t a good team, but they can’t       8 Ravens 3-3
starting spot. How would you feel if you
had been working for an organization          match up with the powerhouses in the          Defense getting help from offense
for years making them thousands of            country. They aren’t able to beat teams       9 Steelers 4-2
dollars and they brought in a new             like Florida, Alabama, and USC. This is       Defending champs
employee that had the potential to be         the reason why they never get a good          10 Philly 3-2
great, but yet had proven himself? You        bowl game. Teams are a lot faster,
                                                                                            Has the talent to go all the way
wouldn’t like that at all. Brett still felt   stronger and just have flat out better
                                                                                            11 Falcons 4-1
like he could play and give it a shot.        programs than Boise State.
                                                   Also, Boise State had its share of       Matt Ryan at it again
     Once you trade a guy or get rid                                                        12 Jets 3-3
of him, you can’t control where that          trouble with Tulsa. Even though they
                                              won the game 28-21, it shows that             Sanchez has go- to guy in Braylon
player goes. Give Favre a break, the
                                              they couldn’t play against a top team,        Edwards
guy just still has love for the game and
                                              because they barely beat a non- ranked        13 Packers 3-2
just wants to play and have fun.
     The second thing I want to discuss       team inTulsa.                                 Got O-line?
is, where did the New Orleans Saints               So there you have it, these are my       14 Bears 3-2
come from? Coming into this year I            thoughts this month. Get excited to           Was Cutler the right choice?
knew they had MVP candidate QB                read what I have to say in the future!        15 49ers 3-2
Drew Brees and a high scoring offense,                                                      Singeltary has the team believing

                                                                                                          PIONEER OUTLOOK | 31
Kat’s Korner                                         Kat Rodriguez


                C      E                Snags
        E- O-FA
MAK                                                      FEST,
                                                    VEST EN. I
                                                HAR OWE         AT
                                                HALL T CARE WH ST
                                                 DON’ ALL IT, JU !
                                                 YOU CME CANDY

                                                            OCTOBER 2009 |32

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