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                                                                                               University College
                                                                                               Fall 2009

In this issue:                       Veterans Get a                                                            at UC
                                     Syracuse University Veterans’ Resource Center
Help for Veterans with
Dean’s Message, Page 2

Danny’s Legacy
                                     S   ixty-five years after thousands
                                         of veterans returning from World
                                     War II reaped the benefits of the
                                                                                                 For more information about Veteran
                                                                                                 Education at Syracuse University:
A UC student veteran’s story,        Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of                            Phone: 315-443-3261
Page 2                               1944—the original G.I. Bill—Syracuse                        Fax: 315-443-6689
                                     University is stepping up again. SU                         E-mail:
Leadership Institute                 was a key player in this historic                           Web:
Alissa Italiano is selected,         landmark in higher education, as SU Chancellor
Page 3                               William P. Tolley served on the Presidential com-       environment. The lounge will be located on the
                                     mittee whose proposal formed the basis of the           third floor of University College’s home at 700
Taking Notes                         legislation. Tolley announced that SU would be          University Avenue. “We want to welcome vet-
News from classmates,                a “uniform admissions program,” promising vet-          erans to Syracuse University, where we believe
Page 3                               erans a place at Syracuse University upon their         they will find a quality education that will be
                                     return from the war. Tolley made good on his            beneficial to them as they transition to the next
TMR Scholarship                      promise and SU became the top-ranking school            phase of their lives,” said Peg Stearns, who is
Levi Smith Awardees,                 in veteran enrollment in New York State.                coordinating the Veterans’ Resource Center
Back Cover                               In response to the new GI Bill, SU has              efforts. “They bring character and integrity to
                                     reaffirmed its commitment to veterans. A new            our campus, and we look forward to working
                                     Syracuse University Veterans’ Resource Center           with them.”
Social Scene                                                  has been established at
UC starts networking,
                                                              University College to          The Yellow Ribbon Program
Back Cover
                                                              meet the unique needs of       Beginning with the current academic year
                                                              student veterans. The new      (2009-10), Syracuse University is taking part
                                                              GI Bill, known as the Post-    in the Yellow Ribbon Education Enhancement
                                                              9/11 Veterans Educational      Program, which is a provision of the new GI
Any inquiry regarding this                                    Assistance Act of 2008,        Bill. The University is partnering with the U.S.
publication: 315-443-5294                                     provides educational sup-      Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to cover
or 700 University Avenue,                                     port for veterans of the       tuition and fees that exceed the maximum allow-
Syracuse, New York
                                                              U.S. armed forces, based       ance available to veterans. In order to be eligible
13244-2530                           Syracuse University
                                                              on the length of active duty   for Yellow Ribbon benefits, the veteran must
                                     has been designated
                                                              service. Eligible veterans                                  continued on page 3
Fax: 315-443-4174                    a “Military Friendly
                                                              can receive between 40
E-mail:            School” by GI Jobs
                                                              and 100 percent of tuition                Magazine.
                                                              and fees, a stipend for
                                     books and supplies, and, in some cases, a hous-
                                     ing allowance. During the current academic year,
                                     the University estimates it can accommodate up
                                     to 132 qualifying veterans or their dependents
                                     studying full or part time.
                                         At University College, veterans will find
                                     academic advisors and a variety of support
                                     services, including child care information and
                                     resources, deployment/redeployment policies and
   SyracuSe                          procedures, and veteran-friendly payment poli-
   univerSity                        cies. UC is in the process of creating a Veterans’
    University College               Lounge, staffed by veterans, where student
   Continuing education since 1918   veterans can gather to share their stories, offer
                                     support, and help each other adjust to the college
In Memory of Danny                               Danny Facto:
                                                 A Veteran’s Legacy at UC
D    anny Facto, the UC student veteran
     profiled in this issue of UC Priorities,

was among the finest young men we’ve                  C student veteran Danny Facto learned
been privileged to work with at University            a lot about the horrors of war during
College. An eager student with a strong          his two tours of duty in Afghanistan. The
character, compassionate heart, and engag-       29-year-old army sergeant returned home
ing personality, Danny was poised to make a      to Bridgeport with a Purple Heart, a trau-
real difference as a mentor for incoming stu-                                                         Danny Facto in Afgh
                                                 matic brain injury, and a diagnosis of Post-                            anistan
dent veterans at UC when he was chosen to        Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As he
be the Student Liaison for the new Veterans      worked through the healing process, Danny        left to work their way through the grief. His
Lounge. Danny’s tragic death leaves a cloud      enrolled at Syracuse University as a full-time   colleagues at University College reeled at the
of sadness over UC, but his legacy remains       student, and later transitioned to part-time     passing of a student who had shown limitless
with us, reflected in our determination to       status at University College so that he could    potential for achievement and leadership.
provide the highest quality academic and         balance all the challenges in his life. He            “It’s a terrible loss to the University,
support services for the student veterans        wanted to earn a degree in                                      because he would have done
who seek education and enlightenment at          social work so that he could                                     some really great things,” said
Syracuse University.                             help other veterans like him-                                     Butler. “He had a lot of dif-
    One of the things Danny was most pas-        self—soldiers who were still                                      ficulties due to his injuries, but
sionate about was working with returning         fighting war demons long after                                    he wasn’t going to let that stop
soldiers who suffer from Post-Traumatic          returning from the battlefield.                                    him. He was passionate about
Stress Disorder (PTSD). During his two tours                                                                        everything he did. ”
of duty in Afghanistan, Danny realized that        “It’s a terrible loss to the                                          Danny was often a spokes-
he was exhibiting symptoms of the illness          University, because he                                            person for his fellow soldiers.
himself, and in phone calls to his father,                                                                           In 2004, during his second
he expressed fear that his extreme anxiety
                                                   would have done some
                                                                                                                      tour in Afghanistan, Danny
would adversely affect his family when he          really great things...”                                            was interviewed by reporter
returned to civilian life.                           Danny’s exemplary academic
                                                                                      The Facto family tree:          Martha Raddatz on ABC
    John Henry Parker, Danny’s father,           record and exceptional leader-                     ife Kristen, News with Peter Jennings.
resolved to help his son deal with the resid-                                         Danny with w ia and Sid He described the harrowing
                                                 ship qualities made him a natural and children, T
ual effects of combat. He was frustrated to      choice to help UC usher in a new                                     attack by mortar rounds that
find limited access to mental health resourc-    program of veteran support ser-                                      he and his troops endured
es and readjustment assistance for veterans,     vices at the University. In early                                   for twelve consecutive hours.
so he created a resource of his own. In 2003,    July, his academic advisor let                                      Danny received a traumatic
Parker launched the Veterans and Families        him know that our Veterans’                                         brain injury during the fight,
Foundation (,        Resource Center Coordinator                                        but was responsible for saving
a comprehensive web site for returning vet-      planned to ask Danny to                                            the lives of all but one of the
erans and their families. The site features a    accept a work study posi-                                         soldiers under his command—
free Preparedness Guide, career transition       tion as the liaison in the new                                    an act of bravery for which he
tools, comments from veterans and parents,                                          Daughter Tia Facto             was awarded the Purple Heart.
                                                 veterans lounge at UC. His job
information about help for children of PTSD      would be to help other student                                          In 2006, when he’d
veterans, and much more. Each month,             veterans like himself transition                                    returned home and was
the site gets thousands of visitors who are      to the educational arena after                                      working with other PTSD-
referred to it through organizations like The    serving in active duty. “Danny                                       stricken veterans, Danny
National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress        couldn’t wait for the fall semes-                                    was interviewed in Syracuse
Disorder ( and the National       ter to begin so he could serve                                       on Channel 9 News about
Military Families Association (www.nmfa.         the University and his fellow                                         his efforts. “Support from
org).                                            vets by helping remove road-                                          the community and a little
    UC is honored to assist in this process by   blocks that may discourage them                                       understanding and patience
offering services and support for the veterans   from undertaking their goals,”       Son Sid Facto                  will go a long way,” Danny
who enroll at SU through the new GI Bill.        said Emileen Butler, his UC                                         said, reflecting on how ordi-
For more information about the Veterans’         academic advisor.                                nary citizens can respond to veterans like
Resource Center at SU, visit       Danny was honored to have the oppor-         himself, who often carry the weight of the
                                                 tunity to, once again, be a leader among         war with them when they return home.
To Your Success,                                                                                       Most student veterans at Syracuse
                                                 soldiers. But on July 15, in an unspeakably
                                                 tragic and ironic twist of fate, Danny was       University never had the opportunity to
                                                 killed when his motorcycle skidded out of        know Danny Facto, but his spirit will imbue
                                                 control on a dark stretch of road in Cicero.     SU’s Veterans’ Resource Center every day.
                                                 His wife, Kristen, his 7-year old daughter,
Bea González, Dean                               Tia, and his 6-year-old son, Sidney, were                                       continued on page 3

                                                                             Veterans’ Resource Center at UC
   UC Student Selected for                                                   Continued from page 1

   Leadership Institute                                                      have served in active duty for a total of at least 36 months after
                                                                             September 10, 2001. Yellow Ribbon veterans can choose from
                                                                             graduate and undergraduate programs in any of SU’s schools and
   A    lissa Italiano, a UC
        student studying
   part-time for a bachelor’s
                                                                                 “Through programs like Yellow Ribbon, we will support 21st
   degree in policy studies                                                  century GIs by providing the educational benefits, access and
   through the Maxwell                                                       assistance needed to repay the debt of gratitude that our commu-
   School, has been selected                                                 nity and nation owes them,” said SU Chancellor Nancy Cantor.
   to participate in the 2009-                                                   Other campus initiatives for veterans include an
   10 Leadership Institute.                                                  Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV)
   The selective program,                                                    offered by the Whitman School of Management. The series of
   which is coordinated by                                                   training modules focuses on how to grow a successful business,
   the Office of Student Life,                                               and is open to soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who were
   was created to cultivate                                                  disabled as a result of their service. The WorkKeys Center, in
   and support those students                                                partnership with the Syracuse Veterans Center, provides skills
   interested and motivated                                                  assessment, instructional support, and training for veterans
   to lead others while at                                                   returning to the workplace.
                                   Alissa Italiano
   Syracuse University and
   beyond. The program features an annual retreat, program-
   ming, community service, one-on-one mentoring, and the
   opportunity to enhance academic accomplishments.                          Class Notes
       “I suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2004, and struggle
                                                                             SU graduates who complete their studies through UC are a dynamic and
   with the effects of Chronic Post-Concussive Syndrome every
                                                                             accomplished group. We enthusiastically invite you to share your recent
   day,” Alissa said. “I’d like to be an advocate for people with
                                                                             news and accomplishments, both personal and professional. When submit-
   invisible disabilities like mine, and there are a lot of flaws            ting information, please include your full name (including maiden name),
   in the way the system is set up. I want to fix them, and                  class year(s) and program(s) of study, postal and e-mail addresses, and phone
   I’m hoping the Student Leadership Institute will help me                  numbers. Submit information online to or via e-mail
   see different ways to solve these many problems. I hope it                at
   will open my eyes and mind to ways I never would have
   thought of.”                                                              1980s                                    Catherine L. Hnatiuk Gow ’92
       Alissa received her associate degree in liberal arts in               Jessica Rice ’87 (A&S), G’91             (ARC) award-winning architect
   May, and is now on track for her bachelor’s. “I see it as                 (IST), G’08 (MAX) joined Hezel           and health facilities planner, was
   my biggest, proudest and best accomplishment thus far.                    Associates as a research analyst with    promoted as principal of Francis
   My UC experience has been just what I needed!”                            responsibilities in data collection      Cauffman Architects, specializing in
                                                                             and evaluation for PK-12 education.      demand and capacity management
                                                                             Rice supports engagements for two        to improve the efficiency of various
                                                                             key clients—PBS and the Minnesota        hospitals, healthcare-related institu-
Danny Facto                                                                  Department of Education.                 tions, and corporations throughout
Continued from page 2                                                                                                 the United States and abroad.
                                                                             Karen Ferguson Tauber G’87
                                                                             (EDU), an eighth grade language arts     2000s
After Danny’s tragic death, his father added a link to Veterans and          teacher at Emily Gray Junior High
Families, a web site he established to help returning veterans cope                                                   Robert Marino ’01 (VPA)
                                                                             in Tanque Verde Unified Schools          was ordained to the priesthood at
with the stresses of returning to civilian life. (www.veteransandfami-       in Tucson, Ariz., wrote her second       St. Joseph Cathedral in Buffalo, N.Y. See related article on page 2.) The Danny Facto Memorial           book, Reaching for a New Leaf
Fund features a slide show of Danny’s life and information about             (Blueberry Press). The collection        David Angelo Levinthal ’02
a fund established in his memory. Donations in Danny’s memory                of short stories focuses on teacher      (MAX) was recently appointed
can be sent to the Danny Glenn Facto Memorial Fund, 7850                     protagonists who take personal and       communications director at the
                                                                             professional risks in the hope of
Areopagitica, Bridgeport, NY 13030. For more information,                                                             Center for Responsive Politics in
                                                                             making their lives better.               Washington, D.C. He will serve
call Danny’s father, John Henry Parker, at 916-320-4395.
                                                                                                                      as the independent, nonpartisan
                                                                             1990s                                    organization’s editor and spokesman.
                                                                             Michael V. Digiovacchino ’91             From 2003 to 2009, Dave worked
                                                                             (MAN) recently accepted a position       as a political reporter for The Dallas
            UC Stories on the web: To read about another                     as Sales Director for the Eastern        Morning News in Dallas, Tex.
   student veteran who is a recent UC graduate, go to the                    Region at Ariba, Inc. in Ambler, Pa.
   web site and read Louis Episcopo’s UC Story:                              Michael recently was employed at
                                                                             BMC Software, Inc. as Sales Director
                                                                             for the Mid Atlantic.

Levi Smith Scholarships Awarded                                                    Add UC to your
                                                                                   Social Network
U    C students Frank Alagna Jr. and Albert
     Turner were recently awarded Levi Smith
Scholarships, named in honor of the founder
of Thursday Morning Roundtable (TMR). The
scholarships provide funds worth six credits to
                                                                                   B    logging and Twitter and
                                                                                        Facebook, oh my! University
                                                                                   College has joined the social net-
students who demonstrate financial need, aca-                                      working scene. Now you can add
demic excellence, and a commitment to public                                       UC as a friend on your Facebook
or social service, reflecting TMR’s mission.                                       page, keep up with the news of
    Alagna, a legal studies major, is a veteran Frank Alagna Jr., is pictured      the moment via Twitter and make
of the U.S. Army. He coaches for N.A.A.E.C./ with his wife, Signia Marie,          contact with students, alumni,
Syracuse Golden Gloves, an organization that and son, Francesco David.             staff, and faculty on the profes-
runs after-school programs in Syracuse for                                         sional network LinkedIn.
at-risk youth aged 8-18. “I am very proud to be a part of this organization,”          UC student Roxanne Bocyck
Alagna says. “I am a ‘positive outcome’ of this program, because before            kicked off our new blog this
I was a coach, I was one of the kids coming every day after school.”               summer and posts regularly about her
    Turner, a professional communications major, retired from Verizon and          experiences as a part-time student (http://
is president of the Syracuse Inner City Rotary, which runs programs that  She welcomes
                      bring together youths from diverse neighborhoods.            feedback from readers as she shares anec-
                      As a member of 100 Black Men of Syracuse, Turner             dotes, dispenses advice, and reflects on the
                      mentors middle school students at Blodgett School and        rewards and challenges of being an adult
                      works as a college visit counselor with On Point for         student. To access the various networks,
                      College. “I help inner city kids who don’t have anyone       go to UC’s home page and click on Social
                      to guide them through the college application and            Networking:
                      admission process,” he explains. He accompanies
                      at-risk students on college visits, drives them to college
Albert Turner         when they enroll, and picks them up for school breaks.

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