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					Medical Science

 •Ancient Medicine
 •Modern Medicine

     • Medicine is the variety of
       practice to restore the
       health. It help to the
       prevention and treatment
       of people in all the world

In the prehistoric medicine
   were use many plants and
   parts of animals. Some of
   theme were used in rituals
   by shamans.

Recently some scientist have
  discovered ancient
  medicine from: Egypt,
  Babylon, Chin, Greece,
  Rome and Ayurveda.

• People involved in the
  medicine need to work
  together: the nurses, the
  emergency medical
  technicians, the
  pharmacist, the
  paramedics, all like a
  team for save the health
  of the patients
Microscope is a instrument
  to see small objects that a
  person cannot see. It
  helped and continue
  helping to the scientist for
  founding new cure to the
         Ancient Medicine
Some civilizations
practice medicine.
Ancient Egyptian
had the knowledge
about our anatomy.
Also another type of
medicine was
In the past people believed
that some gods can cure
their illnesses.
Through the ages there
were discovered some
drugs that now help you to
cure some diseases.
Penicillin was the first
antibiotic used in
               Modern Medicine
• In medice, old ideas were
  replaced by new ones.

• Bacteria and microorganism
  were seen by first time with
  a microscope and there were
  discover many diseases and
  some treatments. Thanks to
  that, many people have been
                                 Also women began to
                                   participate in this
In the actuality
everybody can receive
medical attention, and
all hospitals have
modern technical
instrument that help
them in their work.

Medicine helps each day
to cure millions of
people’s diseases. I ask

 What would
 happen without