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LONGWOOD, Fla. - A 17-year-old student in Seminole County, Fla., was killed Sunday when
he fell off the hood of a moving car, according to WKMG Local 6 News.

Casselberry police said Brandon Burkhart was riding on a friend's car when he fell off the hood
of the vehicle near Seminola Boulevard.

Authorities told Local 6 News Burkart was "car surfing" with other teens Sunday night.

Car surfing involves someone getting on the hood of a car and trying to hold on as the car
accelerates. Burkhart died at the scene, Local 6 News reported.

Police are not saying how many other students were participating during the incident. There
were no other injuries reported.

Police are trying to determine if the driver will be charged in the incident. The driver's name was
not released. Burkhart was a student at Lyman High School, according to the report

We have more information about two fatal crashes in our area this weekend. The Minnesota
State Patrol says the first happened around 3:00 Saturday afternoon near the intersection of
County Road-24 and Highway-52, in Cannon Falls.

Two cars were stopped at a red light when another car rear-ended one of them, causing a chain
reaction of collisions.

24-year-old Lucas Haase of Winona, who was a passenger in one of the cars, was killed.

The other six people involved in the crash suffered minor injuries.

   Jan 7. Three young people, including two teens, died when a vehicle plunged into a canal on
an unpaved section of Sarno Road: Jeremy Charles, 21, Autumn Gomme, 15, and Michael
Reinertsen, 16.

   March 4. Robert Buddington, 18, a Rockledge High School student, died in a U.S. 1 truck
accident caused when fireworks ignited as he rode with a companion.

   April 2. Emily Ranyak, 18, a Cocoa Beach High School senior, and Will Riehl, 18, Satellite
High School senior, died in a four-car accident on State Road 528, triggered when Riehl's car
went out of control.

   April 9. Alexandra Rubiella, 18, Satellite High School senior, died in a traffic accident near
the Pineada Causeway. After entering U.S. 1 from the Pineda Causeway, she crossed the median
into the path of a dump truck.
                                                                               Bilaga: Why - Nyhetsklipp

Yuma - An Oregon couple is dead, after a multi-vehicle pile up near Phoenix on Interstate 8
today. Mother Nature's finger prints were all over this accident.

High winds are are to blame, causing a dust storm that reduced visibility to zero.

At least 12 other people were injured in the accident, and were all sent to local hospitals.

In all, eight vehicles were involved in four separate collisions.

LEWIS, N.Y. - A deadly accident last month on Interstate 87 in mid-April can be blamed on the
way a truck driver packed his rig. A few weeks ago, a logging truck crashed on the interstate,
shutting it down for hours on a Saturday morning. State police said the driver, Michael Hozley,
35, overloaded his vehicle and didn't properly secure his load, causing it to roll over. The crash
killed his passenger, Denise Brant, 40.

SAN PABLO, Calif. - The California Highway Patrol has issued a Sig-alert for eastbound
Interstate Highway 80 near San Pablo Dam Road following a fatal accident, CHP Officer Scott
Cakebread said. The Sig-alert was issued at about 4:30 a.m. following a fatal accident at about
4:15 a.m. involving a big rig and a 2001 Acura, according to Cakebread.

The big rig apparently overturned in the No. 4 lane of the highway. The eastbound No. 3 and No.
4 lanes of the highway are blocked.

Although the accident happened in the non-commute direction, there is much slowing on the
commute side of the interestate because so many drivers are slowing down to look at the scene.

CHP officers are searching for the Acura, which fled the scene following the accident. The car's
license plate fell off at the scene. Police believe the owner of the Acura is from the East Bay.

The other accident happened around 7:30 on Highway-16 east of Lanesboro.

The State Patrol says 20-year-old Benjamin Kimball of Chatfield was driving a motorcycle and
ran off the road going around the curve.

Kimball died at the scene and his passenger, 15-year-old Freda Kiel suffered injuries. There's no
word yet on her condition.

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