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					                              The      Shenanigans
                                June 20-10 Newsletter of the
                                        The Darling Downs Irish Club Inc

             PO Box 7510 Toowoomba South 4350                                 Phone 0746 398 926
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   Pres: Derm Guerin: W) 46398999:      Sec: Ian Chase: M) 0428 835 048:

Contents                                                             2. Club Matters & Members’ News & Stories.
                                                                      Members’ Night: Heard at the May
1. Turlough                   4. News from Ireland.                    gathering of members : Paddy was an
O‟Carolan.                    5.DDIC Constitution.                     extremely wealthy widower. He turned up at
 2. Club matters &            6. „Tings “Oirish”.                      the local with a stunning blonde on his arm as
Members‟ news &               7. A bit of history.                     his new wife. At the first chance, Mick asked
stories.                      8. Derm‟s words.                         him how he tricked her into marrying him,
3. www.sites.                                                          seeing he was 50 years of age. Pat replied. “I
                                                                       lied about my age. I told her I was 90!”
1.Turlough O’Carolan: (Terence Carolan.) Last                         The June Diary: Building/Planning
month Musica Viva sponsored The harp Consert at                      Committee –Mon.2nd Aug, 5.15 pm at the hotel:
the Q‟ld Conservatorium and at other State capital                   Committee - Thurs. 10th, 7.00pm; Sun. 13th –
venues. O‟Carolan‟s music has received coverage on                   Bloomsday – see flyer; Members’ night –
the ABC‟s Classic FM station, the whole concert
                                                                     Friday 25th between 5 & 8 pm – remember to
being broadcast live on 11th May.
                                                                     bring your “free drink” voucher: Jo’s slow music
He was born in 1670 near Nobber, Co. Meath, and
                                                                     sessions - Celtic Bar – Thurs 3rd & 17th 7.30 – 9
died March 25, 1738 at the home of his patron, Mrs.
MacDermott Roe in Alderford, Co. Roscommon. He
                                                                      News from the May planning committee: 1)
was one of the last Irish harpers who composed, and
                                                                     New power board now fully complete; 2) an
a significant number of his works survive. His fame
                                                                     inspection of the Celtic Bar revealed some areas
was not due to his skill with the harp, but to his gift
                                                                     of concern – the ceiling, light fittings and fire
for composition and verse.
                                                                     alarms; 3) flashing on upstairs lino done – we
When Carolyn was 14, his father moved the family
                                                                     await the next downpour to see if this has
to Ballyfarnon, where Mrs Roe befriended him,
                                                                     stopped water leaking into the fireplace area; 4)
giving him an education. At age 18, he was blinded
                                                                     full committee to discuss the next step of
by smallpox. At the completion of his studies, his
                                                                     renovating the Michael Collins Bar toilet; 4)
patron gave him a harp, a horse, and some money to
                                                                     Next meeting, Mon.2ndAug.
begin his career as an itinerant harper, together with
a servant “to carry his harp and wait on him.” He                     News from the May Committee meeting:
travelled extensively throughout Ireland, working                         1) Fran Frawley to represent the Club at the
for many different patrons of all religious                               Rose of Tralee Ball at QIA‟s Tara house in
persuasions.                                                              Brisbane, mid-May; 2) still looking at
In 1738, feeling ill, he returned to the home of his                      joining with our Scottish brothers at the
patron, Mrs MacDermott Roe. After several days, he                        October gathering; 3) electrical engineers to
called for a drink, and said these lines:                                 inspect recent work and make compliance
“Mary Fitzgerald, dear heart,                                             recommendations re the Celtic bar area; 4)
Love of my breast and my dear friend,                                     Membership Renewal Subs $20 due 30th
Alas that I am parting from you, O lady who                               June; 5) thanks to history sub-c‟ttee
succored me at every stage.”Flynn, the butler,                            member, David Keenan, has made good
brought him “a drop of the usual cordial”. He called                      progress with 1995 - 2000 minute books,
for the harp and played his last Farewell.                                condensing contents for our club‟s history;
His wake lasted for 4 days! (To be continued.)                            6) approval was given for plans to be drawn
.                                                                         up to revamp the Michael Collins bar toilets;
    7) St Pat‟s Day ‟10 was discussed – in ‟11, do we    Another W.B Yeats’ poem: “ The Fiddler of
    hold it ON the day, because of Sunday trading?          Dooney”:
 We were all saddened to hear of the death last        When I play on my fiddle in Dooney,
month of foundation member, John Sharkey. John‟s        Folk dance like a wave of the sea;
wife, Mary, had predeceased him by many years.          My cousin is priest in Kilvarnet,
John was the Bingo caller for many years at the „old‟   My brother in Mocharabuiee.
club.                                                         I passed my brother and cousin:
                                                              They read in their books of prayer;
3 www. Sites. As farm incomes decline, creative               I read in my books of songs
people have come up with the idea of “green farms             I bought at the Sligo fair.
museums and maze.” for              When we come at the end of time,
more information.                                       To Peter sitting in state,
                                                        He will smile on the three old spirits,
4. News from Ireland: “Our economy is still a basket    But call me first through the gate;
case – everyone talks about Greece, but Ireland is            For the good are always the merry,
„direland‟ too, although we are making strenuous              Save by an evil chance,
efforts to meet our obligations; jobs are lost, taxes         And the merry love the fiddle,
have risen, the banks are not lending and many                And the merry love to dance.
small businesses are going to the wall.” – from         And when the folk there spy me,
„Inside Ireland‟.                                       They will all come up to me,
A little good news – Gala Inc., a leading online        With “Here is the fiddler of Dooney!”
Japanese gaming company, is to expand its               And dance like a wave of the sea.
European Headquarters in Dublin with the creation        This month’s limerick
of 103 new jobs. And, D&B, formerly known as Dun        Lordy, please don‟t ye smite „em
and Bradstreet, a leading supplier of business          „Cause I smiles when I sight „em.
information, is to establish a business operations            I laugh at the gimmerick
centre in Dublin, another 100 new positions, by mid           When I reads a limerick
– 20-11. D&B‟s database contains over 140 million       I only cuss „cause I knows I can‟t write „em.
business records in over 200 countries.                 7. A bit of history (Christianity) – continued.
5. Know Your NEW Rule: Item 9 Termination of            St Patrick, the national saint of Ireland and the
Membership (cont‟d) – (3) The Management                most important of the country‟s missionaries,
Committee may terminate a member‟s membership           was the son of a decurio, a civil servant in
if the member – d) conducts himself or herself in a     Roman Britain. He was abducted by Irish
way considered to be injurious or prejudicial to the    raiders as a young man and sold into slavery,
character or interests of the club.                     probably near Slemish Mountain in Co. Antrim.
                                                        After six years, he escaped and returned to
6.’Tings “Oirish”.                                      Britain. He became a priest and later a bishop,
 Who said this? “I have a total irreverence for        returning to Ireland to spread the faith in
anything connected with society except that which       response to a series of visions.
makes the roads safer, the beer stronger, the food      8. Words from Derm.
cheaper, and old men and old women warmer in the        Condolences to the Gall family on the passing of
winter and happier in the summer,”                      Greg‟s father during May; our thoughts are with
 (The answer at the end of this newsletter.)            you.
 This month’s Irish Blessing:                          Once again our Club had success at the Rose of
May God grant you always...                             Tralee judging in Brisbane. Our entrant, Ciara
A sunbeam to warm you,                                  McCann, was joint winner of Charity Queen,
A moonbeam to charm you,                                with Jane Winter, who was sponsored by
A sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you.            O‟Shanley‟s Hotel Clifton.
 Irish wisdom: We are all born mad. Some               Diarmuid Guerin                   (President)
remain so. (Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot 1955).
 Oscar Wilde(1854-1900)- monthly comment:
In examinations, the foolish ask questions that the
wise cannot answer.                                     (Answer – Brendan Behan.)