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									                   New Hartford Youth Basketball Program
                        Grade Two Basketball Club
                       Winter Registration 20010/11

Introduction: The New Hartford Youth Basketball Grade Two Basketball Club is
an opportunity for boys and girls to have a first experience playing basketball.

The Basketball Club is designed as an introduction to practices, games, and
team play. It will meet once a week on Tuesdays at the Ann Antolini School
gymnasium. Each week will be split between practices and games (league play,
including full practices and games, begins at grade three). The program is
scheduled to run ten weeks, with breaks for the Christmas and New Year’s

Practices and games: The NHYBP Basketball Club uses adjustable goals that
are set at eight feet, and smaller basketballs are also provided. Games are
initially set at half court while players learn positions, offensive sets and
defensive sets. Games may be expanded to full court as the skill level of all
players’ progresses. Each week, players will participate in a thirty minute
practice followed by up to four 8-minute periods of game play. With up to twenty
youth participating, playing rotations will be established to ensure equal playing
time for all.

No score will be kept and the focus will be upon a fun introduction to basketball
and development of skills to assist in the transition to third and fourth grade play.
No previous experience is required.

Requirements: Participants will need appropriate footwear and athletic clothing.
Each participant will be asked to come to practices and games in street shoes or
boots, and then change into basketball shoes to avoid wear and tear on the
gymnasium surface.

Parents/Guardians and Coaching Assistance: Basketball for Grade Two requires
a higher level of coaching and supervision than older age groups. To this end,
the Basketball Club will need at least three Assistant Coaches for the season and
four additional adults to be club parents. Please contact head coaches if you are
interested in assisting. Mothers and fathers who wish to assist in addition to the
four official coaches are welcome on the floor and in all certainty will be needed
to rotate around to different stations with the kids (a sense of humor is
encouraged). Club Parents will be needed for supervision on each bench and to
monitor children on trips to the bathroom and water fountains. No wandering or
entry into classrooms is allowed.
If your son/daughter is interested in participating, please complete the attached
form and return as instructed. Any questions please contact Julia Wilhelm at 860-
                           New Hartford Youth Basketball
                             Grade 2 Basketball Club
                             Weekly Basketball Practice and Game
                                         Ann Antolini School Gymnasium

                                    $35.00 per child
                     If more than one child per family, $30.00 each
                 Please Note: Space is Limited - First Come/First Serve

                                            Make Checks Payable to:
                                          New Hartford Youth Basketball

Name                                                                               Grade                           Shirt Size
                                                                                                                   (Youth s, m, l, xl)
Address                                                                            Phone(s)


Parent/Guardian                                                                    Available to Assist Yes      No
                                                                                   (Coach, asst. coach, club parent)
Health Concerns

My son/daughter                      has permission to participate in the New
Hartford Youth Basketball Program and agrees to follow all league and school
rules and regulations.
I realize that basketball is a physically demanding sport. I certify that my child is physically fit to participate in this sport. I hereby release,
indemnify, and hold harmless New Hartford Youth Basketball, the New Hartford Recreation Commission, and the Officers, Directors,
Employees, Agents and Coaches of New Hartford Youth Basketball and the New Hartford Recreation Commission from and against any and
all claims and liabilities and any and all kind and/or nature whatsoever arising from any damages and/or injuries my child may sustain as a
result of participation in the New Hartford Youth Basketball Programs.

Signature of Parent/Guardian                                                                                       Date
                     Please mail registrations to: Sally O’Neill, 20 Den Road
                                    New Hartford, CT 06057

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