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                                                                                                                BSA Zone Update      P.2
Mission:                                                                                             Harvard Continues to Donate     P.2
                                                                                            Former BC College Coach Gives Back       P.2
Supporting                                                                                                       Coaches Corner      P.3
academic                                                                                               Bruins Player Visits a Zone   P.3
                                                                                        BLS’s Athlete-to-Athlete Tutoring Program    P.4
achievement                                                                        Community Service: Zone Members Give Back         P.5
through athletics.

By the Numbers…          New Balance Donates 1,000 Pairs of Sneakers!
                         For Boston Public School Track athletes, it is commonplace to share sneakers with teammates to practice and
          As of day 94
                         compete. Unfortunately, this was because some student-athletes could not afford to buy their very own
       1,385             sneakers.
Hours of tutor support
                         In an effort to service student-athletes in need, the Boston Scholar Athlete program made a formal request for
                         New Balance to donate running shoes to the Boston Public Schools Indoor Track Programs. When asked to
                         donate 500 pairs of shoes, New Balance replied, “Let’s make it, 1,000!”.
                                                          On January 13, 2011, the BSA received 1,000 pairs of new men’s and women’s
   Zone Members                                           running sneakers! After organizing a distribution plan on January 17, BPS
                                                          Track coaches were able to pick-up sneakers for their athletes. Almost
                                                          immediately, the impact was felt. “I have seen the number of shin splints
      1,000                                               and running related injuries go down and I attribute that directly to this
Sneakers donated by                                       wonderful gift from New Balance,” said Brighton High School Track Head
                                                          Coach Sara Geiman.
   New Balance
                                                          "It is donations such as this that remind us what a powerful impact our
                                                          community partners can have on our scholar-athletes," said Boston Public
        75                                                Schools Superintendent Carol R. Johnson. "These New Balance sneakers
                                                          will help our students excel on the track and therefore also in the
 Volunteer Tutors &                                       classroom. With the help of the Boston Scholar Athlete Program we will
                                                          continue to remove the barriers that prevent our students from
      Interns                                             participating in programs like track."

                         At the Boston Public School’s
Quote of the Day:        Indoor Track City Championships,
                         the positive effect that this gift has
                         had on the student-athletes was
"Success is to be        evident. Student-athletes are more
measured not so          confident and better prepared to
much by the position     compete- as displayed in the smiles
                         and laughter of the athletes and
that one has reached     coaches. New Balance’s generosity
in life, as by the       will continue to have a tremendous
                         impact as the outdoor track season
obstacles which he       begins this spring.
has overcome while
trying to succeed."      Thank you New Balance!

- Booker T. Washington
Word on the Street:

“The academic               BSA Zone Update!
                            In just five months, the Boston Scholar Athlete Program
and athletic pieces         has 2,784 Zone Members enrolled in its 18 Zones!
together are the            Additionally, this winter, 87.6% of Zone Members
                            participating in BSA sponsored sports were able to
strength of this            maintain their academic eligibility, enabling more
                            student-athletes to participate in sports.
initiative. It’s a lot
                            We are thrilled for the Madison Park Girl’s Basketball
more focused on             team, who for the first time in recent years, made the
both than we’ve             City Championships! Coach Carla Hands said that,
                            “This year was the first year nobody flunked off the
had before.”                team. The Zone and Facilitator Jose Solis were very
                            helpful in achieving this goal.”

 - Dr. Carol Johnson        One Charlestown Senior expressed the impact the zone has had on their senior year, “Managing senior
Superintendent of Schools   year and playing three sports was stressing me out. Coming to the Zone took a huge weight off my
                            shoulder[s]. At the Zone I’m allowed to do my work and I also have all the materials I need right there.
                            At first I didn’t really want to come but as I noticed a huge change in my grade it made me want to

“The zone helps me
to succeed; I’m able
                            Former BC Coach Works With Basketball Teams
to get my work done                                 For the past few months, BPS basketball coaches have had a new assistant
and turn my work in                                 coach helping them through their season. Coach Jim O’Brien, former Boston
                                                    College and Ohio State head men’s basketball coach, has been lending his time
on time.”                                           and knowledge to help benefit BPS’s boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. “Coach
                                                    O’Brien has made a huge impact this year on basketball in the city. He has
- Kirina Laryea                                     helped many coaches develop game plans for success, both on and off the
                                                    court. The BSA cannot thank him enough and we look forward to
 BSA Scholar-Athlete                                continuing our partnership,” said BSA’s Executive Athletic Director, Evan
“Thank you for all of                               The relationship between Coach O’Brien and Boston Public School coaches has
the support you have                                blossomed into something no one anticipated. As O’Brien has chosen to focus
                                                    most of his energy on mentoring the younger coaches, there has been a
given us this season.                               strengthening of team atmosphere and accountability. O’Brien has also
The BSA has done                                    emphasized the importance of graduating players onto higher education. Hugh
                                                    Coleman, the boy’s head coach at Brighton High School said, “Coach O'Brien
an incredible job,                                  has been a great mentor to us around the game of basketball, but more
and we would not                                    importantly a greater influence to us on the ethics of our student-athlete's
                                                    lives. He has assisted us with everything from X's and O's, to how to
have been able to                                   appropriately balance consequences for student-athlete's mishaps. We are
                                                    truly grateful for all of his help and support.”
win our division
without their                                       The time and commitment that Coach O’Brien has given to Boston Public Schools
                                                    has truly been remarkable and his impact has been felt on and off the court.
support.”                                           Thank you Jim O’Brien!
- Erin Ripston
 Girls Track Coach          Harvard Donations
                            The Harvard University Department of
                            Athletics has continued its generosity to
                            the Boston Public School students
                            through equipment donations.        After
                            donating hundreds of cleats to support
                            the football programs this fall, Harvard
                            again stepped up and donated
                            hundreds of pieces of apparel to assist
                            the BPS Track Programs. The much
                            needed donation included 275 pairs of
                            track pants, 110 cold gear shirts, 130
                            pairs of running shorts, and 125 pairs of
 2                          dry fit pants.     Thank you Harvard
By Jillian Smith
Dorchester Track & Field Coach

There is a sense of pride among members
of the Bears’ track team. Today, in the
hallways of the Dorchester Education
Complex, the athletes from Tech Boston
Academy and Dorchester Academy have
more energy than usual. Practice is just
starting and it’s hard for the coaches to get
the athletes to focus because they can’t
seem to stop talking about their new shoes!

New Balance recently donated 1,000 pairs of sneakers to the Boston Public Schools Boys’ & Girls’ track
programs! Last year, one of their athletes suffered a stress fracture because he didn’t have the right sneakers.
As such, students were stressed out before their first few races this year. It was not just performance anxiety, it
was actually too painful to run in five-year-old high-top sneakers. But thanks to the generosity of New Balance
and the support of the Boston Scholar Athlete program, not having the proper footwear is no longer a
concern…and the undefeated Girls’ Team could not be more excited! Their goal is to make states in the 4x400
relay, and now they have the sneakers to make that dream possible.

Boston Bruins Player Andrew Ference Visits BSA Zone!
Boston Bruins Defenseman Andrew Ference spoke with members of the Boston Latin School’s Boy’s and
Girl’s ice hockey teams on February 10, 2011, in the BSA Zone. Ference spoke about his experience as a
scholar-athlete, important mentors in his life, goal setting, and his green initiative that he created in the NHL
to push players to go carbon neutral.

Ference also answered questions and interacted
with the excited Boston Latin students that were
thrilled to meet a local professional athlete!

In addition, the Boston Bruins Foundation was able
to help raise over $2,700 for the BSA through their
50-50 Raffle during a recent home game! The
BSA will use the raised funds to support the
Boston Public School’s exhibit in The Sports
Museum at the TD Garden, which highlights its
athletic programs and student-athletes.
                                                                                (Photo by: Sheryl Lanzel)

Boston Latin School Launches A2A Tutoring Program
By Joseph Cappellano
Zone Facilitator at Boston Latin School

To service the need of subject-specific tutors, the Boston Latin
“Wolfpack Zone” has started its very own Athlete-to-Athlete
Tutoring Program, known as “A2AT”. In this program, student-
athletes volunteer their time and knowledge during various
study halls to tutor other student-athletes in need of academic
assistance. A2AT currently has over 25 available tutors
capable of assisting their fellow athletes. These A2AT's range
from sophomores to seniors, and are available for 27 of the 36
periods that make up the complex Boston Latin class
schedule. In addition, A2AT’s even offer their services after
school, and during long bus rides to away games!

John Hancock & BSA to Partner for Track Event
The Boston Scholar Athlete Program is teaming up with John Hancock for an exciting event for Boston Public
School’s Boy’s and Girl’s track programs! On April 13, 2011, from 3:00-5:00pm at the Reggie Lewis Center,
stars and legends from the famous Boston Marathon will appear to host friendly competitions and activities for
the student-athletes.
                              “It will be an opportunity for the track athletes in the city to learn from the
                              most elite marathon runners in the world and get first hand insight into the
                              training methods that have made them so successful. It will be an
                              invaluable experience for everybody who attends,” said BSA Executive
                              Athletic Director, Evan Davis.

Boston Coaches Academy Off to Strong Start!
The Boston Coaches Academy has gotten off to a strong start with 60+ Boston Public School coaches enrolled
or having completed all four Academy courses. In addition, feedback from the coaches has been enormously
                 positive, with overall course ratings at 4.55 out of 5.00! The 4-course curriculum is currently
                        in its second rotation with one more rotation to occur before the school year is
                          complete. Even with 100% of Coaches saying they would recommend Coaches
                           Academy to their peers, the BSA and its Best In Class partners are constantly
                            working to enhance the curriculum in hopes of offering the highest level of
                            professional development.      As an added benefit, the Boston Coaches Academy
                           has partnered with Endicott College allowing the Academy courses to count as
                         credit towards a Masters in Sports Administration. For more information check out the
                      Boston Coaches Academy website:

                                                                                                             Zone Eligibility:
                                                                                                              As of February 25,2011
     Community Service:
     Zone Members Give Back                                                                              -    2,784 Members
 Over the last few months, Boston Scholar Athlete Zone
 Members have organized and executed a variety of                                                        -    87.6% of Athletes in
 community service projects throughout the city of
                                                                                                              BSA sponsored
 Boston. Below is a list of some examples of projects the
 student-athletes participated in:                                                                            sports maintained
 -   ACC/BCLA Zone members tutored students from the
     Winship Elementary School during their after school
     programming                                                                                         -    4 Schools,
 -   Boston English Zone members prepared lunch for                                                           ACC/BCLA, Boston
     the homeless at the Pine Street Inn
                                                                                                              Latin School,
 -   Student-athletes from the Burke celebrated the
     holiday season with kindergartners at the John P.                                                        Madison Park & New
     Holland Elementary School with music, arts and                                                           Mission, posted 100%
     crafts, and candy
                                                                                                              eligibility rates for all
 -   Student-athletes from Hyde Park served dinner at
     Community Servings in Jamaica Plain                                                                      of their Winter sports
 -   Charlestown Zone members held a basketball clinic                                                        team
     for students from the Warren Prescott School
 -   Student-athletes from International and O’Bryant
                                                                                                         -    23 teams had a 100%
     spoke with middle school students about life as a
     high school student                                                                                      eligibility rate for their
 -   South Boston Dragon Zone members hosted                                                                  scholar athletes
     elementary school children from the Condon Boys
     and Girls Club in South Boston for an afternoon of
     sports clinics                                                                                         NEED A
 -   Fenway students collected and donated hundreds of                                                   SUMMER JOB?
     cans of food to Rosie’s Place
 -   East Boston members assisted in organizing an Ice
     Hockey Tournament to raise money for Breast                                                          BSA is partnering
     Cancer Research                                                                                     with the PIC to place
                                                                                                         Zone members into
          BSA SCHOLAR ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT!                                                                  summer jobs now!

                                                Q2: What impact has the BSA Zone had on your
                                                life?                                                        Shannon McLeod
                                                It definitely has had an impact on my grades. Other            617.517.5290
                                                than my teachers, the Zone is where I can find all the
                                                help I need.                                                     smcleod@
                                                Q3: What is your favorite part about the Zone?
                                                The technology; and Cory really makes sure we get
                                                stuff done.
Name: Darius Davis
                                                Q4: As a Senior, do you push your teammates to
School: New Mission High School                 take advantage of the Zone?
Sport: Boy’s Basketball                         At some point during the day, the whole team uses
Coach & Facilitator: Cory McCarthy              the Zone. Because of it, some kids who weren’t able
                                                to play before, are able to play now because they got
                                                good grades.
 Q1: What effect has the Zone had on your
 Studies?                                       Q5: What else can you say about the Zone?
 The Zone or Gold Room has been a good          I love being there because I feel like that is where I
 place for me to study and do my                can get the most stuff done and can be the most
 homework in a place where other kids are       productive.
 actually do work. It motivates me more.
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