An unbeatable combination of washer extractors and tumblers

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					An unbeatable combination of washer-extractors and tumblers equipped with
microprocessors designed to meet the exact needs of your laundry operation.
Today’s on-premises laundry rooms              Flexible Programming
need laundry equipment that is
flexible, reliable, and delivers               The Speed Queen MicroMaster2 Laundry
                                               System for washer-extractors and tumblers
excellent cleanability every time.
                                               offers versatile programming for a wide
                                               range of options. The washer-extractor
The MicroMaster2™ Laundry System
                                               features 30 cycles with 11 steps per cycle
from Speed Queen does just that.               to deliver the best care for your fabrics.

Speed Queen has developed a system             MicroMaster2 tumblers are equipped
of washer-extractors and tumblers              with an automatic drying cycle or a time
that work in harmony with each other           dry option. When an automatic cycle
to fulfill these basic needs and to            reaches the factory-set or programmed
                                               dryness level the tumbler stops drying and
exceed expectations.
                                               the cool down process begins. Time dry
                                               lets you determine the amount of time
                                               needed for drying, depending on the
                                               dryness level required.
User-Friendly Readout
& Ergonomic Design                             Both drying options have factory pre-set
                                               cycles. In addition, other cycles can also
A large digital cycle readout displays cycle
                                               be created and frequently used cycles
selections, time remaining and temperature
                                               can be saved as custom programs.
readout in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The user-
friendly design keeps operators informed
about the cycle status. For increased
productivity, a convenient time remaining      Extend Linen Life
readout allows operators to accomplish
other tasks while the washer-extractor is      Linens last longer when they receive the
operating. The digital cycle counter enables   right care. MicroMaster2 combines cycle
owners to audit machine usage for more
efficient laundry room management.

An ergonomically-designed touch pad
                                               flexibility with programmable water
                                               temperatures for excellent fabric care and
                                               more efficient usage of laundry chemicals.
makes cycle selection a breeze! The color-
coded start and stop buttons make the
control easy to use. The MicroMaster2 four
digit display gives operators more immediate
                                               On MicroMaster2 tumblers fabric type
                                               can also be a cycle selection. Choose
                                               preset “ideal” temperature for cottons,
                                               permanent press, mixed, delicates, and
information on cycle progress. And with
the rapid advance feature, operators can
advance the cycle to add forgotten linen.
The one touch selection pad increases
                                               no-heat make drying easier.

                                               Cycle indicator lights
                                               inform users of drying
operator efficiency because operators can      cycle status and when
program the control to easily repeat their     door is ajar.
last cycle.
          6-Speed Wash                                             … flexibility
          & Automatic Drying Cycle
          The variable frequency drive washer-
          extractor model is our most innovative
          feature, allowing precise control of motor
          speeds and direction. Six-speeds provide
          maximum flexibility and three extraction
          options are ideal for a variety of fabrics
          from the hardest to clean to the most
          delicate washables. The three user
          selectable extract speeds maximize
          efficiency and result in less water
                                                                   … efficiency
          retention and quicker drying times.

          Extract speeds available include: A gentle
          extract of 40 G’s for delicate fabrics;
          86 G’s for permanent press with virtually
          wrinkle-free results; a medium extract
          of 140 G’s for mattress pads, blankets,
          spreads, and other hard to dry items. Less
          retention results in quicker drying times and
          reduces utility costs by as much as 40%.

          Once fabrics are transferred to the
          tumblers, the options don’t end. Choose
          from Time Dry, Auto Dry, or select the
          Special Cycles to customize the dry cycle
          to your needs. For greatest energy efficien-
          cy, the Auto Dry cycle senses drying                  … save money
ABILTIY   progress and ends the cycle when the
          desired dryness level is reached. No energy
          is wasted and fabrics are not damaged
          from overdrying. For unique OPL drying

BILITY    applications, all Special Cycles allow you to
          customize the temperature from 80oF
          (27oC) to 180oF (82oC). Special Auto Cycle

          actually allows you to select the number of
          times the tumbler will cycle from heat-on
          to heat-off for optimum fabric care.

                                                          * The laundry operating cost projections are based
                                                            on normal machine operating performance and
                                                            national average utility rates. Due to the many
                                                            variables involved in each part of the operation,
                                                            the figures are intended as an estimate only.

3-Year Warranty
At Speed Queen we’re so confident that our washer-extractors and drying tumblers are
built better to last longer and we’re offering the following limited warranties to prove it.
Washer-extractor: Through three years* any part on the entire machine. Through five
years* the bearings and bearing seal assembly. Through five years* the frame, cylinder
and shaft assembly. Tumblers: Through three years* free replacement for any part of the
drying tumbler which fails as a result of a defect in material or workmanship after the
date of original installation.
* Parts only, labor not included. See Speed Queen Warranty Bond for specifics.

Stainless Steel Construction
Durable stainless steel cabinet front, top and sides as well as inner and outer tubs won’t
corrode, chip, crack or pit in normal use, and they’re extremely rust resistant. In fact,
Speed Queen washer-extractors will maintain their lustrous appearance for years to come.

Reversing Cylinder Option
A reversing option prevents tangles in large loads. Sheets, blankets and other oversized
items stay separated and dry evenly.

Security Option
The security “lock out” option prevents operators from altering preset cycles. When lock-
out is used, the operator can select from the factory-set automatic cycles and the one
custom cycle allowed per select pad.

MicroMaster2 is available on the following:
    • Washer-extractors 20-125 lb capacities
    • Drying tumblers 25-170 lb capacities


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