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									MLC Advice Education

Certificate IV in Financial Services
(Finance/Mortgage Broking) FNS40804
This Certificate IV course                            Course Benefits                                       Delivery Method
has been designed for those
                                                      Some of the benefits of the Advice                    This course is offered via Distance study
seeking to become qualified                           Education Certificate IV (Finance/                    at a cost of $490 (GST exempt).
mortgage/finance brokers,                             Mortgage Broking) include:
or those wishing to pursue                                                                                  Students will receive the hard copy bound
a career in lending.                                  • A practical course with strategies and              course materials at the start of the term.
                                                        processes that can be applied in the                Advice Education will provide technical
The course looks at the mortgage/finance                workplace                                           support to participants enrolled in
broking industry and taking the learner                                                                     Distance study.
through the lending process, client service           • A niche course that has been tailored
strategies, and workplace and relationship              specifically for Finance and Mortgage               Additional study options are available:
management.                                             Brokers and their staff
                                                                                                            •	 Fast-track: an ideal option for students
                                                      • Mixture of self-paced study with                       wanting to finish their Distance study
Qualification                                           tutorial support via email, and face                   quickly – additional cost of $25 to the
                                                        to face workshops                                      Distance cost.
The Certificate IV in Financial Services
(Finance/Mortgage Broking) offers a                   • Nationally recognised qualification                 •	 Workshop: 3 day trainer facilitated
nationally recognised qualification                                                                            workshop, where the whole course
that supports further professional                    • Provides participants with the                         will be delivered within the workshop.
development.                                            opportunity to network with other                      Participants will have the opportunity
                                                        Finance/Mortgage brokers.                              to interact with others completing the
Once a participant has successfully                                                                            same course. Minimum numbers will
completed all assessment components                                                                            be required to run the workshop –
for this course they will be awarded the                                                                       cost of workshop is $1000 (GST
Certificate IV in Financial Services                                                                           exempt).
(Finance/Mortgage Broking) in accordance
with the rules and regulation of the
Australian Qualifications Framework.

                                                        Learning outcomes
                                                        At the end of this course, participants will have developed:

                                                        • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the mortgage/finance broking process

                                                        • Demonstrate an understanding of various products and industry guidelines

                                                        • Implement effective client services strategies

                                                        • Operate successfully in the workplace by using effective relationship and
                                                          workplace management skills

                                                        Who should enrol?
                                                        ✓ Mortgage/Finance brokers seeking to be qualified for industry body entry

                                                        ✓ Individuals wanting to pursue a career as a Mortgage/Finance Broker

GWM Adviser Services Ltd (RTO Code 90780) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that trades under the name ‘Advice Education’. GWM Adviser Services Ltd.
Trading as ‘Advice Education’ issues its qualifications in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Australian Qualifications Framework. (AQF).
MLC Advice Education

Certificate IV in Financial Services
(Finance/Mortgage Broking) FNS40804

Course Structure                                          Core Modules                                                               Assessments
and Assessments                                                                                                          Assignment                  Exam
There are no prerequisites for the                        Module	1: The Finance/Mortgage Broking                                                      
Certificate IV in Financial Services                                Workplace
(Finance/Mortgage Broking). This
course comprises 3 modules and
                                                          Module	2:	The Finance/Mortgage Broking Industry
                                                                    & Products
                                                                                                                                                      
a Skills Assessment.

One assignment and one exam will
                                                          Module	3: The Finance/Mortgage Broking Client
                                                                    Services & Management
                                                                                                                                                      
cover the technical knowledge for
all three modules.
                                                          Units of Competencies
Units of Competency
                                                          FNSICIND401B             Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial
The units of competency included in this                                           services industry
course are from the Financial Services                    FNSCOMP501B              Comply with financial services legislation, industry and professional
Trading Packages and were ratified                                                 codes of practice
by ANTA (Australian National Training
Authority) in January 2003.                               FNSCRDT301B              Process applications for credit

                                                          FNSFBRK401B              Provide and present loan application on behalf of financial or
                                                                                   mortgage broking client

                                                          FNSFBRK402B              Provide finance and/or mortgage broking services

                                                          FNSFBRK403B              Present broking options to client

                                                          FNSICSAM403B             Prospect for new clients

                                                          FNSICCUS401B             Deliver a professional service to customers

Feedback from Participants
“The course can be done remotely and involve no time out of the office…” Cert IV 2009 student.
“[Advice Education] support and staff are extremely helpful.” Cert IV 2009 student.
“[Course] provides better knowledge on how the business works.” Cert IV 2009 student.

How to enrol
Enrolments open 4 weeks prior to each term commencing. When enrolments have opened, you can enrol online
via Click on Education & Training Services link. Once you have submitted your enrolment
form, you will be emailed a confirmation of enrolment.
                                                                                                                                                            69341 MLC 0410

Vocational Education and Training Act.
All participants in Advice Education courses are requested to access and review the relevant Commonwealth, State or Territory legislation and regulatory
requirements to ensure they are fully informed of requirements that affect their participation in vocational education and training.

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