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					                                                                            April 27th, 2011

Dear Parents,
       I am writing to inform you about the upcoming Shakespeare performances on Friday,
May 20th. The students will be reading a novel entitled The Shakespeare Stealer and will be
exploring the life and times of William Shakespeare. The purpose of this unit is to provide them
with some background knowledge about Shakespeare, The Globe, and his influence on the
English language. This will be most helpful to them in the years to come as they begin a long
relationship with Shakespeare and his works at WCS!
       On May 20th, the students will be performing Hamlet, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet, as
well as sonnets and some of our own unique creations! This will all take place during the
morning and afternoon in the “newly renovated” Globe Theater (the Rounds basement).
Since our venue is so large in size, feel free to invite friends and family to see your student
perform! They will have a great time being a “groundling” on the floor for a fun hour of
Shakespearian entertainment 6th grade style!!

             Friday, May 20th performance times are as follows:
         (please arrive ONLY 5 minutes before your child’s performance!)
             2nd hour Literature performs Romeo & Juliet from 9:00-9:55
                5th hour Literature performs Hamlet from 10:10-11:05
                6th hour Literature performs Macbeth from 12:40-1:35
             7th hour Literature performs Romeo & Juliet from 1:45-2:40

       Part of the student’s participation grade for the unit will be their Elizabethan costume.
Students will come to school in costume that day dressed for their performance. Let me
emphasize that this costume can easily be created from closets at home, old prom dresses from
the DAV, old sheets, aluminum foil, felt and hot glue, etc…
       The students are going to LOVE this unit! We had try-outs and received their parts for
the plays. They now have their role and script, and their main objective is to memorize their
lines by Monday, May 16th. Accomplishing this task is a large part of their final Shakespeare
Unit grade!
       Put your child’s performance date on your calendar because this is just too precious to
miss!! I look forward to seeing you on May 20th for a terrific celebration of Shakespeare!

Mr. Gehrer

Tear off and return the BOTTOM PORTION on Monday, May 2nd, 2011!

My signature verifies that I read the above information and discussed this with my student!

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