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									Programme VoiceOver 2015 week 14-22 September 2010

The goal of VoiceOver 2015 is to nourish the debate in the Netherlands on development
cooperation with voices of people from Africa, Asia and Latin America. You give your opinion
and share experiences and ideas with each other, the Dutch public, media and young people.

Tuesday 14 September

17.00          Introduction NCDO
               Handing out first part of daily allowances
18.00          Welcome dinner, restaurant Thaicoon, Beukenweg 10, Amsterdam

Wednesday 15 September
UN Day of Democracy

08.50          Gathering at the reception of Hotel Arena
09.00          Introduction members, Hotel Arena
12.30          Travel to The Hague & Lunch
14.00          Democracy walk with Dutch students (tour: house of parliament)
16.00          Personal talks with students (speed date)
               What is the importance of democracy for your country?
               Ceremony Democracy Ribbon 2010
18.00          Dinner, restaurant Lokanta, Buitenhof 4, The Hague

Thursday 16 September
Dutch development cooperation

Debating development: The Southern perspective on WRR report
Location: University of Amsterdam (Nieuwe Prinsengracht 130, Building G)
10.30          Gathering at the reception of Hotel Arena
11.00 – 12.00  Preparation WRR report by Dr. Michaela Hordijk Assistant professor
               International Development Studies
12.00 – 13.00  Lunch at University
13.00 --16.00  Discussion on WRR report with students
17.30          Dinner, restaurant Torino, Roetersstraat 10A, Amsterdam

Evening: Kaukasus café in Utrecht with Lilit Asryan and Durna Safarova (optional)

Friday 17 September
08.45           Gathering at the reception of Hotel Arena
09.00           !Deadline for handing in (visa) declaration forms to Klaar Mous
09.00-12.30     Workshop Sharing Experiences,
                Development Cooperation, Conflict Management and Peace Missions
Location: Royal Tropical Institute, Mauritskade 63, Amsterdam
12.30           Lunch
14.00-17.00     Media workshop
                 Guest lessons schools 1
18.00            Dinner, restaurant Lalla Rookh, Wijttenbachstraat 290, Amsterdam

Saturday 18 September
11.15          Gathering at the reception of Hotel Arena
12.00          Lunch, Restaurant Walem, Keizersgracht 449, Amsterdam
13.00-17.00    Conference VoiceOver 2015 with political parties
Arrange your own dinner

Sunday 19 September
Day off

Monday 20 September
             Guest lessons schools 2
14.00- 16.00 Brainstorm session Masterpeace with Ilco van der Linde
             ‚Innovative, bottom-up peace initiative‛
19.00        Nacht van de Vrede/ Night of Peace

Tuesday 21 September
Prinsjesdag/ Day of the Princes
10.00          Day of the Princes The Hague
               Handing out second part of daily allowances + visa costs
14.00          Evaluation
17.30 – 20.00  Dinner with Resto VanHarte
               VanHarte-dinner table is a meeting place for people in the neighbourhood.
               The goal is to break through social isolation and enlarge quality of life in the
21.00          Treaty of Utrecht (Tivoli) debate
               Debate ‘Civil Military Cooperation’

Wednesday 22 September

1   Not for all VoiceOver members
2   Not for all VoiceOver members

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