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                                                                                     recommend starting with a full-           would recommend performing a full-
                                                                                     body 21-day detox program.                body cleanse prior to the colon cleanse
                                                                                     For mulated from traditional              for best results.) A good colon
                                                                                     cleansing herbs, these programs           cleansing kit is the Colon Cleansing Kit
                                                                                     guarantee to improve your health          from            Blessed            Herbs
                                                                                     by cleansing all of the major organs      (, a five-day
by Michael Siebert
                                                                                     of elimination including the colon,       program formulated with traditional
                                                                                     liver, gallbladder, kidneys, bladder,     cleansing herbs to give the intestinal
Internal cleansing is a natural, everyday occurrence in the body. The                lungs, lymph, blood, and skin.            system and colon a deep cleansing.
                                                                                                                               Included in each kit is a natural herbal
body's cleansing processes help to eliminate toxins. But in today's highly
                                                                                     Spring is a time of                                            stimulant called
polluted world, our normal body processes can easily be overwhelmed.                 renewal          and                                           " D i g e s t i v e
                                                                                     rebirth so this is an                                          Stimulator" that
And a long party weekend can            But a build-up of toxins can still lead to   excellent time of                                              tones, cleanses,
bring an entire community of            quite a few problems throughout the          the      year      to                                          and purifies the
impurities into the body, creating      body, such as fatigue, memory difficulty,    perform a cleanse.                                             entire digestive
an overload condition. Luckily,         irritability, sleeplessness, and other       It is recommended                                              system. It helps to
there are ways to supplement the        minor ailments. In the long term, if the     to keep the body                                               eliminate the stored
body's      natural    cleansing        necessary steps to cleanse the body are      war m            and                                           toxins     released
mechanisms that can assist in           not taken, toxic build-up can lead to        comfortable , so                                               during the cleanse
removing toxins from our bodies.        more serious health problems. In order       cleansings        are                                          as well as those that
                                        to reverse such health issues, the toxic     typically done in                                              have been trapped
When they can't be eliminated,          build-up needs to be removed as part         war mer weather.                                               in your body's
our bodies try to protect us from       of an overall healing plan.                  Some people may                                                intestinal walls. It
toxins by storing them in our cells,                                                 prefer to perform a                                            comes in capsule
mucous, fat, and skin. Mucus,           There are many different cleansing           cleanse during a                                               form and works to
organic toxins, and inorganic           techniques available to get yourself         vacation from work                                             assure that one has
chemicals can build up in various       back on the right track after the party.     so that the work                                               at least three bowel
organs and tissues of the body,         One of the simplest techniques is to use     stress     doesn't                                             movements a day.
severely affecting their operation.     the steam room to sweat the toxins out       affect the process.
This kind of toxic build-up often       of your body. The staff of Saturday                                                                         The     kit    also
affects the intestinal tract, which     Night Live in the late 70s used to visit     Although you are not required to          contains "Toxin Absorber", a formula
can     develop      microscopic        the Russian and Turkish Baths in New         alter your diet during the detox,         containing herbs that have been
ulcerations, imbalances in bacteria     York after heavy nights of drugging and      eliminating certain products such         traditionally used for their strong
and fungus, imbalance in pH             boozing. Green herbal tea is another         as caffeine, alcohol, meat, sugar,        absorptive properties and which work
levels, Candida, or hypersecretion      powerful tonic that can help detoxify        and drugs will deepen the                 powerfully to cleanse the intestinal
of mucous. Eating healthy is great      your body in the aftermath of heavy          cleansing effects. Also, a cleanse is     system. Toxin Absorber comes as a
for the body, but if the pipes are      partying. These simple remedies are          not wise if you are bedridden,            powder that is mixed with organic apple
not clean, you won't be able to         not going to cleanse a body that has         recovering from a medical                 juice and taken five times a day. You will
access all the good stuff you are       suffered from years of abuse, however.       procedure, fighting an acute              be required to follow a liquid-only diet
eating.                                                                              illness, or simply experiencing           during the five day cleanse; otherwise,
                                        For a more thorough detoxification,          extreme weakness.                         the Toxin Absorber will simply bind to
For many, an accumulation of            there are herbal formulations that can                                                 the food you are eating, rather than the
toxins is not severe enough to be       assist in cleansing our internal systems.    Another type of detoxification to         waste you are trying to remove. Visit
recognized as a disease unto itself.    If you have never performed a cleanse, I     consider is a colon cleanse. (I           your local Whole Foods or Wild Oats to

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