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How Health Works
Advanced Cleansing Series
1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse
                                                              Advanced Cleansing Series — Kidney Cleanse
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.                 1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

                                                                                         do after a basic, all around cleansing program. For the average
From the How Health Works series of advanced                                                                   healthy person, any of these internal cleanses
cleansing                                                                                                      can be done at any time. However, if you
    What we really should have learned in biology class.                                                       have a more serious or chronic condition,
                                                                                                               many cleansing practitioners believe that
                                                                                                               there is an optimum order to them. The logic
                                                                                                               and sequence is:

                                                                                                                 Improve Your Nutritional Intake (the
The Advanced Cleansing                                                                                           basic HHW 28-Day Cleanse Course Pro-
                                                                                                                 gram)— No cleanse can be effective until
Series Overview                                                                                                  the new food coming in each day is of a
                                                                                                                 higher quality than before. Your first step
                                                                                                                 in health improvement is to dissolve a few
                                                                                                                 of those bad food habits, and start making
Welcome to the series of advanced internal cleansing                                                             some better ones. Condition your body for a
modules. Each of these four e-books is designed to:                                                              few weeks, getting it free of the normal toxic
    1. Walk you through a sequence of advanced cleansing                                                         load, before starting these advanced cleans-
    and rejuvenation programs that have proven to pro-                                                           ing programs.
    foundly increase the health and function of your body.
                                                                                                                 Colon Cleanse— During a cleanse, our
    2. Make the process motivating and easy to under-                                                            trillions of cells each get rid of metabolic
    stand.                                                                                                       waste. Much of that ends up in the colon.
                                                                                                                 If the colon is blocked or not functioning
                                                                                                                 well, that metabolic waste does not leave the
By “advanced,” I don’t mean “better,” or more complex,
                                                                                                                 body in a timely fashion, and nutrients are
or intellectually superior, or something that needs a col-
                                                                                                                 not assimilated as well as they could be. This
lege degree to teach or practice. They are only advanced
                                                                                                                 is why the colon cleanse is the first of these
in the sense that they are best done after conditioning
                                                                                                                 advanced programs.
your body by doing the general cleanse outlined in the
initial 28-Day Cleanse Course at How Health Works.                                       Parasite Cleanse— While initially the very word parasite can
com. These advanced cleanses are the next actions you want to                            scare us Westerners, parasites are proving to be a potential and

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                                                            Advanced Cleansing Series — Kidney Cleanse
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.               1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

very powerful cofactor behind ill health. And it only takes one
friend’s vivid story of what they saw “come out the next morn-                         A Perspective on Cleansing
ing” to make you a believer. Most parasites and worms live in
our digestive tract, but some can get into our internal organs,                        There was a time in the not so distant past when if you saw
affecting our digestion, assimilation, allergies, energy levels, ner-                  someone running down the road, you would have wondered
vousness, and skin problems. For this reason, the parasite cleanse                     what they were running from. You and everyone else would have
is first program suggested after the colon cleanse.                                    stopped and stared—jogging was not yet a word in the diction-
                                                                                       ary—and when you finally found out why they were doing it,
** Kidney Cleanse ** — The topic of this e-Book! Your two
                                                                                       your first thought was, “That’s weird. They’re weird.”
kidneys are responsible for filtering out your body’s metabolic
waste and keeping the blood clean. Like any filter, they can get                       Even less time has past where you heard about people who went
blocked and backed up. Once you understand the implications of                         to gyms and lifted iron weights—or even more bizarre, they did
backed up urea, ammonia and other toxic by-products, (and that                         some kind of stretchy quiet thing called yoga. Chances are good
over 15 million Americans have some form of kidney problems)                           that you initially looked at that behavior and thought, “That’s
you will want to do this program. All cleansing involves increas-                      weird. They’re weird.”
ing the amount of water consumed each day, so it is critical that
we help the kidneys filter and do their job.                                           Today, most people know about the importance of cardio-vascu-
                                                                                       lar exercise. They know about the bone-building, mind-clarify-
** Liver Cleanse** — The deepest, most profound cleanse that                           ing, blood-pumping advantages of working out in a gym or
we can do is a liver cleanse. Since it is the largest organ in our                     doing stretchy quiet yoga.
body, and has the farthest reach, most functions, and often
the most stored toxins, the liver is the last advanced cleanse                         Well, guess what. Your organs need exercise, too. They need
suggested. A toxic liver is associated with more symptoms than                         pumping, and flushing, and cleansing and a way to revitalize
virtually any other organ, from hormone imbalances, to skin                            from modern life and modern diets. You might currently be a
problems, to stuck emotions like anger and irritation.                                 part of the group that hears of someone doing an organ cleanse,
                                                                                       and immediately think, “That’s weird. They’re weird.”

                                                                                       But at some point, very soon, you won’t think that it is weird.
                                                                                       And at that point, I want you to remember this: it wasn’t doctors
                                                                                       who told you to jog, and it wasn’t doctors who told you to work
                                                                                       out in gyms. I doubt it will not be doctors who teach you the art
                                                                                       of organ cleansing and its relationship to staying drug-free, pain-
                                                                                       free and symptom-free.
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                                                           Advanced Cleansing Series — Kidney Cleanse
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.              1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

Why Care about Your Kidneys?                                                          diameter. You can image how this would lessen this pipe’s ability
                                                                                      to work as it was originally intended.

                                                                                      This analogy of cop-
The main issue with kidneys is that they are filters, and like any
                                                                                      per piping is a good
filter, they eventually clog up. The best way to picture this is to
                                                                                      one. However, pipe
think of the copper plumbing pipes in an old home. They started
                                                                                      has one basic func-
out looking like this:
                                                                                      tion: to move liquid
                                                                                      from one end to the

                                                                                      In the case of your
                                                                                      kidneys, there are
                                                                                      hundreds of func-
                                                                                      tions. From moving
                                                                                      liquid, to filtering it,
                                                                                      absorbing it, adding
...and end up looking like this:
                                                                                      to it, and modifying
                                                                                      it. Still, it’s easy
                                                                                      to imagine what a
                                                                                      buildup of metabolic
                                                                                      waste would do to
                                                                                      all of these tasks that
                                                                                      they need to do each
                                                                                      minute of each day.

                                                                                      Kidneys are similar, and it makes sense once you realize how
                                                                                      kidneys work, and how much filtering goes on in them every
Look at this image to the                                                             minute of every day of our lives. Let’s first look briefly at how
right. The build up of                                                                big the toxic kidney problem has become in the US.
waste in this particular
pipe is actually cutting
off about half of the pipe
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                                                            Advanced Cleansing Series — Kidney Cleanse
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.               1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

                                                                                       Clark, the largest manufacturer of adult diapers, said a market
                                                                                       volume test prior to the product launch indicated that the market
Incontinence                                                                           potential for Depend™ Protective Underwear was 21 million
                                                                                       units in 1999. However, by 2004, they had tripled their initial
Incontinence is the inability to control urine (or defecation);                        production.
either can take place involuntarily.

13 million American adults now have incontinence. One in five                          Kidney Stones
                                                                                       More than 1 million Ameri-
                                                                                       cans suffer and bleed with
                                                                                       kidney stones. Kidney stones
                                                                                       are nothing but compacted
                                                                                       sediment (metabolic waste)
                                                                                       turned into little rocks.

                                                                                       Kidney Failure
                                                                                                                                     Some 100,000 Americans
                                                                                                                                     annually are diagnosed with
                                                                                                                                     End Stage Renal Disease
adults over 65 have lost bladder control. Currently, the only
                                                                                                                                     (ESRD). Renal is another
suggested fix for these people is to wear a diaper. These sufferers
                                                                                                                                     word for kidney. Once the
experience emotional as well as physical discomfort, and many
                                                                                                                                     kidneys fail, these people
isolate themselves for fear of ridicule and lose self esteem. An-
                                                                                                                                     join the 320,000 Americans
nual costs for incontinence supplies runs about $1200.
                                                                                                                                     that are on a kidney dialysis
Nationally, adult incontinence product sales are enjoying double-                                                                    machine. Each one waiting
digit growth. According to Information Resources Inc., sales of                                                                      for someone to give them a
$1.5 billion in 1997 grew to $2.1 billion in 2002. They expect                                                                       new kidney.
this growth to continue with sales reaching $2.7 billion in 2007.

Clarice Theisen, associate marketing director at Kimberly

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                                                           Advanced Cleansing Series — Kidney Cleanse
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.             1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

Signs of Stagnant Kidneys                                                            diet/symptom connection. The result of this lack of education is
                                                                                     an epidemic of problems.
Signs of kidney problems can include urinary tract infections,
fatigue, swelling (especially of ankles and lower legs), abnormal
                                                                                     No Need for this Suffering
blood pressure, chronic low-back pain, fever, weight loss, nau-
sea, a puffy face, blurred vision,                                                        If you want to avoid living like this, and becoming one of
bad taste in mouth, slow, painful                                                          these statistics, you need to learn how to care for your
or frequent urination.                                                                     kidneys. If you want to understand kidneys, you need to un-
                                                                                           derstand 5 minutes worth of anatomy, and a couple minutes
Cause of Kidney Problems                                                                   knowledge about blood:
There are many modern-day
sources to numerous. Overuse                                                                                           Some Anatomy
of prescription or recreational
drugs, birth control pills, aspirin,                                                                                   You have two kidneys and they are
antibiotics, antacids, diuretics,                                                                                      located up against the muscle wall
heavy metal toxicity, fecal                                                                                            of the back. While kidneys can
bacteria (which gets into the                                                                                          move around a bit, they often peak
bloodstream through a weakened                                                                                         out just under that last short last
digestive tract wall), excess                                                                                          rib on your back. Each is the size
consumption of red meats and                                                                                           of your fist, and weigh in at 4 to 6
other proteins, sugar, carbonated                                                                                      ounces. About 1.3 quarts of blood
drinks, over consumption of caf-                                                                                       pass through the kidneys each
feine and alcohol, deficiencies of                                                                                     minute.
water intake.                                                                                                         There are 2 million nephrons
                                                                                                    (kidney cell filter groups) that filter this blood, and
Why This Is Happening                                                                           return over 99% of it back to the body. The remaining
Why are so many adults now peeing in their pants, doubling Kidneys                         less-than-one percent is made up of excess urea, uric acid,
over in pain from built-up metabolic waste, or losing com-                             creatinine, sodium, potassium, chloride, and toxins and meta-
plete kidney function? Because no one taught them how to take                        bolic waste and is what makes up our urine. Urine enters the
care of their kidneys. No one is being taught the diet/disease,                      bladder, a smooth muscle sac that can hold from 6 to 24 ounces
                                                                                     (although I’ve known some women whose bladder probably hold
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                                                            Advanced Cleansing Series — Kidney Cleanse
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.              1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

more like 1 or 2).

The purpose of your kidneys is to filter your blood. Your one
gallon of blood comes in one end; the kidneys separate out the                                                                      Liver
good blood, putting it back into the body, and squeeze water,
worn-out cells and metabolic waste, placing it down into your
bladder. In other words, blood comes in one end, and pee comes
out the other.

                                                                                Small Intestines

                                                                                    Two Kidneys

How does it do this amount of filtering process in such a small
space? Through millions of capillaries about the diameter of
your arm hair (about 4/1,000th of an inch). Urine, as you can see
                                                                                      Your Blood
each time you pee, is mainly water—about 95% water, and 5%
waste products. As with any filter, the kidneys can get clogged                       When you drink or eat something, the absorption systems
and start to lose some of their functionality.                                        (mainly the stomach and intestines) break everything down into
                                                                                      very tiny molecules. These molecules are then absorbed by the
As it gets clogged, it requires more and more pressure to squeeze
                                                                                      millions of blood capillaries located right outside of this digestive
the blood through those hair-size capillaries. Interestingly, one of
                                                                                      system. In other words, what we eat ends up in our one gallon of
the common reports from people who have done a kidney cleans-
                                                                                      blood. The blood then travels around the body, dispensing these
ing program is lower blood pressure.
                                                                                      nutrients to feed every cell, from rebuilding toenails to replacing
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                                                           Advanced Cleansing Series — Kidney Cleanse
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.             1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

ear muscles. Your blood gets dirty quickly. If you don’t believe                     KIDNEY CLEANSE PROTOCOLS
that, go drink 3 martinis in rapid succession; any cop with a
blood/alcohol breathalyzer can tell you just how much, and how
                                                                                     Out of all of the organ advanced cleanses, the kidney cleanse is
fast, that alcohol ended up in that one gallon of your blood.
                                                                                     the easiest one to do. And, as with all types of organ cleanses,
Your heart can pump that full gallon through it every 50                             there are tens, perhaps hundreds, of recipes and ways to ac-
seconds—that’s 70 times, or 70 gallons, each hour. Obviously,                        complish a kidney flush or cleanse. But they all have the same
keeping this gallon clean is crucial. To accomplish this, the body                   objective: to flush the millions of nephrons/capillaries of their
is constantly pumping your blood through both the kidneys and                        builtup metabolic waste products. And as you’ll see, they all
the liver to clean it of debris.                                                     revolve around two basic principles:
                                                                                     1. flush the kidneys with a lot of liquids and herbal teas that aid in flushing the kidneys
Emotional Connections
                                                                                     2. stop eating foods that are hard on the kidneys
I’m always fascinated with the possibility of emotional connec-
tions to our human health problems. Cliff Garner, Ph.D., a
                                                                                     Read through each of them, and then simply choose one or a
holistic health facilitator, points out that that author Louise
                                                                                     combination of them to do. They range from ones you can do in
Hay ascribes kidney problems to a sense of shame, failure,
                                                                                     your own kitchen, to pre-formulated herbal teas and tinctures
disappointment, and being over-critical, and kidney stones to
                                                                                     that you can get online. The key to any of them is to do them for
unresolved long-term anger. From the view of Chinese Five
                                                                                     a long enough time (5 to 20 days) in order to get a change.
Element Theory, used in acupuncture, kidney problems (Yin
Water Element) indicate excessive fear, anxiety, sexual insecurity.
Louise Hay suggests bladder problems arise from excess anxiety,
fear of letting go, being pissed off, and incontinence to emotional
overflow and years of controlling the emotions. Chinese Five
Element Theory regards bladder problems (Yang Water Element)                         The Lemonade Drink
come from excess fear, anxiety, terror, frustration, inadequate
courage.                                                                             This formula comes from the
                                                                                     book, The Master Cleanser,
If any of these ring true for you, let them be further motivation                    by Stanley Burroughs. The
to do a simple kidney cleanse.                                                       recipe for one gallon is:

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                                                                           Advanced Cleansing Series — Kidney Cleanse
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.                              1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

   1 cup real maple syrup (dark grade B is best, but any will do)
                                                                                                      Dr. Hulda Clark’s Kidney Cleanse
   1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (organic lemons are best)
                                                                                                      Dr. Hulda Clark is well-respected
   Cayenne pepper to taste (1/4 teaspoon)
                                                                                                      researcher and author of a few books
   Fill rest of gallon container with pure water (filtered or spring)
                                                                                                      on cleansing and detoxification.
Approximately six lemons will make a cup of lemon juice.
                                                                                                      The following are two versions of her
Drink mainly this lemon drink during each day for 5-20 days.                                          suggested kidney cleanse. The first is
No need to starve, meals are fine, but avoid a lot of fats and                                        the one “done by hand.” The second
refined foods. I personally don’t like the cayenne in the drink, so                                   is her new kit that has all of the
I take it during the day in encapsulated form.                                                        ingredients in one program.

                                                                                                      1. Her Book Method. The follow-
                                                                                                      ing contains direct excerpts taken
                                                                                                      directly from her book with her
Dr. Schulze’s Kidney/Bladder
                                                                                                      “It takes a lot of liquid to wash the
Flush Drink
                                                                                                      inside of your body. Taking it in the form of herbal teas gives
For additional speed and effectiveness                                                                you extra benefits. And extra enjoyment if you learn to make
along with this lemon drink, get Dr.                                                                  them with variations, especially if you need to produce a gallon
Schulze’s Kidney/Bladder Flush Drink.                                                                 of urine a day. Any edema or water holding, whether in lungs,
Go to his site at:                                                                                    arms, or abdomen, also requires strengthening of kidneys with
                                                                                                      the use of the following program.”
                                                                                                      Creating the following two teas:
Choose either his complete Schulze’s
5-Day Detox Liver program, or just the
                                                                                                      1. Dr. Clark’s Fresh Parsley and Celery Tea:
kidney tea and kidney tincture.
                                                                                                          Mix approximately 1 cup of celery leaves and 1 cup parsley leaves to every
The above lemon drink is the basis for                                                                    1.5 quarts of pure distilled water. Simmer for 20 minutes. Once cooled,
Dr. Schulze’s kidney cleanse. So the two                                                                  strain and toss the vegetables, then add 1 or 2 drops of hydrochloric acid if
go nicely together.                                                                                       you have it. Drink three to four cups of this per day.

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                                                             Advanced Cleansing Series — Kidney Cleanse
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.                1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

2. Dr. Clark’s Root Kidney Cleanse:                                                         Ginger capsules: one with each meal

   1/4 cup dried hydrangea root (Hydrangea arborescens)                                     Uva Ursi: one cap in morning and 2 caps in evening.

   1/4 cup gravel root (Eupatorium purpureum)                                               Vitamin B6 (250mg): one a day.

   1/4 cup marshmallow root (Althea officinallis)                                           Magnesium oxide (300mg): one a day.

   Black Cherry Concentrate, 8 oz.                                                      Take these supplements just before your meal to avoid burping.
   Pinch vitamin B2 powder
                                                                                        Some notes on this recipe: This herbal tea, as well as the parsley,
   4 bunches of fresh parsley (obtained at supermarket)                                 can easily spoil. Reheat to boiling every third day if it Is being
                                                                                        stored in the refrigerator. Add HCl drops just before drinking for
Take all three roots and set them to soak, together in 10 cups of
cold tap water, using a non-metal container and a non-metal lid
(a dinner plate will do). Add vitamin B2 powder. After soaking
overnight (or a minimum of four hours), heat to boiling and sim-                        2. Dr. Hulda’s Boxed Version. Recently, Dr. Clark came out
mer for 20 minutes. Add black cherry concentrate (all 8 ounces)                         with a boxed version of
and bring back to boiling. Then pour through a bamboo or                                the her kidney cleanse. I
plastic strainer into glass jar.                                                        love it. Much easier, and
                                                                                        very handy for those of
Procedure: Each morning, pour together ¾ cup of the root of                             use that are too busy to
root tea and ½ cup parsley tea, filling a large mug.                                    create herbal concoctions
                                                                                        in the kitchen.
Optionally add:
                                                                                        To get her program,
   20 drops of goldenrod tincture
                                                                                        go to the How Health
   any spice, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, for taste
                                                                                        Works Cleansing Forum,
   a pinch of B2                                                                        and click on the “Herbal
   Four 4 drops HCl to sterilize.                                                       Remedies” green icon in
                                                                                        the upper right corner, and then do a search for the phrase
Drink this mixture in divided doses throughout the day. Keep it
                                                                                        “Kidney Cleanse”. Dr. Clark’s program will show up in the
cold. Do not drink it all at once or you will get a stomach ache
                                                                                        list. That will give any member a discount of about $13 off the
and feel pressure in your bladder.
                                                                                        normal $50 cost.
Other herbs that Dr. Clark suggests for cleansing the kidneys:

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                                                           Advanced Cleansing Series — Kidney Cleanse
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.              1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

You are off and running                                                               Instead of memorizing the list, the key is to realize that we ex-
                                                                                      perience these symptoms as a result of our body burning off old,
As you can see, the protocols for kidney cleansing are the easiest                    necrotic, metabolic waste. This is a good thing. The alternative is
of any organ cleanse. You have a few choices, from really easy                        to keep that waste in us, in our cells.
(the lemon drink) to more complex (Dr. Schulze or Dr Clark’s
versions). The key is to not procrastinate. Just start and make                       During any kind of cleanse, you need more rest than you
the drinks part of your normal daily/nightly rituals.                                 normally need. This isn’t the time to be staying out late at night,
                                                                                      or even keeping your normal hours. During a liver cleanse, plan
Last note on kidney—and ANY—cleansing: as mentioned in the                            your days so that you have more down time.
other e-books on Advanced Cleansing, be aware that your body
will usually go through a period of detoxification after a cleanse.                   Also, if you’re not drinking at least half your weight in ounces
This occurs when our body is killing and throwing off microbes                        of water, the removal of old sludge and cells will take longer. A
(bacteria, viruses, yeasts, etc.) in larger amounts than our organs                   cleanse is a time when our lymph system is going full time, doing
of elimination (kidneys, bowels, etc.) can handle. This phenom-                       the task of removing old material as new material comes in. You
enon is a good sign that something is being accomplished in the                       need to stay hydrated. Drink a lot of your herbal liver teas.
body.                                                                                 Imagine a clean flowing stream running through the front yard
There are many ways detoxification will show up in and on                             of your mountain cabin. One day your neighbors upstream
your body when metabolic toxins start leaving the cells. The                          decide to do a stream “cleanse,” and starts clearing out all the
unfortunate crime is that every single one of these symptoms                          debris that has gathered over the past year in the stream; sticks,
are normally translated in our culture as “Wow, I am getting                          weeds, backed up leaves, and a few stuck toys from last year’s
sick, I am getting worse, and I need drugs to stop this symptom                       party. Within a short period of time, the water running by your
from occurring.” The list of symptoms that can be a sign of                           cabin has become dirty with debris. Such is the nature of cleans-
your body detoxifying is long, but here are a few signs to be                         ing. It tends to get worse before it gets better. Increasing the
aware of: Headaches, Colds/Flu symptoms, Fever/ Chills, Joint                         water flow helps this detox process move faster.
pains, Coughing, Gas and Bloating, Fatigue, Hives, Increased
menstruation, Decreased menstruation, Cramps, Rashes, Bad
Breath, Dandruff, Excess ear wax, Excess nose gunk, Excess                            Congratulations on your newly cleansed body.
throat sludge, Constipation, Diarrhea, Wheezing, Tight/stiff
neck, Acne, Backaches, Itchy skin, Red skin, Sleep interruption,
Dizziness, Mood changes, and Irritation.

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                                                                          Advanced Cleansing Series — Kidney Cleanse
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.                            1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

About the Author                                                                                        International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT), held in Snowbird,
                                                                                                        Utah. He is the author of Cellular Cleansing Made Easy, and The 28-Day
                                                                                                        Cleansing Program, both available at
Okay, read this to yourself in movie-trailer voice: In a world of
                                                                                                        Scott’s passion, which is obvious in his videos and live events, is to have
ageless beauty, there was one man who was neither. That has
                                                                                                        people prove to themselves--to have the physical experience—of this con-
little to do with this e-book, but I feel you are now emotionally                                       nection between their current symptoms and the food that they have been
prepared for the About the Author page.                                                                 eating for decades. That the role of healer belongs not to those from hos-
                                                                                                        pitals or laboratories, but is actually as close to home as hand to mouth. To
   Former User of Spam and Velveeta Cheese
                                                                                                        show that our job, as parents, teachers, and leaders, is to return the respon-
   Scott Ohlgren is a 50-year old enthusiastic student, teacher, author and                             sibility for our health back to where it has always belonged. He says, “Living
   beneficiary of the natural healing paradigm. Raised in the heart of Wisconsin                        with a body and mind free of prescription drugs is one of the great hidden
   (“The Dairy State”), where Spam and Velveeta cheese were considered part                             pleasures in our modern world.”
   of the 4 Food Groups, his introduction to the diet-symptom, diet-
                                                                                                           He is currently touring with the latest book, The 28-Day Cleansing
   health connection came just in time. At the age of 19, tired of
                                                                                                           Program. To bring the HHW lecture to your area, contact us at info@
   acne, a growing sinus problem and four years of tetracycline, a
   friend shoved a book into his hands, saying, “Change your diet,
   and those health problems will go away.” Five weeks later, the                                          For Fun
   symptoms were gone.                                                                                     In his mid-twenties, shortly after reading Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,
   From that point on, periodic cellular cleansing has been a central                                      by Dr. Weston Price, Scott took off on a trip around the world that lasted
   part of his life and is the major reason why he hasn’t used a                                           just short of three years. From 1979–1982, he hitch hiked a few months
   single antibiotic or prescription drug since 1976.                                                      through eastern Europe, a year through Africa, sailed for four months on
                                                                                                           a 41-foot sloop off the coast of Madagascar, and then six months living in
   He has since become an outspoken proponent, lecturer, and
                                                                                                           Australia. He did a similar seven-month voyage again in 1996, this time
   author for a drug-free, pain-free, and disease-free life, using real
                                                                                                           with his wife, Gael, going back and visiting many of the friends he had
   food nutrition as one’s main medicine cabinet.
                                                                                                           made 17 years earlier.
   In 1985, Scott studied whole food nutrition at the 9-month Kushi
                                                                                                        Scott paraglides, skis, and has been a scuba diver since 1980. He and Gael
   Institute Graduate Program. He became a certified Rolfing Practitioner (Rolf
                                                                                                        live in Boulder, Colorado with cat Lila and an outside sauna and cold plunge.
   Institute, Boulder, Colorado) in 1988. He has sold over 90,000 tapes, vid-
                                                                                                        His next big acquisition will be a goat and a few chickens, to mess with the
   eos and books on the diet/disease, diet/health connection. His first book,
                                                                                                        cat’s mind.
   The 3Phase Manual sold over 68,000 copies. He is currently board-certified
   as a Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless

   Scott was the keynote speaker at the 2003 annual meeting of the

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                                                                           Advanced Cleansing Series — Kidney Cleanse
    Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.                             1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

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