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					  March 2010
                Winner of three Florida Library Association First Place newsletter awards and
                         the national ALTAFF 2009 “Best Friends Newsletter” award

                                 March 11 is the day to attend the Friends luncheon with
                                     best-selling literary thriller author Lisa Unger

                               Here’s my recent                      Black Out was optioned last year by
                               interview with                        producer Barbara De Fina
                                                                     (Goodfellas, Casino, Age of
                               Lisa Unger
                                                                     Innocence). She is currently seeking a
                                                                     studio. Fewer than 5% of books ever
                               Why do you and so many
                                                                     make it to the screen. Although this
                               writers live in Florida?
                                                                     is something I’d love to see one day,
Those with tickets                                                   it’s vapor at the moment. In the
will meet Lisa Unger    Hmmm … an interesting question.
                        Florida is a wonderful place to live in      meantime, I’ll just keep my nose to
March 11 at 11:30
                        many ways. It can be quite beautiful,        the keyboard – where it belongs.
a.m. at The Club at
Grandezza, Ben Hill     peaceful and conducive to dreamy
Griffin Parkway,        thought. So maybe that’s why so many         Did you have a favorite teacher in
Estero.                 of us seem to wind up down here. I           school?
                        explore Florida a bit in my novel
                                                                     I had wonderful teachers in school
                        Black Out. And I’ll also talk a bit
                                                                     who impacted me tremendously. To
                        about Florida on March 11.
                                                                     name just a few of my early teachers,
                                                                     my high school English teachers Mrs.
                        How does one become a best-selling
                                                                     Nehemia and Mrs. Galligani were the
                                                                     first to encourage my writing. Mr.
                        Well, there’s a magic formula. But it’s      Thomas, my history teacher, had
                        a secret! No, not really. It takes a         such passion for his subject that I
                        little bit of talent, a little bit of luck   have never forgotten his dynamic
“My mother was a        and sheer never-say-die tenacity. It’s       class. We sometimes forget in this
librarian. It was her   that simple … and that difficult.            culture how mightily important are
love of books...that                                                 our teachers. I never do.
was my earliest         What TV shows have you appeared on?
introduction to the     Been on Oprah's show yet?                    My mother was a librarian for many
magic of the written                                                 years. It was her love of books, her
word.”                  Locally I have been on “The Daytime          passion for story, and just spending
                        Show,” as well as Tampa Mayor Pam            hours in the library studying while
                        Iorio’s “Book Talk.” My books have           she worked, surrounded by books,
                        appeared as summer reading picks on          that was my earliest introduction to
                        “The Today Show” and “Good Morning           the magic of the written word.
                        America.” I have never been on
                        “Oprah” … but if you know her, please        How has bringing up a child affected
                        do give her a call and let her know I’d      your writing life?
                        love to be invited!
                                                                     Having and raising my daughter has
                        Have any of your books been picked up        been one of the most important and
                        for a movie?                                 joyous events of my life.

                                                                     “Unger” continued on page 2
      11th Annual Reading Festival Saturday, March 20, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
                   Harborside Event Center                     Author Presentations
                     and Centennial Park,                      Festival Marketplace
                   Fort Myers River District                Activities & Entertainment
                       Free Admission                        eLibrary Demonstrations
                    Details at                 Kids’ and Teens’ Programs

                       A few of the authors who will speak at the festival

                 Lisa Scottoline is a New York Times best-selling author of 16 novels,
                 including Look Again and Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog. She also
                 writes a column for the Philadelphia Inquirer titled “Chick Wit,” which is her
                 witty and fun take on life from a woman’s perspective. Her latest work, Think
                 Twice, is being released this month.

               Robert Macomber, with his Honor                     James O’Neal is a law
               Series of award-winning naval                       enforcement officer who
               novels, appeared at Friends of                      appeared as crime novelist
               SCRL author luncheons in                            James O. Born at a February
               December 2006 and January 2008.                     2009 FOSCRL author luncheon.

Chris Claremont, Tim Dorsey, James Grippando, Lisa Jackson, Carla Neggers, F. Paul Wilson,
R.L. Stine, Jason Edwards, Sharon Draper, Lauren Myracle, Lee Bennett Hopkins all will appear.

Look for the Friends of South County Regional Library table at the Reading Festival. Say
hello to FOSCRL members Marcella Dooney, Dorothea Meldner and Betty and Steve
Shandor, who will be at the table.

                 “Unger” interview continued from page 1

                 Being her mother has expanded and broadened my experience of life and the
                 world in ways that I am only just beginning to explore in my life and in my fiction.
                 And even though motherhood provides unique challenges to the writing life, I am
                 a better person and better writer because of my daughter.

                 At the Friends luncheon, will you tell us something about your latest book, other
                 than that it's coming out in August?

                 At the luncheon in March, I will definitely be talking about Fragile, as well as my
                 other books. I’ll also discuss my journey from aspiring writer to published author.
                 I’m really looking forward to my visit!

      Friends to Friends                      March 2010                              Page 2
                              From the FOSCRL president’s pen
                  Accomplishments of Friends of SCRL well worth noting
                  It seems appropriate to share the          At the Annual Meeting in January,
                  accomplishments of our Friends             Steve Shandor and Dorothea Meldner
                  group this past year. In 2009, we          were elected to three-year terms on the
                  provided $28,229 in equipment,             Board of Directors. Marcella Dooney
                  programs and services to South             was appointed to complete the
                  County Regional Library. This brings       unexpired term of Renee Maxwell who
                  our total contribution since our           resigned because she moved to Shell
                  founding in 2004 to $89,772 – a            Point. The following officers have been
                  significant accomplishment,                selected for the coming year: Claire
                  especially in this economic climate.       Hauenstein, President; Marcella
                  Our largest contribution, a little over    Dooney, Vice President; Karen
                  $17,000, was a state of the art sound      Rockenbach, Secretary; Gretchen
                  system for the Meeting Room. We            Schmidt, Treasurer; and Steve Shandor,
                  also funded $3,828 worth of adult          Assistant Treasurer. Carolyn Piscitello,
                  library programs and $3,848 for the        Jimmy Eichbauer and Dorothy Meldner
                  Youth Services program.                    are Directors at Large.

                  Our largest single source of revenue       In 2009 FOSCRL was honored with
                  continues to be our sales of used          three awards: David Hauenstein
                  books through First Dibs, three            accepted the Florida Library
                  annual Book Sales and our Reader’s         Association’s Newsletter of the Year
                  Digest Condensed Book sales. These         Award and also the ALTAFF (American
                  totaled $19,902 for the year. The          Library Association) Award for Best
                  total of these efforts since inception     Newsletter of the Year for a Friends
                  is $96,738. Our membership revenue         Group Without Paid Staff. Kim Dailey,
                  for 2009 was just under $5,500. We         our webmaster, received the Florida
                  closed the year with 260+ members.         Library Association Award for Website
                                                             of the Year. She is the first recipient of
                  Our focus for 2010 will be toward          this new award.
                  funding all programs—both adult
                  and children’s—because the current         As I start my final year as president, I
                  Library budget includes no funding         am so proud to be associated with a
                  for these during the current year.         group of truly dedicated volunteers who
                  The Board of Directors has just            are really making a difference in our
                  decided to fund the “Tables and            community!
                  Chairs Replacement Program” over
                  the next couple of years as funds are      Claire Hauenstein, President
                  available. The tables and then the
In Memoriam
                  chairs in the Meeting Room will all         More vital volunteers come forward
Ed Lewis,         be replaced. The present 40-pound
Friends member    tables must be lifted, folded and then     Friends of SCRL were happy to publicize the
                  placed on a cart to be put away.           need for more people to volunteer for SCRL.
                  These will be replaced with tables on      36 volunteers were working 398 hours in
                  wheels that can be stowed by simply        January 2010, an increase of 127 hours over
                  dropping the table down and pushing        last year when there were 16 volunteers.
                  it to the storeroom. (Each new table       Thanks to those people and to South County
                  costs $500.) The chairs meet current       Library’s Sally Bissell for recruiting, training
                  ergonomic guidelines. This project         and coordinating their helpful work.
                  will cost $25,000.

        Friends to Friends                      March 2010                                  Page 3
                 All are welcome to the Friends next Book Sale
                     April 2 (members only) from 2-4 p.m.
               The public sale is April 3 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
                             In the SCRL
                             Meeting Room,
                             volunteers sort books
                             for display after other
                             volunteers lugged
                             boxes of donated
                             books from the
                             Friends’ storage unit.

   Just over 500 book lovers attended
   February’s Big Book Sale. They                                   They know a Good Thing
   spent $1,953 bargain bucks on the
                                                                       when they see it
   books you and your neighbors
   donated.                                                    Thanks to Friends members and the
                                                               many other patrons of SCRL for
                                               s               buying First Dibs books. Since 2004
                                    books, CD
               od time  to bring in        .                   when the first book case went up in
    Now’s a go                 l Book Sale
               s fo r the Apri               esk.              the library’s entry hall, book lovers
    and puzzle                    culation d
               e the m to the cir                              have put more than $53,000 into the
    Please tak                                                 collection boxes, often leaving more
                                                               than the asking price.

Florida culture author Jeff Klinkenberg               What fun to see WINK-TV news anchor Lois
was full of surprising comments at the                Thome speak at the Friends January luncheon.
Friends February luncheon.

                                                                                 FOSCRL Book Queen Carolyn
                                                                                 Piscitello insisted on a picture with
                                                                                 Thome because they both have
                                                                                 blue eyes.

                             Linda Worley won
                             the gift basket at
                                                                                             Maxine Charette
                             the Klinkenberg
                                                                                             won the gift basket at
                             luncheon.                   More prize winners at               the Thome luncheon.
                                                         the Thome luncheon.

        Friends to Friends                        March 2010                                   Page 4
     Enjoy the last 2 of 5 no-charge concerts this season funded by FOSCRL

                             MARCH 13 outside South County Regional Library at
                             2 p.m. Your toes will be tapping to traditional
                             Dixieland Jazz played by the NAPLES JAZZ MASTERS.

                                                           Remember when we danced to the
                                                           music of Night Train when they
                                                           played outside our library in
                                                           February 2008? Well, put on your
                                                           dancing shoes ‘cause here they
                                                           come again.

MARCH 27 at Estero Community Park (Corkscrew Palms Blvd.
 off Corkscrew Rd.) as part of the Estero Festival of the Arts
enjoy NIGHT TRAIN, music from the ‘30s through the ‘60s.
             Two Shows: 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.
    Sponsored for you and everyone by Friends of SCRL
  Friends member Beverly MacNellis is chairing this event.
    Volunteers are needed. Call Bev at 498-0678 or go to                        March 27
                                              Noon to 7 p.m.

                     Eight no-charge programs this season funded by Friends of SCRL

                                      From the First: January 26 at 2 p.m.“Life and Times of
                                      George Armstrong Custer” - Dick Magee.
                                      To the Last: March 10 at 2 p.m. “The Four Loves of FDR” -
                                      Rusty Brown and Joan Olsen become Eleanor Roosevelt,
          SOLD                        Lucy Mercer, Missy LeHand and Daisy Suckley.
             Overflow parking indicated overflow attendance at all eight programs.

             Recent Friends member supports South County Regional Library

             Judy Daige has been donating $100 a month to SCRL since January 2009 for the
             purchase of new audio books on CD. She became a Friends of SCRL member in
             March, 2010. Her favorite genre is suspense. As a self-employed housekeeper, she
             listens to audio books while working, primarily at the nearby Wildcat Run
             community. Says Judy, “Audio books keep my spirits up and make the days zoom by.”

             Judy also donates to Hope Hospice.

       Friends to Friends                    March 2010                              Page 5
           Friends to Friends
         Published three times a year
         November, January, March

Friends of South County Regional Library, Inc.
         21100 Three Oaks Parkway
             Estero, Florida 33928


          Friends of South County
           Regional Library, Inc.

           21100 Three Oaks Parkway
              Estero, Florida 33928                     Stay in touch year round at
     (239) 533-4400      TTY (239) 485-1131
        Website:              34,000+ website hits since June 2005
              Board of Directors
                                                  Your year-round address for helping
          Claire Hauenstein, President
        Marcella Dooney, Vice-president           your Friends group help our favorite
          Karen Rockenbach, Secretary             library. Our website is open 24/7/365
          Gretchen Schmidt, Treasurer             for fun and finding information, including
       Steve Shandor, Assistant Treasurer                        links to other sites.
      Carolyn Piscitello, Director at large
      Dorothea Meldner, Director at large                        Thanks to webmaster Kim
      Jimmy Eichbauer, Director at large
      Beth Nitch, SCRL Regional Manager                          Dailey for making Friends
                                                                 of SCRL look so good.
      Ann Clark, SCRL Head of Reference
       Attorney Lee Carney, Legal Advisor         Remember, all Friends to Friends
Lori Van Wagner, LCLS Advisory Board President    newsletters are on the site.
             Kim Dailey, Webmaster
       Dave Hauenstein, Newsletter Editor         To see yourself and friends enjoying FOSCRL
 Errol L. Clark III, CPA, PA, Financial Advisor   events, go to