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									Abu Dhabi: Flags, a traditional souk, Arabian tents, food and ornaments and other symbols of
the UAE's heritage and folklore were displayed at Zayed University (ZU) yesterday to mark the
country's 39th National Day.
Nearly 3,000 students, from both male and female campuses, celebrated National Day with great
pride.ZU students think of the National Day as a link between an honorable past and a bright
"Our founding fathers may have passed [rest in peace] but the impact of their achievement on
our generation will last forever. We wanted this day to be recognition of their wisdom and a
celebration of a bright future. We also wanted to honor Shaikh Zayed's name," said Maisoon Al
Bakoush, Student Council president in the female campus.
The student council organized several activities, including music played by Abu Dhabi Police
Band, folkloric dance, poetry, and heritage competitions. Faculty and staff also participated in
festivities. Dressed in UAE national clothing they participated in a fashion show where a
number of students act as judges.
1) What is the main idea of the passage?
   a) ZU Students are proud of their university.
   b) ZU Students take pride in heritage.
   c) ZU students designed a competition.

2) What is the meaning of the word "heritage" in the first paragraph?
   a) Important things.
   b) Traditions taken from the past.
   c) Related to the future.

3) What is the meaning of the word "bright" in the second paragraph?
   a) Worst
   b) Special
   c) Hopeful

4) What is the meaning of the word "impact" in the third paragraph?
   a) Effect
   b) Goal
   c) Proud

5) How many students celebrated the National Day?
   a) 300
   b) 3000
   c) 30000
6) Why do people celebrate the National Day every year?
   a) To remember the achievements of Sheikh Zayed.
   b) Because it gives them a deep sense of the future.
   c) Both A and B.

7) What is the meaning of the word "several" in the fourth paragraph?
   a) Little
   b) few
   c) Many

8) What are the different activities organized by the student council?
   a) __________________________________________________

    b) __________________________________________________

9) The pronoun "their" in paragraph 3 refers to ___________________

10) The pronoun "they" in paragraph 4 refers to ___________________

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