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                              UNITED OLEFINS COMPLEX PROJECT
                               Weekly Safety Assessment Report (REV. 01)
     The following is to be used as a guide by the team to perform the safety inspection.
     Observations should be noted on the attached observation sheet. Upon completion
     of the inspection each category should be rated as: from 10 high to 1 low.
     Subtract 1 point for each deficiency/violation. 0 Lacking or N/A Not Applicable.
     Deduct 10 points off total score for each life threatening/imminent danger.
     Supervisor's Name:                                   Date:                                        Score   Points    %
     Area: Control Building / Sub-Station           Safety Manager.: Grant Wilson                       0.00% Awarded
A                                             Housekeeping
1    Project work areas are clean and free of excess trash, debris                                       3
2    Walkways and passageways clear of materials and illuminated where required                          3
3    Stored material or equipment safely stored and provided with physical barricade                     3
4    Electrical cords, hoses, welding leads, etc. elevated 2m off the ground to prevent trip hazards     3
5    Scrap material free of protruding nails or other puncture hazards, isolated and barricaded          3
6    Trash receptacles with covers are provided at work areas and marked                                 3
7    Barricades, and/or rebar caps installed and maintained                                              3
8    Plastic warning tapes dismantled after completion of the days work. FADED warning tapes             3
     replaced with visible ones                                                                          3
 9   Appropriate safety signs installed at work areas                                                    3
10   Work site access marked and provided with physical barricade and illuminated or flashing light      3
     provided as or when required                                                                        3
11   Food materials kept in clean food storage boxes                                                     3
12   Means of dust control initiated                                                                     3
13   Water kegs filled with fresh potable water, and disposable cups provided in shaded racks            3
14   Water kegs inspected and signed off                                                                 3
                                                                       POSSIBLE POINTS AWARDED          48       0           0%

B                                   Personal Protective Equipment
1    Hard hats worn and maintained as required; chin straps provided for elevated work activities        3
2    Hearing protection worn as required                                                                 3
3    Approved safety glasses worn. Precsription glasses with side shields or overspecs worn              3
4    Clear/Amber safety glasses worn inside buildings or poorlyilluminated work areas                    3
5    Face shield worn during welding, burning, grinding, chipping, chemical handling, drilling, use      3
     of powder actuated tools, concrete pouring, etc.                                                    3
6    Approved hard hat liner worn by personnel (use of T-shirt, wide handkerchief, etc, not allowed      3
7    Steel toed safety shoes worn by workers / employees                                                 3
8    Steel toed gum boots worn during concrete pouring or where and when required                        3
9    Other; respirators, gloves, chemical resistant garments                                             3
                                                                    POSSIBLE POINTS AWARDED             30       0           0%

C                                             Fall Protection
1    Personnel working at 1.8m and above ground levelcompleted WORKING AT HEIGHT safety                  3
     training and ID badge colour coded                                                                  3
2    Full body harness with double shock absorbing lanyards worn properly and with current               3
     inspection sticker                                                                                  3
3    Lanyards are adequately secured to suitable anchor point                                            3
4    1/2" dia. Wire rope installed as life line / static line properly secured and tensioned             3
5    Adequate leading edge protection and / or perimeter guarding provided (wire rope or                 3
     scaffolding tube able to support 5,400lbs. Force)                                                   3
6    Fall protection equipment is used ONLY for fall protection                                          3
7    Erection tools (hammer, ratchet, wrench, etc)and other hand tools secured to the operaters          3
     hand to prevent slippage or fall of objects below. Erectors provided with bolt bags                 3
8    Safety nets installed when and where required                                                       3
9    Safety signs (KEEP OUT MEN WORKING ABOVE, etc) installed below each elevated work and               3
     barricaded                                                                                          3
                                                                          POSSIBLE POINTS AWARDED       42       0           0%

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D                                               Excavations
 1   Sloped to 35' and shored properly, and regularly maintained                                           3
 2   Access to the excavation identified and marked,and egress provided every 25 ft.                       3
 3   Spolis set-back 1.0m from the edge                                                                    3
 4   Solid physical barricade around excavation provided                                                   3
 5   DEEP EXCAVATION and other appropriate safety signs provided                                           3
 6   Gas testing done prior to entry of personnel into excavations more than 4ft deep                      3
 7   Excavation watch assigned and provided with YELLOW protective vest                                    3
 8   Cross-over bridge inspected and tagged correctly                                                      3
 9   Approved excavation permit available on inspection                                                    3
10   Daily documented inspections conducted and documented, and kept at the work area                      3

                                                                      POSSIBLE POINTS AWARDED              30      0            0%

E                                        Scaffolds and Ladders
1    Personnel engaged in scaffolding work trained color coded for scaffolding safety                      3
     Awareness Training                                                                                    3
2    Proper and safe acess and agress provided.Scaffold ladder extends 1m above the landing                3
3    Inspected and tagged correctly/Scaffold tag placed at main acess point.                               3
4    Scaffolds footing rigid,stable free from cracksand possible setting/ dislacement                      3
5    Scaffolds planks free of cracks and splits,laid tight and secured adequately (not nailed)to           3
     prevent movement                                                                                      3
6    Scaffold planks completely cover the work platform and provided with kick boards at sides and         3
     end of scaffold platform                                                                              3
 7   Guard rail system in place - top rail, mid-rail and toe boards installed as required                  3
 8   Platforms                                                                                             3
 9   Scaffold not used as temporary support for pipe works, equipment, etc                                 3
10   Mobile scaffold set in level and stable surface, caster wheel locked and chocked                      3
11   No personnel on board mobile scaffold during moving or relocation                                     3
12   Scaffold 12m high and above inspected and approved by competent scaffolding engineer                  3
13   Smoke generating equipment removed from working radius of scaffolding structures                      3
14   Vertical drop lines provided when working from suspended scaffold                                     3
15   Proper ladder for the job performed / properly secured                                                3
16   Ladder inspected and colour coded                                                                     3
17   Metal ladder not used around electrical services or welding work                                      3
18   Ladder set at 75 degree angle                                                                         3
19   Homemade ladders not used. Ladders are not painted                                                    3
20   Ladders are secured at the top, if not, it is properly anchored at grade level to prevent slippage    3
     of footings and second person holding the ladder while being used                                     3
21   Ladders extend 1m beyond the landing or work surface                                                  3
22   Ladder is anchored or secured to the ground and not left hanging off the floor surface                3
23   Ladders have non-slip feet or base                                                                    3
24   Two persons not allowed to work on the same ladder unless specifically designed                       3
25   Ladders stored on racks. No materials over stored ladders                                             3

                                                                      POSSIBLE POINTS AWARDED              87      0            0%
F                                   Hoisting and Lifting Equipment                                        Score   See     Points
1    Chainfalls, come-a-longs, chokers, lifting gear in good condition with current inspection              3
2    Slings with aluminium ferrule removed from site                                                        3
3    Hooks provided with safety latches. Mousing is not permitted                                           3
4    Crane bears the United Equipment Inspection sticker                                                    3
5    Approved outrigger mats provided                                                                       3
6    Softeners used as required                                                                             3
7    Competent Rigger assigned equipped with whistle and GREEN reflective vest                              3
8    Proper rigging techniques / procedures followed                                                        3
9    Crane is properly and safely set when working near the edge of excavation                              3
                                                                     POSSIBLE POINTS AWARDED               27      0            0%

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G                                   Vehicles / Mobile Equipment
1    Lights, brakes, horns, reversing alarm working properly                                              3
2    Seat belts provided and used by employees operating equipment with ROLL OVER                         3
     PROTECTION                                                                                           3
3    Daily equipment inspection checklist completed and equipment properly maintained                     3
4    Equipment is used properly and correctly according to the purpose it was designed                    3
5    Licenses or certifications as required                                                               3
                                                                   POSSIBLE POINTS AWARDED               18    0            0%

H                                        Tools and Equipment
 1   Electrical cords in good condition, inspected and colour coded                                       3
 2   Cords, hoses, cables not coiled during operation                                                     3
 3   Electrical cords free or kept away from water, moist or damp surroundings                            3
 4   Tools are maintained in a safe condition, inspected and colour coded for the month                   3
 5   Electrical power tools are grounded or double insulated or GFCI protection provided                  3
 6   Hand tools equipped with a deadman switch                                                            3
 7   Protective/safety guard of equipment in place                                                        3
 8   Tools are properly carried and stored                                                                3
 9   Couplings of pneumatic / hydraulic hose connections are properly secured                             3
10   Pnuematic hoses fitted with whiplash arrestor across couplings                                       3
11   Hearing protection safety signs installed near high intensity noise generating equipment             3
12   Proper tools used for the job performed                                                              3
13   Work table and or work bench provided                                                                3
14   Proper adjustment on work rest and wheels properly dressed on bench grinders                         3
                                                                      POSSIBLE POINTS AWARDED            42    0            0%

I                                           Fire Protection
1    Flammables stored properly                                                                           3
2    Oxygen and combustibles separated                                                                    3
3    Containers labeled as to its contents                                                                3
4    Fire extinguishers inspected and colour coded for the month                                          3
5    Flashback arrestors installed at regulator end and check valves for each torch provided for gas      3
     cutting equipment                                                                                    3
 6   Materials                                                                                            3
 7   Gas cylinders in use kept in cradles / trolleys and chained                                          3
 8   Stored gas cylinders in upright position and valve caps in place and secured with chain              3
 9   Stored gas cylinders identified of its contents and marked either EMPTY or FULL                      3
10   Stored O2 cylinder seperated from gas cylinder by fire retardent partition or minimum distance of    3
     6m away                                                                                              3
11   Regulator gauges properly attached and maintained                                                    3
12   Gas cutting outfit inspected and colour coded for the month                                          3
13   Welding screens / fire blanket provided for hot work activities                                      3
14   Firewatch wearing RED vest present during hot work activities, and equipped with fire                3
     extinguisher                                                                                         3
15   Fire extinguisher provided on every mobile equipment and on welding machines                         3
16   Metal safety cans with air vent provided for transfer / filling of fuel on equipment                 3
                                                                         POSSIBLE POINTS AWARDED         57    0            0%

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J                    Safe Work Plan /Permits /Project Requirments /Accidents
1     Safe Work Plan and Applicable permits available on inspection                                       3
2     Safety Discrepancy Logbook available at work area                                                   3
3     Heat stress relief shelter provided                                                                 3
4     Safety awareness signs and posters provided                                                         3                   0%
5     Signboard for contractor Supervisor of the month installed at contractors work area                 3
6     Contractor ,responsible supervisor,scope of work and number of crew written on a signboard          3
      and installed in the work area                                                                      3
7     Confined Space work requirements:                                                                   3
 7a   Gas testing done                                                                                    3
 7b   Manpower log maintained                                                                             3
 7c   Confined spaceattendents and entrants identified                                                    3
 7d   Adequate ventilation provided                                                                       3
 7e   Appropriate confined space entry safety signs provided                                              3
 7f   Access and Egress identified and marked                                                             3
 7g   24-volt electrical tools used when working in confined spaces                                       3
8     Pre-talk safety reviews (Tool box Talks)                                                            3
9     Correct work procedure followed I.E., hazard assessment, material handling, lead, asbestos, etc.    3
10    Accidents experienced in the work area. Deduct the following corresponding points for each          3
      accident that occurred in the area during the week:                                                 3
10a   Fire incident: minus 1 (one).                                                                       3
10b   Property damage: minus 1(one).                                                                      3
10c   First-aid: minus 1 (one)                                                                            3
10d   Recordable injury: minus 2 (two).                                                                   3

      Note: LTA disqualifies the Supervisor and Contractor from the competition during the month
                                                                  POSSIBLE POINTS AWARDED                 69     0
                                                                                 POINTS SCORED           1300    0
                                                                                ADJUSTED SCORE                          0.00%
      Signatures Required; Site Manager-              _______________________
                               General Foreman-        _______________________
                               General Foreman _________________________
                               DSA Safety _________________________

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                        UNITED OLEFONS COMPLEX PROJECT

                                     Safety Assessment Summary

           The following is the rating classification established for the program;

               95 to 100 EXCELLENT                            90 to 94 GOOD

             85 to 89 FAIR                               80 to 84 LACKING (Contractor Intervention)

                                                        Below 80 POOR (United Intervention)

    Supervisor's Name:                                   Date:                           Score
    Area: Control Building / Sub-Station             Safety Manager.: Grant Wilson       0.00%

A   Housekeeping                                                                                                    0%

B   Personal Protective Equipment                                                                                   0%

C   Fall Protection                                                                                                 0%

D   Excavations                                                                                                     0%

E   Scaffolds and Ladders                                                                                           0%

F   Hoisting and Lifting Equipment                                                                                  0%

G   Vehicles / Mobile Equipment                                                                                     0%

H   Tools and Equipment                                                                                             0%

I   Fire Protection                                                                                                 0%

J   Safe Work Plan / Permits                                                                                        0%

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                                 OBSERVATION                                                         RESP.    IND.   CORRECTED

The responsible individual for observations requiring corrective action shall sign off as
corrected and return this report within 24 hours of receipt. A status report shall be attached for
observations that are not corrected.


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