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					1.0     PURPOSE

        The purpose of this standard is to establish minimum requirements for management
        commitment to safety.

2.0     SCOPE

        The standard covers the safety management related activities within SABIC and it’s
        Affiliates facilities.


        3.1     Management: A Supervisor or above level employee.

       3.2      Senior Management: General Manager and above level employee.

       3.3      Shall: Signifies mandatory requirements.

        3.4     Should: Signifies recommended/optional requirements.


        SABIC Affiliates shall develop management system, procedures and programs that
        meets the following requirements:

        SABIC Industrial Security shall be consulted for any clarification to this standard.
        The clarification given by SABIC Industrial Security shall be complied with and
        considered final.

        4.1     Each Affiliate shall have a written Safety policy signed by the Affiliate’s
                President. The Affiliate’s Safety policy shall be posted at conspicuous
                locations in all the buildings and conference rooms. The policy shall define
                the Affiliate’s commitment to Safety of the personnel and the assets.

        4.2     Management shall visibly demonstrate and encourage a consistent “Safety
                Culture”. They shall participate in Safety related activities and audits/surveys
                to demonstrate their commitment to Safety.

        4.3     Safety shall be integrated into the business organization in a way that Safety
                is given highest priority in making business decisions.

        4.4     Annual Safety plan shall be developed.

        4.5     Safety shall be the first agenda item of Senior Management, departmental
                and shift meetings.

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                                Management Safety Commitment and Safety Policy
      4.6     Safe and healthy work environment shall be provided for employees,
              contractor employees and the visitors. Every effort shall be taken to prevent
              injury to the employees, contractor employees, visitors, customers and the

      4.7     Systems and programs shall be in place that is intended to fulfill the safety
              related regulations of the Government, especially the Safety and Security
              Directives (SSD) issued by the High Commission of Industrial Security (HCIS).

      4.8     Necessary Personal Protective Equipment and Fire Protection Equipment shall
              be provided to ensure the safety of the employees, visitors and the assets.

      4.9     Contractor shall be made responsible to provide appropriate Personal
              Protective Equipment and training to their employees.

      4.10    Necessary Safety training on Affiliate’s Safety systems and procedures shall
              be provided to the employees at all levels, contractor employees and the

      4.11    Hazards associated with the plant operations shall be systematically
              identified. Senior Management shall review the results of the hazards
              identification programs and periodically review the implementation status of
              the recommendations of hazards assessment studies.

      4.12    Employees shall be encouraged to identify and report hazards at their

      4.13    Employees shall be encouraged to report safety incidents. Concealment of
              safety incidents shall be considered a violation.

      4.14    Each department/section shall hold a Safety meeting at least once in a
              month. The agenda of the meeting should include review of learning from
              safety incidents, hazards at the work place and effectivity of safety awareness
              material and programs material. The employees should be encouraged to
              suggest improvements and actions shall be taken on the recommendations
              made in such meetings.

      4.15    Safety procedures shall be developed that meets the requirements of the
              SABIC Safety Standards.

      4.16    The safety procedures shall clearly define responsibilities for carrying out the
              activities given in the procedures.

      4.17    The safety procedures shall be made available to the employees.

      4.18    Safety procedure and program requirements shall be implemented and
              consistently enforced by all levels of the management. Personal example and
              safety leadership shall be considered an integral part of supervisory
              performance evaluation criteria.

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                              Management Safety Commitment and Safety Policy
      4.19    Good safety performance shall be recognized and disciplinary action taken
              where safety procedures, practices, rules or guidelines are disregarded.
              Safety performance shall be included in the annual performance appraisal of
              the employees.

      4.20    Survey/audits shall be conducted to ascertain compliance to the requirements
              of SABIC Safety Standards. The survey/audit shall be conducted at least once
              in three years.

      4.21    Concerned employees/departments should be involved in developing safety
              programs and procedures.

      4.22    A Safety Committee shall be formed to assure that safety is given top priority.
              The Safety Committee shall be led by Senior Management and should have
              membership from all the departments.

      4.23    The Safety Committee shall meet at least once in a quarter. Following should
              be included in the agenda of the Safety Committee meetings:

              4.23.1     Review of Safety Incidents and Accidents.

              4.23.2     Review of status of incident investigations and status of
                         implementation of incident investigation recommendations.

              4.23.3     Review and appraisal of Affiliate’s Safety performance.

              4.23.4     Review of status of progress on Annual Safety plans.

              4.23.5     Review of Process Safety Management (PSM) Compliance
                         assessment plans and results of Assessments.     Review of
                         implementation status of SABIC PSM elements and Assessment

              4.23.6     Review of results of inspection/calibration program for Safety
                         Critical instruments and equipment, and Relief Devices. The review
                         shall ensure that the inspection is carried out as per established

              4.23.7     Review of Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) studies plans and
                         implementation status of the recommendations of PHA studies.

              4.23.8     Review of Emergency response drills plans and results, and
                         implementation status of recommendations of drills critique

              4.23.9     Review of results and recommendation status of Safety and Fire
                         protection survey/audits program.

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                              Management Safety Commitment and Safety Policy
              4.23.10   Review of effectiveness of Safety training and awareness

              4.23.11   Review of effectiveness of Contractor Safety program.

      4.24    Safety programs should be conducted to promote awareness on Off-The-Job
              Safety issues.

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                            Management Safety Commitment and Safety Policy

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