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                                                                                                              Dr. Karl-Erik Sveiby

                              Sveiby Knowledge Associates

 Intangible Assets Auditing
      and Controlling
                                                   The course will also include aspects of                    Online Facilitator:
 - A course leading to certification by Sveiby
                                                   Knowledge Management, Change
          Knowledge Associates –
                                                   Management, Project Management,
                                                   and the sharing of
This course is based upon the pioneering
work of Dr. Karl-Erik Sveiby into the area of
                                                   A LOT OF EXPERIENCE
intangible assets.
                                                   that bring Intangible Assets to life!
Due to the changing nature of the modern
economy the area of intangible assets is
gaining more and more prominence as                At the end of the course you will have              Sveiby Knowledge Associate:
organisations realise the contributions these      started implementing a well-defined
‘unseen’ sources of value make to the              and customized Intangible Assets
                                                   Monitoring System.                                              Oliver Schwabe
company valuation and their long term
competitive position.                                                                          With over 100 online courses delivered to over 2000
                                                   Learn by doing: You won´t listen to
This course is designed to give the student a      lectures on knowledge management.           participants in approx. 67 countries, probably one of
thorough grounding in the area of intangible       You will learn new concepts, assess         the most skilled and exciting online facilitators
assets and their relationship to organisational    how to implement them and practise
                                                   newly acquired skills in specially          available today !
performance. The principles of Knowledge
Management and the latest thinking will also       designed,      integrated    simulation
                                                   exercises. Proven assessment tools                E-mail:
be covered. The main measurement models
will be analysed with a special focus on the       will enable you to objectively analyse
Intangible Assets Monitor including the            situations common to a range of             Dates: Each module starts monthly on the
creation and implementation of the IAM             industry sectors.
                                                                                               first Wednesday of each month
within    the    student’s     own     working
environment. The course also covers the            This modular course to managing
relationship between intangible assets and         communities       of    practice     and    Time commitment: Each module 2
revenues to accounting practices and               established tools is delivered fully
                                                   online to groups of 3-10. The seminar
                                                                                               weeks; Weekly: Minimum 4 hours
corporate governance. The theoretical
content will be supplemented by on-line            itself focuses on providing insights into
forums and a computer simulation.                  the fundamental issues of intangible        Cost: US$2000 plus resources and
                                                   assets monitoring as a preparation for
                                                   the development of a shared-value
Based on action learning principles, these
interactive sessions will provide the context,     proposal for the organization of each
but focus primarily on the application of          participant. The above parallel learning    Delivery: Asynchronous delivery via
                                                   tracks ensure that you gain knowledge
communities to your organization. For
                                                   about these issues which can be    and
anyone serious about building strategic
capabilities in organizations, knowing how         directly    applied   to    your    own . Online
communities further can be leveraged has           environment. This allows you to move
become a principle requirement of success.         into the phase of learning by doing.        seminars are conducted using

                                                                                               Registration: Please contact

                                                                                                  By the end of the course, participants will have
                                                                                                    started to implement their own well-defined,
                                                                                               customized strategy for Intangible Assets Monitoring.

                                                                                                    Integrated Tools:

                               Sveiby Knowledge Associates                                 The online version of the award winning
                                                                                                      simulation Tango.
Week 1 – Introductions                            Week 5 – “Triple Bottom Line”

The course starts with an introduction to         This module introduces the ‘Triple
general KM principles and intangible assets.      Bottom Line’ and new thinking in the
What are intangibles and why are they             relationship between economic goals
important. This module introduces the four        and their environmental and social
families of intangible measuring methods.         impact. This section includes a
                                                  discussion on corporate governance
Week 2 – Introducing the IAM                      and the link to intangibles.
This module takes a deeper look at the IAM        Week 6 – Implementation
including its structure and implementation.
The three circle model of knowledge               This module focuses on the IAM             The online version of the powerful
flows/transfers is introduced and analysed        implementation using the IAM process
with respect to the leveraging of intangible      support model.
                                                                                          knowledge management activity planning
revenues. The area of external structure is                                                             tool KMAP
analysed in depth covering the identification,    The concept of value networks and the
creation and utilisation of intangibles within    relationship  to    intangibles  and
this area and the link to key performance         knowledge flows is explored.
indicators, intangible revenues and the
balance sheet.

                                                                                          The online version of the Sveiby Intangible
                                                                                                       Assets Monitor

Week 3 – Alternative Methods                      Week 7 – Critical Comparisons

In this model we take an in depth look at         This module rounds up our look at the
some alternative measuring models based           various measurement models and
around the Balanced Scorecard and the             critically  compares     the  various
Skandia Navigator.                                methods including a discussion on
                                                  future developments. Preparation and
The area of internal structure is analysed in
depth covering the identification, creation
                                                  discussion of completed knowledge        The online version of the Cultural
                                                  innovation project proposal.
and utilisation of intangibles within this area
and the link to key performance indicators,
                                                                                                      Climate Index
                                                  Week 8 – Certification
intangible revenues and the balance sheet.
                                                  Review of course material and final
Week 4 – GAAP & Others                            examination/certification.

This module looks at the role of intangibles in   Weeks 9 & 10 – Follow-up
relation to new developments in accounting
principles especially with regard to GAAP.        This is designed to revisit the work
                                                  done so far in implementing the IAM
The area of professional competence is            within your own work environment. The
analysed in depth covering the identification,    implementation steps will be reviewed
creation and utilisation of intangibles within    assessing successes and failures and
this area and the link to key performance         steps to counter such problems in the
indicators, intangible revenues and the           form of an after action review.
balance sheet.                                                                                and finally, full access to the
                                                                                                      Sveiby Toolkit

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