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					 Georgia Tech
 New Graduate
 Student Orientation

What You Need to Know
Presented by:

Office of Financial Planning and
Student Services
Bursar’s Office
                Fall 2006
     Office of Student Financial
        Planning & Services
3rd Floor – Bill Moore Student Success
  Center (attached to Football Stadium)

Web Address

Graduate Student available :
 Academic Departments:
   Manage all Assistantships – GRA and GTA
   Select and enter all GRA and GTA waivers

 A limited number of Non-Resident Tuition
 waivers are issued. Must be nominated by
 Graduate Coordinator and associated with
 designated fellowships/contractual
 All fellowship information is routed through
  the Office of Student Financial Planning
  and Services and disbursed to your Bursar
 Your Graduate Coordinator and the PI of
  your fellowship need to be informed of any
  changes that could affect your eligibility.
Fellowships & Stipends

Department           Outside Agency
   Or                                            OSFP&S

   OSFP&S Enters Awards & Disburses Funds to Bursar

    Bursar Applies Funds to Charges and Issues Refunds
       2005-2006 Stipend Schedule
 Stipend Payment schedule is available a

   Fall 2006 Stipend Payment Schedule:
      August 29, 2006
      September 27, 2006
      October 26, 2006
      November 28, 2006
      December 6, 2006
      Student Loan Programs
 Federally regulated Stafford Student Loans and
  Graduate PLUS loans are available to eligible
  US citizens and Permanent Resident Aliens that
  apply and qualify.
 Non-Federal Student loans from private/outside
  lenders are available based upon credit
 Information about these programs available at:
      Self Service via BuzzPort

 Access Award Notification…..see awards for each

 Review Student Invoice Statement…see “disbursed”
  and “anticipated” aid on your account

 View Qualified Payments & Award Details needed to
  determine tax implications of awards

 Monitor “Satisfactory Progress” – Required for recipients
  of Federal Title IV funds
         Disbursement Details

 Fellowships and Loans that apply to
 tuition/fees and other Institute charges will
 begin on August 17th

 Stipends are paid monthly - on the last day
 of the month.
         Enrollment Requirement
 Waivers and Fellowships REQUIRE
 Full Time Registration and Enrollment:

   Full Time is at least 12 total graduate credits with at least 9
    hours attempted for a letter grade or pass/fail
      Some Departments may require more than 12 credits per term
      Waivers will be removed and fellowships cancelled for all not
        properly registered

   Registration ends at 4 PM on Friday, August 25th
Understanding Tax Implications
                  Bursar’s Office
Address:                         404-894-4618
Lyman Hall                       404-894-5536 fax
225 North Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0255            $$$
Office Hours:                          Hall
8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., M-F
Web Site:                             Success                  Center Stadium

Email:                              North Avenue
                 Graduate Tuition
                      Resident   Non Resident

Tuition                $4,586       $19,210

Student Fees           $1,034       $1,034
Total Per Year         $5,620       $20,244
(2 semesters)
        Graduate Tuition Differentials
Program             Resident      Non Resident
MBA                   $6,248      $24,994
MS Bldg Const(BC)     $8,988      $27,732
PhD Biomedical        $7,872      $31,492
MS QCF                $6,248      $24,994
MSPO                  $6,248      $24,994
MS BINF               $6,248      $24,994
MS ID                 $7,816      $24,118
Distance Learning   $801 per hr
         GRA/GTA Waivers
 Students eligible for a GRA/GTA Tuition
 waivers will have the regular graduate rate
 reduced to $25 per term. Will be required
 to pay student fees.
      Graduate Assistantship Rates
               Per term

Graduate Assistantship Rates   Resident     Non Resident
 Regular Graduate Programs             25              25
 MBA, MSPO, QCF, BINF                 856           2,917
 Building and Construction          2,226           4,286
 Industrial Design                  1,640           2,479
            Web Invoice Statements

   No Mailed Invoices
   Go to Oscar Web Invoice
   Need GTID and PIN
   Available 24/7
   Shows:
     Charges
     Payments
     Financial Aid and
     Anticipated Funds
          Web Invoice Statements

 Important dates
    Fee Deadlines
 Web payment options
    Webcheck(e-check)
    Credit cards
 Print or email
    Important Dates/Deadlines
August 16, 2006      Financial Aid
August 18, 2006      Fee Payment
                     Deadline Without
August 25, 2006      Last Day to Pay
must include $75     Fees
late payment after
Aug 18
August 26, 2006      Class Cancellation
                     for Non-payment
          Email Notifications
 GT’s Official Means of correspondence
 Notification of Fee Deadlines
 Notification of Fees Due before fee deadline
  (without penalty)
 Notification of Fee Due Final Fee Deadline
 Class Cancellation Warning
 Class Cancellation Notice

 Verify your enrollment is correct
 Verify all charges are on the invoice
 Verify all Financial Aid anticipated has
  been disbursed
 Verify all payments have been received
    No monthly payment plans
    Financial Aid is applied directly to the Student’s
   account. Any residuals will be issued as a refund to
   the student through direct deposit
                 How to Pay
 Over the WEB:
   Webcheck (Free)
   Credit Card (Fee applies)

 By Mail or Wire Transfer:
   Money Order, Check, Cashiers Check
   Put Student ID Number on check
   Wire Transfer

 In Person at Lyman Hall
   Cash, Check, Money Order-NO CREDIT CARDS!
   Drop boxes are also available at Lyman Hall
           Web Payment Options

 WebCheck
   Convenient
   Quick/easy
   No cost to student
             Web Payment Options

 Credit Card Payments
     Convenient/secure
     Quick/easy
     Third party provider
     2.75 % service fee
     MasterCard/AMEX &
      Discover only
            Student Refunds
 Refunds can occur for a variety of reasons
   Financial Aid Refunds
   Overpayments
   Dropped Classes

 Refunds will be returned through Direct
                    Direct Deposit

 Direct Deposit Signup
  is Required
   Convenient & very
    secure for Refunds
   Funds available within
    24 hours in most
   No checks lost in the        Sign Up Today!!!!!
   Sign up through
    Services menu
   Campus Portal
   Access Oscar – Your Student Account
   Read Email
   Student Invoice and Fee Payment
   Sign up for Direct Deposit!!!
   Registration
   Financial Aid Award Information
   Class Schedule
   Access GT main web page
            Final Remarks
 It is the student’s responsibility to make
  sure that all requirements of his/her
  Student Account are satisfied by the
 Check your Student Invoice Statement
  on the Web often, especially as we
  approach payment deadlines.
 Check your e-mail for Updates
 Sign up for Direct Deposit