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           Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club
Ninety Second Annual Report and Financial Statements

                                 Presented: 15 June 2010
                               Learn to Sail Supporters

Dyson and Tatham Plumbers
19 Lucretia Ave
LONGUEVILLE NSW, 2066 Phone: 9418 8146
                                            Michael Bartley Shipwrights
                                            2c Margaret St
                                            Woolwich, NSW, 2100 Phone: 9879 4222

                                            L J Hooker, Lane Cove
Dinghy Sports                               113 Longueville Road,
5c - 89 Darley Street                       LANE COVE NSW 2066 Phone (02) 9428 1877
Mona Vale NSW 2103 Phone 9997 1636

                                            Suite 1A Level, 2/ 802 Pacific Hwy
Deckhardware Australasia                    GORDON NSW 2072 Phone: 1300 55 36 45
Factory 5, 122-126 Old Pittwater Rd
Brookvale, NSW, 2100 Phone 9905 9400

                                            Coursemaster Autopilots
                                            Level 2 - 66 Gibbes Street
                                            CHATSWOOD NSW 2067 Phone: 9417 7097
Doyle Sails                       
6 Neild Ave.
Rushcutters Bay, NSW Phone: 9361 4836

                                            Unit 2, 81 Bassett St
L.W.   Riley                                MONA VALE NSW 2103 Phone: 9997 1211
P.O. Box 234                      
Hurstville N.S.W. 2220
                                    Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

                                              Commodores Message
Sailing for the 113 season at Lane Cove has come        for the Asia Pacific Championships, Flying 11’s
to another successful conclusion. This season was       travelled to Northern Tasmania for their Nationals
full of some fantastic results, some great sailing, a   in Jan 2010, and the Junior Classes represented
few dramas, but most importantly, it was one that       Lane Cove all around the State at various Zone
was full of fun and excitement!                         races, and Nationals. Lane Cove was present at just
                                                        about every regatta this season.
The 12ft Skiff Class at Lane Cove has had a great
season. Besides some exciting interclub sailing, the    The Club’s success on water is also evident in the
12 footer Class held the 50 annual Inter-dominion       healthy working partnership that the Club enjoys
regatta in Auckland. The Australian team of 12          with the Lane Cove Council. This continued this
boats was actually made up of six boats from Lane       year as the Council continues to support the Club
Cove, a great testament to the quality of our           for major Capital works on both our facilities and
sailors. Nick Press and Brad Yabsley sailing            community facilities.
Dimension Polyant won the series, bringing home
the coveted Silasec trophy!                             The Capital Works and Maintenance Planning
                                                        report for this year projects that the Club will have
On a separate but very exciting note, Lane Cove,        a heavy expenditure over the next five years.
despite being the spiritual and original home of        Currently the Clyde Replacement Committee is
12’s, will for the first time, be hosting the 51        seeking a new Response Boat and there are many
Inter-dominions in January 2011! This will be a         such needed projects needing to be funded. This
fantastic international event and Lane Cove is          Capital Works plan is budgeted to drain the Capital
excited!                                                Works fund over the next one to three years,
                                                        highlighting the need for the Club to maintain its
In the Cherubs, Ali Chapman in Sparky, dominated        healthy trading performance, and highlighting the
in the NSW State Championship, and also the             importance of donations and Government
Cherubs Nationals held at Perth in January. Ali and     support.
her crew Rhys Mara had the Nationals wrapped up
with a heat to spare!                                   During the season we had highs and lows. The low
                                                        was Saturday Jan 23 when our emergency
                                                        operations plan was enacted when gusts in excess
                                                        of 40 knots came in. While we got all our Sailors
                                                        and boats home safely, two of our Starters
                                                        sustained injury from a broken window. One of the
                                                        many highs this year was Arnold Metcalf, who won
                                                        the prestigious Lane Cove Cube! Arnold also
                                                        celebrated his 80 birthday this year, and no more
                                                        fitting way was on the water with his sailing

                                                        This brings to an end to my first year as
                                                        Commodore. Rolf Lunsmann, our immediate past
                                                        Commodore, has been a great source of
                                                        inspiration and guidance, and for that I very much
                                                        thank him. As well, the whole Committee’s
                                                        support for me as Commodore has been
                                                        wonderful and I would like to Thank you all, as well
Ali and Brad showing off their Trophies!                as the many Volunteers who work tirelessly at the
                                                        Club to ensure it works seamlessly.
The successes above were only further contributed
to by the large amount of travelling the rest of the                                        Max Gundy
Club’s fleet took on representing Lane Cove. Three                                          Commodore
Laser Sailors travelled to Nova Scotia Canada for
the World Masters, two Laser Sailors to Thailand                                                                                   Page 3
                            Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club


Overall membership of the Club grew again this        with their fleets to provide regular updates
season in the three main categories although          including details of race results, class specific
regrettably ‘Living’ Life Members reduced by one      news, reminders of upcoming inter-club regattas
with the sad passing of Ken Barrett (Ken was          and a preview of weekend racing.
nominated for Life Membership at the AGM held 3
August 1937). Associate Membership has been           Social Programs
bolstered by families of all categories taking
advantage of our Family Membership rate. The          Staying true to the Club’s motto that Lane Cove is
major increase in Senior membership is                a very family oriented Club, the social program this
represented by many of last season’s Youth            year remained very busy with activities for all of
Members ‘coming of age’. The continued strong         our members. The main event for the year was the
numbers in the Club’s Junior Programmes remains       “Commodore’s Deck Party” which was a great
one of our greatest strengths, providing a strong     success with a very good attendance that night.
foundation for the future. The Club’s overall         Activities included many well thought out and well
membership is the highest it has been in the past     run games, good food and drinks, and good
decade.                                               company. The Club’s Social Committee did a great
                                                      job preparing and running the evening. It was
The breakdown of membership categories is –           especially pleasing to see so many members of the
                      Last     This                   Club who haven’t been down there for a long time.
                      Season Season
Life Members          13       12
Senior Members        92       104
Associate Members     72       89
Youth Members         134      140
Total                 311      345

                 Ian Meggitt
                 Assistant Treasurer, Membership

                                                      BBQ- Lane Cove Style, charred on the outside!

                                                      As normal every year we had the five programmed
                                                      Club Championship dinners which proved to be
                                                      popular. Each class hosted one of the dinners with
                                                      the “Commodore’s Masterchef” award going to
                                                      the Flying 11 class for the “Pirates of the Caribbean
Communication with Members
Three hardcopy newsletters were issued                The Canteen is the heart of the Club and this year
throughout the season, the first two to coincide      proved no different. It made a positive
with the upcoming start of the season, the release    contribution to the Club’s revenues and provides
of renewal notices, and third was to facilitate the   an essential service to our members throughout
release of the annual program. In addition to         the season. The success of the canteen is due to
these, a number of email updates were sent to         the hard and dedicated work of all the volunteers
Members and supporters who had provided an            who put time into a shift during the season.
email address for distribution through the Club’s     Important functions such as purchasing,
website.                                              organising, storing the stock, making up the rolls
                                                      for Saturday are all undertaken by member’s who
Throughout the season, many of the Class              put their time in. Claudette Rones has done an
Secretaries also regularly communicated by email      outstanding job this year as acting Coordinator!                                                                                    Page 4
                                Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

Next year the Club would like to appoint a
dedicated Canteen Organiser to bring the
operation together.

                                                         High tide on the Slips.

Shane Tatham having fun at The Commodore’s Deck Party.   The courses were led by Richard Griffin, Julian
                                                         Moran, and Jack Winning with assistance in the
This year the Club arranged a Responsible Service        Senior Instructor roles from Grace Armstrong,
of Alcohol Course run by NSW TAFE. This was a            Chloe Jensen, Chris Kelly and Ken Williams and
well run course and fifteen new RSA’s achieved           Assistant Instructors Christian Breslin, Ellie Breslin,
their diploma.                                           Cam Fraser, Catriona Glassock, Gael Glassock,
                                                         James Glassock, Cam Gundy, Charlie Gundy, Ollie
Coaching - Youth Programs                                Hartas, Scott Jeans, Tom Jensen, Alex Lewis, Claire
                                                         Lunsmann, Ally Lusty, Bill Lusty, Emma May,
Learn to Sail                                            Hannah Merchant, Andre Marshall, Leon Marshall,
                                                         Macca Paton, Lily Peel, Xavier Perks, Ben Slader,
The popularity of our Learn to Sail (LTS)                Olly Slader, Zac Tatham, Devlin Walsh and Kat
programme continues to soar, at the time of              Wotherspoon. A very big “thank you” to all these
                                                         people (and I hope we haven’t forgotten any) who
writing we have over 80 names on the list for next
                                                         have given freely of their time as volunteers to
season!                                                  help with the courses, if it wasn’t for the
                                                         enthusiasm of all these members our courses
                                                         would not be so popular or so successful. The new
                                                         boats are a big hit with the students but even
                                                         bigger with the instructors who find the teaching
                                                         much easier and the learning much quicker –
                                                         thanks to Wally Bartley for his maintenance on the
                                                         hulls during the off season, unfortunately we will
                                                         need to call on him again this winter, but in
                                                         general the boats are still looking very good.

Learning to Rig the Boats.

We ran our regular two five day courses during the
October school holidays and this season added an
additional course at the end of the January
holidays, a total of 68 students.                        Chris Walsh with LTR’s after the Junior Sleepover

                                                         Although the January course only gives the
                                                         students half a season to get their skills up before                                                                                           Page 5
                                    Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

the winter break, the warmer weather made it a
lot more pleasurable for all involved.

Learn to Race was very successfully run by Chris
Walsh on Saturday afternoons in the first half of
the season and by Chris Kelly on Friday nights in
the second half for the January students. We ran
two very successful two day school holidays Learn
to Race coaching sessions in January (Claire
Lunsmann) and April (Chris Kelly), these are a great
wind up to the regular Learn to Race and it is
always amazing to see the skills that have been
learnt in just a short half season.

                                                       Splash heading out the heads for NZ.

                                                       Australian Secondary Schools Regatta (CHS)
                                                       A healthy contingent of Sailors from Lane Cove
                                                       travelled to Belmont this Easter to take part in the
                                                       Annual CHS regatta on Lake Macquarie. Always a
                                                       well attended event, this year there was 134
                                                       registered boats before the regatta started, and
                                                       this swelled as beach entries arrived.

Learn to Racers on the Slips keen to get out .

                                    Jack Winning
                                   LTS Coordinator

Picnic Day Sailing

                                                       Cam Gundy and Macca Paton show how Vantage
                                                       Real Estate should be sailed. Watch out veterans!

                                                       Lane Cove Sailors used this opportunity to sail
                                                       boats that they normally don’t during the season.
                                                       Keen Sabot Sailors were seen out in Flying 11’s
                                                       Flying 11 sailors were seen racing in there Flying
Heading home.                                          11’s, other Flying 11 Sailors moved forward to
                                                       Cherubs and two boys even begged, borrowed,
This year we had a return to Picnic Day Sailing. A     and got their hands on a 12.
small fleet of Sabots, MJ’s and Flying 11’s headed
off to Clifton Gardens for swimming, playing,
eating, and then a great sail home under the
bridge and back into the river. Followed by a
couple of Response Boats from the Club, the fleet
had two Picnic Days, and each time the Sailors got
home and were very happy with how much fun the
day was.                                                                                  Page 6
                                  Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

Holly Dixon and Sophie Lewis rounding the Windward mark.
                                                                        Ollie Hartas in a Cherub showing why it’s the CHS!
The week was viewed to be a great success by all
sailors, except for perhaps the Saturday of racing                      “What’s Next” Evening
when there was not even a breath of wind in the                         On Friday 30 April many of the Club’s young Sailors
air. The Flying 11 Class was easily the best                            and parents from the Sabot, Manly Junior, and
represented at Belmont, a testament to its great                        Flying 11 Classes met for a BBQ and a “What’s”
take up by younger teenagers.                                           Next evening. This evening is to help our younger
                                                                        Sailors get into a boat next year, either as a
                                                                        Skipper or Crew, and to decide on what type of
                                                                        boat is best to Sail. The Sailors also learn about
                                                                        their various Class Associations training plans for
                                                                        winter and for the next season. Lane Cove will be
                                                                        holding some winter training sessions and
                                                                        everyone had a chance to learn about those as

Lane Cove’s Babe in front at the Gill Southern NSW Sabot Zone Championship.

12ft Skiff Interdominion Championship 2011

Lane Cove club has been awarded the right to host                       More information will be made available through
the Interdominion Championship in January 2011.                         the club newsletters and association website with
Planning is well underway. We are grateful to have                      plenty of opportunities for volunteers both on and
the support of Hunters Hill Sailing Club whose                          off water.
facilities we will be utilizing so that all boats can rig
in the one place which will be very close to the
start and finish lines.

The Notice of Race has been issued and racing will
be between Thursday 6 January and Friday 14
January 2011 with the Presentation to be held at
Lane Cove Club on Saturday 15                                                                                                 Page 7
                                   Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

On Water Operations

Safety/Support Boats
This season has been a quiet one for changes to
the Club’s fleet of Response boats, although it
kicked off with a challenge to keep our 32 year old
Clyde operational.

During last winter, at the time of its annual engine
servicing, an age-produced failure was found in
one of the Lister engine’s cylinder heads and a
replacement head was sought. Prior to this, Clyde
had been stripped back below the waterline to the
gel coat surface, all flaws filled and the hull re-
epoxyed and antifouled, so this mechanical              Ready Response Boat Crews.
problem did not come at a good time.
Initial inquiries gave rise to the thought that Clyde   Clyde is a grand testament to the 1977 selection
had given us its last year of service, due to the       committee, led by the then Commodore and now
apparent cost to restore serviceability. The            Life Member, Stan Begg.
retirement and subsequent sale of the boat,
appeared to the best course of action.                  On the more human aspect to the Response Fleet,
A replacement ‘outside river’ semi-displacement         this last season has seen a welcome return to a
vessel with greater speed and manoeuvrability had       large group of volunteers, committing when
already been proposed, but not due until 2010/11        required to manning and driving the boats with
at the earliest, so a little more searching for parts   care, skill and proficiency. We experienced several
was undertaken.                                         occasions during the season when every one of the
                                                        available boats was needed and without those
                                                        people to keep the boats ‘on duty’, the potential
                                                        for damage or injury within the racing fleet would
                                                        be far greater.
                                                        Our team in the ‘harbour boats’ this season was
                                                        Ian Meggitt, Diana Rickard, Cathy Lunsmann,
                                                        Shane Tatham, Bob Paton, Bill Oxby (Snr), Chris
                                                        Winston, Bill Edmondson, Felicity Colless, Brian
                                                        Populin, Simon Ling, David Lee, Ian Smith, Corinna
                                                        Hartas and Dave Lusty and I thank them and hope
                                                        they are able to continue their good work in 2010-

The smiling face of Ken Williams working on Clyde.      The 3 RIBs, monitoring and rounding up the Junior
                                                        Fleet inside the river, have been manned by
With greatly appreciated thanks to the many             volunteer parents under the watchful eyes of the
workers on the bottom of Clyde, in particular Alan      Junior Secretary Garry Lewis and his assistants,
Kenney, Ken Williams and Ian Meggitt, and the           Chris Kelly and Chris Walsh, with thanks to Terry
‘never-say-die’ mechanical philosophy and efforts       O’Brien for setting up the radios and fuel tanks in
of Ross Gage, the results of which are now quite        the boats safely.
obvious and Clyde was back on duty by mid
November ready to give the Club many more years         ‘Wal’ Bartley’s back-up with his own runabout is
of service if required.                                 also very much appreciated.

Another member to whom the Club owes thanks is          Communication via our 27Mhz radios has not been
‘Wal’ Bartley, both for his chasing and supply of       trouble free this season, although we have
materials and for the use of his work boat, the         established a very good rapport with the repair
Candoo, whilst Clyde was out of action. Our thanks      department of GME, and here also I thank Al
also to Foxy Lady crew, Jamie McCrudden, who            Kenney with his always-on-the-ready soldering
gave his professional expertise to ensure the boat      iron to fix battery connections etc., pulled off by
crews again have instruments on Clyde to enable         the wire rather than the plug.
them to see when mechanical problems arise.                                                                                  Page 8
                                  Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

The Response boat crews are very appreciative of
the ‘Mobile Base’ radio operation carried out by
our Club Secretary, Claudette Rones, who has
done a marvellous job of keeping them in touch
with happenings in the river and harbour and
relaying instructions to the sometimes up to seven
other operators, even those who sometimes forget
to turn the 'On' switch!

Lastly, my pleasure in carrying out the duties
would have been far less without the constant
                                                              Minister for water blasting Glenn Farquhar.
assistance of my cohort, Ian Meggitt and for this, I
thank him.
                                                              Our aging water blaster was replaced with a new
                                                              improved model and Griff organised for the old
                                ‘Griff’ Griffin
                                                              one to be sent to a new home via eBay. After 40
                                Club Captain on Water         years of good service, the old heavy timber tables
                                                              have been replaced with a lighter steel framed
                                                              table which will allow for better seating at the Club
Facilities and Maintenance
                                                              dinners and major functions.
In mid December, after lengthy discussion, Lane
Cove Council gave the Club an early Christmas
present by replacing the three main wooden piers
supporting the George Eden Room and wrapping
the remaining internal piers in a protective
coating. Council’s action in undertaking this work
is very much appreciated as it was a task that was
certainly beyond any of the working bee projects
or even our RUST crew.

                                                               Are Katy Rosenthall and Ailsa Jeans really Painting the glass?

                                                              In late Jan we had an incident in the George Eden
                                                              room when a window broke during strong winds
                                                              showering a number of the occupants with glass
                                                              and sending two of our “starters” to hospital.
                                                              Fortunately both our starters have fully recovered
                                                              and the Club is in the process of upgrading the
                                                              broken windows with safety glass and fitting
                                                              closers to a number of the awning windows.
August 2009 Working Bee. Newly configured Racks for the
Western Shed being installed and inspected by Nick Bernard,
Joe Jensen, and Tom Jensen.

Other upgrades undertaken this year saw the boat
racking in the Western shed reconfigured to allow
better usage by our F11s, a new sail cover on our
pergola, painting of the steel pergola and
replacement and painting of the pergola timbers
and upgrade of the security lighting.

                                                              RUST Members clearly can walk on Water!                                                                                                   Page 9
                                Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

The RUST (Retirees and Unemployed Support                     storage racks built by Jim Chambers on his RUST
Team), open to all comers regardless of gender,               days and which proved so handy in keeping the
age or employment status, has been meeting                    foyer clear of our younger member’s bags. The
every second Wednesday and has focused on                     RUST team’s work has been of great benefit to the
general improvements and maintenance of the                   Club and they invite anyone who would like to
Club. The team, averaging seven to eight each                 help and is available for a few hours on a
week, have addressed many issues from painting,               Wednesday to contact either Jack Winning or John
replacement of windows, water blasting and repair             Hayward.
of the slips at the Clubhouse and Woodford Bay,
oiling of the deck, maintenance of the ribs, winter                                     John Hayward
maintenance on Learn to Sail boats, upgrade of the                                      Club Captain off Water
taps and hoses etc. Of particular note is the bag

                                                  Class Reports

12 foot Skiffs

The 2009/10 season had Fifteen 12 footers                     from Andrew Short Marine with Gemmell Sails in
registered at Lane Cove. The Club Championship                third place.
was hotly contested by Gemmell Sails ( Murray
Press and Ben Gemmell), Lincoln Crowne                        This season saw the introduction of High Modulus
(Jonathan Temple and Richard Jones), Andrew                   Carbon masts into the class. Dimension/Polyant
Short Marine ( Michael Spies and Damien                       Sailcloth replaced all their previous carbon masts
Vlotman), and Dimension/Polyant Sailcloth (Nic                with these lighter and smaller diameter masts.
Press and Brad Yabsley) . The battle was decided
by the last race where Dimension/Polyant                      The 50 InterDominion was held in Auckland in
Sailcloth took the championship.                              January 2010. Lane Cove boats comprised half the
                                                              Australian team with results as follows:
                                                              Dimension/Polyant Sailcloth        1
                                                              Gemmell Sails                      7
                                                              Andrew Short Marine                11
                                                              Foxy Lady Too                      13
                                                              Hey Charger                        23
                                                              Panadol Rapid (Andrew O’Brien)     25

                                                              The 12s longer NE course again proved its worth
                                                              during the InterDominion allowing the club boats
                                                              to be competitive and survive the grueling ordeal
                                                              of two by two hour races a day or as the GPS
                                                              systems recorded 75 kms of sailing a day during
2009-2010 Club Championship Winners- Dimension Polyant
                                                              the eleven race series. This Interdominion was
Sailcloth, Nick Press and Brad Yabsley.
                                                              notable because there was no difference in boat
The Handicap Pointscore for the David “Big Kite”              speed between the 30 boats in the series with
Stephens Memorial Trophy was also a closely                   local knowledge being the real differentiator.
fought contest with four boats vying for the
trophy. The four way was between Andrew Short                 Overall Lane Cove is home of the following:
Marine, Dimension/Polyant Sailcloth, Hey
Charger (Nick Bernard and Robbie Polec) and                   NSW State Champion
Vantage Real Estate (Jack Winning and Brett                   Dimension/Polyant Sailcloth
Phillips). The last race decided the winner which             East Coast Interclub Champion
went to Andrew Short Marine.                                  Dimension/Polyant Sailcloth
                                                              Interdominion Champion
The Fastest Time pointscore for the Hindsight II              Dimension/Polyant Sailcloth
Trophy was won by Dimension/Polyant Sailcloth                                                                                       Page 10
                             Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

Lane Cove Sailors missed out on the Australian
Championship which was won by last year’s
Interdominion Champion Garde (Brett Hobson and
Alex Johnson).

Next season will see six new 12ft Skiffs join the
NSW fleet. Five of the hulls will be built by Nick
Olsen in Auckland and shipped across the Tasman
to arrive here at the end of June while one will be
built locally. Included in the project, co-ordinated
by Brett Phillips, will be a new Vantage Real Estate
for Brett Phillips and Jack Winning and a new boat
                                                        Warwick Foy, 2009/2010 Standard Rig Club Champion.
for David and Heidi Winning. Three of the boats
will be delivered as they have come off the mould       Geoff Lucas again dominated the Radial division by
and will be having the tanks, mast frames, false        winning every Club Championship race, Kris
floors etc fitted down at the Lane Cove clubhouse       Romuld won the Fastest Time Pointscore and Kim
by the sailors from early July – so many a late night   Stewart after only two seasons in Lasers won the
and long weekend is in store.                           Handicap Pointscore and four weekly fleet
                                                        trophies – well done Kim.
This will be an interesting project for anyone
interested in seeing how it all happens or wanting      Improved performance across the fleet was
                                                        evident with John Hunt showing the most
to give some advice.
                                                        improvement by reducing his handicap from 20 to
                                                        10 minutes. Other strong improvers were James
The resurgence of interest follows that in
                                                        Stewart (now rattling the scratch markers cage),
Queensland where three new boats have been
                                                        Julian Moran (gathered form during the season
built in the past year and another may come to
                                                        and finished impressively with two handicap wins
fruition before next season.
                                                        from his last three starts) and Kim Stewart (won
                                                        five Radial Handicap Pointscore races).
                           Peter Polec
                           12ft Skiff Class Secretary
                                                        Only one race was cancelled due to bad weather
                                                        and two other races were held on “wicked windy
                                                        days” (in the words of Mulhearn the handicapper).
                                                        Warwick Foy and John Mackay were the only
Top of the Standard fleet racing continued to be
                                                        starters in one race, won by Warwick after John
very competitive with four different winners in the
                                                        retired, and David Rosenthall was the only official
five Club Championship races, the title eventually
                                                        finisher in the other. Warwick and eight others did
captured by the only dual race winner Warwick
                                                        not complete the course.
Foy. The other winners were John Mackay, Peter
Zonneyville and James Stewart. Former Club
                                                        Although the fleet reduced slightly to 23 boats the
Champion Richard Kornman won the Fastest Time
                                                        average number of boats per pointscore race
Pointscore and Tony Mulhearn bagged the
                                                        increased to eleven resulting in competitive racing
Handicap Pointscore.
                                                        at all levels. Everyone had someone of a similar
                                                        standard to dice with, to chase, and to stay ahead

                                                        A feature event this season was presentation of a
                                                        Lane Cove Laser Cube (a replica of the
                                                        internationally sought after Laser Cube) to the
                                                        inspirational Arnold Metcalf who reached eighty
                                                        years of age and completed a commendable
                                                        thirteen races.                                                                                      Page 11
                               Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

                                                       Dave Rosenthal: 29th (of 41) Standard Rig
                                                       Silver Masters Fleet
                                                       Warwick Foy: 31st (of 40) Standard Rig Grand
                                                       Masters Fleet
                                                       Geoff Lucas: 19th (of 42) Radial Rig Great
                                                       Grand Masters Fleet

                                                       Some of our fleet are already packing their bags
                                                       for Hayling Island (UK) later this year, volcano soot
Arnold showing off his Cube.
                                                       WORLD MASTERS GAMES AT WOOLLAHRA
Three new members joined the fleet this season,
Ken Roper, Noel Borel (from Tasers) and Peter           The first local regatta for the season was attended
May, while once again Peter Francis almost sailed.     by a particularly strong Lane Cove team of ten
Maybe next season.                                     sailors who enjoyed a great week where sailing
                                                       conditions were at times tough, then slightly
                                                       easier, then really tough! Of particular note was
                                                       the determination shown by the relatively
                                                       inexperienced Mark Barraclough, Max Gundy and
                                                       John Hunt who braved the strong winds and
                                                       gained valuable experience. John learnt the
                                                       advantage to be had by hanging on to the
                                                       mainsheet in strong winds after his boat was
                                                       blown away and fortunately another competitor
                                                       helped him regain possession. John went on to
                                                       become the most improved sailor in our fleet over
                                                       the season.

On the Start Line.

The excitement and camaraderie engendered by
regattas enticed record numbers of Lane Cove
sailors to enter this season, and everyone
thoroughly enjoyed their experiences.


Three of our sailors jetted off and chartered new
Lasers at the World Masters. Because these events
are required to be sailed off shore and well away       Kris Romuld, winner of the Bronze Medal, flanked by his
from land based interference competitors were          fellow Lane Cove Sailors.
faced with long sails out to the course and back,
requiring hearty feeds of fresh lobster to replenish   Stephen Robson: 13th (of 24) Radial Masters
energy supplies. New friends were made and a           Warwick Thomson: 14th (of 14) Radial Grand
local drove our group on a very enjoyable lay day      masters
sightseeing tour. As usual huge fleets were the        Kris Romuld: 3rd (of 9) Bronze Medal Winner,
order of the day.                                      Radial Great Grand Masters
                                                       Max Gundy: 19th (of 19) Standard Apprentices
Standings after the regatta reflect strong
                                                       John Mackay: 16th (of 34) Standard Masters
performances from all three Lane Cove sailors at
                                                       John Hunt: 29th (of 34) Standard Masters
this premier Laser Masters regatta:
                                                       Richard Kornman: 33rd (of 34, only one race)
                                                       Standard Masters                                                                                         Page 12
                            Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

James Stewart: 22nd (of 28) Standard Grand            METROPOLITAN CHAMPIONSHIP AT WOOLLAHRA
Mark Barraclough: 27th (of 28) Standard               Warwick Foy showed splendid end of season form
Grand Masters                                         to finish 4 (no black flags at this regatta) of eight
                                                      behind some big names in the Standard Grand
Geoff Lucas: 5th (of 6): Standard Great Grand
                                                      Masters. He is adept at calibrating control lines
Masters                                               and will gladly pass on his knowledge and hard
NSW MASTERS AT GREAT LAKES FOSTER                     won experience, no doubt factors in a very
                                                      successful season – well done Warwick.
Five sailors travelled to the Great Lakes Sailing
Club at Forster for the NSW Masters series where      ASIA PACIFIC CHAMPIONSHIPS AT PATTAYA
they enjoyed excellent accommodation (courtesy        (THAILAND)
of John’s brother) at Bluey’s Beach including
morning swims in the surf, and a strong               Centred at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club the regatta
community feeling on the grass camping area           attracted 74 sailors from eight countries, including
around the sailing club where Warwick Thomson         David Rosenthall (6 in a strong Masters Standard
installed his camper trailer. While there were        fleet) and Geoff Lucas (7 in the highly competitive
many positive feelings coming back from the           Great Grand Master’s Radial fleet) who were
regatta, the highest result was a second in the       treated to some lavish entertainment by
traditional ambrose golf competition (where a         enthusiastic local Thai Laser sailors. They both
missed 2 foot putt from both Geoff and Kris could     enjoyed the experience and caught up with friends
have won the event).                                  from around the (Laser) world.

                                                      Bob Kornman Award
John Hunt: 25th (of 26) Standard Masters
                                                      Awarded by popular vote of Laser sailors to a class
James Stewart: 10th (of 20) Standard Grand            member who is considered to have improved their
Masters                                               sailing ability during the season, to have
Warwick Foy: 18th (of 20) Standard Grand              demonstrated good sportsmanship on the water
Masters                                               and to have contributed to the Club’s activities.
Kris Romuld: 12th (of 14) Radial Grand masters        The award for 2008/9 was given to Kris Romuld.
Warwick Thomson: 13th (of 14) Radial Grand            The 2009/10 winner is John Hunt. Great work
masters                                               John, well earned Congratulations from the Laser
Geoff Lucas: 4th (of 8): Radial Great Grand           fleet!
                                                                                  Kris Romuld
NSW CHAMPIONSHIP/NSW MASTERS AT PORT                                              Laser Class Secretary
STEPHENS                                              Cherubs

Port Stephens lived up to the reputation of usually   The 2009/2010 sailing season saw a drop in the
producing consistent sea breezes, and the course      number of Cherubs sailing regularly, compared
being conveniently located just off the beach was     with previous seasons. Although still proving to be
appreciated by all competitors. A feature of the      a very successful season for the club, many sailors
event was the emergence of a Laser 4.7 fleet,         were using the season to get acquainted (or re-
mainly youngsters with some older sailors easing      acquainted) with new crews and/or new boats.
out of Radials.
                                                      The much-anticipated Cauchemar, built by Tim
                                                      Harrington, was launched shortly after the start of
Warwick Foy: 3rd (of 5) Standard Grand
                                                      the season to the envy of many of the other
Masters                                               sailors. With very few teething problems,
Geoff Lucas: 3rd (of 6): Radial Great Grand           Cauchemar, sailed by husband and wife team Tim
Masters                                               and Allison Harrington, quickly made herself
Kris Romuld: 6th (of 6) Radial Great Grand            known among the top boats at both club and state
masters                                               level.                                                                                Page 13
                                  Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

                                                      Trophy. Claire and Rolf’s trip was also well worth
                                                      it, taking home 6 place overall. Next year’s
                                                      nationals being held a little closer to home, will
                                                      hopefully see more boats competing at Largs Bay
                                                      in South Australia for the 48 Cherub National

Cauchemar in action at Round 2 of the NSW States.

It was great to see some of the younger club
members teaming up and giving it a go. Tom and
Chloe Jensen teamed up on Can’t Rush, along with
Scott Jeans and Will Frohlich on Toey.

There was a small but very strong contingency of      Ali and Rhys at Mounts Bay after winning.
Lane Cove boats at most of the State titles. The
series finished with Lane Cove winning overall,       Congratulations to Ali Chapman and her numerous
with three of the top four boats being Lane Cove      crews, sailing on Sparky who have completed
boats. First place to Sparky, Alison Chapman and      another very successful season by taking out the
crews, second place to Cauchemar, and fourth          Gordon Gates Memorial Trophy for Club
place to Alchemy, Claire Lunsmann and Rolf            Championship. Second went to Alchemy and third
Lunsmann (by only 1 point!). White Noise sailed       to Cauchemar.
by Fiona Lunsmann and Heidi Winning finished
15 overall. Fantastic efforts all round.              It was a very close battle for the Woolwich Marina
                                                      Club Handicap Trophy coming down to the final
The Lane Cove heat of the state titles got several    race of the season between Sparky and Alchemy.
Lane Cove boats out onto the water for their first    Going into the final race, Alchemy was in the lead
State heat race of the season. Cam Gundy and          with one point separating the two boats. But
Macca Paton debuted on Screamin’ Seamen,              unfortunately for Rolf and Claire, it wasn’t enough
Jessica White and Kate Hayward finished 7 on          to stop Sparky from taking out the Handicap
Ralph and Andrew Lee and James Robson finished        Trophy as well.
13 on Thunderjugs.
                                                      The Griffin Family Trophy for the fastest time was
Ali Chapman’s incredible skills were shown in true    won by Sparky followed by Alchemy then
form this season as she sailed with numerous          Cauchemar.
crews, and still managed to successfully take out
the Club Championship. We aren’t quite sure                                           Kate Hayward
what she was looking for in a crew- but we think                                      Cherub Class Secretary
she found it in Rhys Mara as he was allowed to sail
with her for the entire Nationals!                    Flying 11’s

Two boats represented Lane Cove at the Cherub         As the largest Junior fleet in Australia with more
Nationals in Mounts Bay, Perth. Claire and Rolf       than 120 registered boats the Flying 11's have got
Lunsmann on Alchemy, along with Ali Chapman           to be the best and most successful class of boat for
and Rhys Mara on Sparky made the trip across the      12 to 18 year olds. As secretary for the Flying 11’s
country to compete in the event. For the second       at Lane Cove for the past 3 years I have seen so
year in a row, the Chapman family have engraved       much fun, excitement, determination and shear
their name on the Cherub National and State           pleasure surrounding these kids (and parents)
trophies. Ali Chapman on Sparky with Rhys Mara        from many clubs as far away as Tasmania where
as crew bought home the Cherub National               this year we held our Australian National
Championship trophy and the First Female Skipper                                                                                  Page 14
                                   Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

Championships with 71 boats from 9 clubs around         Eastern Suburbs which was a huge commitment).
NSW and Tasmania.                                       They took out first in the Club Handicap Pointscore
                                                        - The Monkey Fist Trophy, first in the Club Fastest
Now that the season is over I reflect back upon         Time Pointscore – The Griffin Family Trophy. Oliver
                                                                           th                th
what was achieved beginning with the winter             and Lucy came 36 at the States, 30 overall at
months. It was busy with little rest for many. The      the Nationals. At the YNSW Youth Championships
Upper Harbour Winter Race Training program was          Oliver sailed with Holly Dixon, and came 10 over
run by Will and Andrew Chapman out of                   all. And at CHS Oliver came 3 sailing a Cherub
Drummoyne Sailing Club. In addition to this there       with James Bloomfield.
was the pre-season training thanks to Richard
Griffin, Rolf Lunsmann and Karyn Gojnich who
kindly offered their precious time and energy for
our sailors both on and off water. A big THANK
YOU for your endless assistance in helping our
team become better and more confident sailors.

So we had a busy schedule with many of our
sailors participating in all events on this season’s
programme. It’s a credit to the sailors for their
love of the sport and to their parents, for their
support and positive encouragement, as at the end
of the day it really is all about having fun.
                                                        Olive Hartas and Lucy Roper, 2009/2010 Club Champions.
Sadly the season began with the sprints at Hunters
Hill being called off due to too much breeze. State
                                                        Luff Me Knott 1339 Kathryn Wotherspoon and
Championships round one at Hunters Hill when
                                                        Holly Dixon - 2nd in the Club Championship. Also
every large cruise or pleasure craft went right                   nd
                                                        winning 2 on Handicap Pointscore, 2nd on
through the middle of the fleet. Followed by round
                                                        Fastest Time Pointscore. Kathryn and Holly also
two of the States at Georges River. The Brent
                                                        represented Lane Cove at the Nationals coming
Courtney, McGrath Estate Agents Upper Harbour             th
                                                        49 over all.
Championships, YNSW Youth Championships at
Georges River and The Australian National
Championships in Tasmania and finally the
Combined High School Regatta up at Belmont.
Lane Cove was always represented with at least
one if not more boats.

                                                        Luff Me Knott.

                                                        Splash 1319 Sophie May and Emma May - 3 in
                                                        the Club Championship Pointscore. They came 5
                                                        on Fastest Time. Representing Lane Cove at the
                                                        Nationals, Sophie and Emma came 13 over all on
Team Lane Cove at Hunters Hill First Round of States.
Congratulations to our 2009/10 Club Champions
                                                        The Ritual 1279 Macca Paton and Giorgia Populin
and The Marilyn Gates Memorial Trophy Winner.            rd                  th             th
                                                        3 on Fastest Time, 4 on Handicap, 4 in the Club
Bambino 1345 Oliver Hartas and Lucy Roper (who
                                                        Championship, as well they won 4 Handicap
by the way joined the club especially to sail with
                                                        Trophies. Macca also represented Lane Cove at
Oliver and who travelled each week from the                                                                                       Page 15
                             Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

The Nationals sailing with Charlie Gundy, they         Switzerland. One difference was this one was built
came 7th on handicap.                                  by a Dutchman not a Swiss man as one would
                                                       expect. We were all so well looked after by our
                                                       Tasmanian friends who truly went out of their way
                                                       with their endless kindness and hospitality to
                                                       make our visit truly spectacular. Team Lane Cove
                                                       were privileged to have the entire team from the
                                                       Tamar Yacht Club join us for a BBQ including the
                                                       Vice President Bill Cromarty and his lovely wife
                                                       Penny. All pitched in and a huge feast was had by
                                                       all that went on for many hours!

                                                       Then there was the cheering committee, who
                                                       went out daily on various boats to support our
                                                       sailors. One memorable day Max Gundy, our
                                                       fearless Commodore, was skippering Peter Dixon’s
The Ritual.
                                                       duck on probably the most exciting day weather
                                                       wise; only to see Max, Peter May, Shelagh Gundy,
Nothing to Lose 1320 – Cam Gundy and Zackary
           th                           th             Anne Marie Tatham, Ian Smith and myself just
Tatham - 6 on Fastest Time Pointscore, 6 on
               th                                      about sink Peter’s Duck. Anne Marie’s cries for
Handicap and 5 in the Club Championship. They
        th                                             help brought the Manly RIB over to rescue us.
came 11 on Handicap at the States and they also
                                                rd     There are many more stories to tell. You’ll just
represented Lane Cove at The Nationals coming 3
                                                       have to ask…
on Handicap
                                                       Reflection on the Season from some of the Team:
Determination 1238 Harriet Ling and Eleanor
                               th                      Most of mine revolve around the Determination
Winston - 5th on Handicap and 7 on Fastest
                                                       team I am afraid. Harriet and Eleanor lived up to
                                                       the boat's name in their determination to show
                                                  th   that as teenager girls it is totally uncool to appear
Vite 1389 Melinda Smith and Catriona Glassock 7
               th                 th                   keen on something that involves their Dads' and
on Handicap, 4 on Fastest Time, 6 in The Cub
                                                       clothes that are labelled Gill rather than Nike.
Championship. They represented Lane Cove at the
                                                       Fashion is skin deep, however, and their Dads' can
Nationals in Tasmania
                                                       be left on the shore drinking beer and they did
                                                       mostly laugh and sing their away around the
Intergalactic Cookie Monster 1338 Alex Paton and
                    th                                 course and even managed to win when they
Jacqueline Smith – 7 In The Club Championship,
 th                    th                              remembered to pull on those "red ropes" that their
9 on Handicap and 8 on Fastest Time. They also
                                                       Dad's always go on about all the time.
represented Lane Cove at the Nationals in
                          nd                                                                  The Lings
Tasmania bringing home 2 on Handicap.
                                                       Both Simon and Georgia Populin continue their
Hell No 1330 Alexander Lewis and Simon Populin –
  th                 th                 th             adventure and enjoyment with sailing.
11 on Fastest Time, 8 on Handicap and 8 in the
                                                                                         The Populins
Club Championship.
                                                       Well this season was certainly an eventful one and
We had two other boats join us on occasion,
                                                       most definitely one to remember. For starters, the
Parting Shot 1119 with Harry Dixon, Top Gear
                                                       weather at the away regattas was of the biggest
1341 with Chloe Jensen and at Nationals in
                                                       variation I can recall. We had rain, shine, 0 knots,
Tasmania Up Front 1314 with Ben Dixon, Rosie
                                                       45 knots, 10 degrees, 40 degrees, 3 meter river
Dixon and Maxwell Tatham.
                                                       swells, 6 knot tides, and yes, in Tasmania, we also
                                                       had snow (briefly). I can only hope that the team
The Nationals were definitely the highlight of the
                                                       next season will be as close, strong and unified as it
season for our Flying 11 families.
                                                       was this year. If we can achieve that, then what do
eight boats made their way across the Tasman to
                                                       results really count for in the end.
Beauty Point, wrapped in blankets and bubble
wrap, painter’s drop-sheets and canvas. Most of
                                                       10 boats
us stayed at The Grindelwald Tamar Valley Resort
                                                       9 shackle keys
in chalets much like those in the real Grindelwald,
                                                       8 months                                                                                 Page 16
                                 Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

7 away regattas                                            Junior Fleet
6 winter training sessions
5 club championships                                       This season the interest and competition in the
4 coaches                                                  Junior Fleet was significant with 73 registered
3 sails                                                    Junior sailors, spread across 48 boats. This
2 people                                                   included 19 Sabot 1-ups, 25 Sabot 2-ups and 4
1 team.                                                    Manly Juniors (MJ’s).
Oliver Hartas
                                                           We regularly fielded starts of 15-25 boats,
I think this is as good a place as any to thank a          augmented by the ten Learn to Sail Sabots (LTS)
number of supporters who, without, the Flying              and their two up crews as they progressed through
11’s would not continue to grow as a class. This           the Learn to Race (LTR) program. Unfortunately,
makes for even more exciting competition and a             the limited numbers in the MJ’s prevented us from
whole lot of fun and without the generous support          running an MJ individual Championship. Hopefully
of all the parents, friends, officials, and countless      if a number of the LTS sailors return for the
others, all of this just wouldn’t happen so                2010/2011 season and sail MJ’s, the MJ
successfully; Brent Courtney from Lane Cove                Championship will be able to be contested. To
McGrath Estate Agents who has for years been our           support the rejuvenation of the MJ’s, RUST is
major sponsor of the McGrath Estate Agents                 currently restoring a number of the Club MJ’s that
Upper Harbour Championships. The Flying 11                 will be made available next season for Junior
Association of NSW in particular David Price               members to sail.
otherwise known as “Pricey” (our National
President), for his wonderful reports and photos at        Throughout the sailing season Junior races were
each and every regatta and the million other               contested each Saturday on the Lane Cove River in
things he does to keep the Flying 11’s flying.             the vicinity of the club. These Club races included
                                                           18 pointscore races, five of which went towards
Over the years we have seen a small yet steady             the Club Championship as well as a number of
progression of kids from Sabots move up to Flying          non-pointscore Club Trophy races. These races’
11’s and I hope that this coming season, will see          combined results were used to award handicap
many more of our talented sabot sailors                    trophies and the Meggs encouragement trophies.
experience the fun of Flying 11’s.
                                                           This season, congratulations go to the following
                                                           pointscore winners:

                                                           Sabot 1-up Junior Club Champion – Jeremy Jones in
                                                           Tuk Ya Time, who narrowly took the title ahead of
                                                           Michael O’Brien in Piranha and Billy Lusty in Gotta
                                                           B – with the title still open going into the deciding
                                                           5 Heat.

                                                           Sabot 1-up Fastest Time Pointscore – Billy Lusty
                                                           prevailed, during a hard fought series ahead of
                                                           Michael O’Brien and then Jeremy Jones.

                                                           Sabot 2-up Fastest Pointscore – James Glassock
Ali Chapman briefing before the McGrath Upper Harbour
                                                           and Leon Perko-Marshall in The World is Not
                                                           Enough held off Devlin Walsh and Henry Larkings
Thanks to everyone behind the scene for another            in Crankin to take the title. Babe, Gael Glassock
great season.                                              and Madi Kornman/Ella Sheppard, and CCCCCCC
                                                           Max Tatham and Luke Johnkman finished 3 and
                               Corinna Hartas              4 .
                               Flying 11 Class Secretary
                                                           Combined Handicap Pointscore – Lily Peel in Eat
                                                           My Bubbles improved consistently over the season
                                                           to win the title, with Gotta B - 2 and The World is
                                                           Not Enough – 3rd.                                                                                    Page 17
                                    Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

Congratulations also to the individual handicap          Lusty in Gotta B was our best placed 1-up in equal
                                                            nd                                             th
race winners listed separately in this report.           22 place, Lily Peel and Ally Lusty finished in 36
                                                         and 45 respectively. When the split was done
The Meggs Trophy is awarded to the skipper (1 Up         between NNSW and SNSW to select the National
and 2 Up) who ends the season with the most              squad, Billy ended just outside the team 12 as first
number of starts (not necessarily finishes) in           reserve. In the 2-ups The World is Not Enough
                                                                    th             nd
Handicap Pointscore races who has not won                finished 4 overall and 2 SNSW boat, Crankin-
another trophy. That is, the Meggs Trophy will be        Devlin Walsh and Henry Larkins, sailed their first
                                                                                    th             th
the only trophy he/she wins for the season               State Titles and finished 8 overall and 6 in
(including the Handicap Pointscore Trophy). The          SNSW. These 2 crews were selected as members
Two Up winner could be a Manly Junior skipper.           of the SNSW Team for the National Championship.
The winners for 2009/2010 are –                          The 46 Sabot National Championship and Sabot
1-Up Lucky – Eleanor Katelaris – 12 Starts               Week were held by Gosford Sailing Club over New
2-Up Babe– Gael Glassock – 10 Starts                     Year on Brisbane Waters. Whilst we did not have
                                                         any boats in the 1-up National Team, Jeremy
One of the highlights of the season was the              Jones, Lily Peel, Ally Lusty, Billy Lusty and Catriona
euphemistically named “Sleepover” in November            Glassock who made a return to Sabots from Flying
that saw 20 sailors (and three brave parents) enjoy      11s enthusiastically took part in Sabot Week.
a weekend of sail coaching, races, pizzas, movies        Jeremy Jones sailed a very consistent series – after
and sleeping bags on the clubhouse floor. More           his 2 drops his final score saw him place 4 overall.
                                                                            th         th         nd
than 40 juniors participated in the sailing activities   Catriona came 14 , Lily 17 , Billy 22 , and Ally
over the two days.                                       29

The March Marathon also saw a great turnout with
the Junior Fleet venturing into the harbour and
around Goat Island with some close racing and a
baptism for some into the busy conditions
experienced routinely by Flying11s and other
classes. A great time was had by all.

                                                         Sabot Week at Gosford.

                                                         In the Nationals Racing James and Leon finished
                                                            th         nd
                                                         10 overall, 2 SNSW boat and Devlin and Henry
                                                                    th                  th
                                                         finished 15 overall and were 4 SNSW crew.

Ally Lusty rigging the boat the hard way!

Junior Fleet Zone, State and National
Once again this season our Junior Sabot sailors
have travelled to contest State, National and Zone

First up was the State Titles and National Team
selection series – Toronto for the first four heats
and then Gosford for heats five to eight. Predator
sailed by Paddy Gilbert from Hunters Hill Sailing
Club is the 2009-10 1-up State Champion. Billy           Team Lane Cove                                                                                   Page 18
                                  Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

                                                                  Next season’s Sabot National Championships will
Lane Cove hosted its first inter club Sabot race in a             be sailed from Wynyard on the North West coast
number of years when it hosted the Australia Day                  of Tasmania out in Bass Strait.
Regatta. The day’s racing consisted of sprint races.              Amongst the Manly Juniors, Aaron Gage and Helen
Right on cue after the briefing a nor-easter filled in            Perry were our primary representatives on the
to provide ideal conditions. State Champion Paddy                 interclub front.
Gilbert added the Australia Day Regatta to his
season wins, Billy Lusty was 3 overall. In the 2-                 Junior sailors also enjoyed the camping and sailing
ups it was also the State Champion Double                         at the Combined High Schools (CHS) regatta at
Diamond finishing in first place. On handicap in                  Belmont after Easter. Sophie Lewis, Sophie Afaras,
the 1-ups Babe – Catriona Glassock was 2 and                      Billy Lusty, Jeremy Jones, Ally Lusty, Lilly Peel,
Eat My Bubbles – Lily Peel was 3 , in the 2-ups                   Michael O’Brien and Andre Perko-Marshall all
Devlin and Henry in Crankin finished first.                       sailed Flying Elevens. Madi Kornman and Gael
                                                                  Glassock went for a sail in Babe as a practice for
Drummoyne Junior Sailing Club hosted this                         next year when they are in High School.
season’s Zone Championships weekend – at the
end of a long season or maybe looking forward to                  In closing, I would like to pass on our thanks to all
the CHS, most of our 1-up sailors could only                      the parties that make the junior sailing season a
manage the Saturday racing and so finished well                   success – the team of starters and finishers, the
down in the overall placings. In the 2ups, James                  parents that assisted on the slips and in the
                   nd                            th
and Leon finished 2 overall, Devin and Henry 5                    response boats, the trophy donors, all those that
and Gael Glassock and Madi Kornman in Babe                        staffed the Canteen, and the Committee that
finished 9                                                        facilitated the fleet of LTS Sabots and RIBs, and
                                                                  kept the Club running smoothly. My personal
                                                                  thanks go to Andrew Glassock for his assistance in
                                                                  managing the Sabots’ Inter-club activities, to Chris
                                                                  Walsh who reinvigorated the LTR program,
                                                                  to Chris Kelly who organised Friday night sailing,
                                                                  and to Terry O’Brien who developed a computer
                                                                  program for the Junior results.

                                                                  And a final congratulations to all the Junior sailors
                                                                  whose enthusiasm and good sportsmanship makes
                                                                  sailing at Lane Cove such an enjoyable experience.

                                                                                              Garry Lewis
                                                                                              Junior Class Secretary
The tow home after States.

                                                      Race Results 2009/10

12 Foot Skiffs

Gemmell Sails
Murray Press and Ben Gemmell
Meggs Trophy

Hey Charger
Nick Bernard and Phil Ward/Robbie Polec
Hey Charger Trophy
Stewart and Mort Chapman Memorial Trophy
McConaghy Family Trophy

Andrew Short Marine
Michael Spies and Damien Vlotman
1st Handicap Pointscore- Dave “big kite” Stephens Trophy
Granddad’s Trophy                                                 Havoc in rough water.
Aquatronics Trophy                                                                                            Page 19
                                    Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club
Vantage Real Estate                                            Radial Club Championship – Business Partnership Trophy
Jack Winning and Brett Phillips
Havoc Trophy                                                   Gravity Wins
No Handbags on Deck Trophy                                     Kris Romuld
                                                               2nd in Radial Club Championship
Foxy Lady Too                                                  Radial Fastest Time Pointscore – Arnold Metcalf Trophy
Peter Polec and Jamie McCrudden                                Rosenthall Family Trophy
Foxy Lady Too Trophy
Hood Sails Trophy                                              Makini
Toc Winning Memorial Trophy                                    Kim Stewart
                                                               Radial Handicap Pointscore – Thira III Trophy
Hood                                                           Hunt Family Trophy
Graham Colless & Glenn Farquhar                                Irene O’Keefe Trophy
Lane Cove Club # 2 Trophy                                      Mackay Family Trophy
Gemmell Sails Trophy                                           United Campus Bookshops Trophy
HC Press Memorial Trophy
Bainbridge Sailcloth Trophy                                    Straight Up!
Lane Cove Cub # 1 Trophy                                       Arnold Metcalf
                                                               Clarke Family Trophy
                                                               Gemmell Sails Trophy
                                                               Michael O’Keefe Memorial Trophy

                                                               Julian Moran
                                                               Stewart/Bourke Trophy A
                                                               Penhey Trophy

                                                               James Stewart
                                                               Mr Boo Trophy B
                                                               Barraclough Family Trophy A

                                                               Yellow Boat
                                                               Peter Zonnevylle
Lincoln Crowne hotly contested this year’s Club Championship
                                                               Rip Van Winkle Trophy
                                                               Indie Gundy Trophy
Panadol Rapid
Adam Forbes and Brad Greenrod
                                                               Spork & Radish
Dimension/Polyant Sailcloth Trophy
                                                               Ken Roper
                                                               Stewart/Bourke Trophy B
Dimension/Polyant Sailcloth
Nick Press and Brad Yabsley
Club Champion – Doug Wilson Memorial Trophy
                                                               David Rosenthall
1st Fastest Time Pointscore- Hindsight II Trophy
                                                               Barraclough Family Trophy B
Rip Memorial Trophy
                                                               Mr Boo
Lincoln Crowne
                                                               Chris Whitnall
Jonathan Temple and Richard Jones
                                                               Strata Engineering Solutions Trophy
No pain, No gain Trophy
JR Stimson “Humbug” Trophy
                                                               Jokers and Clowns
                                                               Max Gundy
Lasers                                                         Mr Boo Trophy A

The Business Partnership                                       Jay Vee
Warwick Foy                                                    John Hunt
Laser Club Championship - John Aston Memorial Trophy           Lucas Family Trophy
Victim Trophy
                                                               The Cure
Inscrutable                                                    Michael Madin
Richard Kornman                                                Chambers Family Trophy
2nd in Club Championship
Laser Fastest Time Pointscore– John Behr ‘Winterhude’ Trophy
Meggs Trophy
Clune Family Trophy
                                                               Ali Chapman and Rhys Mara and others
                                                               1st Club Championship- Gordon Gates Memorial Trophy
Tony Mulhearn
                                                               1st Fastest Time Pointscore- Griffin Trophy
Standard Handicap Pointscore – Madin Family Trophy
                                                               1st Handicap Pointscore- Woolwich Marina Trophy
                                                               Gemmell Sails Trophy
                                                               The Business Partnership Trophy
Geoff Lucas
                                                               Lunsmann Family Trophy                                                                                                Page 20
                                   Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club
The United and Undaunted Trophy                                 Luff Me Knott
McDiarmid Sails Trophy                                          Kathryn Wotherspoon and Holly Dixon
The Harrington Family Trophy                                    2nd Club Championship
Kath Hayward Memorial Trophy                                    2nd Handicap Pointscore
Birdman Trophy                                                  2nd Fastest Time Pointscore
                                                                The Maddie Misses her Flying 11 Friends Trophy

                                                                Emma May and Max Tatham, Sophie Afaras and Tilly Lang
                                                                3rd Club Championship
                                                                Sophie May and Emma May
                                                                      -    Northwood Northerly Trophy
                                                                Emma May and Sophie Afaras
                                                                      -    The Gojnich Family Trophy

                                                                The Ritual
                                                                Macca Paton and Giorgia Populin
                                                                3rd Fastest Time Pointscore
                                                                Winston Family Trophy
White Noise, Fiona Lunsmann and Heidi Winning, First round of   The Paton Family Trophy
States at Abbotsford.                                           The Winners Trophy

Alchemy                                                         Nothing to Lose
Claire Lunsmann and Rolf Lunsmann                               Cam Gundy and Zac Tatham
2nd Club Championship Pointscore                                Flying in Top Gear Trophy
2nd Fastest Time Pointscore                                     Linger Longer Trophy
2nd Handicap Pointscore                                         Gemmell Sails Trophy
The Lane Cove # 3 Trophy                                        Monkey Fist Trophy
Chapman Family Trophy
Can’t Rush Trophy                                               Determination
Village Observer Trophy                                         Harriet Ling and Eleanor Winston
Meggs Trophy                                                    No Luff Lost Trophy
                                                                Tatham Family Trophy
Tim Harrington and Allison Harrington                           Vite
3rd Club Championship                                           Melinda Smith and Catriona Glassock
3rd Fastest Time Pointscore                                     Splash About Trophy
3rd Handicap Pointscore
Helen Molesworth Trophy                                         Junior Fleet
White Noise Trophy
                                                                Eat My Bubbles
                                                                Lilly Peel
                                                                1st Handicap Pointscore- Doreen Gates Memorial Trophy
                                                                Gemmell Sails Trophy
                                                                Afaras Family Trophy
                                                                Michael Bartley Shipwrights Trophy
                                                                MakeUwell Trophy

Lane Cove’s top Cherub Sailor training hard!

Flying 11’s

Oliver Hartas and Lucy Roper
1st Club Championship- Marilyn Gates Memorial Trophy
1st Club Handicap Pointscore- Monkey Fist Trophy                The Ministers of Fun, Closing Day.
1st Club Fastest Time Pointscore- Griffin Family Trophy
The Meggs Trophy                                                Tuk Ya Time
Sydney Building Projects Trophy                                 Jeremy Jones
The Mayhem Trophy                                               Sabot 1-up 1st Club Championship- D Lamprecht Pee Wee Mk IV
Crews Union Trophy                                              Trophy
                                                                Sabot 1-up 3rd Fastest Time Pointscore                                                                                               Page 21
                                   Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

The World is Not Enough
James Glassock and Leon Perko-Marshall
Sabot 2-up 1st Club Championship- George Eden Memorial
Sabot 2-up 1st Fastest Time Pointscore- Iron Ring Trophy
3rd Handicap Pointscore
R&B Dawkins Trophy

Gotta ‘B’
Billy Lusty
Sabot 1-up Fastest Time Pointscore- Iron Ring Trophy
2nd Combined Handicap Pointscore
Sabot 1-up 3rd Club Championship
Off 2 Mexico Cup
Kim Trophy
JJ Trophy
                                                           Sophie Lewis
                                                           Friendly Fiend Trophy
                                                           O’Brien Family Bleedin’ Toe Cup

Closing Day.

Michael O’Brien
Sabot 1-up 2nd Club Championship
Sabot 1-up 2nd Fastest Time Pointscore
Lewis Family Trophy                                        Closing Day.
River Rats Trophy
Family Boats Trophy
                                                           Dyson and Tatham
Crankin                                                    Ellie Breslin
Devlin Walsh and Henry Larking                             Gundy Family Trophy
Sabot 2-up 2nd Club Championship                           To Hell and Back Trophy
Sabot 2-up 2nd Fastest Time Pointscore                     WINE Trophy
Shake my Turban Trophy                                     Katelaris Family Trophy
Dyson and Tatham Trophy
                                                           Wipe Out
Babe                                                       Andre Perko-Marshall
Gael Glassock and Maddi Kornman                            Miles in Front Trophy
Sabot 2-up 3rd Club Championship                           Summer of Fun Trophy
Sabot 2-up 3rd Fastest Time Pointscore
                                                           Insanity Fair
                                                           Sophie Afaras
                                                           Breslin Family Trophy

                                                           Ally Lusty
                                                           Walsh Family Trophy                                                                           Page 22
                         Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

                            Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club
                           OFFICERS AND OFFICIALS SEASON 2009/10

Patron                                           Adrienne Cahalan
Commodore                                        Andrew (Max) Gundy
Vice Commodores                                  Rolf Lunsmann
                                                 Glenn Farquhar
Club Captains                                    On-water Richard Griffin, Off-water John Hayward
Honorary Secretary                               Claudette Rones
Honorary Treasurer                               Warwick Foy
Honorary Assistant Secretary                     Jack Winning
Honorary Assistant Treasurer                     Ian Meggitt
Management Committee
Three ‘A’ Class Members                          James Francis, Ken Williams Ross Gage
One Owner of a Registered 12ft Skiff             David Winning
One Owner of a Registered Laser                  Kris Romuld
One Owner of a Registered Cherub                 Kate Hayward
One Owner of a Registered Flying Eleven          Corinna Hartas
One Owner of a Registered Junior Division Boat   Garry Lewis
HONORARY AUDITOR                                 Bill Edmondson

RECORDERS                                        Susan Chambers, Margaret Murdoch, John
                                                 Wotherspoon, Alan Kenney, Claudette Rones
RACE COMMITTEE                                   Officer of the Day plus five (5) Class Secretaries
PROTEST COMMITTEE                                Officer of the Day plus Max Gundy, Rolf Lunsmann
                                                 Catherine Trew, Warwick Foy, Ross Gage, Glenn
LEARN TO SAIL COMMITTEE                          Jack Winning, Andrew Glassock, Richard Griffin,
MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE                             John Hayward, Warwick Thomson, David Rosenthal,
                                                 Jack Winning, Michael Madin, Ross Gage, Warwick
                                                 Foy, Richard Griffin
SAFETY COMMITTEE                                 Ross Gage, Max Gundy, Jack Winning, John
                                                 Hayward, David Rosenthall, Ian Meggitt
SOCIAL COMMITTEE                                 Lyn Francis, Margie May, Sue Cantor, Clare
                                                 Hayward, John Hayward, Shelagh Gundy, Claudette
                                                 Rones, Katy Rosenthall
MEMBERSHIP PROTECTION OFFICER                    Shelagh Gundy
PUBLICITY OFFICER                                Ros Lamb

Secretary                                        Peter Polec
Recorder                                         Ken Williams
Handicappers                                     Graham Colless, Ken Williams, Brad Greenrod
Measurer                                         Peter Polec
Association Delegates                            Ben Gemmell, Andrew O'Brien, David Winning

Secretary                                        Kris Romuld
Recorder                                         Tony Mulhearn                                                                         Page 23
                         Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

Handicappers                                   John Hayward, Tony Mulhearn, Michael Madin
Measurer                                       Warwick Thomson
Association Delegate                           Warwick Thomson

Secretary                                      Alison Chapman
Recorder                                       Alison Chapman
Handicappers                                   Robbie Polec, Rob Anderson, Tim Harrington
Measurer                                       Rolf Lunsmann
Association Delegate                           Fiona Lunsmann

Secretary                                      Corinna Hartas
Recorder                                       John Wotherspoon
Handicappers                                   Simon Ling, Bob Paton, John Wotherspoon
Measurer                                       Richard Griffin
Association Delegate                           Corinna Hartas

Secretary                                      Garry Lewis
Recorder                                       Garry Lewis
Handicappers                                   Andrew Glassock, John Perry, John Afaras
Measurer                                       Andrew Glassock
Association Delegates - Sabots                 Andrew Glassock, Garry Lewis
                       Manly Juniors           Ross Gage

                                  Membership 2009/10

Life Members                       Jim Souter *                       Ben Faulkner
Herb Barrett *                     Vic Souter *                       Warwick Foy
Ken Barrett *                      Stan Stevens *                     James Francis
Stan Begg                          G Wearne *                         Peter Francis
Peter Behr                         Harold (Toc) Winning *             Ross Gage
Carolyn Biggs                      Jack Winning                       Malcolm Gates
Jim Booth *                                                           Ben Gemmell
Mick Butler                        Senior                             Karyn Gojnich
Stewart Chapman *                  Robert Anderson                    Ian Goodman
Beth Dawkins                       Campbell Atkins                    Brad Greenrod
Ray Dawkins                        Mark Barraclough                   John Griffiths
George Eden *                      Michael Bartley                    Martin Grover
William Edmondson                  Nicholas Bernard                   Max Gundy
Peter Fay *                        Andrea Bertini                     Alison Harrington
L Fogg *                           Peter Bevis                        Chris Harrington
Ross Gardner                       Richard Biggs                      Tim Harrington
Ash Gay *                          Noel Borel                         Warwick Havyatt
Andrew Glassock                    Richard Boyer                      Ian Hay
Richard Griffin                    Adrienne Cahalan                   John Hayward
Ted Griffith *                     Alexandra Chambers                 Kate Hayward
Jim Hay *                          Alison Chapman                     Mark Hayward
Fred Heesh (Jnr) *                 Alan Clarke                        Renn Holland
Steve Kiprioti                     Paul Clune                         John Hunt
Fred Langford *                    Graham Colless                     Allan Jackson
Cyril Lenton *                     Wayne Costin                       Ailsa Jeanes
Peter Leslie *                     Peter Cowie                        Richard Jones
Jack Scope *                       Glenn Farquhar                     Chris Kelly                                                                        Page 24
                       Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club
Derek King                   Grace Armstrong          Lachlan Kelly
Richard Kornman              Ananya Bhindi            Madeleine Kornman
Vicki Kornman                Hannah Bhindi            Mitch Kornman
Simon Ling                   Finnian Brady            Henry Larkings
Geoff Lucas                  Marcus Brady             Thomas Larkings
Cathy Lunsmann               Christian Breslin        Andrew Lee
Fiona Lunsmann               Edward Breslin           Sarah Levins
Rolf Lunsmann                Ellen Breslin            Xavier Levins
David Lusty                  Francesca Caush          Alexander Lewis
John Mackay                  Lauren Caush             Sophie Lewis
Michael Madin                Bianca Cleworth          Tetsuya Lewis
Nikolas Margerrison          Ethan Cohen Stoddart     Charlotte Ling
Charlotte May                Noah Cohen Stoddart      Emily Ling
Peter May                    Millie Cook              Harriet Ling
Brian McConaghy              Emily Coultas            Claire Lunsmann
James McCrudden              Nicholas Cowie           Ally Lusty
Ian Meggitt                  Nina Cowie               Billy Lusty
Jane Meggitt                 Miles Davey              Kate Lusty
Jake Mercer                  Benedict Dixon           Hugh Mackay
Arnold Metcalf               Harry Dixon              Jean Mackay
Stuart Millar                Holly Dixon              Matthew Martinson
John Mitchell                Rosemary Dixon           Emma May
Julian Moran                 Andrew Earlam            Sophie May
Tony Mulhearn                Danielle Edwards         Kate McGrath
Andrew O'Brien               Nicholas Edwards         Charlie McKay
Lara Paton                   Daniel Farquhar          Hanna Merchant
Robert Paton                 Holly Farquhar           Maya Millar
Brad Phillips                Sarah Feyen              Tamar Millar
Brett Phillips               William Feyen            Tom Molloy
Peter Polec                  Cameron Fraser           Billy Moran
Murray Press                 Alexander Frohlich       Jack Moran
Nicholas Press               William Frohlich         Millie Morton
Owen Radke                   Charlie Fuller           Sebastian Morton
Stephen Robson               Aaron Gage               Michael O'Brien
Kristian Romuld              Will Gage                George Osmand
Ken Roper                    Will Gerstle             Will Osmand
David Rosenthall             Catriona Glassock        Jack O'Sullivan
Michael Spies                Gael Glassock            Oscar Parker
James Stewart                James Glassock           Alexandra Paton
Kim Stewart                  Amy Gojnich              Maclean Paton
John Stimson                 Zoe Gojnich              Eve Peel
Joshua Tatham                Charlotte Goodman        Lily Peel
Oscar Tatham                 Sebastian Gregory        Alice Perkes
Jonathan Temple              Jay Griffin              Gabriel Perkes
Warwick Thomson              Cam Gundy                Andre Perko-Marshall
Catherine Trew               Charlie Gundy            Joel Perko-Marshall
Damien Vlotman               William Harris           Leon Perko-Marshall
Samantha White               Oliver Hartas            Helen Perry
Christopher Whitnall         Conor Hayes              Kate Phillips
Evan Williams                Eimer Hayes              Robert Polec
Kenneth Williams             Scott Jeanes             Giorgia Populin
Angela Winning               Chloe Jensen             Simon Populin
David Winning                Thomas Jensen            Antoinette Radford
Heidi Winning                Hayley Jepson            Olivia Ratcliffe
Rob Winning                  Amelia Jones             Jack Rickard
Bradley Yabsley              Jeremy Jones             Gil Rickey
Peter Zonnevylle             Luuk Jonkman             James Robson
                             Jessica Jukes            Lucy Roper
Youth                        Eleanor Katelaris        Millie Ryan
Sophie Afaras                Jack Kelly               Ben Slader                                                           Page 25
                               Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club
Oliver Slader                        Michelle Evans                            Terry O'Brien
Jacqueline Smith                     Belinda Farquhar                          Michael O'Neil
Melinda Smith                        Julie Farquhar                            Charlotte Osmand
Linda Sweeney                        Lyn Francis                               Peter Osmand
Patrick Sweeney                      Heather Fraser                            Samuel Owen
Jack Henry Tait                      Linda Fraser                              Kate Parker
Maxwell Tatham                       Rebekah Fraser                            Catriona Peel
Zackary Tatham                       Suzanne Gage                              Brenda Perry
Joshua Taylor                        John Gojnich                              John Perry
Mackenzie Taylor                     Tracey Griffin                            Kerrie Phillips
Ricco Thyer                          Maddie Gundy                              Annette Polec
Toby Tiffin                          Shelagh Gundy                             Christine Polec
Tom Tiffin                           Kate Harding                              Margaret Polec
Devlin Walsh                         Corinna Hartas                            Brian Populin
Sarah Walsh                          Clare Hayward                             Michael Populin
Eleanor Winston                      Alan Kenney                               Diana Rickard
Kathryn Wotherspoon                  Trish Kenney                              Ann Robson
Katerina Xenos                       Bob Kornman                               Nick Robson
Panayiotis Xenos                     Maxwell Lake                              Tom Robson
                                     Ziggi Lake                                Claudette Rones
Associate                            Greg Larkings                             Katy Rosenthall
Garry Barnes                         David Lee                                 Penelope Roxon
Chandu Bhindi                        Garry Lewis                               Carla Savorgnan
Wendy Bhindi                         Lisa-Jane Lewis                           Mark Slader
Kathryn Breslin                      Catriona Ling                             Ian Smith
Paul Breslin                         Kirsty Lusty                              Anne-Maree Tatham
Eric Cantor                          Maureen Madin                             Shane Tatham
Sue Cantor                           Lindsey Marshall                          Phillip Trew
Alasdair Caush                       Meredith Marshall                         Robyn Valentine
Victoria Caush                       Margie May                                Sara Verge
Jim Chambers                         Ellie Meggitt                             Michele Watts
Susan Chambers                       Henry Meggitt                             Murray Williams
Andrew Clune                         David Merchant                            Annette Winning
Julianne Clune                       Natalie Merchant                          Judy Winning
Matthew Clune                        Stuart Millar                             Chris Winston
Brian Davey                          Jane Moran                                John Wotherspoon
Annie Dixon                          Margaret Murdoch
Peter Dixon                          Maureen O'Brien

Graham and Felicity Colless.                      Perhaps not how you want to be!                                                                                 Page 26
                                    Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club
                            THE LANE COVE 12FT SAILING SKIFF CLUB INC
                                  COMMITTEE’S REPORT

Your Committee members submit the financial accounts for the Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club Inc for the financial year
ended 30 April 2010.

The names of the Committee members at the date of the report are:
Glen Farquhar Warwick Foy       James Francis      Ross Gage       Richard Griffin
Max Gundy        Corinna Hartas John Hayward Kate Hayward Garry Lewis
Rolf Lunsmann Ian Meggitt       Kris Romuld        Claudette Rones Ken Williams
David Winning Jack Winning

The principal activities of the club during the year were to conduct sailing races and sailing activities.

No significant changes in the nature of these activities occurred during the year.

The profit for the year amounted to $1,820.

Signed at Longueville 14 May 2010 in accordance with a resolution of the members of the Committee

…………………………….                                               …………………………………
Max Gundy                                                     Warwick Foy


We have audited the financial statements of the Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club Inc set out on pages 1 to 5 for the year
ended 30 April 2010. The Committee is responsible for the financial statements. We have conducted an independent audit of
these financial statements in order to express an opinion on them to members.

Our audit has been conducted in accordance with Australian Auditing Standards to provide reasonable assurance whether the
financial statements are free of material misstatement. Our procedures included examination on a test basis, of evidence of
accounting policies and significant accounting estimates. These procedures have been undertaken to form an opinion
whether, in material respects, the financial statements presented, fairly in accordance with Accounting Standards and other
mandatory professional reporting requirements (Urgent Issues Group Consensus Views), a view which is consistent with our
understanding of the club’s financial position and the results of its operations. The income of the club and in particular the
canteen sales are of a nature where controls and audit checks are impractical. Therefore we have been unable to conduct an
audit of this income although we have no reason to doubt the veracity of the figures produced.

The audit opinion expressed in this report has been formed on the above basis.

In our opinion, the financial statements present fairly in accordance with the applicable Accounting Standards and other
mandatory professional reporting requirements, the financial position of the Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club Inc as at 30
April 2010 and the results of its operations and cashflows for the year then ended.

…………………………….                                                                         14 May 2010
EDMONDSON & CO                                                                        7 Fourth Ave
W R EDMONDSON                                                                        Lane Cove NSW 2066                                                                                                   Page 27
                             Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

                       THE LANE COVE 12FT SAILING SKIFF CLUB INC
                                  BALANCE SHEET
                                 AS AT 30 APRIL 2010

                                                   2010          2009
     Cash on hand                                  100           158
     Cash at Bank                                  36,363        7,194
     Deposits – Colonial Mutual                    -             8,162
     Deposits – NAB                                62,540        73,064
     Stock – Canteen                               5,393         4,236
     LTS Sponsorship receivable                    5,500         4,545
                                                   -----------   ---------
                                                   109,896       97,359
                                                   -----------   ---------
NON-CURRENT ASSETS:                     Note 2
     Furniture and Fixtures                        14,663        10,167
     Rescue craft and Equipment                    18,404        21,008
     Sailing Boats                                 235           285
     Changeroom Improvements                       3,322         4,014
     Slipway Improvements                          33,720        36,750
     Yacht Bay Shed Improvements                   559           603
     Clubhouse Improvements                        18,025        19,604
     Western Shed Improvements                     2,384         2,534
                                                   -----------   -----------
                                                   91,312        94,965
                                                   -----------   -----------
TOTAL ASSETS                                       201,208       192,324

     Creditors                                     4,899         4,625
     Big Kite Memorial Trophy Fund                 2,224         2,072
     George Eden Memorial Trophy Fund              2,161         1,857
     John Aston Memorial Fund                      2,046         1,993
     Prize Funds                                   3,700         4,418
                                                   -----------   ----------
                                                   15,030        14,965
                                                   -----------   ----------
                                                   186,179       177,359
                                                   =======       =======

    Members Capital                                40,625        40,625
    Capital Expenditure Reserve                    57,000        50,000
    Unappropriated Surplus                         88,554        86,734
                                                   ----------    ---------
Total capital and reserves                         186,179       177,359
                                                   =======       =======                                                             Page 28
                                Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

                        THE LANE COVE 12FT SAILING SKIFF CLUB INC
                               INCOME STATEMENT
                          FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 APRIL 2010

                                                      2010         2009
Surplus on Canteen                                    9,962        10,299
Function Surplus                                      4,813        2,010
Membership Subscriptions                              19,214       18,345
Boat Registrations                                    3,345        3,527
Shed Rent                                             11,198       11,641
Learn to Sail & Other Activities                      9,263        5,794
Donations & Other income                              10,406       2,273
Grants                                                2,273        3,136
Interest Received                                     2,346        3,703
                                                      ----------   ----------
Total Income                                          72,820       60,728

Membership Expenses
Amortisation                                          2,271        2,271
Depreciation                                          2,434        1,736
Cleaning & Waste Disposal                             3,170        2,580
Electricity & Gas                                     3,329        2,026
Insurance                                             6,546        6,516
Newsletters & office expenses                         4,206        3,079
Telephone                                             578          480
Sailing Expenses
Depreciation                                          5,118        5,090
Amortisation                                          2,924        2,939
Insurance                                             5,330        4,315
Maintenance – Boats                                   6,340        1,570
Maintenance – Sheds                                   5,621        5,053
Race & Rescue expenses                                3,980        3,580
Rental                                                1,034        1,497
Subsidies & Prizes                                    8,080        2,755
Training                                              200          -
Water Rates                                           1,001        829
YA Association Club Fee                               878          540
Other Expenses
License Fees                                          310          -
Bank charges                                          43           158
Fees, Fines & Penalties                               609          -
                                                      ----------   ----------
Total Expenses                                        64,001       47,013
                                                      ----------   ----------
OPERATING PROFIT FOR THE YEAR                         8,820        13,715
Transfer to capital expenditure reserve               7,000        10,000
                                                      ----------   ----------
NET PROFIT FOR THE YEAR                               1,820        3,715
Members’ Unappropriated funds b/forward               86,734       83,019
                                                      ----------   ----------
MEMBERS FUNDS AS AT 30 APRIL 2010                     88,554       86,734
                                                      =======      =======                                                              Page 29
                                   Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club
                           THE LANE COVE 12FT SAILING SKIFF CLUB INC
                             NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS
                              FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 APRIL 2010

The financial statements are a general purpose financial report that has be prepared in accordance with applicable
Accounting Standards and other mandatory professional reporting requirements (Urgent Issues Group Consensus Views) and
the requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act New South Wales. The financial statements have also been prepared
on the basis of historical costs and do not take into account changing money values or, except where stated, current
valuations of non current assets. Cost is based on the fair values of the consideration given in exchange for assets. The
accounting policies have been consistently applied, unless otherwise stated. The following is a summary of the material
accounting policies adopted by the association in preparation of the financial statements:

(a) Income Tax
The club is exempt from income tax under the Income Tax Assessment Act

(b) Inventories
Inventories consist of canteen stock plus merchandise and are measured at the lower of cost and net realisable value. Costs
are assigned on a specific identification basis and include direct costs and appropriate overheads, if any.

(c) Fixed Assets
Assets are recognised in the accounts at cost, less any applicable grants, building fund donations and amortisation or
depreciation. All fixed assets are depreciated over their useful lives commencing from the time the asset is held ready for
use. The carrying amount of fixed assets is reviewed annually by the Committee to ensure it is not in excess of the
recoverable amount of these assets. The recoverable amount is assessed on the basis of expected cashflow which will be
received from the assets employment and subsequent disposal. The expected cashflows are not discounted to their present
value in determining recoverable amounts.

NOTE 2 – FIXED ASSETS                                                   2010              2009

         Furniture & fixtures – at fair value 30 April 2010             25,000            25,000
                                at cost                                 25,389            19,247
         Less Accumulated depreciation                                  35,726            34,080
                                                                        -----------       -----------
                                                                        14,663            10,167

         Rescue Craft & Equipment – at fair value 30 April 2010         15,425            15,425
                                    at cost                             45,492            43,668
         Less Grants received                                           7,689             7,689
         Less Accumulated depreciation                                  34,823            30,396
                                                                        -----------       -----------
                                                                        18,404            21,008

         Sailing Boats – at cost                                        46,863            47,063
         Less Grants received                                           45,927            45,927
         Less Accumulated depreciation                                  701               850
                                                                        -----------       -----------
                                                                        235               285

         Changeroom – at cost                                           22,163            22,163
         Less Grant received                                            11,797            11,797
         Less Accumulated amortisation                                  7,044             6,352
                                                                        -----------       -----------
                                                                        3,322             4,014                                                                                                   Page 30
                                Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

                       THE LANE COVE 12FT SAILING SKIFF CLUB INC
                           FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 APRIL 2010

NOTE 2 – FIXED ASSETS (Continued)                                        2010             2009

        Slipway Improvements – at cost                                   74,083           74,083
        Less Grant received                                              19,500           19,200
        Less Accumulated amortisation                                    20,863           18,133
                                                                         -----------      -----------
                                                                         33,720           36,750

        Yacht Bay Shed Improvements – at cost                            3,459            3,459
        Less Grant received                                              2,370            2,370
        Less Accumulated amortisation                                    530              486
                                                                         -----------      -----------
                                                                         559              603

        Clubhouse Improvements – at cost                                 39,482           39,482
        Less Building Fund Reserve                                       3,734            3,734
        Less Accumulated amortisation                                    17,724           16,144
                                                                         -----------      -----------
                                                                         18,025           19,604

        Western Shed Improvements – at cost                              2,982            2,982
        Less Accumulated amortisation                                    597              448
                                                                         -----------      -----------
                                                                         2,384            2,534
                                                                         -----------      -----------
                                                                         91,312           94,965
                                                                         =======          ======


In the opinion of the Committee the accompanying accounts as set out on pages 1 to 5 of this Committee Report:
1. Present fairly the financial position of the Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club Inc as at 30 April 2010 and the
results of the cashflows of the club for the year ended on that date in accordance with applicable accounting
standards and other mandatory reporting requirements.
2. At the date of this statement, there are reasonable grounds to believe that the Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff
Club Inc will be able to pay its debts as and when they fall due.
This statement is made in accordance with a resolution of the Committee and is signed on behalf of the
Committee by:

…………………………….                                            …………………………………
Max Gundy                                               Warwick Foy                                                                                       Page 31
                                                    Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club

Sunset over the Lane Cove River and on the Slips.               Watching it all from the balcony.

                                                      For further enquiries:
                                                       Stuart St, Longueville
                                                           9427 4408

                                                                          Page 32

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