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					        KP ATHLETICS                                                                        Application
INDOOR POLE VAULT CLINIC SERIES                                   SALINE
                    Managed by Coach Dave Emeott                  Name__________________________________________________
                      And Coach Kevin Patterson
                                                                  Circle:       Male            Female
WHAT:           Pole Vault Clinic Coming to a Town Near you
                                                                  Age_________ Grade __________
WHERE:          FEBRUARY 3rd, 2008
                SALINE Middle School                              Email Address___________________________________________
                        7190 N Maple Road
                        Saline, MI 48176
TIME:           12:00-4:00pm                                      City ______________________State ______Zip________________
WHO:            ALL CURRENT, FUTURE AND                           Home(_____)_________________Phone(_____)________________
                           POTENTIAL VAULTERS
COST:           $48.00 if received 2 weeks prior
                              ($10 late fee)                      Personal record(competitive)________
Free for all coaches/parents                                      Circle: Bending pole         Stiff pole
Souvenir T-shirt will be sold for $12                             Parental consent/participation waiver
     ***While supplies last***                                    I hereby voluntarily hold harmless Saline Public Schools, KP
                                                                  Athletics, LLC, and all employees and workers from all liability
Make checks payable to:                                           for all types of damage or injuries, whether foreseeable or not,
         KP Athletics                                             sustained by myself, my child and other family members while
Mail to:                                                          participating, watching/traveling to or from this activity. I verify
         C/O Coach David Emeott                                   that my child has had a physical exam in the past year and is
         6740 Crystal Downes Dr.                                  capable to participate in the activities related to the clinic. I
         Caledonia, MI 49316                                      understand that competing in a track & field event such as pole
                                                                  vaulting can be a potentially dangerous activity resulting in
                                                                  serious injury, paralysis, and even death.

                                                                  Parent or guardian signature           date

                                                                  Participant signature                 date
                                                                 *Must be signed and dated before you can participate. Single
                                                                  Signature assumes consent by both Parents/Guardians.
This clinic will provide a great experience for all levels of pole vaulters.

In the past 10 years Coach Emeott has coached three 15’+ and three
14’+ males as well as four 11’+ females including 12 footers Breanna           ATHLETES!!!
Eveland (Ranked 10th nationally amongst all college and pro vaulters           Find out what it takes to break through this year.
with a leap of 14’5.5” in 2006) and last years Div. 1 and Midwest Meet             Drills with and without pit
Champion Abby Shanahan (currently vaulting for Kansas State). Coach                Speed Development
Emeott spends much of his time studying all aspects of the vault and is            Gymnastics specific to PV
truly passionate about the sport. Coach Emeott has been the Director of
                                                                                   Safety
Falcon Vault Camps for 10 years.
                                                                                   Individual Instruction and critique from an excellent
                                                                                      coaching staff
Over the past 10 years Coach Kevin Patterson has proven himself to be
one of Michigan’s top Pole vault coaches. He has coached several state         What to bring? Poles, light snack, helmet(optional),
champions in Div. 1 for Rockford High school as well as many top               Running shoes, sweats, water bottle.
performers from other schools. Champions Such as: Lisa Krupp, Christi
Kettlehut, Bethany Hecksel, and many more have benefitted form his
tutelage. Coach Patterson is also the Pole Vault Coach at Cornerstone          Any questions please call Coach David
University.                                                                    Emeott 616-656-9510 or email him at:

                                                                               KP athletics will be on site selling
                                                                               instructional DVD’s for $25 as well as
                                                                               everything track and field related.

                                                                               For other pole vault related events:
                                                                                                  Visit our web site at
COACHES!!! This clinic will be great for the beginner
as well as the state meet hopeful. Over the years our
camps have been host to many leagues, regional and
state champs. Our clinic is guaranteed to help your
athlete focus on what it takes to succeed.

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