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					                International Association of Broadcast Monitors
    2008 Annual Meeting • Oct 3 & 4 • Friday & Saturday • LAS VEGAS

                                          THE IABM SUMMIT
                                        Conference Registration Form
Instructions: Register before September 2, 2008 You may register this information by E-mail to

info@iabm.com and you may print this form, fill in the blanks, and FAX to the IABM office at
212.594.2182, or mail your form (Please phone or e-mail ahead with your intentions for
registration) with check for payment to IABM at P.O. Box 422 Meriden, NH 03770.

Company: __________________________________________________________

Member Name & Title: ________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________


Telephone:   ___________ ____________           Email: ______________________________

Additional Attendee_________________________________________________

Additional Attendee _________________________________________________

Additional Attendee _________________________________________________
Registration Fees: Please check all that apply.
Members, Guests and Former Members:
—$250 General Meeting Attendance 1st Attendant
_$150 Spouse registration Spouse’s name: ________________________________
_$150 General Meeting Attendance 2 Attendant
_$150 General Meeting Attendance 3 Attendant

• Registration Form MUST be accompanied by check or credit card information and permission
to charge to ensure reservations.
• Payment for Spouses/Additional Attendance Guests must accompany registration, as well.
• Registrations AFTER September 3, are subject to availability for hotel accommodations.

To pay by credit card, please complete the following:
American Express Visa MasterCard
Card Number: ____________________________________________
Exp. Date      Amount Authorized: __________________________

Authorized Signature: _______________________________________*MUST BE SIGNED TO
(Please note that the charges for registration fees will appear on your credit card as processed
by IABM.)

Hotel Reservation Information
The IABM Conference will be held at The Signature at MGM Grand. Hotel reservations may be made online via
https://reservations.mgmmirage.com/bookingengine.aspx?pid=005&host=group&code=int999. The Signature at
MGM Grand is located at 145 East Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada. Our group dates are effective Wednesday
September 30th through Sunday October 5th, 2008. You may call The Signature at MGM Grand directly at 1-877-
727-0007. Be certain to tell them that you are registering for the IABM meeting.

For details and an online tour of the hotel visit http://www.signaturemgmgrand.com/
For questions or to register for the IABM Meeting by phone, please call Toll Free: (800) 236-1741
OR Local: (603) 469-3981