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					                         Penlee Park  Penzance  Cornwall  TR18 4HE
                  Tel: 01736 367627 E-mail:

             Information about Penzance Tennis Club
This leaflet has been designed to provide you with all the information we feel you will
need if you have just joined the club, are thinking about membership, want to hire a
court or enjoy watching.

After nearly 9 years of years hard work the club was in 2003 awarded a grant of
£537,943 from the Sport England 'lottery fund'. With over £41,000 from the club and
a £50,000 interest free loan from the LTA plus a grant from Penzance Town Council, a
total amount of over £640,000 is being spent to completely revamp the clubhouse and
courts. As you will see the tennis facilities are some of the best in Cornwall!

Penzance Tennis Club is keen to provide a tennis environment for everyone, whether you
are a participant or a spectator we would like you to feel welcome at our club. The club
currently has over 250 adult and 200 junior playing members.


Penzance Tennis Club has the following brand new tennis facilities available:
Tennis pavilion with changing facilities, bar/café, and committee room.
The First Service/Bar and Cafe’ is open from. Approx.
 – Monday -Thursday 1030 - 2100
 – Friday 1030 - 2230
 – Saturday 1000 - 1700
Full range of hot and cold dishes available including light lunches, salads, home made
cakes etc. Members of the public are very welcome. Why not pop in for a coffee?

4 artificial grass courts, 3 all weather courts, mini tennis (KidsZone) court and practice
wall, 5 courts with floodlights.

How do I get into tennis?

There are a number of ways you can get into tennis at Penzance Tennis Club.

If you just want to hire a court, the court hire rate is £7 per court hour.
You can join for a week as an adult or as a family, please contact Janet Beach,
membership secretary on 01736 361659 for more details.
If you want to play more tennis the best option is to join the tennis club. Application
forms are available from the club. There are a number of membership categories
available including country membership rates if you live more than 15 miles from the

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                              Affiliated to the Lawn Tennis Association
Please note that membership subscriptions are due annually in April of each year,
although if you are planning to join mid way through the season pro rata membership
rates are available. Please see club notice boards for further details of membership

When can I play?

Throughout the week there are social mix in sessions, club nights, competitions,
structured coaching programmes and free court time available for hire.

Social mix in sessions are an excellent way to get to meet new people at the club and
play more tennis, just turn up! These sessions are for adults and are held Monday,
Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 12noon and Monday and Wednesday Evenings
from 6pm. Weekend afternoons from 2pm.

Club Nights Junior Club Night is on Tuesday Evening from 4pm and Senior Club night is
on Friday from 6pm.

Saturday Morning Coaching Saturday Morning coaching is available from 9am for young
people aged 4+. Sessions start with Mini Tennis Red and progress up to full court tennis
throughout the morning. Please call the club (01736 367627) to find out the best
session time for you.

Free Court Time If you wish to book a court please see the booking sheets in the Club
house for further details. Court bookings can only be made one week in advance at the
earliest. If you are a non-member wishing to book a court please contact a member of
staff at First Service Bar/Cafe.

Competitions Competitive opportunities (Senior and Junior) are available in Summer and
Winter Local Leagues, Singles Leagues, National Club League, Mixed Generation
Tournaments, American Tournaments and many more!

*Please note that during the Summer Season matches take priority so please keep an
eye on the court booking sheets to be found in the clubhouse.


Penzance Tennis Club has a team of qualified coaches and tennis assistants who are
involved in different elements of a brand new coaching programme. The Coaching
Programme offers a range of tennis opportunities from Mini Tennis through to
Performance Coaching. If you would like further information about the coaching
programme please contact our Head Coach Bruce Tarrant on (01736) 367627 .In
addition, coaching lessons are available with LTA Licensed Club Coaches

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Social Events

Penzance Tennis Club runs a range of social events from BBQ’s, Quiz Nights, Euchre
Drives, to wine tasting, watch club noticeboards for details.
First Service Bar/Cafe can be made available if you would like to hire the tennis club for
a private function. Please contact Mel Jones on (01736) 367627 for further details.

Who’s Who?

Penzance Tennis Club is managed by a voluntary committee whose contact details can be
found on the club notice board. Please feel free to let the Committee Members know if
you have any comments about Penzance Tennis Club or if you would like to get involved
we are always keen to have some help!

Useful Contacts in the Club:

Committee Members - Roles & Responsibilities

      Trevor Newborn Chairman Assistant to Treasurer/5year plan/Club Rules review/Staff
       Employment/Self Employment 07860 389588
      Joyce Taylor Vice Chair Senior Open Tournament Organiser/Day to Day Banking
       01736 368058
      Dominic Thomas Hon. Treasurer Bar Committee 07728 353218
      Kathy Johns Hon. Secretary Minutes/Insurance Claim 01736 364258
      Jo Horne Banking/Assistant Secretary Finance Signatory 01736 365729
      Graham Johns Coaching Programme with Head Coach, Junior Committee link,
       Website/email 01736 364258
      Janet Beach Membership Secretary 01736 361659
      Elaine Bassett Club Balls Administrator 01736 757128
      Randy Haunfelder Bar Committee 01736 350351
      Birte Hosken Press Officer 01736 362513
      Debra Heywood Cleaning 01736 362112
      Dennis Nicholls Maintenance/Security/Swipe Card System 01736 368900
      Helena Luke Ladies Captain 01736 732495
      Ian Brace Club Balls Purchasing 01736 711800
      Luke Dews Head Coach 07533735348

Other Club Members - Roles & Responsibilities

      Mel Jones Bar Committee/Bar/Restaurant Club 01736 367627
      Keith Songhurst Club Coach 07986 012754
      Sammy Bassett Club Coach 01736 757128
      Sarah Arnold Coaching Assistant 01736 368286
      Peter Uren Day to day security 01736 364974
      Gillian Waters Open Tournament Secretary 01736 333399
      Lis Jenkin Child Protection lead 01736 350540
      Kevin Jones Men's Captain 07701 022483
      Lesley Harry Junior Open Tournament 01736 360582
      Julie Bindiren Junior Membership Secretary 01736 732211
      Steve Lynch Groundsman via Dennis Nicholls
      Neil Dennis Open Veterans Tournament Organiser 01736 363576

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                               A few other important bits!
Please help us maintain a positive tennis environment and help us to ensure that our
brand new tennis facilities are maintained.

                                       The Clubhouse
   A “No Smoking” policy operates within the clubhouse.
   A “No Dogs” policy operates within the clubhouse. Well-behaved dogs are permitted
    on the patio area provided they are on a leash.
   During normal Café/Bar opening hours the front door to the clubhouse will be open.
    Outside these times access to the clubhouse is by swipe card only. These are
    personalised and must only be used by the purchaser. Swipe cards are available to
    buy from the Café/Bar or the membership secretary. Under 18’s are not permitted
    to purchase or use swipe cards.
   Access to the bar, kitchen servery, and bar store, is restricted to officers of the
    Club and First Service Cafe/Bar Staff.
   Access to the Committee room (for reasons of security) is restricted to coaches,
    and officers of the club.
   Access to the garage/ store is restricted to coaches, officers of the club, and the
    grounds man.
   For the benefit of all, please refrain from bringing Kit bags and Rackets into the
    clubroom (lockers, £1 returnable, are provided for members use).
   To comply with our Club Alcohol License, Visitors wishing to consume alcohol must be
    signed into the “Visitors Book” (see separate guidelines). In addition Under 18’s may
    not purchase or consume alcohol on the premises.
   As a general rule no food or drink may be consumed on the premises, unless
    purchased from “First Service Café/Bar” (Exceptions apply to sports drinks
    consumed on court during play and during tournaments).

    The Tennis Courts
     After play, if you are the last off, please let down the nets, raise the bottoms of
       the nets off the ground using the net band and ensure the courts are locked.
     For the safety of all, glass drinks bottles, etc., should not be taken onto the
       courts. Please use plastic.
     In order to maximise the lifetime of the courts, items such as bikes, prams, etc.,
       should not be taken onto the courts.
     Chewing gum should not be taken onto the courts.
     Please wear appropriate tennis footwear and clothing on court.

    Court Etiquette
New or newer members might find these guidelines helpful when playing. These seem like
common sense but we all wish we had been given this advice when we first started
    – If you hit a tennis ball onto someone else’s court, please do not run onto their
         court to retrieve it, especially if play is in progress. It is much more polite to
         apologise and ask them to return it when they have finished their rally.
    – Do not walk across the back of a court when play is in progress.
    – Do not open the gate when play is in progress on a court.
    – When you receive a serve that is outside the service box, please do not return
         the ball back to the server. This only puts them off.
         Either let it go behind you or knock it into the net.

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