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									                                    STUDENT ORGANIZATION
                              Returning Organization Recognition Packet
Please rev iew these guidelines to assist organization officers in co mplet ing the requirements for UHCL student organization recognition,
in accordance with UHCL Student Life Policies. All recognition materials should be completed and returned in accordance with the
timeline established to the Coordinator of Activities & Student Organizations or the Graduate Assistant for Activities & Student
Organizations in the Student Life Office, SSCB Room #1.204. For more information, call (281) 283-2560.

  Provide the information as requested: The amount of dues; the organization’s purpose and/or mission statement; a list of
  members (attach an additional sheet, if necessary); and officer initials by workshop dates attended (two officers must
  attend the workshop; however, they do not have to attend on the same date).

  Two officers must sign this form, which states the organization officers agree to abide by applicable federal and state laws
  and university policies and procedures. The university policies are included in the Student Organizations Handbook. The
  Handbook is available on the Student Organization Web site.

   This form lists all organization officers, their home address, a phone number, email address, and the position each
   person holds. The organization advisor must also be listed. This form must be updated any time the organization has a
   change in officers and turned into Student Life within two weeks.

  Each organization must have a current constitution and bylaws on file in the Student Life Office on paper and
  electronically. The constitution should describe the organization and how it will function in detail. It should be as clear
  and as thorough as possible. The constitution and bylaws should be reviewed annually (during the recognition process
  and/or during a change in officers) to ensure the organization’s needs are met. In addition, organizations must submit its
  Constitution electronically to the Student Life Office.

  This form is used to update the information as to which bulletin board, file cabinet (if any), and mailbox has been
  assigned to the organization. This form is also used to request additional keys, if necessary.


  This form is required to open an e-mail account on the UHCL server. However, an e-mail account is not required. An
  organization can choose not to take advantage of this service. In accordance with UHCL policy, this account must be
  opened in an organization officer’s name and must be renewed each semester. It requires the signature of the officer and
  of the Coordinator of Activities and Student Organizations.

  Two officers must attend a Policies & Procedures workshop offered by the Student Life Office before the recognition
  deadline every fall semester. In order to maintain recognition, this must be done every academic year.

Recognition Packet (Updated May 2010)
                                         Returning Organization Information
                                              [All sections must be completed]

 Name of Organization__________________________________________________________________________________________

 National, State or
 Off-campus Affiliation_________________________________________________________________________________________

  Amount of Dues: Per Semester_________________                                      Per Year_____________________

 Organization’s Purpose/Mission Statement _________________________________________________________________________





    STUDENT MEMBERS - Please list names only .                   WORKSHOPS -          Please have each officer initial dates attended.

    ________________________________________________             June 8, 2010       __________              __________

    ________________________________________________             June 25, 2010      __________              __________

    ________________________________________________             July 14, 2010      __________              __________

    ________________________________________________             July 26, 2010      __________              __________

    ________________________________________________             Aug 26, 2010       __________              __________

    ________________________________________________             Aug 30, 2010       __________              __________

    ________________________________________________             Sept 7, 2010       __________              __________

    ________________________________________________             Sept 9, 2010       __________              __________

    ________________________________________________             Sept 13, 2010      __________              __________

    ________________________________________________             Sept 15, 2010      __________              __________

    ________________________________________________             Sept 20, 2010      __________              __________

    ________________________________________________             Sept 24, 2010      __________              __________

    ________________________________________________             *Recognition deadline is 12 p.m., September 24, 2010. All
                                                                 paperwork must be submitted to the Student Life Office
    ________________________________________________             following workshop attendance to ensure recognition for the
                                                                 upcoming year.

    Total number of active members:     ______________           Student Life Coordinator Initials:    ______________

Recognition Packet (Updated May 2010)
                                        Organization Compliance Form
        Please check these boxes to indicate that you have complied:

   We certify this organization will comply with the policies and procedures outlined in the Student
  Organization Handbook and presented in the Policies & Procedures Workshop.

   We certify this organization will live up to the responsibilities of recognized student organizations.
  Compliance with these guidelines ensures eligibility of rights reserved for student organizations.

   We certify the members of this organization are free to choose and accept new members at their discretion
  provided there is no discrimination to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, mental or
  physical disability, or gender.

   We understand hazing is illegal in the state of Texas. Our organization will refrain from conducting any
  pledging, initiation, or other extracurricular activities that may in any way ridicule, embarrass, or defame
  individuals as a condition of membership.

   We understand once recognition has been granted, a renewal packet must be submitted at the beginning of
  each academic year. Furthermore, we understand if any information changes during the academic year,
  including the list of officers, the Student Life Office will be notified and any applicable forms will be

  Name of Organization:

  Two officers are required to review this information and sign below on behalf of the organization.

  Signature ____________________________________________________________                    Date _____________

  Office/Position in Organization ______________________________________________________________

  Signature ____________________________________________________________                    Date _____________

  Office/Position in Organization ______________________________________________________________

  This student organization is officially recognized as having met the qualifications for operating within the
  University of Houston-Clear Lake, and is entitled to all rights, privileges, and responsibilities.

  Coordinator of Student Life – Activities & Student Organizations            Date

  Activities & Student Organizations – Graduate Assistant                 Date

Recognition Packet (Updated May 2010)
     Each organization is required by university policy to keep the Student Life Office notified of any changes in
     leadership. Please complete this form immediately following elections or as changes occur throughout the
     year and return it to the Student Life Office. For more than five officers, complete additional forms.

     Name of Organization____________________________________________________________________

     Today’s Date ______________                                                                             Date of Next Election ______________

     Name_____________________________________________                                      Name______________________________________________

     Address___________________________________________                                     Address____________________________________________

     City____________________________St____ Zip_________                                    City____________________________St____ Zip__________

     Phone_____________________________________________                                     Phone_____________________________________________

     E-Mail____________________________________________                                     E-Mail_____________________________________________

     Title______________________________________________                                    Title_______________________________________________

     Name_____________________________________________                                      Name______________________________________________

     Address___________________________________________                                     Address____________________________________________

     City ____________________________St____ Zip_________                                   City____________________________St____ Zip_________

     Phone_____________________________________________                                     Phone_____________________________________________

     E-Mail____________________________________________                                     E-Mail_____________________________________________

     Title______________________________________________                                    Title_______________________________________________

                                                                                          Organization Advisor:
     City ____________________________St____ Zip_________
                                                                                          Office Phone _______________________________________
                                                                                          Box # _____________________________________________

“State law requires you be informed of the following: (1) you are entitled to request to be informed about the information about yourself collected by use of this form (with a few
exceptions as provided by law); (2) you are entitled to receive and review that information; and (3) you are entitled to have the information corrected at no charge to you.”

Recognition Packet (Updated May 2010)
                                        CONSTITUTION INFORMATION SHEET

    In accordance with university policies, each organization must maintain a current constitution on file in the
    Student Life Office. The constitution is an official document that governs how the organization will operate.
    As such, it should be carefully reviewed by the incoming executive board to ensure those students’
    understanding of what is expected of them under that constitution.

    To receive continued recognition with UHCL, the organization’s constitution must be reviewed and, if
    necessary, updated at the beginning of the fall semester as part of the annual recognition process. Changes in
    the constitution must be approved by the organization’s members. If the constitution has been reviewed, and
    is current, please indicate so below.

    Please read carefully and initial on each line when applicable:

    __________ Our organization has a constitution on file and no changes are needed.

    __________ The constitution has been reviewed and voted on by the organization.

    __________ Our organization has a constitution on file and changes are needed. We understand that the
               revised constitution must be submitted to the Student Life Office before continuing
               recognition status can be granted.

    __________ The constitution is dated with the date it was approved by organization members.

    __________ Our organization has turned in an electronic copy of our constitution to the Student Life

    *If you have questions during this process, please contact the Coordinator of Student Life – Activities &
    Student Organizations in the Student Life Office.

 Confirmation of Constitution:

 Organization Name _______________________________________________________________________

 Today’s date ______________________________                   Due Date ________________________________

 ___________________________________________                   ______________________________________
 (Organization Officer)                                        (Student Life Coordinator)

Recognition Packet (October 2008) – Form 4 of 6 Forms
                              RETURNING STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS
                            Bulletin Board / File Cabinet / Mailbox Information

  Organization Name ___________________________________________________________________________________________

     BULLETIN BOARD: Bulletin Board spaces are reassigned every year during Recognition Period, based on the order in which
     completed Recognition Packets are received. There are seventy five (75) Bulletin Board spaces, located in the Bayou Building in
     the Student Entrance Hallway. Every effort will be made to assure that you get the board you request, but we cannot guarante e
     your organization a space if you delay completing the annual Recognition Packet. Please indicate below if you wish to retain the
     same bulletin board or if you wish to change. Bulletin Boards are numbered 1 through 25 across and the three rows are letter ed A,
     B, or C. They hold a full sheet of poster board (22 inches x 28 inches) if you would like to work on your design at home.

     _______ Our organization would like to keep                            _______ Our organization would like to move to a
            the same bulletin board, which is _______.                              different board. Our top 3 choices are:
                                                                                    _______ _______ _______

    For File Cabi nets and Mail boxes: Current officers are responsi ble for maintaining appropri ate custody of file cabinet and
    mailbox keys. One (1) set of keys to the file cabinet and the mail box was provi ded to the org anization at no cost when the
    organization was founded. These keys shoul d be passed to new officers each year. Additi onal keys will be made upon
    written request and payment of a key charge ($5 each, non-refundable). Please list all officers who are hol ding keys in the
    place indicated below.

    FILE CABINET: The Student Life Office has assigned your organization to a file cabinet in the Organizations’ File Cabinet Room
    (SSCB 1.202.01). The same cabinet is assigned to the same organization as long as that organization maintains its recognition status
    and as long as the organization is actively sponsoring programs and events. Please do not store food in your cabinet. Please
    complete the section below:

    Our organization is assigned to file cabinet # ________.

    Names of current officers who have keys:

    ____________________________                 ____________________________                  ___________________________

    MAILBOX: The Student Life Office has assigned a mailbox to your organization. Mailboxes are located in the SSCB Student
    Lounge. Please complete the section below:

    Our organization is assigned to mailbox # ________.

    Names of current officers who have keys:

    ____________________________                 ____________________________                  ___________________________

Recognition Packet (Updated May 2010)

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