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I. Contact Information
       A. Name of Network – NETV BROADCAST TELEVISION
       B. Single point of contact – Michael Beach
       C. E-mail, Phone, Address – (402)472-3611
               1800 N. 33rd St., Lincoln NE 68503
       D. Primary website
II. Network Description
       A. Number and types of clients
                Public – general public of the entire state of Nebraska
                Private – N/A
       B. Technology
                Provider
                   NETC – programming, equipment, hardware, operations
                   Loral Skynet – satellite delivery to transmitter sites
                Circuits
                   Currently 1 analog broadcast NTSC channel (1 channel video / 3 channels audio)
                   Soon to include DTV (RF = 8VSB modulation)
                       Combinations of high-definition and standard definition video
                               High-definition is ATSC
                               Standard-definition is MPEG-2
                       Multiple audio feeds – analog stereo, AES/EBU, and Dolby AC-3 5.1
                Capacity
                   Current analog signal uses 6 MHz of RF spectrum
                   DTV will use 6 MHz of RF spectrum with data throughput of 19.39 Mbps
                   9 transmitter sites, 16 translators
       C. Types of traffic
                Voice
                   Analog – 3 channels (1 pair stereo and 1 mono SAP or DVS)
                   DTV – will vary up to 6 channels of audio per active video channel
                Video
                   Analog – 1 standard definition
                   DTV – up to 1 high-definition and/or 4 standard definition
                Data
                   Up to 19.39 Mbps
       D. Security/Privacy requirements
                External
                   One-way so no security required
                Internal
                   Content routed on independent in-house LAN – no access except at designated
                Filtering Requirements
III. Management & Operations
       A. Network Operations Center – at NETC
      B. Operations Staff – at NETC and at each transmitter site
      C. Technical Support – at NETC and at each transmitter site
IV. Governance
      A. Policies – Nebraska State Agency 47
      B. Policy Board or Director – Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Commission
      C. Statutory Authority and Constraints – As granted by Legislature – Governor appoints NETC
V. Funding & Billing
      A. Internal Sources of Funding – State and University budgets
      B. External Sources of Funding – NPTV non-profit, federal grants, private donations
      C. Cost Schedule of Services – Free to general public

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