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                      (This matrix was devised by Ralph Pirozzo in 1997 & updated in 2004)
UNIT OF STUDY: British Colonisation of Australia                                              YEAR LEVEL: 3:
Promoting Learning
                                                              Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels          Knowing               Understanding              Applying               Analysing                Creating               Evaluating
    Verbal           List important            Retell the main         Prepare a poster to    Examine the changes      Construct a diary       Review a historical
                     incidences related to     sequence of events      illustrate the         to Aboriginal life and   recount of an Eora      account of
I enjoy              human occupation in       that occurred during    reasons why            the environment due      boy during the time     colonisation. Could
reading,             Australia CCS2.1          early life in the       colonisation took      to colonisation.         of British              this have been done
writing &                                      colony CCS2.1           place and the pros     Compare this to          Colonisation (X         differently?
speaking                                                               and cons for           American settlement      Chart). CCS2.1
                                                                       Australia (TAP).       (VEN)
Mathematical         Name the coins and        Translate               Show a timeline of     Identify and list the    Predict, as a           Justify the reasons
                     notes used in the early   information onto a      the Rum Rebellion      various Aboriginal       discussion paper,       behind colonisation
I enjoy              settlement system,        numbered                CCS2.1                 place names and place    what would have         and whether “saying
working with         comparing that to         crossword for early                            on a map of Australia    happened had the        sorry” is
numbers &            Aboriginal survival.      settlement.                                    (TAP).                   Euro people turned      appropriate or what
science                                                                                                                back the British        measures are.
Visual/Spatial       Locate the journey of     Describe, via a         Make a typical         Show the similarities    Create a drawing of     Plan a tourist
                     the first fleet from      drawing, the facets     early settler outfit   and differences          the Euro people in      brochure to entice
I enjoy              England to Australia      of ways of life and     (male and female).     between an               their natural setting   early settlers to
painting,            using a world map         achievements in the     Model in class and     Aboriginal and           (WINCE).                Australia (The
drawing &            CCS2.1.                   early colony for        use your               settlement village                               RAKE).
visualising                                    convicts, ex-convicts   play/dance.            (VENN Diagram).
                                               and their families,
                                               Aboriginal people
                                               and free settlers
 Kinaesthetic        Name and describe         Explain how             Act/mine/puppet        Demonstrate a dance      Create a diagram of     Evaluate and
                     several of the Euro       Aborigines used         show a traditional     used in the Eora tribe   the Australian          prepare a recipe
I enjoy doing        people’s major            their traditional       settlement or          or by early settlers.    environment before      from an Aboriginal
hands-on             recreational activities   tools for hunting       Aboriginal dance                                & after colonisation    tribe or early
activities,          or early settlers’        (Y Chart).              (X Chart).                                      or create and           settlement days
sports &             activities.                                                                                       perform an              (SCRAM).
                                                                                                                       Aboriginal or settler
dance                                                                                                                  dance (SCRAM).
    Musical      Name the major            Describe and name       Listen to a piece of    Analyse how the           Create the              Examine a piece of
                 musical instruments       the instruments used    earlier settler music   music in an               appropriate musical     Aboriginal/or early
I enjoy          used by settlers and      in a piece of           and a piece of          Aboriginal/early          effects to              settler music and
making &         listen to examples.       traditional             Aboriginal music.       settlement movie          accompany your          write a review
listening to                               Aboriginal music.       Apply your own          affects the story.        play depicting          (LDC).
music                                                              rhythm using                                      colonisation.
 Interpersonal   With a partner, list      With a partner,         Examine how your        Survey the school to      Conduct an              Debate the issue of
                 the NSW Governors         research and            life would change       determine how             interview with an       the benefits and
I enjoy          from earliest to latest   describe how            due to colonisation     children view the         Aboriginal elder in     costs of colonisation
working with     and place on a            Aboriginal life was     from the                impact of colonisation    respect to British      on Aborigines and
others           timeline CCS2.1.          changed by British      perspective of          on Aborigines.            colonisation and its    the environment.
                                           colonisation            Aboriginals/settlers                              impact on their
                                           (The RAKE).             /convicts/and                                     people and
                                                                   soldiers.                                         environment.
 Intrapersonal   Find and record           Retell an extract       Impersonate a           You are the King of       Create and perform      Evaluate your life as
                 information about a       from the First Fleet    soldier/convict/        England. How would        a play depicting        a Eora member,
I enjoy          significant citizen       arrivals and their      Eora member or          you have managed          British colonisation    soldier, settler or
working by       during British            experiences. Retell     settler in early        British colonisation of   of Australia.           convict during these
myself           colonisation CCS2.1.      the story of the Eora   Australia (X Chart).    Australia? (Mind                                  early days.
                                           people CCS2.1.                                  Map).
   Naturalist    List and collect names    Share with your         Make a collection of    Organise flora and        Formulate a plan to     Determine the
                 of native Australian      group how to care       your favourite          fauna into different      protect one             impact of tree
I enjoy caring   plants (TAP).             for a selected native   Australian fauna        groups. What criteria     (selected) species of   removal on the
for plants &                               Australian plant        and flora. Are any      did you use? Examine      plant/animal (PSDR      survival of the
animals                                    (The RAKE).             of these                the impact of             Method) ENS2.6.         animal/plant you
                                                                   endangered?             colonisation on our                               selected ENS2.6.
                                                                                           native plants and

Learning Outcomes: CCS2.1 and ENS2.6

                                           This unit has been created by Wendy Orman

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