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                                            (This matrix was devised by Ralph Pirozzo in 1997)
 Unit: British Colonisation                                                  Grade: 4                              Term: 2, 2002                                               Jodie Clark

Promoting Learning                                                               Bloom‟s Taxonomy: Six thinking levels
   International                     Knowing                  Understanding                      Applying                   Analysing                   Creating                  Evaluating
I enjoy reading, writing &       Make a timeline of           Write an explanation about     In what ways is the penal   Write a recount of                                     Discuss the problems
speaking                         visitors to Australia        who „really‟ discovered        colony like that in         Cook‟s journey from his                                with Macarthur and
                                 between 50,000bc-1770.       Australia.                     “Playing Beatie Bow‟?       point of view.                                         Bligh. What could‟ve
                                                              ***                                                                                   Devise a plan for Capt.     been done?
                                                                                                                                                    Phillip to avoid the
I enjoy working with numbers &   List the no. of convicts     Describe the rations of food   On a map showing            PMI for bringing                                       Use the SWOT Analysis
                                                                                                                                                    convicts dying of scurvy.
science                          and supplies arriving in     the convicts were given &      Sydney and SW Syd,          convicts to Sydney.                                    to organise a debate
                                 1st and 2nd Fleets.          the health impact this had.    locate the area occupied                                                           titled “Convicts”.
                                                                                             by 1838.
I enjoy painting, drawing and    Describe the process for     Y-Chart. Visualise you are a    In small gps design and    Venn diagram. Compare      Aboriginal rock art.        Draw an island with
visualising                      Aboriginal rock paintings.   convict who has just arrived   make a board game           English settlers to                                    natural resources and
                                                              in Botany Bay.                 based on the new            Aboriginal natives.                                    highlight the aspects
                                                                                             settlement. ***                                                                    useful to explorers.
I enjoy doing hands-on           Map the course the First     Draw and then construct a diorama of the colony (Pairs     Write an advertisement     In small groups, write a    Play some of the games
activities                       Fleet took to Port           or small group)                                            to entice people to live   2min skit about the penal   and evaluate them.
                                 Jackson.                     ***                                                        in your colony.            colony.

I enjoy making & listening to    Learn „Bound for Botany      Explain what the song is       Make a sound map of c.18    Compare Aboriginal         Prepare accompaniments      Justify your answer to
music                            Bay.‟                        about and who might be         English music or            music to that of c.18      to Aboriginal music.        the question “ Which
                                                              singing it.                    aboriginal music.           European music. What       What instruments would      music is better, English
                                                                                                                         differences are there?     you use?                    c.18 or Aboriginal?”
I enjoy working with others      As a class, collaborate to   Describe the developments      Design and make a board     In groups, design a        In small groups, write      Play some of the games
                                 make a timeline of the       made by each NSW               game based on the new       questionnaire to ask       and perform a 2min skit     and evaluate them.
                                 discovery of Australia.      governor to 1830.              settlement.                 convicts or officials to   about a convict or
                                                                                             ***                         improve the colony.        soldier just arriving in
I enjoy working by myself   Describe some of the       On a map, show where various peoples landed in Australia   Write a recount of        If you found a new land,   If you were an
                            buildings Lachlan          (Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Asian, English etc).          Cook‟s journey from his   what would you do with     Aboriginal in 1770-1830,
                            Macquarie established in                                                              point of view.            it? Think about control,   how do you think you
                            and around Sydney (esp                                                                                          resources etc.             would feel as your „home‟
                            Liverpool).                                                                                                                                is ‟invaded‟ by the

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