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									                                              SGA Agenda
                                           September 20, 2005
                                                2-3 pm

Facilitator: Ellen
Absent: Gaby (excused), Claire (partial), Joe

 A/R 5/10 - Nora volunteered to create an SGA website form with, “Can your question/comments be
   confidentially shared with the dean or all staff” and “Do you need a response from the SGA Board?” which
   would go directly to askSGA.
 A/R – 9/13 - Ellen – cull all feedback from Carla and decisions from 9/13 and put into “Travel Funds”
   guidelines document and bring to meeting on 9/20. Done.
 A/R – 9/13 – Ellen – set up appointment to meet with Virginia Valenzuela and Karen Holloway to go over
   Library travel and travel funds policies and ABaC$ roles and responsibilities. Done. Set for 9/21.


 Topic                 Owner       Time       Preparation               Action Desired
 Staff Travel &                               Ellen cull all feedback   Decide if changes are good.
 Development Funds                            from Carla and            Plan when next steps will occur.
                                              decisions from 9/13       Run the guidelines by KH, Carla
                                              and put into Travel       and ABaC$ before finalizing.
                                              guidelines document       Finalize guidelines.
                                              and form. Bring to        Send Guidelines to allstaff.
                                              meeting.                  Discuss, plan, assign tasks, etc.
                                                                        Decide if need a subcommittee
                                                                        to monitor; any clarification
                                                                        needed re: processing travel
                                                                        Put the final guidelines and form
                                                                        on the SGA website.
                                                                        Discuss automated form by
                                                                        Bonnie Travers and Gene
                                                                        Discuss new process
                                                                         suggestion: New form – TL
                                                                             – ABaC$
                                                                         TL justifies and signs it
                                                                         we may need to confirm if
                                                                             TL has “signed it” if emailed

      Ellen cull all decisions from 9/20 into document and distribute to Virginia Valenzuela and Karen
       Holloway to discuss tomorrow, 9/21at 3:30 pm.
      Once we meet with VV and KH and get clarification, make changes and distribute to SGA Board and
       Carla with a note about changes made. Get approval to finalize. Plan is to distribute this week to
       allsga, ABaC$ and TL.
      Get on Cabinet’s agenda for 9/20 or 9/23 so that we can make sure TLs understand the new

 Topic                 Owner       Time       Preparation               Action Desired
 Halloween             Kerrie                 1. Haunted house          Discuss update.
 Party/Potluck                                2. Prize groups
 Oct. 31 1:30-3 pm                            3. Invite allstaff
 A313 and kitchen                             4. Invite allsga to
                                                       5. Invite LFA to help
                                                       6. Invite Carla
      Crew of 7+ to help within from allsga. The group had lots of good ideas – see Kerrie’s email of today. She
       may need some help the week before Halloween as she and Travis will be off that week. May need help
       (shifts) to “run” the haunted house. Needs help with cleanup. Can still invite LFA to help.
      Kerrie will develop the invitation to allstaff and will distribute a sign up sheet for the potluck.

 Topic                 Owner        Time      Preparation             Action Desired
 New SGA rep                                  Review the election     Plan when election will be held.
 needed to replace                            process                 Steps to incorporate new
 Marilyn Overpeck                                                     member.
 Need to do a new election for a library-wide rep.
 Could take old declination list and get an update. Deadline to decline this Friday.
 Do election itself deadline next Friday.
 Ellen check by-laws for run-down. Toni is willing to help.

    Topic                 Owner       Time       Preparation             Action Desired
    Netiquette            Ellen       5 min.     Review a sheet of       Discussion and agreement on
                                                 tips on                 email correspondence
                                                 professionalism in      parameters. Distributed but did
                                                 email                   not discuss due to time.

 Kerrie will not be available to attend next week due to Cabinet.
 Ellen will be out the first two weeks of October.

 communicating with constituents – we have not discussed per Ellen’s model
 developing an SGA compensation committee – follow up based on open meeting ideas
 Wildcat Family Spirit Award – an opportunity for SGA to participate in special certificates of appreciation to
    staff for exemplary customer service, innovative improvements, outstanding performance or fostering
    diversity, creativity or cooperation. See SAC Staff Tracks July 2005.
 cross-functional team nominations – wait for Cabinet decisions
 SGA Board attendance – review what to do about this
 “Beginning Recommendations for Standing Rules” – not really ready to just approve – see prior meeting
 Review open meeting notes from 7/26/05. Discuss if anything needs to be done differently.

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