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									5 Tips for Designing Great Presentation Slides

Provided by HP

      Be brief. The most text an audience will want to read shouldn't be longer than a
       sentence, and it should be a piece of information that's worth their time. If you
       can't get the point across in 10 seconds, you need to rethink it.
      Choose pictures over words. The best visual aids use very little text, if any at all,
       to convey a concept. Pictures, graphs, diagrams, and other art are a much better
       way to drive home the points you're trying to make. Just don't load on too many
       images; pictures talk louder than words, so you don't need as many.
      Keep graphics graphic. If a graphic needs a written explanation, it's probably not
       a good graphic. If you really must use it, put it on a handout and choose
       something better to have at your side during your talk.
      Start big, stay big. Your visuals should stick with big concepts. Save the details
       for your speech and handouts.
      Be the materials master. Rely too much on your materials and you'll be playing
       second fiddle to them in the presentation. Try not to use more than one aid per
       minute; otherwise you'll come across like a tour guide on a journey from one
       visual to the next.

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