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   ACCA Hong Kong provides an online enrolment system
   to facilitate members for enrolling for CPD events.
   Besides enrolling online, members can also keep track on
   their CPD units granted by ACCA Hong Kong .

    The following illustrations will guide you through the system:

    STEP 1                                                          STEP 2
    Select the event on the homepage of                             Enter your 7-digit membership number and, click “Go to                       password to login to the online enrolment system.
    ACCA Online Enrolment” on the event page.                       The defaulted password, which can be changed,
                                                                    is your date of birth. Press “NEXT” to proceed.

                                                                                                Enter 7-digit
                                                                                                membership number

                                               Click “Go to ACCA                                   Enter your date of birth
                                               Online Enrolment”                                   which is your defaulted
                                               to register online                                  password

                                                                                                  Press “NEXT” to proceed

    STEP 3                                                          STEP 4
    Enter your personal details.                                    A summary of your personal details will appear.
    (Note: fields with asterisk * must be entered before            Click “CONFIRM” to proceed to online payment.

                                                                                                Click “CONFIRM”
                                                                                                to proceed

Revised in Sep 2010
STEP 5                                                   STEP 6
Important messages will be prompted out before           Enter your credit card details.
proceeding to your registration, you are advised to      (Security measures for online payment:
read it carefully.                                       * All payment transaction processing is protected by
                                                            128-bit SSL along the transmission on Internet
                                                         * Credit card number in all administration functions
                                                           is always partly masked and no full card number is
                                                           available to any users of the merchant.
                                                         * The payment platform is equipped with the new
                                                           Visa security features - Visa 3D feature, to enhance
                                                           customer authentication)

                                                                                                 Enter credit card
STEP 7                                                                                           details

An acknowledgement message will appear.

                                    An acknowledgement

STEP 8                                                   STEP 9
An email will be sent to you immediately to              A confirmation email will be issued within 14 days
acknowledge your enrolment.                              after you receive the acknowledgement email.

                          An acknowledgement email

                                                                                             A confirmation email
                                                              The membership
                                                              card will be scanned

                                                CHAN TAI MAN                               CHAN TAI MAN

                                                          1234567                                1234567

                                                             08/11                                    08/11

                                              12345678910                                12345678910
             CHAN TAI MAN

                                           ARRIVAL TIME                              DEPARTURE TIME

                                          18.30                                      20.32

Members are required to bring      Check-in                                 Check-out
along their membership cards       Once the membership card is              Upon completion of the event,
for on-site registration.          scanned, the system will record          members are required to scan
                                   the arrival time of the member.          the membership cards again to
                                                                            record the departure time.

• The system will automatically calculate the CPD units granted.

• The number of CPD units granted is corresponding to the number of hours of the event scheduled.
  1 hour is equivalent to 1 unit. Completed CPD units will only be granted to those who arrive no
  later than 15 minutes after the event begins and leave no earlier than 15 minutes before the event
  ends. Otherwise, the CPD units will have to be discounted corresponding to the actual time of
  attendance by the attendee.

• Example 1, the event time is 19.00 - 20.30, the member’s arrival time is 18.34 and departure time
  is 20.19, the total of CPD units granted will be 1.5.

• Example 2, the event time is 19.00 - 20.30, the member’s arrival time is 19.20 and departure time
  is 20.28, the total of CPD units granted will be 1.2. (round up to 1 decimal point)
Members’ attendance records will be uploaded in within 5 working
days after the event.

STEP 1                                              STEP 2
Members can click the hyperlink on the homepage     You are now on the page of HONG KONG
of to either view       MEMBERS.
or download their attendance records.

                             Click 3 Hong
                             Kong Members to
                             go to the Online
                             enrolment system                                 Then click here to go to
                                                                              Online enrolment system

STEP 3                                              STEP 4
On the page of ONLINE ENROLMENT SYSTEM,             Enter your 7-digit membership number and
you can learn more about the system by              password to login to view your CPD status. The
downloading the pdf leaflet. You can also view or   defaulted password, which can be changed, is
download your CPD attendance records.               your date of birth. If would like to change your
                                                    password, you also need to enter your 7-digit
                                                    membership number and the birth of birth and
                                                    then click ‘Next’ to proceed. Please note that
                                                    myACCA has different set of password.

                                                                              Enter 7-digit
                                                                              membership number

                                                                                         Enter your

                                                                                         Press ‘Next’ to
STEP 5                                                  STEP 6
You can view all your CPD units earned or select        The selected certificate will be prompted out, you
the CPD certificate from the event that you want        can either print or download it.
to print or download. Press “Print Certificate”                     Print the certificate
to either print or download the pdf format of the

  CPD units                      Select the
                                 certificate you        Download the
  earned from                                           certificate
  each CPD event                 want to print or

                                      Press “Print
                                      for printing or
                                      the certificate

                                                        STEP 7
                                                        The official receipt is also attached in the lower
                                                        part of the certificate.
     The online enrolment system, the
     on-site registration system and the
     records of CPD units are applicable to
     ACCA MEMBERS only. Members are
     encouraged to use the system, which
     is more efficient and secured, to
     make your enrolments.