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									American Studies

The Tempest Essay Schedule:

      September 18              Finish reading the play.
                                Write a journal entry on your favorite scene.
                                Present Ariel, Caliban, and Ferdinand
                                sectiions of opening scene.

                                Choose which scene you want to work on next.

      September 22                Write a first draft of an introductory paragraph in
                                  which you state what Shakespeare’s artistic purpose
                          is in the The Tempest and how he goes about
                   achieving that purpose.

                                Write a second paragraph in which you discuss how
                                your scene relates to Shakespeare’s overall
                                purpose in the play.
                                (Save these paragraphs to your disk inside your
                                Tempest Folder.)

                                Collect props, musical instruments, and rudimentary
                                costumes for your scene and bring them to class so
                                that you can use them in your rehearsal.

                                Don’t forget to be ready for that Grammar Quiz on
                                “Parts of Speech”.

      September 24              Write a paragraph about why Prospero decides to
                                break his staff at the end of the play.
                                Quote the text to support your ideas.
                                (Collaborative Planning of essay in class.)

                                Draw a picture of your set and costumes.
                                Finish collection of actual props and costumes.

      September 29              Performance Day!
                                Write a rough draft of your paper over
                                the long weekend.

      September 30              Writing Workshop in Computer Room
                                during 4th period class.

      October 1                 Final Draft of Tempest Essay is due at 3:30 p.m.

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