Zumba for the Cure benefits Komen efforts Posted Wednesday

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 Zumba for the Cure benefits Komen efforts

 Posted: Wednesday, October 13, 2010 11:45 pm

                        b.fab fitness owner Rebecca Hinton, second from left, leads the pre-Race for the Cure Zumba warmup in Maryland
                                Farms Park on Saturday. She hopes at least 300 people will attend Zumba for the Cure on Thursday.

 Hinton hopes to atttract 300 to A-Game Thursday

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 Rebecca Hinton, owner of and “rock star” Zumba instructor to ordinary folks and music stars alike, will lead
 a Zumba for the Cure event Thursday night at A-Game sports complex.

 The Zumbathon event from 7-9 p.m. Thursday at A-Game, 215 Gothic Court, in Cool Springs, will feature a new
 instructor every half hour leading the Latin-inspired fitness dancing. The $10 donation to participate will benefit Susan
 G. Komen For the Cure Greater Nashville on the heels of Saturday’s Race for the Cure in Brentwood.

 Hinton, who is a friend of and teaches such musicians as American Idol finalist Melinda Dolittle, led the pre-race crowd
 in a Zumba warmup at Saturday’s race.

 “Wow, that was such an amazing experience,” Hinton said. “The energy
 that got created while we were up there, it was just palpable. And to look
 out from that stage and see the masses moving with us and the smiles on
 all the faces, it was just an incredible feeling.”

 Hinton, whose business runs classes at six different locations, was first
 asked to help the Komen cause for breast cancer awareness/funding with a
 Zumba event in March. With only a quick turnaround, about 200 attended at
 the A-game indoor courts and more than $2,000 was raised.

 “That was pretty successful,” Hinton said. Race director Tina Hamilton
 asked her to do another one after the race.

 She’s hoping at least 300 people will take part this time around

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 and raise $3,000-$4,000.

 While Hinton doesn’t have a personal link to breast cancer specifically, her husband and both parents have had cancer.

 The community also had a team at the Race for the Cure in honor of two class members: Namaste
 Anderson, a mother of two and survivor of 12 years, who attends classes at D.C. Dance Factory; and another member
 who just had surgery with a breast cancer diagnosis last week.

 Hinton believes was asked to help with the effort because of its widespread numbers as well as the energy
 and enthusiasm she brings to Zumba.

 “When we talk about how we feel in those classes, she's like a rock star,” said Margot Dermody, a board member of
 the Brentwood Cool Springs Chamber of Commerce. “She’s just really good at what she does, she gets up and makes
 you want to work your dance moves too.

 “I hadn't danced, in gosh, maybe 20 years before I started doing it. It just kind of came back and then you develop your
 own movement and style, and it’s a lot of fun.”

 Dermody said Hinton is encouraging to those of all fitness levels, and Zumba for the Cure welcomes any Zumba
 enthusiasts, from regulars to those who haven’t done it in a while.

 "I think the Susan G. Koman cause is wonderful so, just like people run and race or walk, do it with a Zumba dance
 group," said Dermody, who participated at the spring Zumbathon and in Saturday's event.

 As to why Zumba is so popular, Hinton says she thinks it’s “the fun factor.”

 “I think it’s that you don't feel like you're exercising, that you can come together with your friends. A lot of us are moms
 and we can feel like it’s an hour-long escape from life. We can pretend we’re out on the dance floor -- and we can do it
 at 10 a.m. We don’t even have to stay out late.”

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