HP LaserJet 2400 Series Printers - The Embedded Jetdirect Print

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					HP LaserJet 2400 Series Printers - The Embedded
Jetdirect Print Server Model Numbers

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Several new model numbers will appear on an HP Jetdirect Configuration page - J7957A,
J79578A, J7949E, and J7959A.

These are model numbers for printers with HP Jetdirect embedded or integrated into the printer's
formatter. This is sometimes referred to as embedded networking, embedded LAN, or Jetdirect
Inside (JDI).

Although these refer to an HP Jetdirect product number, the printers will have their own product
numbers and options that the customer will see. The Jetdirect product number is only for
identifying the product for ease of management. The Jetdirect product numbers are not available
for purchase since they are integrated.

The printers and related Jetdirect model numbers include:

                  Printer                                        Jetdirect
HP Color LaserJet 2550 series                  J7957A 10/100 (Value Line)
HP LaserJet 1320n                              J7957A 10/100 (Value Line)
HP LaserJet 1320nw                             J7957A 10/100 (Value Line)
HP LaserJet 2400 Series                        J7949E 10/100 (Full Feature)
HP LaserJet 4250 Series                        J7949E 10/100 (Full Feature)
HP LaserJet 4350 Series                        J7949E 10/100 (Full Feature)
HP LaserJet 9050 Series                        J7949E 10/100 (Full Feature)


        Basic network installation process stays the same utilizing the Install Network Printer
        Wizard SDK (Use the Printer’s installation CD)


        From a protocol perspective, the embedded print server should behave exactly like an
        HP Jetdirect EIO card. JDI is practically indistinguishable from an EIO card in normal use
        environments. The Embedded Web Server is the same, Telnet, printing, upgrading, etc…
        are all the same as a traditional EIO card.

The full feature embedded print server is upgradeable by the HP Download Manager and
WJA. The part number is J7949E – the “E” stands for “Embedded”. This part number is
not for ordering you cannot buy the embedded print server separately. JDI is also
upgradeable via the printer’s RFU mechanism.

Value Line

The Jetdirect of the HP Color LaserJet 2550 will be based on "value line" Jetdirect
features: TCP/IP Protocol only. The Value Line Jetdirect is nonupgradeable.

Full Feature

  Network                         Network Printing Environments*
                  Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP (32- and 64-bit),
                  Direct Mode printing Novell NetWare 5, 6.x using NDPS UNIX
                  and Linux, including: Hewlett-Packard HP-UX, Sun
TCP/IP            Microsystems Solaris (SPARCsystems only), IBM AIX**, HP
                  MPE-iX**, RedHat Linux, SuSE Linux LPR/LPD (Line Printer
                  Daemon)** IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) FTP (File Transfer
IPX/SPX and       Novell NetWare** Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP
compatible        (32-bit only), Direct Mode printing
(EtherTalk        Apple Mac OS
DLC/LLC           Microsoft Windows NT**
* Refer to the current HP Jetdirect product data sheets for additional network
systems and versions. For operation with other network environments, consult
your system vendor or authorized HP dealer.

** For these network systems, contact your network system vendor for
software, documentation, and support.

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