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									                          Connecting the Pacific Union Adventist Family

                                                                                                       September 2009

            4               Vacation Bible School
                             Attracts Parents, Teens and Kids

9 Students Turn Recyclables into Teddy Bears 16 Pacific Union College Announces New President 22 LLU Celebrates School of Medicine’s 100th Anniversary

                                                                                      PACIFIC UNION


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                    Photo by Enno Müller

2   Index                                                   
                                                     ONE to ONE               PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE

Year of Evangelism Efforts Pay Off
     his year has been designated the Year of Evangelism       prophecy. I am seeing the fulfillment of His promise and
     in the North American Division. In 2008, the              prophecy in my own meetings, and it is most humbling.
     Pacific Union team and the seven local conferences          We can never forget that the Holy Spirit is the Rep-
developed plans, allocated funds and prepared soul-            resentative of Jesus Who sent Him when He ascended
winning                                                                                                 to heaven. So,
endeavors.                                                                                              I believe, when
   The Pacific              I am under great conviction that what we are                                we hold Jesus
Union executive                                                                                         and His grace
committee voted              witnessing in the Paci c Union this year is a                              up before the
a special appro-                                                                                        world, the
priation of $1            foretaste, if not the beginning, of the outpouring                            Holy Spirit is
million to help                                                                                         present in a
churches with               of the Holy Spirit in Latter Rain power. In John                            mighty way.
their evangelism
efforts during              12:32, Jesus said, “And I, if I am lifted up from                             Let us all pray
                                                                                                        that God will
2009. At the end
of the second                 the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.”                              pour His Holy
                                                                                                        Spirit in a del-
quarter, bap-                                                                                           uge on all who
tisms and professions-of-faith to the church are up            will be giving and receiving the good news in 2009, not
by 10.43 percent over the same period of 2008.                 only in our own territory, but also around the world.
   Union and conference administrators and depart-
mental directors have united with evangelists, church          Arnold Trujillo,
pastors, lay people and youth in a great thrust to reach       Vice President
the millions in the five states of the Pacific Union ter-      Pacific Union
ritory (California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii). I
encourage the readers of this article to read the details
of the amazing things that are happening in the reports
in the Recorder from each of the seven conferences.
   I have had the privilege of sharing my “Waves
of Grace” series in 10 of our churches through Au-
gust -- three more are scheduled this fall. I stand
in awe at the evidence of the Holy Spirit’s power
as I behold faces aglow as hearts are warmed by
the amazing grace of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.
   I am under great conviction that what we are witness-
ing in the Pacific Union in this year is a foretaste, if not
the beginning, of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in
Latter Rain power. In John 12:32, Jesus said, “And I, if I
am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to My-
self.” While He is speaking of the manner of His death,
I also believe that his declaration is a promise and a

September 2009 Recorder                                                                                           News      3

    Vacation Bible School
    Attracts Parents, Teens and Kids
        ummer is often associated
        with family vacations, going
        to the beach and resting,
    but in Southeastern California
    Conference, summer is a time
    when evangelism happens and new
    connections and friendships are
       More than half the churches in
    Southeastern conducted Vacation
    Bible Schools for their own children
    and those in their communities this
    past summer. For most churches,
    this meant that one week during
    the summer was dedicated to ral-
    lying youth and adults as staff and
    putting on a program for kids.
       Each group has stories to tell.     Children engage in story time at Loma Linda Korean church.
    Each church had different experi-
    ences. Many lives were touched
    — in some cases the staff, in other    classes herself and held lectures on             La Sierra University
    cases the kids or the parents. Here    how to react to children’s behavior                 La Sierra University church
    are a few stories from the field:      and what kinds of discipline meth-               was one of the few churches to
                                           ods there are and when to use them.              hold much of its VBS program
    Riverside Spanish                      This class ran parallel with VBS.                outdoors. Even the heat and the
       The Riverside Spanish church        Most parents who brought their                   strong evening winds did not deter
    is located close to several apart-     kids to VBS stayed for the class.                the kids and the staff from having
    ment complexes, so VBS is a time         “Holding parenting classes was                 a good time. Chris Oberg, senior
    that many kids who live there          a heaven-sent idea. It is amazing                pastor, said that getting younger
    look forward to. Many of these         that the church came up with it,”                children excited about activities
    children simply walked over to the     said Sabrina Villa, VBS director.                is not that hard. The challenge is
    church to participate. More than 70    The parents were grateful and even               to get youth involved in church.
    percent of the kids who showed up      asked the church to continue to                     “One of our focus points is on
    came from the local community.         hold similar meetings. The church                recruiting youth to help us,” said
       Although the focus of VBS was       members have challenged them-                    Oberg. “We have 40 youth from
    on the kids, church members also       selves to hold a major commu-                    La Sierra Academy who volunteer
    thought about how to reach out to      nity event every three months.                   to help. They are not members of
    these children’s parents. Angelina       Villa said that one of her                     our church, but they want to spend
    Camacho, a retired public health       teen helpers, a Buddhist,                        time with their friends.” Accord-
    nurse, suggested offering parenting    said, “This is what religion                     ing to Oberg, VBS is a good time
    classes for any parents who were       should be about, not just sit-                   for youth to use and develop their
    interested. She offered to teach the   ting around and meditating.”                     leadership skills within the church.

4    News                                                                                     
                                                                                             SOUTHEASTERN CALIFORNIA
                                                                     Children sing along at the La
                                                                         Sierra University church.

                                                                                                     Enno Müller
                               Craft time is fun for many children
                               at the La Sierra University church.

Santa Ana Edinger                                   cation tips
  This year, the Santa Ana Edinger                  for kids,
Spanish company decided to pair                     teens and
up with the Martin Luther King                      adolescents.
Elementary school to hold a VBS                     Parents
there instead of in their church                    enjoyed
building. Principal Eleanor Rodri-                  this so
guez and several community leaders                  much that
were happy to open the school’s                     they asked
doors. Gang issues are a common                     if the church could follow up
problem in the area, so the com-                    with more events for them and
munity appreciates any effort to                    their children. On Sabbath morn-
offer kids alternative activities.                  ing, the church held a gradu-
  Moving VBS to a school had the                    ation ceremony for VBS.
added benefit that more parents felt                   “The church was packed, and at                                 VBS is something many kids
comfortable sending their chil-                     least one-third of the attendees were                          look forward to, but so do many
dren. The number of kids nearly                     guests,” said Ruiz. After the service,                         churches. According to Manny
doubled compared to previous                        the church had a fellowship meal                               Vitug, director of children’s minis-
years, going from 70 to 130.                        that encouraged guests and church                              tries, “VBS is the largest outreach
  Frank Ruiz, associate district                    members to interact. Ruiz also                                 for our churches to their commu-
pastor, attributed this to the trust                believes that VBS is an evangelistic                           nity. VBS can be one of the most
that parents have toward the school.                tool. According to him, “Parents                               effective forms of evangelism.”
Besides VBS, the church also taught                 go where kids go, which makes
a class for parents about communi-                  VBS a powerful evangelism tool.”                               Enno Müller

In April VBS leaders met in Loma Linda for a training session.

September 2009 Recorder                                                                                                                           News    5

    NCC Teachers Focus
    on Professional Growth
         t the beginning of last school year,                      pursue these subjects throughout        Center, he learned ideas for leading
         Northern California Conference                            the school year and summer.             worship services, including ways to
         Education Superintendent Berit                               “Adventist education is em-          integrate culture, art and technol-
    von Pohle encouraged conference                                powering us as teachers to seek         ogy into the worship experience.
    teachers and principals to take                                out things that will help us im-           Hunt was happy to get a chance
    ownership of their continuing                                  prove our teaching,” said Clark.        to step away from typical teachers’
    education by writing professional                                 Nathanael Dunn, Sacramento           meetings. “Very seldom is there any-
    growth plans and applying for NCC                              Adventist Academy athletic director,    thing for music teachers,” he said. “I
    education department money to help                             also attended a conference — the        think it’s great you get to pick exactly
    fund them.                                                     California State Athletic Directors     what you need and what you’d like.”
      Each educator who submit-                                    Association Conference in San Diego        With a toddler and a new baby,
    ted a professional growth plan                                 last April. While there, he learned     Sacramento Adventist Academy
    and completed it was eligible to                               ways to strengthen the connection       English and religion teacher Tonja
    receive up to $400. The depart-                                between athletics and academics.        Rasmusson worked on her pro-
    ment has granted $7,500 so far.                                   He especially appreciated the        fessional growth at home. She
                                                                   networking opportunities. “To be in     completed the initial course of
                                                                   a room with all other athletic direc-   an online program offered by the
                                                Stephanie Kinsey

                                                                   tors - that are dealing with the same   University of California, San Diego,
                                                                   stuff you are - is amazing!” he said.   which explains a nontraditional
                                                                      Many of the teachers paid part       way to teach and grade students’
                                                                   of their expenses themselves. Cindy     writing, based on six traits.
                                                                   Myers, Paradise Adventist Academy          “I was really excited about
                                                                   teacher, said that she has wanted       it,” said Rasmusson. “I’m going
                                                                   to attend the International Read-       to use it in my classroom.”
                                                                   ing Association regional conference        Some teachers decided to work
                                                                   meetings for years, and her profes-     on their professional growth to-
                                                                   sional development grant from           gether. Orangevale SDA School
    NCC Education Superintendent Berit                             the NCC education department            Principal Brad Davis and his teachers
    von Pohle, seen here chairing an NCC
    Board of Education meeting, wants                              covered about half of the cost.         agreed to focus on the same plan
    teachers and principals to take charge                            During the three-day confer-         and complete the work as a team.
    of their own professional growth.                              ence in Phoenix in February, she        They continue to meet together to
                                                                   learned a variety of new teach-         develop a program of specific ways
      For her professional develop-                                ing methods, including a way to         for teachers to track student progress
    ment, Echo Ridge Christian School                              use art as a medium to encourage        and communicate with each other.
    teacher Sari Clark attended a                                  students to write. “I’ve very suc-         The NCC education depart-
    three-day conference last February                             cessfully used it and plan to use it    ment professional growth program
    in San Francisco — the “best I’ve                              some more this fall,” said Myers.       is “motivation to help teach-
    ever been to in my life,” she said.                               Foothills Elementary School music    ers stay on the cutting edge as
    Titled “Learning and the Brain,” the                           teacher Dennis Hunt attended a          much as possible,” said Davis.
    conference fanned Clark’s interest                             different kind of conference last
    in social and emotional learning                               March. At the West Coast Worship        Julie Lorenz
    and inspired her to continue to                                Conference at the Adventist Media

6     News                                                                                               
                                                                                                                  NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

Schoonover Wins
Excellence in Teaching Award
    l Dorado Adventist School teacher              EAS Principal Larry Ballew ap-                                         Schoonover said she enjoys teach-
    Nancy Schoonover was awarded                preciates Schoonover’s enthusiasm                                      ing at a Christian school because
    a 2009 Excellence in Teaching               for adventure. “The sun never sets                                     she has the freedom to share her
Award on Sabbath, May 25, at the                on Nancy’s classroom!” he said.                                        faith openly. “I like the fact that I
Placerville church.                             “One minute Nancy is teaching,                                         can intertwine biblical principles
   Schoonover was one of 12 teachers            the next she’s marching on Angel                                       and behavior principles and how
in North America chosen to receive              Island with her little Union sol-                                      they can all relate back to Christ
the $1,000 award, bestowed by the               diers, on the Carson Pass with her                                     and what He wants for us, how
non-profit Alumni Awards Foun-                  Mormon Brigade, or coaching her                                        He wants us to live our lives.”
dation, whose aim is to promote                 runners for a cross-country meet.”                                        She credits Ballew, the school staff,
excellence in Adventist schools.                   Schoonover’s zeal for California                                    local church pastors and the com-
   “We are pleased that Nancy is                history extended into her summer                                       munity with enriching the lives of
receiving such appropriate recog-               vacation this year, when she and                                       EAS students. “It’s easy to be at your
nition,” said Northern California               her husband visited all 21 Califor-                                    best here,” she said. “Every single
Conference Education Superin-                   nia missions — 18 of them in only                                      teacher here could get this award.”
tendent Berit von Pohle. “She                   six days. “Such a teacher thing!”
is an exemplary teacher who                     she called it with a laugh. “I re-                                     Julie Lorenz
continually seeks activities and                ally needed to see all of them so
projects that will bring the cur-               I can be more knowledgeable.”
                                                                                                    Wayne Schoonover

riculum to life for her students.”                 Sister and brother Cassidy and
   Schoonover has worked at EAS                 Daniel Wheelwright each had
for 12 years, teaching kindergar-               Schoonover as a fourth grade teacher.
ten and various combinations of                 They both said that a highlight of
second, third and fourth grades.                their experiences was the overnight
She currently teaches a class of                trip to Coloma, where they panned
third- and fourth-graders.                      for gold, met interesting “characters”
   One of her favorite subjects is              and sang songs around the campfire.
fourth grade California history,                   “She is compassionate and fun
particularly because of the many                and really neat to be around,”
field trip options within driving               said Cassidy, now a fifth-grader.
distance of Placerville, including              She remembers Schoonover’s
visits to the gold discovery site at            regular assignment to the class
Coloma, the Mission San Fran-                   to make encouraging cards for
cisco de Asís, and Angel Island.                people who were sick or sad.
   Although she uses many of the                   “She is always thoughtful of
“tried and true methods” of an                  other people’s feelings,” said
experienced teacher, she admit-                 Daniel, now a sixth-grader.
ted, “It’s always fun to mix it up!”

                  “There are times that teaching is stressful and at times it is very tiring, but
                     overall, it is a very rewarding profession,” said Nancy Schoonover, who
                       visited Mission Santa Barbara during a fact-finding trip this summer.

September 2009 Recorder                                                                                                                                 News      7

    Cooking for Others Provides
    Nourishment for One Senior Citizen
                                                                                            whom. And when I start cook-
                                                                                            ing, my back pain goes way. This
                                                                                            is my mission now, and I know
                                                                                            that God will give me health and
                                                                                            energy for whatever He needs me
                                                                                            to do. I enjoy every minute of it.”
                                                                                               Reading Ruthie Jacobsen’s Bridges
                                                                                            101 inspired Mayer to watch for
                                                                                            ways to interact with her neigh-
                                                                                            bors. When she needed an outlet
                                                                                            fixed, she called an electrician
                                                                                            neighbor. Then she took the fam-
                                                                                            ily some rice pudding as a thank
                                                                                            you. Unbeknownst to her, rice
                                                                                            pudding was the man’s favorite.
                                                                                               During one of her daily walks
                                                                                            around the neighborhood, she no-
                                                                                            ticed a house that had caught fire.
                                                                                            She visited with the residents, then
                                                                                            returned with some food and a copy
                                                                                            of Radical Prayer by Derek Morris.
    Laurel Mayer, 85, has found that cooking meals for her neighbors and praying            “I’ll read it right now,” the lady said.
    with them has given her a reason to get up and feel useful every day.                   “This has really shaken me up.”
                                                                                               “There are so many ways to
                                                                                            meet people without pushing our

        aurel Mayer has always been an                 “It energized me to do that for      religion,” says Mayer, a life-long
        active and caring person. But                her,” says the widow of 14 years. “I   Adventist, mother and grand-
        when severe back and knee pain               love to cook, and I realized there     mother. “We just need to be loving
    forced her to slow down a couple                 were other people on my street         and caring.” She utilizes holidays to
    of years ago, the 85-year-old felt               who would appreciate a home-           share a book or pamphlet with the
    she had no reason for living. “Lord,             cooked meal and friendship.”           neighbors she’s befriended. They
    I need to feel like I’m helping                    Mayer has now cooked and             are usually glad to take and read it.
    someone even at my age,” she                     prayed for more than a dozen              “God is just waiting for us to
    prayed.                                          families in her Hanford, Calif.,       give Him the opportunity to use
       Within weeks she heard of a                   neighborhood. “I wake up in the        us,” she says. “I’d encourage older
    neighbor who was sick. She visited               morning and say, ‘Lord what do         people like myself to take every
    and found Elizabeth fighting cancer,             you have planned for me today?’ I      excuse to go see their neighbors.
    depressed and not wanting to eat.                get so excited, because God opens      There is so much we can do. Our
    So Mayer made her a pot of soup. A               up doors and people all the time.      age doesn’t have to limit us.”
    healthy meal, fellowship and prayer              When I think I’m too tired or
    became a daily ritual, and Elizabeth             don’t want to cook, God gives me       Shenalyn Page
    was soon smiling and hopeful.                    an idea of what to cook and for

8     News                                                                                
                                                                                        CENTRAL CALIFORNIA

Students Turn Recyclables
into Teddy Bears
         hen the third -graders at                This year, 38 buses loaded with        “GOTB offers a priceless op-
         Sierra View Junior Academy,           613 children, 388 caregivers and       portunity — a mother’s touch
         Exeter, Calif., heard about           206 volunteers traveled from cit-      and hug, a private conversation
kids needing teddy bears, they                 ies throughout California to visit     and a connection with hope and
wanted to get involved. What they              incarcerated moms in Chowchilla.       healing,” says Turk, who grate-
needed was a very good fund raising            This annual event is offered at no     fully acknowledges the gener-
idea. Their themed reading program             cost to the participants. For the      ous support of individuals and
gave them an idea — recycling.                 trip, there are activity bags for      community churches, including
  “Our Pathways month-long                     children and comfort care kits         the Visalia Adventist church.
reading program taught about                   for caregivers. The visit includes        For 12 third-graders, it offered an
environmental issues and the need              lunch with mom and a picture           opportunity for practical applica-
to recycle,” says teacher Brenda               together. On the bus trip home,        tion of a classroom curriculum, and
Evans. “Putting what they had                  the children receive a teddy bear      a life lesson in sharing God’s tender
learned into practice, they de-                with a letter from Mom. Post event     love and compassion with others.
cided to turn recyclables into the             counseling is provided as needed.      “God’s love and kindness could
much needed teddy bears.”                         The project took a month and a      truly be seen in the hearts of these
  A few months earlier, a project              half to complete, with cans and bot-   generous children,” says Evans.
called Get on the Bus had come to              tles coming from everywhere. The          For more information about
Evan’s attention. GOTB makes it                students spread the word to church-    the prison ministry for children,
possible each year for children to             es, parents and the other classrooms   contact Nancy Turk at 559-627-
visit their mothers who are prison             at the academy. With the help of       1088 or
inmates at Valley State Prison for             some cash donations, they met
Women, in Chowchilla, Calif.                   their goal of $300 to buy 30 bears.    Caron Oswald
“On the ride home after their visit,
each child is given a teddy bear in
an effort to give them some much
needed comfort,” Evans explains.
  “Get on the Bus was born in
the hearts of two Los Angeles
Catholic social justice workers
in 2000 when they realized that
children of incarcerated women
were rarely having an opportu-
nity to visit with their moms,”
explains Nancy Turk, member of
the Visalia church and GOTB
coordinator for the Central Valley.

  Sierra View Junior Academy third-graders
    held a recycling fundraiser to buy teddy
bears for kids whose moms are incarcerated.

September 2009 Recorder                                                                                               News     9

     Team Builds Four One-Day Churches
     in Ecuador
           t the end of June, 25 lay                 At three of the four building              “During our time at the final
           people, most of them youth,            sites, the team ran medical clinics.        church building site on Thursday,
           from Arizona, California,              They set up in whatever facilities          July 2, the church members were
     Florida, Michigan and Tennessee,             were provided; one day it was in a          so gracious and hospitable to us,”
     set off on a journey to Guayaquil,           building in a highly-populated area,        said Lundquist. “They provided
     an area near Ecuador’s largest and           another day in a rural public school        lunch for us, sharing the story of
     most populous city.                          classroom, and the final day in the         how a particular dish of theirs had
        The team planned to erect four            bamboo-sided, dirt-floored build-           become well-known in the sur-
     Maranatha one-day churches, pres-            ing that served as their soon-to-be-        rounding area. For four years, the
     ent Vacation Bible School pro-               replaced church. Approximately              women of the church prepared
     grams, preach the gospel, and host           750 people received medical atten-          and sold this dish as a fund raiser
     medical clinics. Led by Benjamin             tion. The youth rotated through             to purchase the land upon which
     Lundquist, Phoenix Camelback                 the clinics in half-day shifts. They        the church would be built.”
     youth pastor, the group became               helped with registration, triage              Patricia, the director of one of the
     the hands and feet of Jesus.                 and pharmacy duties. “Perhaps               churches, told the story of how 11
        They did face challenges, though.         this experience sparked an inter-           years ago, she had a dream that they
     Some days they had to go into town           est that may lead to a career in the        would have a church on that land.
     for materials, and one day they had          medical sciences,” said Lundquist.          For 11 years, they prayed that God
     power failures.                                                                          would make their dream a reality.
     “Working for                                               Patricia (center) had a         “Today,” Patricia concluded, “you
     God, though,                                               dream 11 years ago that her   have made our dream come true.”
                                                                church family would have
     has its advan-                                             a church building one day.
     tages,” says                                                                             Cherie Oberlick
     Lundquist, “In-                                          Benjamin Lundquist

     finite advantag-
     es, I might add!
     He knew what
     needed to be
     accomplished each day, and He saw
     to it that the needs became reality.”
        Children sat wide-eyed during
     VBS programs, pondering David’s
     victorious encounter with Goliath.
     Songs and crafts added to the fun.
        Nine youth preached dur-
     ing the evangelistic meetings.
     “Will we, one day, see theol-
     ogy majors as a result of these
     efforts?” Lundquist wondered.

       Team members stand in front of their new
          One Day Church in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

10      News                                                                                
                                                                                         N E VA DA - U TA H

Sparks Church Vacation Bible
School Impacts the Community
     he Sparks, Nev., church held a    Tracy Pieters, standing,
                                         worked with children
     Vacation Bible School program               ages 4 and 5.
     early this summer. Lessons
and activities focused on Roman
times, the apostle Paul and the       many non-Adven-
underground church. Ninety-two        tists came early to
children participated; 48 were not    help each night.
from Adventist homes.                 Two of the visit-
  Shamarr Hill, 7, of Sacra-          ing helpers “made
mento, Calif., only attends church    a decision to do
when he visits his grandparents       Bible studies and
in Nevada. He has attended the        want to do more
Sparks VBS programs for the           with the church.”
past three years. “It was fun,” he       In addition to a
said. “It was about God. I love       spiritual week full
God.” He said he learned that         of Bible stories and lessons, kids     The following Sunday, Sab-
“we shouldn’t give up on love.”       also sang, created crafts, played    bath school and VBS participants
  “It was a great experience,”        outdoor games, learned how to        gathered at a local park for a picnic.
said Julie Beckett, 12. “I hope       use an abacus to count, petted a     This event allowed many of the
to do it next year. Even in the       baby goat and rabbit, visited the    visiting families to mingle with
hard times, God is always with        VBS store and made new friends.      the church members. Children
us, and God can change our               Children from various ethnic      were invited to a weekly follow-up
bad mood to a good mood.”             and cultural backgrounds attended,   program that explores the Amaz-
  Gail Merritt, a VBS volunteer       as did their parents. During the     ing Facts Amazing Adventure
who prepared dinner for attendees     closing program held on Sabbath      Bible study lessons for kids.
each evening, was impressed that      morning, children prayed in Taga-
                                      log, Tongan, Spanish and English.    Marsha Dupree
Participants clap along to a song.

September 2009 Recorder                                                                                   News      11

     TV Host Airs International
     Viewers’ Call-In Prayers
                                    C. Elwyn Platner

          ecently on a live,
          one-hour television
          program that airs
     globally on Mondays,
     Pastor Gerald*, the host,
     felt impressed to switch to
     an unusual format. “I told
     the viewing audience that
     I was not going to follow
     my usual routine, which
     includes taped messages,
     interactive discussion and
     music,” he said. “Instead,
     I had decided to direct
     attention to what was
     happening in Iran at the
     height of the crisis there.
        “I invited viewers,
     whether they were Mus-           Pastor Gerald leads a Persian-speaking congregation that meets at the Canoga Park
     lim, Bahá’í, Jewish, Christian church and is the host-producer of the “A Better Tomorrow” program.
     or any other faith, to call in
     to pray in whatever prayer format            an impact on my family,” one caller              always God’s will - even though
     with which they were comfortable.            said. “I admire you that you have                it may sometimes be painful.”
        “I asked them to pray about               enough guts to come on TV and                        In addition to the program,
     the situation in Iran in their own           not talk about politics. You are here            the pastor leads the first Persian-
     words on the phone, live over                telling us to go to God’s presence.”             speaking congregation in the
     the TV. In addition, I threw out                 “I’ll never know how many                    Adventist Church, meeting at the
     the invitation to spend that com-            were impacted by that program                    Canoga Park church on Sabbaths
     ing Wednesday as a 24-hour                   on Monday night,” the pastor                     at 5 p.m. The weekly program, “A
     day of fasting and prayer.”                  reflected. “It was such an exciting              Better Tomorrow,” is sponsored
        A flood of calls started within two       night! When a couple wanted to get               by Gospel Outreach, a ministry
     minutes of the invitation. Those             political, I told them, ‘You’re not              dedicated to extending the inter-
     manning the phones scrambled                 going to get me involved in talking              national ministry of the Adventist
     from one phone to another, as                politics. Politics isn’t the answer.             church in what’s known as the
     studio lines lit up. “I even gave            Our need is for God.’” Afterward,                10/40 Window of the world.
     my cell phone number on the                  he received an appreciative e-mail                   For further information, e-mail
     screen as a call-in option, and it           from a viewer. “We’re joining you      
     was tied up as well. In 45 minutes,          in fasting. You took the high road.                  *Last name omitted for security
     we were able to take 60 calls.”              We need God, not politics.”                      reasons.
        “I’m a Muslim, not Christian, but             “I totally concurred with him,”
     what you have done has left such             the host said. “The best choice is               Betty Cooney

12      News                                                                                  
                                                                                                      SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

Youth Discipleship
Results in 65 Baptisms
    CC Hispanic Youth Ministry                     in court and were seeking prayer.
    initiated a Jesus Loves Jeans                  Some gang friends even sent mes-
    youth-evangelism plan with a                   sages from jail, asking for prayer
kickoff festival in February attended              and a chance to meet Jesus.”
by 1,570 young people coming                         A second report came from the
together to learn about discipleship               Spanish American church, where
and small-group evangelism.                        their former youth pastor, Carlos                  Lake of the Woods church youth advertised
                                                                                                      small group meetings in a local newspaper.
In the four months following,                      Granados, organized five small
youth conducted 80 small groups,                   groups for varying youth and young
concluding with a one-week                         adult ages. “Our groups conducted                  was his community service. Thir-
evangelistic series in Los Angeles.                three meetings weekly,” said Grana-                teen young people in these groups
   Small group reports were en-                    dos, “and we baptized 11 youth at                  accepted Jesus and were baptized.
couraging. “My idea was to                         the Jesus Loves Jeans youth series.”                  “We held a Jesus Loves Jeans
start a small group with 12 gang                     The Baldwin Park Bilingual                       youth series for 15 nights,” Erika
friends,” said Angel, a young man                  church, led by their pastor, con-                  Alvarez reported from the Lake of
and former gang member from                        ducted three small groups. “Adrian                 the Woods church in Frazier Park.
the Mid City Spanish church.                       came looking for community                         “Mitchell Alvarez, the church’s
“Many of my group began study-                     service hours mandated by the                      youth leader, was the speaker. The
ing the Bible for the first time.                  courts and his probation officer,” he              young people said that the meet-
Some were facing felony charges                    recalled. “Joining the small groups                ings taught them a lot of new
                                                                                                      things about God, and that now
                                                                                                      they have a better relationship
Baldwin Park Bilingual church Pastor Carlos Acosta prepares to baptize five cousins
who had made a pact to be baptized when they finished the studies.                                    with God. Our small church was
                                                                                      Salvador Rios   blessed with five youths’ decisions
                                                                                                      for baptism and one adult inter-
                                                                                                      ested in further Bible studies.”
                                                                                                         At the one-week evangelistic
                                                                                                      series concluding the small groups,
                                                                                                      650 young people heard powerful
                                                                                                      sermons by Pastor Laffitt Cortez,
                                                                                                      New Jersey Conference youth
                                                                                                      director. Twenty were baptized.
                                                                                                         By July of this year, the small
                                                                                                      groups had reported 65 baptisms. A
                                                                                                      second wave of youth small groups
                                                                                                      was launched, in which many youth
                                                                                                      will hold their own evangelistic
                                                                                                      series during the fall. Planners
                                                                                                      pray that many will make deci-
                                                                                                      sions for Christ in these meetings.

                                                                                                      Carlos Acosta

September 2009 Recorder                                                                                                                  News      13
      A D V E N T I S T H E A LT H

     Employees Go the Extra Mile for
     Patient Care at Adventist Health
         very day, lives are changed at          “They were calling for about           Care Extends Beyond
         Adventist Health facilities.         five hours, but no one came for           Business Hours
         Often change is obvious — the        them,” Kessinger said. Janice and           Like Kessinger, other employ-
     birth of a child or a life-saving        Troy didn’t have money to pay             ees also go beyond the hours
     procedure. But just as significant are   for a taxi. To make matters worse,        and locations of their nor-
     the times when employees go above        neither of them had eaten all day.        mal shifts to help patients.
     and beyond their job description to         When Kessinger heard about the           Chris Lephart, an employee of
     help a patient or coworker.              situation, he stepped into action.        the home oxygen department at
                                              “I found out that Janice and Troy         Feather River Hospital in north-
     Stranded Couple                          hadn’t eaten all day because they         ern California, just got off work
     Receives Kindness                        didn’t have any money, so I took          when he received a message from
        When Robert Kessinger, RN,            them down to the cafeteria and            the clinic’s after-hours answer-
     a nurse at Selma Community               got them both dinner,” he said.           ing service. Hope Phillips called
     Hospital in central California, came        But he didn’t stop there. Kes-         saying her husband was just
     in for his shift one afternoon, he       singer told the couple he would           seen at a local clinic and needed
     noticed a woman making phone             take them home when his shift             equipment for a treatment. Lep-
     calls to find a ride home. Janice’s*     was over. “They only lived about          hart turned his car around and
     family dropped her and her boy-          a half mile from my house,                headed to the clinic to help.
     friend, Troy,* at the hospital for       so it actually worked out re-               “Although Chris was on his
     an outpatient surgery around 7           ally well,” he said. “The food at         way home, he expressed con-
     a.m., and the couple’s plans to be       the cafeteria doesn’t cost very           cern about my husband’s need
     picked up afterward fell through.        much, so it wasn’t a big deal.”           for a nebulizer and headed in
                                                                       But when         the opposite direction to meet
                                                                    Janice and Troy     my husband in the parking lot
                                                                    were hungry,        of the clinic,” Phillips said.
                                                                    tired and want-       Once Lephart got there, he
                                                                    ing to go home,     didn’t just drop off the equip-
                                                                    Kessinger’s act     ment, but instead carefully ex-
                                                                    of kindness         plained how to use it. His effort
                                                                    was a very big      to help touched the couple.
                                                                    deal to them.         Phillips added, “We will
                                                                                        continue to use FRH’s Home
                                                                                        Oxygen department because of
                                                                                        Chris’ wonderful attitude.”

                                                                  Selma Community       Two Housekeepers Reach Out
                                                                  Hospital nurse           Clinicians at Adventist Health
                                                                  Robert Kessinger
                                                                  took his mission      aren’t the only ones who go
                                                                  to the streets by     out of their way to show pa-
                                                                  buying two stranded
                                                                  patients dinner
                                                                                        tients God’s love. Two house-
                                                                  and giving them       keepers at Hanford Commu-
                                                                  a ride home.          nity Medical Center touched a

14      News                                                                         
                                                                                                   A D V E N T I S T H E A LT H

patient’s family by meeting one
of their most basic needs.
  One day, Maria Castro and
Celma Maldonado noticed that a
patient’s family had not eaten and
was very hungry, but the cafeteria
was closed. The two women de-
cided to put their own needs aside
and gave the family their lunches.
  When Bob Carmen, president of
Adventist Health, heard about their      Hanford Community Medical Center President/CEO Richard Rawson presents
kindness, he was so impressed he         awards of recognition to housekeepers Maria Castro, left, and Celma Maldonado,
                                         after the women gave their lunches to the hungry family of a patient.
gave each woman a restaurant gift
certificate. “I think it’s incredible
that these two employees would           very important and appreciated,”                 through what would turn out
take it upon themselves to put oth-      she said. “Throughout the entire                 to be one of life’s most difficult
ers first and to make sure their com-    horrific event, the support given                times,” said Kathy Raethel, RN,
fort and needs were satisfied,” Car-     by all of my co-workers has been                 chief nursing office at CMC.
men said. “It’s yet another example      very influential in my healing.”                    Bohm invited the girl to stay at
of employees fulfilling our mission.”                                                     her home while they waited for
                                         A Traveler on Oahu Gets a                        her parents to arrive from Japan.
Coworkers Help Coworkers                 Translator and a Friend                          Then she helped the family com-
at the Corporate Office                     Acts of kindness are appreciated              municate with the doctors as they
  Adventist Health employees             in everyday circumstances, but their             made the heartbreaking decision to
across the system also reach out         effects are magnified in the face                take their daughter off life support.
to help their coworkers in times         of tragedy. It was this kind of care                Several weeks later, Raethel got
of need. At the corporate office in      that a young Japanese girl received              a letter from the family. It ex-
Roseville, Calif., the Caring Con-       when her sister was hospital-                    pressed how thankful they were for
nection program helps employees          ized at Castle Medical Center on                 the comfort of the staff at CMC,
when they feel like they are at the      Oahu after a diving mishap. The                  especially Bohm. They were in
end of their rope. The program pro-      sisters were vacationing in Hawaii               deep pain, but they wanted to
vides meals, financial help and paid     when the unexpected tragedy hit.                 let the staff know how touched
leave, as well as help with childcare,   With no family or friends in the                 they were by their kindness.
yard work or household chores            area, the girl waited alone in the                  Bohm and the staff at CMC
— all from fellow employees.             emergency department, unable                     gave support to a family when they
  One employee who was deal-             to speak or understand English.                  needed it the most. By showing
ing with the hardship of a recur-           That’s when, Cristel Bohm, RN,                Christ’s love they did what they
ring illness received flowers and a      heard about the girl’s situation                 could to ease the pain of tragedy.
gift for a certificate for a massage     and came to help. Bohm, who                         * Names have been changed to protect patient
along with words of caring and           was fluent in Japanese, translated.              confidentiality.
concern. “The caring and heal-           “There Cristel was, ready, will-
ing arms of everyone here are so         ing and able to assist the sister                Emily Young

September 2009 Recorder                                                                                                           News      15
      PA C I F I C U N I O N C O L L E G E

     Pacific Union College
     Announces New President
           n July 17, 2009, the Pacific      the university through a success-                    have her at PUC,” said Dr. Ricardo
           Union College Board of            ful reaccreditation process.                         Graham, PUC board chair and
           Trustees announced that Dr.          “It is a tremendous privilege and                 president of the Pacific Union Con-
     Heather J. Knight, currently the        blessing to be invited to serve as the               ference of Seventh-day Adventists.
     provost of Andrews University in        next president of Pacific Union Col-                   Knight is also a lover of the arts,
     Berrien Springs, Mich., has been        lege,” said Knight. “Pacific Union                   the mother of college-educated
     named the new president of Pacific      College has a very distinguished his-                children, and wife of Dr. Nor-
     Union College. She will begin her       tory, and I am honored to have this                  man Knight, who has been serv-
     role as president in mid-September,     opportunity to carry on the proud                    ing as senior pastor of the Berean
     in time for the new academic year.      PUC tradition of ensuring academ-                    Seventh-day Adventist Church in
        Knight received her Ph.D. in         ic excellence and spiritual authen-                  South Bend, Ind., and an adjunct
     English from Stanford University,       ticity. I look forward to working                    professor of homiletics at the
     her master’s degree in English from     collaboratively with the PUC                         Seventh-day Adventist Theological
     Loma Linda University, and her          Board of Trustees, faculty, staff,                   Seminary. The Knights both have
     bachelor’s degree in English from       students and alumni to help move                     a passion for ministry and higher
     Oakwood University. She also            PUC to the next level of excellence                  education, and look forward to
     completed postdoctoral studies at       for this distinctive institution.”                   getting to know the Angwin and
     Harvard University in manage-              “Knight comes to Pacific Union                    Napa Valley communities.
     ment and leadership in education.       College with over 20 years of
        An accomplished academic             experience in higher education                       Julie Z. Lee and Heather J. Knight
     administrator, Knight served with       and a deep respect from the higher
     distinction for 18 years at the Uni-    education com-
                                                                  Courtesy of Heather J. Knight

     versity of the Pacific in Stockton,     munity. From
     Calif., where she was a professor       her work at the
     of English, assistant provost, and      University of
     then associate provost. As provost      the Pacific to
     at Andrews University, Knight           Andrews Uni-
     served as second officer, provid-       versity, Dr.
     ing administrative and academic         Knight has a
     leadership and managing the day-        proven track re-
     to-day operations of the university.    cord of leading
        During her three years at An-        institutions to
     drews University, Knight success-       success, and we
     fully developed and implemented         are thrilled to
     a new strategic plan, integrated
     budget and planning priorities,
     increased enrollment and stu-            Dr. Heather J. Knight
                                                  has accepted the
     dent selectivity, and strengthened       presidency of Pacific
     leadership in all areas of campus         Union College, and
     life. She oversaw the develop-           will move to Angwin
                                                with her husband,
     ment of new programs, processes           Dr. Norman Knight,
     and campus facilities and led                   in September.

16      News                                                                                   
                                                                                                                            H AWA I I

Molokai Cooking School
Hits Community Hot Button
        olokai church members
        recently held a successful
        cooking school. “We were
hoping for 30 and we got 60,”
says Pastor Kurt Unglaub of the
Molokai church. It was standing
room only in the fellowship hall
as eager participants flooded in.
“Fortunately, a few people brought
some extra food at the last minute.”
   One reason for the huge turnout
was the testimony of Molokai mem-
ber Carol Kanemitsu, who had re-
cently made some major changes in
her lifestyle. Last fall, she was hospi-
talized with a serious illness. During
her treatment and recovery she
learned she had high blood pres-
sure, diabetes and a heart problem.
   After recovering from this shock-       Molokai church members (l. to r.) Julie Turner, Roberta Kruger, Buddy Kruger,
ing news, Kanemitsu responded              and Krista Hightower begin setting up for the cooking school.
with fiery determination. “I aim
to beat this thing with God’s
help,” she said. “I’m a compulsive         175 points, her triglycerides plum-                Kaunakakai, a bustling metropolis
eater. I’d eat all day, down six or        meted 325 points, the diabetes                     of approximately 2,700 inhabitants
seven cans of soda, and then come          and high blood pressure are under                  on the Hawaiian island of Molo-
home and eat a big dinner.”                control, and she’s 70 pounds lighter.              kai. Longtime customers noticed
   But, that lifestyle is a thing of the     Kanemitsu and her husband,                       the steady changes in Carol. Many
past. In about six months, Kane-           Ralph, are co-owners of Takes                      begged for her secret and encour-
mitsu’s total cholesterol dropped          Variety Store located in downtown                  aged her to host a cooking school.
                                                                                                 Because of the success of their
                                                                                              first endeavor, members plan
                                                                                              to host monthly cooking and
                                                                                              nutrition classes at the church
                                                                                              for the foreseeable future.

                                                                                              Teryl Loeffler

                                                                                              Every seat was filled when the Molokai
                                                                                              church opened its doors for a cooking
                                                                                              school to benefit the community.

September 2009 Recorder                                                                                                          News   21
        LO M A L I N DA

       LLU Celebrates the School of
       Medicine’s 100th Anniversary
                                                                                                       For example, Friday’s
                                                                                                       continuing education
                                                                                                       lecture series titled,
                                                                                                       “The Picture of Health
                                                                                                       2009,” features the
                                                                                                       founder of a health
                                                                                                       and theological center
                                                                                                       at Duke University
                                                                                                       Medical Center (Har-
                                                                                                       old Koenig, M.D.,
                                                                                                       M.H.Sc.), the grand-
                                                                                                       son of R.J. Reyn-
                                                                                                       olds who is now an
                                                                                                       anti-smoking activist
                                                                                                       (Patrick Reynolds), a
                                                                                                       former FDA commis-
                                                                                                       sioner (David Kes-
                                                                                                       sler, M.D., J.D.), the
                                                                                                       director and public
                                                                                                       health officer of the
                                                                                                       Riverside Community

         n 1909, the Loma Linda                impressive lineup of guest speakers       Health Agency (Eric Frykman,
         University School of Medicine was     and reflects on the school’s history      M.D., M.P.H.), the co-discoverer
         founded in Loma Linda, Calif.         as well as anticipates its future.        of the HIV virus (Robert Gallo,
       Now, 100 years later, there is little     It’s not too late to register to join   M.D.), and the president of LLU
       question of the impact that LLU,        the festivities. “We have tried to in-    (Richard Hart, M.D., Dr.P.H.).
       specifically the School of Medicine,    clude a variety of ways to commem-          A highlight on Friday will be
       has had on the Pacific Union.           orate this major milestone includ-        author Lee Strobel, who has been
          “With more than 150 graduates        ing celebration, thanksgiving and a       invited to speak for the evening
       going out every year, the School        mindfulness of our continued need         program, joining Tim Zimmer-
       of Medicine is fulfilling its mis-      for God’s guidance in the future,”        man and The King’s Brass for an
       sion to continue the healing and        says Donna Hadley, the volunteer          evening of worship and music.
       teaching ministry of Jesus ‘to make     coordinator of the four-day event.        Strobel is recognized for being an
       man whole,’” says Roger Had-              Attendees can take a campus             atheist-turned-Christian apolo-
       ley, M.D., dean of the School of        tour on Thursday, including a visit       gist and the author of the award
       Medicine. “Many of these gradu-         to the new Centennial Complex,            winning books The Case for Christ
       ates will set up or join practices in   and hear the special keynote ad-          and The Case for a Creator.
       the Pacific Union,” he continues.       dress by Lisa Ling, a journalist and        On Sabbath at Loma Linda
          Many alumni, faculty and friends     co-host of ABC’s “The View” and           University church, H. Vincent
       are already planning to attend the      National Geographic Explorer.             Miltzelfelt, M.D., will conduct an
       centennial celebration on Oct. 28         The weekend is packed with              orchestra and choir comprised of
       to 31 — a weekend that boasts an        other speakers as notable as Ling.        School of Medicine students and

  22       News                                                                       
                                                                                                  LO M A L I N DA

alumni — formed exclusively for         first public appearance in 25 years.        “We are thrilled with the re-
this weekend — to accompany             Also, event attendees will have a        sponse we have had thus far to
the sermon delivered by senior          chance to view a private premiere        the programs that are planned for
pastor Randy Roberts, D.Min.            screening of the film “Stephanie’s       the students, alumni, faculty and
  The events of the weekend will        Heart” (Baby Fae’s real name).           friends of the School of Medicine,”
culminate in two programs on               Olympic gold medalist Bryan           says Dr. Hadley. “We encourage
Saturday afternoon and evening.         Clay will speak for the Saturday         all of you from the Pacific Union
The Sabbath vespers program will        night fundraiser gala that will          to attend this once-in-a-lifetime
look back at an event that played an    benefit the Centennial Tuition           celebration that is close to home.”
important role in Loma Linda’s his-     Fund for the School of Medicine.            For a complete list of centen-
tory as well as brought recognition     Clay is the reigning Olympic             nial events, including dates, times,
and prominence — the first baboon       decathlete, a feat that has earned       locations and registration, visit
heart transplanted into a newborn       him the title of “world’s greatest       the School of Medicine’s web-
then known as “Baby Fae.” Leon-         athlete.” Clay will explain how he       site at
ard Bailey, M.D., the surgeon who       has chosen to be an ambassador
performed the operation, will be        for his Christian faith using the        Donna Hadley
interviewed together with Baby          platform of his athletic fame.
Fae’s mother, who is making her

New LLU Bachelor’s Grads Are Top Earners
      raduates of Loma Linda University have the highest median starting salary among United States colleges ranked
      by The rankings were released Monday, July 20, 2009, and reported on by The New York Times.
      The starting median salary (includes up to five years after graduation) for LLU bachelor’s degree graduates is
  The New York Times article attributes the num-
ber one ranking to LLU’s “strong programs”
in allied health, nursing and dental careers.
  PayScale’s rankings are based on self-reporting from
1.2 million individuals who disclosed their degrees
and earnings. The figures are based only on graduates
with a bachelor’s degree who did not go on to earn
any higher degree. Thus, professionals such as medi-
cal doctors or dentists are excluded from the survey.
  Loma Linda University offers approximately 20
bachelor’s degrees in fields ranging from geology
to dental hygiene to clinical laboratory science.

Heather Riefsnyder

September 2009 Recorder                                                                                        News     23

         New Logo Part of University
         Effort to Tell Its Story
             a Sierra University is             important step forward in proudly      service), of individual backgrounds
             introducing a new logo this fall   declaring our identity and basic       (ethnic, cultural, religious, educa-
             as part of a major new effort      commitments to the world,” says        tional), of intellectual disciplines
         being launched to share La Sierra’s    Marilyn Thomsen, vice president        (academic, professional), and of
         story and market educational           for communication and integrated       personal characteristics (abili-
         opportunities on campus.               marketing. “The new logo is an         ties, interests, temperaments).
            The new logo is the culmination     integral part of our communication        The circle formed by the figures
         of a four-month process of consul-     and branding resources.” While the     expresses the underlying unity en-
         tation with at least 140 students,     most visible component of La Sierra    riched by our diversity — the unity
         faculty, staff and members of the      University’s enhanced market-          of our ultimate values (faith, integ-
         board of trustees. A higher educa-     ing effort is the new logo/graphic     rity, courage, compassion), our fun-
         tion marketing firm in southern        identity system, the university is     damental attitudes (trust, respect,
         California assisted the university     also putting a long-term strategic     openness), and our primary activi-
         in the development of the new          communication plan into place.         ties (learning, worship, service).

         logo, as well as a comprehensive         Fritz Guy, professor in La             The proximity of the indi-
         marketing program that will be         Sierra’s School of Religion,           vidual figures to each other ex-
         introduced to a wide range of audi-    wrote a short description of           presses our interrelatedness and
         ences during the coming months.        the new university logo’s sym-         complementarity. Their attitude of
           “This is an important moment         bolic meaning, which follows:          joyful worship reflects our con-
         for our campus, and represents                                                viction that faith is an essential
         our profound commitment to             The New LSU Logo                       part of learning, and that learn-
         share our story in a bold and             The new La Sierra Univer-           ing is an essential part of faith.
         new manner,” said Randal Wis-          sity logo is a symbolic expression       The general impression of a sun
         bey, president. “This process has      of our motto, “From diversity,         expresses the overall role of La
         helped us consider who we are as       community,” and our aim, “To           Sierra University — to enhance
         an institution, and has provided       seek, to know, to serve.” Like the     the light of God’s truth and the
         us an opportunity to effectively       motto and aim, the logo expresses      warmth of His love in all of its
         work together in embracing our         many dimensions of meaning.            people, in its sponsoring church,
         mission with ever-greater ability.”       The individual figures express      and in the surrounding world.
           “As we approach our third decade     our various kinds of diversity — of
         as a university, we are taking an      basic functions (teaching, learning,   Larry Becker

    24      News                                                                    
                                                      P U B L I C A F FA I R S A N D R E L I G I O U S L I B E R T Y

Tennessee Court Validates Work-Study
Program at Laurelbrook Academy
     he U.S. Department of Labor         Department of Labor insisted that        through a balanced program includ-
     filed charges against a self-       the work-study program violated fed-     ing work with academic study.
     supporting Adventist academy        eral labor laws. With assistance from       The judge wrote: “Although
in Tennessee, urging the court to        Adventist Laymen’s Services and In-      there is benefit to the school and
issue an order shutting down its         dustries (ASI) and Adventist religious   sanatarium from the students’
work-study program, a core part of       liberty attorneys, the school raised     activities ... the primary benefit is
its educational philosophy. A federal    important religious liberty issues.      to the students, who learn practi-
court rejected the suit, and ruled in       Although the judge’s decision was     cal skills about work, responsibility
favor of the school, which may help      narrowly crafted to avoid any discus-    and the dignity of manual labor
protect other high school work-study     sion of the constitutional issues, it    in a way consistent with the re-
programs throughout the nation.          reflected considerable respect for the   ligious mission of the school.”
   The decision came July 15, after a    religious freedom and autonomy
seven-day trial that took place over     rights of the school, and the reli-      Alan J. Reinach
several months, ending in April. The     gious values it seeks to inculcate

Pope’s Encyclical Stirs the Eschatological Pot
        any Adventists were excited      These and related passages deserve       churches, or in money and banks.
        by news of “Charity in           closer study, both for their prophetic   We can only trust in Jesus. We
        Truth,” in which Pope            and personal spiritual applications.     must distance ourselves, not only
Benedict XVI called for a new               Adventists have long seen a union     from political passions, but from
global economic order to address         of church and state as central to the    our addiction to consumerism.
not only the structural problems in      persecution predicted in Revelation         Pope Benedict XVI correctly
the global economy, but the lack of      13. We may have overlooked how           observes that the market economy
morality in the financial system.        both Revelation 13 and 18 suggest        lacks a needed moral foundation.
   Barry Bussey, director of the         a further close collaboration with       Adventists can contribute to this
North American Religious Lib-            the “merchants of the earth,” the        discussion the observation that our
erty Association, wrote in his blog:     financial structures. Revelation 18      modern economy is based
“Such a call for a world political       gives a warning to “come out of her      on greed and covetous-
body is not new. We have heard           my people,” but out of what? The         ness, in violation of
these calls before — but with each       fallen church? The fallen state? The     the 10th command-
call there is a sense of growing         fallen financial system? Or pos-         ment. Now is the
intensity of world conditions.”          sibly, all three? Later, both kings      time to proclaim
   The recent economic meltdown          and merchants seek to “stand apart”      the relevance of the
has touched a nerve among people         from a Babylon that has already          10th commandment.
of many nations. What does the           collapsed. There is nothing left to
Bible say? Revelation 18 describes a     “stand apart” from. Clearly, we must     Alan J.
global economic collapse immedi-         come out before it is too late.          Reinach
ately preceding the return of Christ,       The message seems clear: we
after the close of the final judgment.   cannot put our trust in princes, in

September 2009 Recorder                                                                                          News     25
      At It Is Written, we believe in the soon return of Jesus Christ our Savior. Everything we   2009 Weekends
do is focused on this event and on preparing a planet in rebellion for the cataclysmic last-      Battle Creek, MI
                                                                                                  McCamly Plaza Hotel
day events that will culminate in the Second Coming.                                              September 11-13
        We believe in the Gospel Commission—to go and preach the Good News to every               Gatlinburg, TN #1
nation, tribe, tongue and people. We believe in the foundations of our faith, the very same       Park Vista Resort Hotel
                                                                                                  September 18-20
beliefs that stirred the souls of our Adventist pioneers. We believe in sacrifice and in dedi-
                                                                                                  San Diego, CA (NEW LOCATION)
cating all we have to the One who is the Master of our hearts and lives.                          San Diego Hilton Del Mar
     If what we believe resonates with you, we invite you to partner with us in making every      September 25-27
minute count for eternity. It Is Written Partners invest a minimum of $1,200 annually toward      Orlando, FL
                                                                                                  Orlando Airport Marriott
the spreading of the gospel through this ministry. It’s a way they stay personally involved in    October 16-18
spiritual outreach and in saving souls for the kingdom.                                           Welches (Portland), OR
       Once every year, It Is Written Partners join Pastor Shawn Boonstra and his staff for an    The Resort at the Mountain
                                                                                                  October 23-25
unparalleled weekend event that many claim to be the spiritual highlight of their year.
                                                                                                  Palm Springs, CA
During this time, Partners enjoy first-hand reports, preaching, testimonies, inspiring music      Doral Palm Springs Resort
and exciting plans for the future—all for the purpose of uplifting Jesus and His work. We         November 6-8
dare to believe that together we can make a difference for eternity!                              Monterey, CA
                                                                                                  The Beach Resort
        We believe. How about you? Plan now to join us for this year’s dynamic Partnership        November 13-15
event. Call 1-800-479-9056 today and reserve your place at an upcoming weekend or visit           Gettysburg, PA (NEW LOCATION)
us online at:                                                        Wyndham Gettysburg Hotel
                                                                                                  November 20-22
                                                                                                  Gatlinburg, TN #2
                                                                                                  Park Vista Resort Hotel
                                                                                                  December 4-6

                                              Impacting Our World for God
          CAlendArs                     treAsurers trAining (sept. 27)           spArks Women’s retreAt (Sept.                the church and school facilities. Info:
                                        CCC office. Info: Mayra, 559-347-3145 or 18-20) Nancy Van Pelt, speaker.              209-267-5186.
                                                  Weimer Institute. Info: Edna Pickett,
         Central California                                                      775-303-1463.                                sACrAmento Chip (stArts Sept.
                                                                                                                              20) Carmichael church, 4600 Winding
Yosemite sAbbAth serviCes                       La Sierra University                   lAs vegAs AreA Pathfinder Fair (Sept. Way, Sacramento. The Coronary Health
(through Sept. 5) Lower River Amphi-                                                   20) Las Vegas Adventist Academy. Info: Improvement Project produces amazing
theater. Sponsored by CCC. Info: Edie   Freshmen orientAtion: Fresh-                   Fanga Finau, 775-322-6929 or hfinau@ results for people who are willing
                                        men are required to attend a two-day                         to make some safe, simple lifestyle
and Ray DeFehr, 209-586-4325 or         orientation session over the summer.                   Two sessions remain: Sept. 9-10 and                                                   changes. Info: 916-770-6197 or carmi-
                                        14-15. Agenda includes math and                        Northern California  
hispAniC Youth retreAt (Sept.           English placement tests, registering for
4-7) Camp Wawona. Info: Florina, 559-   classes, finalize financial plan, etc. Info:   hispAniC Youth FederAtion     student leAdership ConFer-
347-3150 or        951-785-2452, orientation@lasierra.                                          enCe (Sept. 24-26) Camp Cedar Falls,
                                                                                       Retreat (Sept. 4-7) Leoni Meadows.
                                        edu, or                      Info: 925-685-4300, ext. 1292.39850 State Highway 38, Angelus Oaks,
Young Adults re-CreAtion &                                                                                           CA 92305. Info: 925-685-4300, ext.
Backpacking (Sept. 4-7) Info: Lisseth, ignite 2009 (sept. 15-17) Kickoff ori- pAthFinder leAdership Conven- 1280.
559-347-3176 or  entation session for incoming students. tion (Sept. 11-13) Leoni Meadows:
                                       Info:                 Info: 925-685-4300, ext. 1280.        bible instruCtors’ trAining
FAll CAmp WAWonA Volunteer                                                                                           System (Sept. 25-27) NCC Office. Start
                                       First dAY oF ClAsses (Sept. 21)         prison ministrY dAY (Sept. 12)        the process to become a certified
Project (Sept. 13-16) Info: Bonnie,                                            Sacramento-Capitol City church, 6701  Bible instructor. Info: Bernice Archie,
559-347-3189 or communication@                                                 Lemon Hill Avenue, Sacramento.        510-299-7820.                                        Nevada-Utah                 Guest speaker Michael Ashley. Info:
                                                                               916-381-5353.                         ChristiAn Women’s retreAt (Oct.
AFriCAn-AmeriCAn ConvoCAtion regionAl ConvoCAtion (sept.                                                             2-4; 9-11) Leoni Meadows. Come hear
And Bible Quiz-a-rama (Sept. 18-20)    4-6) “Countdown to Eternity,” Sparks,   nAturAl ChurCh development
Fresno Westside church. Info: Wanda,   NV. Info: Ed Johnson, 775-322-6929 or   Training (Sept. 14-20) Leoni Meadows. best-selling author Sheri Rose Shepherd
                                                                               Info: 925-685-4300, ext. 1296.        and singer/songwriter Rhonda Funk.
559-347-3169 or                                                        Info: Audi Silber, asilber@lodisdaelem.
                                       lAs vegAs AreA Convocation (Sept        “mortgAge pAYoFF” CelebrAtion org.
pAthFinder leAdership Conven- 18-19) Major Andrew Harewood,                    (Sept. 19) Sutter Hill church, 12900
tion (Sept. 25-27) Camp Wawona.        speaker. Cashmen Center, 850 N Las      Ridge Road, Sutter Creek. Everyone is hispAniC Youth FederAtion (Oct.
Info: Norma, 559-347-3174 or nvillar-  Vegas Blvd. Info: 775-322-6929 or       welcome, especially those who had a   4) NCC Committee Room. Info: 925-685-              role in the planning and building of         4300, ext. 1292.

                                                                                          “I don’t belong
                                                                                          to any religious
                                                                                          group, but after
                                                                                          listening to your
                                                                                          programs, I feel
                                                                                          like I’ve known
                                                                                          the truth.”
                                                                                                 Listener in Africa

                                                                                         AWR travels where
                                                                                           missionaries cannot go.
                                                                                                      12501 Old Columbia Pike • Silver Spring, MD 20904
                                                                                                                           800-337-4297 •

                                                                                         Learn more on “Making Waves,”
                                                                                         AWR’s new TV series on Hope Channel and 3ABN

September 2009 Recorder                                                                                                                              Advertisements     27
                                                  Adult sAbbAth sChool Area                    coordinators and associates. Register      nedleY “overComing depres-
            Pacific Union College                 Seminar, Vista (Sept. 19) 3-5 p.m.,          by Sept. 21: 951-509-2337 or Janelle.      sion” Program (starts Sept. 14)
                                                  Vista church, 720 Alta Vista Dr., Vista.                       Unraveling depression through natural
     neW student orientAtion (Sept.               Presenters: Rudy Bermudez, SECC adult                                                   means. 7 p.m. Glendale Adventist
     16) Parent orientation, Fusion retreat,      Sabbath school director, “Growing                                                       Medical Center Auditorium, 1509 Wilson
     and informational sessions help new          the Church Through Sabbath School”;                 Southern California                 Terrace. 8 CEU credits. Sponsors: SCC,
     students start the school year. Classes      Jocelyn Sonsona, CLAIM field game and                                                   GAMC, Power for Life Foundation, Glen-
     begin 9/21. Info: 707-965-7362.              facilitators’ certification. RSVP by Sept.   sCC hispAniC Youth Ministries              dale LIFEdevelopment. Info: scchealth-
                                                  7: 951-509-2237.                             ‘09 Youth Camp, in English (Sept. 4-7); bcooney818@
     CentenniAl in AngWin (Oct. 3)                                                             Featuring Peter Guzman, Texas youth
     Pacific Union College and Church cel-        hispAniC men’s retreAt (Sept.                pastor; recording artist Gabe Orozco;
     ebrate 100 years in Angwin. Join us for      18-20) Camp Cedar Falls. Speakers:                                                      sACred musiC ConCert (Sept. 19) 7
     featured Sabbath speaker Lou Venden          Guillermo Garcia, Joaquin Casares, other     sports tournaments; hiking; swimming
     along with the PUC history museum,           speakers on men’s health. Info: Jorge        competition; Bible Bowl. Camp Cedar        p.m. Hacienda Heights Church, 2120 So.
     historical tour, and potluck and social.     Soria, 951-206-2371. To register: Ruth       Falls, 39850 State Hwy 38, Angelus Oaks    Stimson St. Info: 951-354-6886.
     Info: 707-965-6303.                          Collins, 805-413-7384, afternoons.           CA. Info: SCC Hispanic Youth Ministries,
                                                                                               818-546-8448.                            l.A. Adventist Forum (Sept. 26)
                                                  retirees retreAt (sept. 21-23)                                                        3:30 p.m. Douglas R. Clark, Ph. D.,
          Southeastern California                 Open to all retirees. Pine Springs Ranch.    “the seCrets oF Longevity Unveiled” Associate Dean of the School of Religion
                                                  Info: 951-509-2287.                          Health Seminar (Sept. 11-13) Bilingual at La Sierra University. “The Dead Sea
     sAn diego Forum (Sept. 12) 3 p.m.                                                         9/11, 12 Presenters Benjamin Lau, M.D., Scrolls: Anything Adventists Could Learn
     T. Joe Willey, “Science Falsely So-called:   Adult sAbbAth sChool Area Semi-              Ph.D.; Esther Lau, MS, RD; 9/13, free    (or unlearn) from the Essence of Jesus’
     Can Modern Science Establish the             nar, Inland Empire (Sept. 26) 3-5 p.m.,      health screening, consultations; 7 p.m. Time?” Glendale City Church, 610 E.
     Health Writings of Ellen G. White?”          Loma Linda Chinese church fellowship         “Heart Health and Longevity, the Loma California Avenue, Glendale, CA 91206.
     Tierrasanta church, 11260 Clairemont         hall, 25665 Van Leuven St., Loma Linda.      Linda Story,” Daniel Choo, M.D. Hacienda Info: 818-244-7241.
     Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA. Info: 858-        Presenters: Rudy Bermudez, SECC adult        Heights Chinese company, 2120 So.
     576-9990 or 619-561-2360. E-mail:            Sabbath school director, “Growing                               the Church Through Sabbath School”;          Stimson St. Info: 626-217-5782.                       READ IT
     prison ministries seminAr, San
     Diego (Sept. 12) 3-5 p.m., South Bay
                                                  Jocelyn Sonsona, CLAIM field game and
                                                                                         sCC religious libertY Rally (Sept.
                                                  facilitators’ certification. RSVP by Sept.
                                                  14: 951-509-2237.                      12) Featured speaker, Marvin Moore,
                                                                                         Editor, Signs of the Times Magazine.
     church, 2161 Avenida Del Mexico, San
     Diego. For church prison ministries coor-    disAbilities ministries seminAr Panel discussion led by Alan J. Reinach,
     dinators and associates. RSVP by Aug.        (Oct. 3) 3-5 p.m., Azure Hills church, Esq., PARL director, Pacific Union. 3-5
     31: 951-509-2337 or Janelle.Muthiah@         22633 Barton Rd., Grand Terrace.       p.m. Vallejo Drive Church, 300 Vallejo                                       For church disabilities ministries     Dr., Glendale. Info: 818-246-2476.

             Celebrating 100 Years of Mission Service
                 Loma Linda University’s Faculty Practice Plan has                                         Join us for the Loma Linda University
                 immediate openings for School of Medicine alumni or                                     School of Medicine Centennial Celebration
                 other interested physicians who are desirous of serving                                         October 28 – November 1
                 our local and international communities by continuing
                 the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

                 If you are interested in being part of this experience,
                 please contact Barbara J. Sharp at 1-800-328-1163
                 or To view a list of current
                 opportunities, visit

28     Advertisements                                                                                                           
       ClAssiFied Ads                          thousands of active Adventist Singles       50-hour, week-long or 16.5-hour               Please call 530-872-1142 or visit www.
                                               online. Free chat, search, detailed         weekend classes; tuition includes   
                                               profiles, match notifications, 10 photos.   indoor/outdoor camping and catering.
         Alumni Reunions                       2-way compatibility match, confidential     Discover our world-renowned aquatic           reloCAting? Apex moving &
                                               online mail. Witnessing opportunities to    and land-based learning center for the
homeComing reunion (sept. 12)                  the world through articles, friendships,    healing arts located just north of the        Storage has a National Account Contract
Lockeford church, 19900 N. Elliott Road,       chat, forums. Since 1993. Adventist         Napa Valley. State accredited, CBRN           with the GC for your moving needs! Take
Lockeford, CA, invites you to a home-          owners. Thousands of successful             CEUs, NCBTMB CEs. www.learnwatsu.             advantage of a volume-rated discount.
coming reunion! For further informa-           matches! Top ranked.                        com; or             Be assured you are moving with one of
tion, call Bob Potter at 209-604-4532.                                                     800-693-3296, 707-987-3801.                   the best! Call Marcy at 800-766-1902.
                                               home heAlth/hospiCe CAre:                                                                 Visit us at
sAntA rosA ChurCh Homecoming                   When it comes to providing compas-          neWstArt liFestYle progrAm at
(Nov. 21) Inviting all friends and former      sionate Home Health or Hospice care,        Weimar Institute of Health & Education:       adventist.
members to celebrate the 140th                 experience counts. Adventist families in    Our 18-day program reduces the risk of
anniversary of the first SDA church west       the Pacific Union have learned to trust     and reverses obesity, diabetes, neuropa-      single And over 40? An interracial
of the Rockies. Pacific Union Conference       the dedicated staff from Care Dimen-        thy, heart disease, fibromyalgia, high        group exclusively for Adventist singles
President Ricardo Graham to speak              sions and Hospice Touch to provide the      cholesterol, hypertension, stress and         over 40. Stay at home and meet new
at morning service. Heritage Singers           compassion and dignity that is normally     other degenerative diseases. For more         friends in USA with a pen pal monthly
concert after lunch. Info: 707-578-8883        just reserved for family. Our experienced   information call 800-525-9192 now!
or                       Adventist chaplains team together with      Read testimonies on our website: www.         newsletter of members and album. For
                                               our physicians and staff to provide the                                 information send large, self-addressed,
                                               best home health and hospice care in                                                      stamped envelope to ASO-40, 2747
           At Your Service                     Los Angeles and Orange counties. Call       noW online Ceu credits: Nedley                Nonpareil, Sutherlin, OR 97479.
                                               toll-free, 888-777-7881.                    Depression Recovery Program and
ChristiAnhomeFinders.Com is                                                                Training the Trainer (Director and            WeimAr inn. Quiet retreat nestled
reAdY with a network of over 350 rec-          mAgAliA Adventist sChool.                   Facilitator training). 1.6 units of CEU       in the foothills of the Sierras; exercise
ommended realtors nationwide to assist         Northern California Conference. Very        available, register at, or
church members and employees buy               affordable Christian education; grades      call 888-778-4445.                            room; sun room; conference room;
or sell their homes. Make your request         1-8; small classes; qualified teacher;                                                    sun deck; views of the Sierras; WiFi.
online at www.ChristianHomeFinders.            computer lab; field trips; team/family      pArAdise elder CAre, a non-                   Walking trails; vegan cafeteria; lectures.
com or call us at 1-888-582-2888. More         environment; community service. For         medical home care agency, enables             NEWSTART health care available. The
Christian realtors and brokers needed.         info call 530-873-9168. E-mail: mag-        your loved ones to stay in their home,        Inn is at the world famous Weimar
                                               keeping their dignity and comfort. We
ChristiAnsinglesdAting.Com                                                                 provide temporary and long-term care          Center of Health & Education. Afford-
or                       mAssAge prACtitioner And                    in Paradise, Oroville, Chico, and the rest    able rates. 800-525-9192 ext. 7933 or
Free 14-day trial! Join thousands and          therapist certifications. On-going          of Butte County. Insured and bonded.          530-422-7933.

                                                                                                                                        S E P T E M B E R 2009
       SOMEONE SPECIAL TOUCHES YOUR LIFE –                                                                                   sept. 4 sept. 11 sept. 18 sept. 25
               THESE ARE THE NURSES
                                                                                                  Alturas                     7:27    7:16      7:03    6:51
                                                                                                  Angwin                      7:33    7:22      7:11    6:59
                                                                                                  Calexico                    7:01    6:51      6:42    6:32
                                                                                                  Chico                       7:31    7:20      7:08    6:57
                                                                                                  Eureka                      7:41    7:30      7:18    7:06
                                                                                                  Fresno                      7:20    7:10      6:59    6:49
                                                                                                  Hilo                        6:32    6:26      6:19    6:13
                                                                                                  Honolulu                    6:43    6:36      6:30    6:23
                                                                                                  Las Vegas                   7:02    6:51      6:41    6:31
                                                                                                  Lodi                        7:28    7:17      7:06    6:55
                                                                                                  Loma Linda                  7:09    6:59      6:49    6:39
                    Patients tell us our nurses are something special – we know                   Los Angeles                 7:13    7:03      6:53    6:44
                    that too. Welcome to Glendale Adventist, a faith-based, not-for-              Moab                        7:40    7:29      7:18    7:07
                    profit, 457-bed hospital that provides life changing experiences,              Oakland                     7:31    7:20      7:09    6:58
                    excellent benefits and many other advantages that encourage our
                                                                                                  Phoenix                     6:47    6:38      6:28    6:18
                    nurses to deliver perfect care.
                                                                                                  Reno                        7:23    7:12      7:00    6:49
                    To find out more on how you can help deliver perfect care,                     Riverside                   7:09    6:59      6:50    6:40
                    visit or call (888) 452-0033.                           Sacramento                  7:29    7:18      7:07    6:55
                                                                                                  Salt Lake City              7:52    7:40      7:29    7:17
                                                                                                  San Diego                   7:07    6:58      6:48    6:39
                                                                                                  San Francisco               7:32    7:21      7:10    6:59
         The Difference Is INSIDE.                                                                San Jose                    7:29    7:19      7:08    6:57
                                                                                                  Tucson                      6:42    6:33      6:23    6:14
   1509 Wilson Terrace, Glendale, CA 91206            Healthcare at a Higher Level

September 2009 Recorder                                                                                                                                        Advertisements         29
                                              sunshine, writing to inmates all over          of Northern California just 90 miles          dedicated to teaching what we have
                Bulletin Board                the U.S. Jesus said “I was in Prison...”       north of Sacramento. We offer com-            to share with Muslims. (Sept. 24 - 26)
                                              You may write inmates snail mail or via        petitive wages and excellent benefits         La Sierra University, Calif. Info: e-mail
     donAte Your CAr, boat or RV to Can- e-mail; again risk-free. For informa-               in a friendly supportive environment.         NADAdventistMuslimRelations@gmail.
     vasback Missions. Serving the medical    tion, contact Don or Yvonne McClure,           Paradise Adventist Academy offers             com or call 423-368-2343. Register at
     and dental needs of the Pacific Islands. 260-492-7770 or e-mail sdapm@                  K-12 educational opportunities. Search
     Donation is tax deductible. Autos                              for available positions online at www.
     preferred to be running. Restrictions                                          or call 530-876-3102 for           noAh’s Ark brings to life the
     apply. For more info: 877-793-7245 or                                                   additional information.                       legendary adventure of Noah’s Ark and
     visit                            Employment                                                                       other biblical stories. Included under
                                                                                             phYsiCiAn, pA, np needed to join              one roof is a one-of -a-kind Noah’s Ark
     put Your old projector to work.             AdministrAtor mAnAger/                      LLUSM graduate. Unique opportunity            theme restaurant, a life-sized copy
     AIIAS (Philippines), a GC graduate          AssistAnt direCtor. Seasoned                for mission-minded and preventive
     education institution, is passionate        professional with management, leader-       health oriented professional. Busy,                                  As Seen O
     about evangelism. We need projectors
     to run multiple evangelistic campaigns
                                                 ship, business and financial skills at
                                                 self-supporting, non-profit ministry for
                                                                                             financially stable weight management
                                                                                             practice in Northern California. Empha-
                                                                                                                                                                    3ABN ! n
     simultaneously. Planning to replace a       ADHD boys in rural Tennessee. Public        sis on teaching principles of Genesis
     projector and you would like to donate      relations, fundraising, and develop-        1:29. No weekends or insurance hassles.
     or sell the old, please contact Dr. Kim     ment. Mission-minded, long-term             First year salary with potential for future
     Papaioannou at kpapaioannou@aiias.          commitment and self-sacrifice. Master’s     partnership; e-mail: hollyp956@yahoo.
     edu.                                        degree required. Ph.D. preferred. Social    com.
                                                 work or Psychology. Call Blondel Senior,
     sponsor A Child! $30 a month can            423-336-5052.                               rurAl dentAl prACtiCe in the                  Readers call it,
     send a child in India to an Adventist                                                   beautiful Columbia River Gorge one            “The Christian
     school. It pays for tuition, housing,       eArn An AssoCiAte’s degree in just          hour east of Portland, Ore. Busy, quality     Answer to National Geographic!”
     food, clothes, and medical. Adventist       10 months! Hands-on Medical Massage         practice; great lifestyle; churches and       Stunning Photos, 68-page quarterly, Bible-
                                                                                                                                           based nature lessons, animal stories,
     Child India is an official project of the   School specializes in medical ministry.     school nearby. Seeking dedicated              Creation science, Teacher’s Instructional
     Southern Asia Division of Seventh-day       HOMM is located next to Loma Linda,         Adventist to continue our ministry.           Guide, Genesis Cuisine Vegan Recipes,
     Adventists; 308-530-6655; www.              Calif. We offer day, evening and distance   Seller to stay on to insure a smooth          & more! Great Outreach & Devotional
                                                                                                                                           Tool – 1st Angel’s Message to Worship or childcare@       learning. Study evidence-based mas-         transition. Call 509-493-1463.                The Creator. Every issue a KEEPSAKE!                          sage and hydrotherapy in a Christian
                                                 environment. Enroll in distance learning                                                               Get a
     the Advent god Squad needs you.             today. www.handsonmedicalmassage.                            Events                          FREE Introductory ISSUE!
     Someone Cares Prison Ministry now           com. 909-793-HAND.                                                                                 a $4.99 value
                                                                                                                                                  as part of a Subscription offer
     located in Fort Wayne, Ind., needs you.                                                 Adventist And islAm: What mes-
     The backbone of this ministry is a risk-    FeAther river hospitAl is located           sage do Seventh-day Adventists have  
     free letter writing mission field. Paper    in Paradise, in the beautiful foothills     for Islam? Find out at a special weekend           Or Call: (800) 360-2732

30    Advertisements                                                                                                             
of the Tabernacle of Moses and other       international countries. Ranges: 1 to      92154. Walquiria Brusamolin, Jennifer
biblical displays not found elsewhere.     2.8 cents per minute. Do you want a        Castillo, Danyarel Crespo, Joel Crespo,                   Real Estate
We also have extraordinary Bible book      card that does not expire? Benefits ASI    Lane Cruse, Rhonda Cruse, Kevin
store and gift shop. Come and experi-      projects and Christian education. For      Ebanks, LaToya Ebanks, Luciellen Gia-        32’ FrAnklin trAiler, 2001. One-
ence this provocative and entertaining     information, call LJ Plus at: 770-441-     comel, Amberlynn Harris, Sheila Johns,       bdrm, washer, dryer, TV with 3ABN dish,
adventure for the whole family. www.       6022 or 888-441-7688.                      Jonathan Magpayo, James Manjarrez,           Expando living room. On Clear Lake in; 541-784-1261,                                                    Ed Newell, Xavier Ortiz, Yanira Ortiz,       senior park (rent $300/mo.) New 8’x 10’
411 Safari Rd., Winston, OR 97496.         sAve 25% september 1-30, 2009!             Flor Tolentino, Maria Vidauri, Joel          out building. $114,500. 707-812-4003.
                                           ABC Book of the Month: Dare to Stand       White, Alan Barr, Ray Belasco, Jasmin
                                           Alone, by Bradley Booth. Regularly         Bonaparte, Rosie Bustomonte, Eric            beAutiFul mountAin retreAt,
               For Sale                    $12.99, SALE $9.74. This teenager spoke Castleberry, Orlando Dimacli, Tony              views and river. Secluded, yet easy
                                           boldly about God in the Soviet army.       Dominguez, Lesia Escobar, Paul Escobar,      access to town. 3.5 plus bonus rooms
internAtionAlbibles.Com is A               Foolish? Maybe. Risky? Definitely.         Lucille Fecteaun, Judith Garcia, Karim       in house, plus self-sufficient cottage on
fully-functioning, international online    Available at your ABC, at www.Adven-       Garcia, Alicia Gearhart, Gary Gearhart,      property. Could easily be off-grid; three
Christian bookstore available 24/7., or by calling          Jayna Gearhart, Alexandre Gibson,            methods of heating, generator, well. Far
For your convenience, we offer church      800-765-6955.                              Sonya Gibson, Denise Glover, Tatiana         Western N.C., Price reduced drastically,
supplies, Bible reference books, foreign                                              Glover, Robert Goodson, Matelli Graves,      $299,000. Inquire at llifrench@gmail.
language Bibles; accessories, software,                                               Catrina Gregory, Virginia Grizzle, Cynthia   com or 606-932-2777.
audio Bibles, the latest in Gospel music            Missing Members                   Harden, Alma Huerta, Laura Lamb, Zari-
and more. To place your order, call 402-                                                                                           beAutiFullY remodeled
502-0883; or do it online at our secure    sAn Jose CentrAl. Merly Ortiz,             nah Limon, Kayla Lockett, Evila Lopez,       3-bdrm, 2.5-bath (1,550+ sq. ft.)
website:      Church Clerk, 2345 Alum Rock Avenue,       Peter Martinez, Crystal Mayo, Rosalie        Northern California home in the
                                           San Jose, CA 95116 or merlydortiz@         McIntire, Amber McKinney, Paula McK-         high country east of Redding in a
phoneCArdlAnd.Com 10%             Nana Kofi Brobbey, Erica        inney, Danny Mendoza, Alan Nicholson,        beautiful quiet neighborhood of Burney.
disCount. Home of the pinless/             Cantero, Reynold Chavan, Jamelio           Nathan Nicholson, Alejandra Ortuno,          Twenty-five minutes from either of two
rechargeable True Minutes phonecard.       Crockett, Joshua Cuilty, Frank De la Cruz, Wilmer Ortuno, Shawn Perdue, Elena           Adventist churches. Shopping, exercise
True minutes long distance service is      Shiela Jo Hunter Farias, Lucy Galvez,      Ponsler, Michael Ponsler, Martin Rocha,      gym, senior center, restaurants. Near
1.9c/minute including U.K. and Canada.     Michael Goss, Gary Hall, Keil Landy,       Yesenia Rocha, Ana Rodriguez, Chris          beautiful Burney Falls, Lassen State
No tax, no fee, no expiration. Visit       Bernice Lahai, Momoh Tengo Lahai,          Rodriguez, Christina Rodriguez, Demi         Park, many resort areas. Area has and choose           Eric Leroy, Kathy Leroy, Visitacion Leroy, Sakadelis, Irma Shaffer, Patrick Shaffer,    become a favorite for people to have a
the best plan for all your phone calls     Tony Ly, Denise Miller, Gary Miller,       William Sheehan, Herold Simkin, Peter        second home. $235,000. 530-945-3661.
around the world. User-friendly/Secure.    Steve Perkins, Hanniel Serra, Robert       Solis, Ramon Stanton, Angel Suani,
E-mail: Call      Thompson, Sandra Solorio, Luz Valdezco, Jamie Sutherland, Damarelia Thomack,            For sAle; 2-bdrm 2-bath spacious
863-216-0160.                              Alvin Ypon.                                Veronica Thomack, Jimmy Villa, Helen         open plan with open beam ceilings,
                                                                                      Walker, Anesa Webb, Demarco Webb,            large rooms and small office, large deck
prepAid phone CArds. Featuring             sAn diego south bAY. Contact               Derrick Williams, Elda Williams, Freddie     with mountain views and attached
some new-updated-different cards           church office at 619-423-2243 or 2161      Williams, Alesha Wilson, Jontia Zamora,      studio. Garden with fruit trees; great
with no connection fees for USA and        Avenida Del Mexico, San Diego, CA          Moses Zamora.                                neighbors; very active small church;

September 2009 Recorder                                                                                                                                  Advertisements        31
     well with 3,000 gallon holding tank;       for master suite and stone for master                                                 see YelloWstone nAtionAl
     1.25 acres and peaceful land. Price        bath. Sunny Eastern Washington.                 Vacation Opportunities                Park in winter with skilled Adventist
     $195,000. Please call Roni @ 530-873-      Privacy, great neighbors. 206-914-7499.                                               snowmobile guides! Experience pristine
     3451 or Selas @ 530-592-5853                                                          gold beACh, ore. ocean front rent-         beauty and amazing animals! Enjoy
                                                out oF the congested city. Peaceful,       als. Luxury beach home and townhouse       good fellowship, inspiring devotions,
     goldendAle, WAshington AreA.               20+/- acres, borders natural preserve,     located at prestigious Sebastian Shores:   deluxe accommodations, and fine cui-
     Secluded, wooded, 19+ dividable acres,     complete solar run 4-bdrm, 2.5 bath        3-bdrm unit (#16) fully equipped with      sine. Don’t miss this unique experience
     year-round creek, fruit trees, excellent   home, cellar, shop, barn, 10,000 sq. ft.   Jacuzzi, can sleep up to 6; 2-bdrm         the only snowmobile tours traveling
     well. Main house: 5,100 sq. ft., 4-bdrm,   organic green houses, all surrounded       unit (#8) fully equipped with loft         throughout Yellowstone Park. Limited
     4-bath, 2-living rooms, 2-kitchens,        by cedars, pines, and oaks. Fenced for     and Jacuzzi, sleeps up to 6. Connect       openings for January, 2010. Call John at
     bonus rooms, 2-jacuzzi, infrared           stock with fantastic views. Adventist      Missy Hartman, 888-807-6483 or             509-235-8531 (Pacific Time).
     sauna, wrap around deck, portico,          neighbors and 25 minutes to church.        541-247-6700.
     outbuildings, backup generator, lots       Central Calif. near Yosemite. REDUCED,                                                sunriver, ore. Four-bedroom
     of storage. Second home: 1982 mobile       559-841-8469.                              mAui oCeAnFront vieW condo:
     home, 2-bdrm, 2-bath, insulated add                                                                                              executive home. Overlooks North
                                                                                           1-bdrm/bath, fully equipped, sleeps        Woodlands golf course. Two master
     on room, office, storage. Sits on 10       sierrA Foothills rentAl. Want              5, washer/dryer, great pool and ten-
     acres overlooking creek. Good business                                                                                           king suites, two queens, one bunk
                                                to relocate to the country? A 2-bdrm,      nis court! Faces west with beautiful       set, hot tub, TVs, VCRs, DVDs; D/W,
     opportunities! Call: 509-7734925 or        1-bath mobile home is available in         unobstructed ocean and sunset views.
     541-467-2764 or e-mail dianesasa@                                                                                                M/W, W/D, loft, Jacuzzi bath, gas log                                 Oregon House, Calif., for rent at $650/    The property is about 100 feet from the    fireplace, BBQ, bikes, all “lodge ameni-
                                                month; features free water, trash          Pacific Ocean. April through December      ties,” sleeps 10, no smoking, no pets,
     lArge detAChed Condo (Loma                 pickup, refrigerator, washer/dryer,        15, 7th day free! Website: www.            includes housekeeping. Contact Wayne
     Linda). One-level, 3-bdrm, 2-bath,         handicap ramp, storage shed, and space E-mail: paulborg@         Schultz: days, 541-475-7188; evenings,
     excellent condition, attached 2-car        for a garden. Located minutes from or call 425-239-6392.          541-475-6463.
     garage, large patio, built-in microwave    the Dobbins/Brownsville Adventist
     and all appliances included. Located       churches. 530-692-2898 or susandpf@        mount shAstA home available
                                                                                           for vacation rental. 3-bdrm, sleeps 6
     in quiet neighborhood, close to shop-
     ping, walking distance to Loma Linda
                                                                                           comfortably. Home is fully equipped,                  READ IT
     University Medical Center. For more
     information phone 909-799-5171 or
     951-809-2669 (cell).
                                                smokY mountAin home on 13
                                                acres, featuring mountain stone and
                                                steel siding. Spring fed stream flowing
                                                under glass floor in great room, 4,417
                                                                                           wood-burning stove (with firewood
                                                                                           provided), kitchen and all the pertinent
                                                                                           utensils, DVD/VHS, CD stereo, washer
                                                                                           and dryer, all linens. Color brochure
     neWer, oWner/ContrACtor                    sq. ft., 5-bdrm, 4-baths, spa, 5-car       available. Situated on nearly 3 acres,
     vieW home. 2,700 sq. ft. plus 24’x24’      garage, walk-in cold room and much         views of mountains and close to hiking,
     garage. $339,900. Four acres, well and     more. Outstanding retreat or bed &         fishing, golfing, snow sports, shopping
     irrigation water. 38’x7’ covered deck;     breakfast potential. $799,900. Contact     and restaurants. Church is 10 minutes
     stone and finest craftsmanship. Horse      Glenn Fuller, 865 806-3046. Google         away. Call 888-805-6361 or our website:
     and garden, okay. Choose your carpet       6850 Happy Valley Rd. click first link.

32    Advertisements                                                                                                        
             At rest                      tist Medical Center and Loma Linda
                                          University Medical Center.
                                                                                    ChApmAn, ruth e. (Dimmig) – b.
                                                                                    March 2, 1916, McMinnville, Ore.;
                                                                                                                                 Paradise, Calif. Survivors: wife, Evdokea;
                                                                                                                                 daughter, Vera; two grandchildren; two
ACostA, nAdine (sAnChez) – b.                                                       d. May 15, 2009, Healdsburg, Calif.          great-grandchildren.
March 16, 1970, Hanford, Calif.; d.      benson, JAmes – b. Feb. 16, 1916,          Survivors: daughters, Carol Peterson,
June 21, 2008, Fresno, Calif. Survivors: Detroit, Mich.; d. June 12, 2009, Santa    Margaret Cuadra; six grandchildren; five     helms, lAurie Ann (Rathbun) – b.
husband, John; daughters, Alyssa, Alina, Rosa, Calif. Survivors: wife, Jean; daugh- great-grandchildren. Served as a nurse       Sept. 10, 1964, Loma Linda, Calif.; d.
Adelle; father, Antonio Sanchez; mother, ters, Jane, Patti, Barbara; eight grand-   at St. Helena Hospital and Health Center.    June 12, 2009, Placerville, Calif. Survi-
Hopie Sanchez.                           children; three great-grandchildren.                                                    vors: husband, Jeff; son, Christopher;
                                                                                    dixner, Arne WilFred – b. Jan. 2,            daughter, Laura. Served as a church
Aitken, emmA A. – b. Aug. 7,             boughton, nellie – b. Aug. 4,              1924, Boras, Sweden; d. May 3, 2009,         school teacher in Corona, Vacaville and
1919, Superior, Wis.; d. July 8, 2009,   1915, Chino, Calif.; d. July 20, 2009,     Riverside, Calif. Survivors: son, Kenneth    Placerville, Calif.
Loma Linda, Calif. Survivors: son, Bob;  Paradise, Calif. Survivors: daughters,     Arne; daughter, Karen Shaw; one grand-
daughters, Pat, Karyn Marxmiller, Julia Joan Chegwidden, Shirley Gruner,            child; two step-grandchildren.               horning, robertA (bobbie) – b.
Schmitz-Leuffen; six grandchildren.      Kathleen Payne; seven grandchildren;                                                    Oct. 29, 1914, Joplin, Mo.; d. May 31,
Served as a dietitian at Glendale Adven- nine great-grandchildren; two              gosev, vAsilY – b. May 25, 1917,             2009, Fresno, Calif. Survivors: daughter,
                                         great-great-grandchildren.                 Stavropol, Russia; d. July 18, 2009,         Marjean Mathiesen; one grandchild.

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                                                                                                                                is in your future . . .

                                                                                                                                 Stevens Van Lines,
                                                                                                                                Clergy Move Center

                                                                                          • Preferred Commercial                     Let us apply our industry
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                                                                                            Conference of Seventh-day            to expertly coordinate all details
                                                                                            Adventists.                              of your relocation, from
                                                                                          • GC National Account                          beginning to end.
                                                                                            Program pricing for
                                                                                            Conferences, Hospitals,
                                                                                            Universities and other
                                                                                            member families.
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                                                                                            no obligation estimate.
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                                                                                            /seventhday                         Sunny Sommer, Aymi Dittenbir
                                                                                                                                     Jean Warnemuende,
                                                                                                                                Ramiro Torrez, or Vicki Bierlein

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     huber, louise WilheminA – b.                   Linda Nadig; four grandchildren; four      CORReCtiOn: odell, rubY Long                       son, Arek; two grandchildren; four
     June 12, 1923, Germany; d. June 11,            great-grandchildren.                       Wheeler – b. Dec. 21, 1913, Cincinnati,            great-grandchildren; sister, Shake S.
     2009, Lodi, Calif. Survivors: husband,                                                    Ohio; d. April 25, 2009, Loma Linda,               (Kay).
     John; daughters, Heidi Thomas, Rose-           mAChAdo, ellen AudriA – b.                 Calif. Survivors: daughter, Merrie
     marie Trettenero; four grandchildren.          Aug. 9, 1928, Ocala, Fla.; d. April 29,    Kay Reynolds; stepson, Glenn; four                 Wertz, FlorenCe – b. Sept. 7, 1935,
                                                    2009, Sunnyvale, Calif. Survivors: sons,   grandchildren; brother, Jack Degraw;               Ontario, Canada; d. Oct. 23, 2008, Han-
     huttenberger, esther                           Barton, Scott; four grandchildren.         sister, Ethel Siegal. Served the Anatomy           ford, Calif. Survivor: husband, Larry.
     mAe – b. Aug. 5, 1927, Hanford,                                                           Department at Loma Linda.
     Calif.; d. June 6, 2008, Hanford, Calif.       mACkett, normA – b. Jan. 17,                                                                  WilliAms, gudren d. “goodY” –
     Survivors: husband, George; daughters,         1914, Bombay, India; d. July 17,           riChert, donAl eugene – b. April                   b. Aug. 19, 1919, Luck, Wis.; d. March
     Cheryl Burbach, Debbie Kasischke; three        2009, Portland, Ore. Survivors:            10, 1927, Walla Walla, Wash.; d. May 8,            1, 2009, Grand Terrace, Calif. Survivors:
     grandchildren; one great-grandchild.           son, Ted; three grandchildren; two         2009, Sebastopol, Calif. Survivors: wife,          sons, Lysle, Keith; daughters, Lindy
                                                    great-grandchildren.                       LaVene; daughters, Carmen Sheldon,                 Bliss, Gay Culpepper; 10 grandchildren;
     kAtsArskY, FredriCk bernArd                                                               Sonya, Jennifer Phan; two grandchil-               10 great-grandchildren. Was a librarian
     – b. Jan. 30, 1939, Ann Arbor, Mich.;          mAYer, russell – b. Jan. 28,               dren. Served as teacher; as a missionary           at Loma Linda University.
     d. May 9, 2009, Indio, Calif. Survivors:       1921, Harvey, N.D.; d. June 16, 2009,      in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania,
     wife, Suzanne; son, Christopher; one           Provo, Utah. Survivors: wife, Mary         Africa; as ADRA director in the Sudan;             Wilson, mArCiA – b. May 16, 1944,
     grandson.                                      (Olsechlager); sons, Russel Lee, Richard;  and with Mission Church Builders after             Great Falls, Mont.; d. June 25, 2009,
                                                    daughters, Odette Osantowski, Colleen      retirement.                                        Redlands, Calif. Played in the Loma
     kelleY, riChArd l.r. – b. April                Seabury; nine grandchildren; 13 great-
                                                                                                                                                  Linda University church orchestra for
     3, 1945, Richmond, Calif.; d. May, 29,         grandchildren. Served the Nevada-Utah roYAk, nAnCY J. – b. Sept. 3, 1934,
     2009, Spokane, Wash. Survivors: wife,          Conference executive committee, Monu- Stamford, Conn.; d. June 28, 2009,                      about 20 years.
     Patricia; daughters, Anissa Maxwell,           ment Valley Missions Hospital board,      Ukiah, Calif.
     Melissa Kelley-Antinoro; brother,              and the Milford Hospital board.                                                               Wisdom, kAthleen (bAker) – b.
     Charles Kelley; sister, Judy Cross;                                                      rue, grACe – b. July 28, 1910,                      July 18, 1926, Jaroso, Colo.; d. June
     four grandchildren. Pastored in the            mClAughlin, liliAne emmA                  Anaheim, Calif.; d. July 13, 2009, Chico,           18, 2009, St. Helena, Calif. Survivors:
     Mountain View and Central California           (Drogemuller) – b. Aug. 22, 1931, Ant- Calif. Survivors: five grandchildren; 10               son, Dennis; daughter Deborah
     conferences.                                   werp, Belgium; d. June 2, 2009, Glen-     great-grandchildren. Served for 20                  Lanham; four granddaughters; seven
                                                    dale, Calif. Survivors: husband, Harry;   years as a missionary with her husband,             great-grandchildren.
     kinCAid, hAzel – b. Feb. 2, 1919,              brothers, Guido, Roland. Employed more Dr. George Rue, in Seoul, Korea, where
     Ft. Ogelthrope, Ga.; d. July 6, 2009,          than 40 years in the Radiology Dept. of they opened a hospital, school and                    Wood, JAn lee – b. Aug. 15, 1952,
     Paradise, Calif. Survivor: son, Jim.           Glendale Adventist Medical Center.        orphanage.                                          Long Beach, Calif.; d. May 16, 2009,
                                                                                                                                                  Escondido, Calif. Survivors: husband,
     ledington, JeAn louise – b.                   mitChell, Albert – b. May 16,               shennAr, nubAr – b. Feb. 14, 1919,                 Paul; daughters, Anne Rigby, Beth;
     Sept. 26, 1921, Exeter, Calif.; d.            1942, New York, N.Y.; d. June 23, 2008,     Istanbul, Turkey; d. June 19, 2009, Loma           parents, Eugene and Dolores Giuntini;
     Oct. 12, 2008, Loma Linda, Calif.          8/4/09 10:33 AM Page 1
                                                   Lemoore, Calif. Survivors: daughters,       Linda, Calif. Survivors: wife, Vartanus;           brothers, Steven and Clayton Giuntini.
     Survivors: son, Robert; daughter,             Katie, Rachel.

        WESTPOINT OF EVANGELISM                                                                                                mediA
                                                                                                      3Abn · 618-627-4651
                                                                                                      ACn · 800-226-1119
            December 6-9, 2009
                                                                                                      Amazing Facts · 916-434-3880
       Register for WestPoint,                          Do you want to know how to
                                                                                                      between the lines ................... · 800-298-9496
                                                        conduct visitations for
       we have limited space!                           decisions? Want to learn how
                                                                                                      breath of life ....................... · 877-265-6333
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                                                        Brian McMahon, Professional
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           answers for you!                             the Old Testament God? Did He
                                                        harden Pharaoh’s heart? Is He                 hope Channel.................................. · 301-680-6689
                                                        punitive? Does God want a
                                                        theocracy again?                              it is Written · 805-433-0210
                                                        Jean Sheldon, Professor of
                                                        Religion, Pacific Union College               la voz de la · 805-955-7641
                                                        Learn how to build a church                   lifetalk · 615-469-5122
                                                        fitness club, a cholesterol
                                                        support group and a diabetes                  loma linda broadcasting network · 866-552-6881
                                                        support group.
                                                        Hildemar Dos Santos, Assistant                the Quiet hour · 800-900-9021
                                                        Professor, Loma Linda University
                                                        School of Public Health                       voice of prophecy · 805-955-7611
       Find more information online at:

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YAW, gloriA JeAn – b. July 20, 1939,
Lodi, Calif.; d. July 12, 2009, Carmichael,
Calif. Survivors: husband, Louis; son,          Advertising
Louis Lee; daughter, Bonnie Jean (Ste-
ven) Mende; two granddaughters.                   poliCY
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