; Logix Plots, Yamuna Expressway, Noida - 9818880876
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Logix Plots, Yamuna Expressway, Noida - 9818880876


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									Logix Plots, Yamuna Expressway, Noida - 9818880876

Building a house of one’s own dream is a want of every human being. An individual spends the
most of his life in earning a living with which he can fulfill his requirements of food, clothing
and shelter. All of us wish to have a house of our own which is window to our sophisticated
lifestyle. To accomplish this dream we are in constant search of a suitable piece of land wherein
we can lay the foundation of our happy living. The Real Estate business today is offering a
spectrum of options to house dwellers; they have simplified the task of purchasing a residential
plot at a big by offering it with affordability of price and security measures.

Logix Empire Estate is India’s leading Green Township project by logix group. A pioneer in
executing green developments, the Logix group, with its contemporary styling had acquired
the Highest Green rating in the Industry at Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida. To cater to the
growing need of residential plots, Logix Group offers new residential plots by the name of Logix
Empire Estate/Logix plots at Yamuna Expressway. logix plots are available in all sizes the suits
the needs of its clients. The sizes vary from 100sq.yd to 50o sq.yd. when buying a plot, its
location is the primary concern for the person buying it. Logix Plots are sited at niche locations
with availability of renowned schools, hospitals and markets in the proximity. Logix Plots are
much in demand among customers for its offering of vast land spaces, available at affordable
prices. Logix plots are an ideal combination of affluent living at economical costs, as these
exclusive plots located in a classy locality thus, facilitating the building of a luxurious home.

Owning a plot was a hectic and difficult task few years back. This was so, because you have to
spend a lot of money to buy a residential plot at a big and the security of the plot was at your
own risk. With Logix Plots, security will not be an issue. You can now construct your dream
house in a niche neighborhood and accomplish your childhood dream of luxurious living!

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