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         Kyoshu-sama’s Message, Annual Ancestor Service,
           July 1 & 2, 2006, Hall of Worship, Atami, Japan

      Good morning to all of you, and thank you for attending today’s
Annual Ancestor Service.
      With a deep sense of awe, I really feel that God is truly alive.
God gave His own special soul to Meishu-sama, and decided to
develop His Plan for the world through Meishu-sama. Meishu-sama
was newly born as a true, enlightened child of God, with a special
divine consciousness. Meishu-sama is still working actively in the
spiritual realm, in oneness with God – who is advancing His Plan of
creation without a moment’s rest. This is occurring on all levels and
dimensions, including the past, present and future.
      We have been strongly connected with Meishu-sama from the
beginning, and now we are being raised and nurtured by the light and
energy coming form him so that once again we can be connected with
him, now even more strongly. I am grateful to Meishu-sama to be
able to greet all of you at today’s annual ancestor service, and during
this service I prayed sincerely that God’s work shall be praised and
advanced more and more.

      I am grateful that you members of the Izunome Kyodan are
doing your best in giving service, hoshi and dedication for the
construction and improvement of the Kyoto Sacred Grounds, which is
becoming more and more beautiful, enlightening and calming. There
is a sacred, holy place within each person’s heart, and I hope you can
be reminded of your sacred, calming place within yourself by visiting
this Kyoto Sacred Grounds.
      Many members from outside of Japan are attending today’s
ancestor service, and I am happy that the light of Johrei is spreading
      In April, the new Izunome Kyodan administration was installed,
and I am sure all of you are doing your best to serve with renewed

hope and vigor in the “totally new phase of God’s work.”
      I understand that at your Izunome Kyodan, Rev. Watanabe and
all ministers and members are doing “Sonen Jissen” or “practicing
one’s faith through daily reflection,” and I believe this is an excellent
way to achieve one’s spiritual growth, following the law of the spiritual
preceding the physical.
      One’s consciousness and thought, or Sonen, has a big influence
on everything. And you are trying to have the correct and positive
attitude, and are trying to generate positive thoughts.            I am
impressed by your efforts and am learning a lot from your endeavor,
and I am encouraged by it. Many of you received wonderful blessings
through this practice of Sonen Jissen, and have sent your testimonials.
Every time I read these written testimonials I am moved by your
sincere efforts.

     It is part of our human nature that when we see something
favorable to us – something convenient for us – happening, we take it
as God’s blessing or protection, and are grateful for it. However, true
testimonial is not for the benefit of human beings, but for us to give
testimony to God. Testimonial is when God wants to show Himself to
us and expresses a part of it on this earth, and we witness it and give
testimony to it. God is trying to guide us, through these testimonials,
so that we can come closer to Him and have deeper trust in God. We
can remember this, and we can reflect on ourselves and ask ourselves
if we could have had the same degree of trust and faith in God even
without witnessing any blessing. If you witness some remarkable
blessing, and if you become proud of it and become arrogant, and
want to show it off, then eventually you will regret it. Let’s be careful
of that.

      This Sonen Jissen, practicing one’s faith through daily reflection,
I believe, is possible because of the great love of Meishu-sama, and
because he is working actively through this. Each one of us has a
divine essence given by God, and we should all be instruments of God,
but as normal human beings it is not easy for us to really understand

this idea.
      We are given physical bodies so we can live in this physical world.
In our physical bodies we include all material elements, and we are
one with these elements. We are also the sum total and end result of
all our ancestors. Therefore, our ancestors’ thoughts and the
thoughts of all living humans, and the appeals and messages of all
material elements, come into our consciousness, and we feel as if
they are our own thoughts.
      We should consider all of these thoughts as being important
messages from Meishu-sama that only we can accept and bear. But it
is not easy for us to think this way. Particularly, it is quite difficult for
us to discover our own shortcomings and weaknesses, which have
been given to us by God. Our human consciousness distinguishes
ourselves from others, and we would like to justify ourselves.
Therefore, whatever the uncomfortable or unfavorable thought may
be within ourselves, we would like to cut it off as something not ours,
having nothing to do with us. As for myself when I have such a
thought, instead of facing it squarely, I often try to handle it through
reflection, or process it somehow through regrets, or try to forget it,
hoping that time will solve it. In this way I do nothing about such an
important message that I received.
      As we pride ourselves in having faith in God, we do not want to
admit that often we ignore God’s will, that we try to be accepted by
people, not by God. It is not easy for us to accept these thoughts and
leave these thoughts of our own in God’s hands.
      However, we come from our ancestors, including both the
positive and negative actions of our ancestors, and we are here as the
end result of all these actions. If we willingly accept all these actions
and thoughts of our ancestors, both the positive and negative, and
entrust them to God’s hands, we can guide our ancestors to the path
of light and purification.
      We say we leave everything in Meishu-sama’s hands. But we
need to reflect on ourselves, on the kind of attitude with which we are
doing it. Maybe we are doing it expecting to receive some quick and
convenient result for us. We are doing it without making much effort

on our part. We are doing it without much trust in Meishu-sama as
the living guide for us, without the firm conviction that we are deeply
connected with him spiritually. We are given a paradise, a heaven, at
the core of ourselves, and it is at this heaven within the core of
ourselves that we are serving in God’s work. We need to ask
ourselves once in a while if we have not forgotten this fact.
      Meishu-sama generously accepts all these shortcomings,
limitations, lacks of effort on our part, and forgives them all,
supplements our shortages, and allows us to practice this Sonen
Jissen for our own spiritual training.
      Even when we see some good results from this Sonen Jissen
practice, such as the situation around us improving or when our
health improves, we should be very, very careful not to become
arrogant. For instance, we shouldn’t say this good result is because
our understanding improved, or because our attitude changed for the
better. If you think that Meishu-sama approves of your arrogant
attitude, it is nothing but treating God with contempt.
      We have to learn that our understanding and awareness
improved because Meishu-sama wanted to connect us to him and
nurture us, so he appeared to us and guided us.
      If, as you become more fervent in your faith, you try to serve in
God’s work more with your own ego and your own thought, then, you
become arrogant that you think you can do it with your own ego and
judgment. This is a big trap into which many people fall.
      Whatever wonderful blessings you receive and whenever you
feel you are getting closer to God, you can remain always humble,
thinking that Meishu-sama guided you to such a level. If you can
maintain this humility, your connection to Meishu-sama will become
stronger and deeper.
      Meishu-sama is trying to become a part of us through our
breathing. So, if we try to accept Meishu-sama at the center of our
consciousness, we can make our mind a clean slate and try to learn,
believing that Meishu-sama wants to teach us something. Then, we
can gradually have a better understanding of Meishu-sama’s wish,
and have a better grasp of the essence of his teachings.

      Meishu-sama is watching all the experiences that we have,
whether they are good or bad, and is trying to train us spiritually
through these various experiences. Our view of things, the scope of
our thinking, is quite small and narrow and limited.
      We have many personal worries and concerns within, but it is
not productive for us to ask Meishu-sama to solve our personal
problems and then leave these worries in his hands. Rather, while
recognizing these worries honestly, all of which Meishu-sama knows
well, we, on a deeper level as somebody connected to him, can pray
that Meishu-sama’s wishes be realized, that we can be used as his
instruments in God’s work, along with our parents and ancestors, who
are with us.
      I am trying to have such a mental attitude, one with which I can
watch my personal worries with a subjective, detached attitude. This
“higher perspective” as somebody connected with Meishu-sama is
our true essence, our true self.

      This practice of Sonen, or the utilization of the power of our
thought, which is given to us, is a major task assigned to humanity.
The direction and goal we take through this process is not to become
the kind of person who is liked and praised by other people. Nor is it
our goal to raise one’s value and be proud of one’s correctness in front
of God. Our true goal and direction through this process of Sonen
practice should be totally opposite to that. Our goal and direction in
this process is to remain humble in front of God always, to try to
understand God’s wish, even though it may be difficult to do so, and
to try to become true children of God and live in harmony with His
      Toward that goal, we are daily making efforts to be newly
connected with Meishu-sama and to become true “instruments and
servers” of God. Currently, we are “human children” of our parents,
but we are seeking to become “children of God” with eternal life,
regardless of whether we have physical bodies or not, so that we can
live in paradise now and hereafter.
      One of the poems by Meishu-sama that we chanted at today’s

ancestor service reads:

     While still living in this physical world,
     realize that the parent of your eternal life is God.

     Let us study the meaning of this poem carefully, and learn
Meishu-sama’s wish for us as expressed in the poem.

     Today, we observed the annual ancestor service. On this day we
think of our parents, their parents, and our ancestors. But some of us
don’t have a strong feeling that our ancestors are still alive. Our
ancestors do not exist in the physical world, with physical bodies. So,
we think they are dead. However, our ancestors’ consciousness does
not perish, but is existent with us, as a highly refined essence, in this
eternal process of evolution.
     Our ancestors’ consciousness and DNA have been inherited by
us, and now, within us, are sustaining our life. But we cannot see our
ancestors in the form of their physical bodies, so many of us tend to
think of them as being dead rather than alive. When we look at
people who are about to meet their physical death, some of us feel
that their lives are about to end. People generally think that
attending funeral services, visiting the cemetery, or holding memorial
services, are all done for the dead. However, Meishu-sama taught us
that human life is everlasting. Meishu-sama composed the following

     Once I was awakened to the realization that life goes on,
     that it is immortal and eternal, I truly began to live.

     The way to save humanity is to become a living example,
     showing to all the path leading to eternal life.

     Through these verses, Meishu-sama is teaching us that life is
eternal, that it is our own enormous spiritual growth to know that life
evolves and advances forever.

      In spite of this, I have stubbornly stuck to the traditional concept
of death and am bound by this image of death. I have been
influenced by those of our ancestors who passed away, without
knowing that life is forever, and I am also influenced by the
consciousness of humanity at large, who do not know that life is
forever. Because of this consciousness of mine, I have trapped my
ancestors in this state of death, without realizing what I was doing.
      God is life itself and makes all his creations alive, on all the
dimensions and levels. However, I was against this truth of creation
and treated those who passed away as being dead, not as a living
existence. It was indeed very disrespectful of God’s wish, on my part.
Because of my way of thinking, I closed the path to purification for my
ancestors, and I have to really apologize to my ancestors.
      If I regard my ancestors as dead, and since I am the sum total of
all of my ancestors, I might be a dead being, from God’s viewpoint.

      Then, what can we do in this situation? In order for our
ancestors and ourselves to become a living existence, we have to
convey our Sonen or desire to have faith in God, who is living forever,
and put forth our desire to have a communication with God. By
conveying and putting forth such thoughts (Sonen), our
consciousness, which has been formed as the end result of our
ancestors, can communicate with the fundamental consciousness of
God, merge with it, and can bring about the transformation of cell
structures in the spiritual level. We can then receive nourishment so
that our consciousness can continue to grow in this eternal process of
      To utilize this special blessing and grace, we can deepen our
communication with God, serve in His work, and can welcome many
ancestors into the heart of Meishu-sama, who is vividly alive.
      We can remind ourselves constantly that “our ancestors are not
dead, they are living, having a full life and are making their utmost
efforts.” We can have the strong thought and desire that “many of
our ancestors are asleep and slumbering. Please wake them up with
the bright light of God so that, with me, they can be welcomed into

this process of vigorous spiritual growth.”
      In this way, we can find Meishu-sama living within ourselves,
and entrust our ancestors to his heart, so that they can become alive
and be connected to him. In other words, we are with our ancestors,
and we can fill ourselves with life force and life energy from God.

      How, then, is it possible for us to serve in such a process. Before
having been born in this world with physical bodies, we and our
ancestors were prepared in the spiritual realm, where Meishu-sama
now lives, so that we can participate in the divine work of purification
and renewal. We have received the breath of life from God, together
with Meishu-sama. While living in this physical world, we forgot this
precious breath of life, which makes us alive.
      Meishu-sama is alive even now. We can become truly living, a
vividly living existence. We can remember that once, in the distant
past, we were with Meishu-sama, and we can return to that world, the
source and inception of creation, and we can breathe the breath of life
and can be revived.
      The new dawn has arrived. We can wake up from the long sleep,
under the bright light of God.
      Meishu-sama received an important revelation, that of the
turning from night to day, about 75 years ago, on June 15, 1931, on
top of Mt. Nokogiri. We can remember that revelation now, and
breathe the new breath in this new morning.
      We and our ancestors can work together and can receive the
light and the nourishment of life, and participate in God’s work.

      In concluding my message today, I offer my sincere wish that,
starting with today’s ancestor service, we can all share in the joy of
serving in the new phase of God’s work. And I pray that, through you,
God’s boundless blessings and light be relayed to all of humanity and
all of creation.

     Thank you very much.


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