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November Board Meeting Minutes


									                       ITASCA SCHOOL DISTRICT #10
                             ITASCA, IL 60143

                            BOARD OF EDUCATION


I.    Call to order and roll call – The meeting was called to order by President
      Nolte at 6:35 p.m. with the following ROLL CALL:

      PRESENT                                 ABSENT

      Mrs. Diann Dale                         Mr. Patrick Powers
      Mrs. Nancy DiCiolla
      Mr. Chuck Hervas
      Mrs. Maureen McDonald
      Mrs. Susan Nolte
      Mrs. Rose Zelenka

      Also in attendance:

      Dr. Kenneth Cull, Superintendent of Schools
      Mrs. Catherine Seger, Recorder

II.   Closed Session – A motion was made by Mrs. McDonald and seconded by
      Mrs. DiCiolla that the Board of Education enter a closed session for the
      purpose of discussing negotiations. The motion carried on the following

      AYES                             NAYS
      Mrs. Nolte
      Mrs. DiCiolla
      Mrs. Zelenka
      Mrs. McDonald
      Mrs. Dale
      Mr. Hervas

      The board entered a closed session at 6:36 p.m.

      A motion was made Mrs. McDonald and seconded by Mrs. DiCiolla that
      the Board of Education return to open session. The motion carried on
      the following ROLL CALL VOTE:

      AYES                             NAYS
      Mrs. Dale
      Mr. Hervas
      Mrs. Zelenka
      Mrs. DiCiolla
      Mrs. Nolte
       Mrs. McDonald

       The Board returned to open session at 7:35 p.m. President Nolte stated
       that, while in closed session, the board had discussed negotiations and
       no action was taken.

Also in attendance:

Dr. Reinhard Nickisch, Principal, F.E. Peacock Middle School
Dr. Joanna Medwick, Principal, Elmer H. Franzen Intermediate School
Dr. Dawn Turner, Principal, Raymond Benson Primary School
Dr. Marcia Tornatore, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Mr. Charles Kapachinski, Director of Technology
Staff and community members

III.   Pledge of Allegiance - President Nolte led everyone present in the Pledge
       of Allegiance.

IV.    Welcome to Visitors – Mrs. Nolte welcomed visitors to the meeting.

V.     Communications – No communications received during the previous

VI.    Agenda Addendum Items – Mrs. Dale added two items to the agenda.
       They are Activity Funds and Traffic. These were added under “board
       requested reports.”

VII.   Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Cull reviewed his report, a copy of which is
       attached to these official minutes. He discussed the Franzen heating
       costs and two areas of business support. The district had received
       $918.00 from Starbucks as a result of their collection of bottle caps from
       milk bottles. The Mobil station in Itasca had applied for a grant for
       Franzen School. His report included a fee up-date from each of the
       principals. Dr. Turner reported that she had one parent that had not
       paid in total and that parent is on a payment plan. There is also a family
       at Franzen on a payment plan and one who is an out-of-district student
       per Dr. Medwick. Dr. Nickisch reported that one student had not paid
       but is from another district. All students have either paid or are on some
       type of payment plan. Dr. Cull discussed the potential before and after
       school care that he had been discussing with the Park District. This
       service would be housed in the District buildings. Dr. Cull reported that
       he and the Park District are working their way through various issues.
       Dr. Cull believes that there is a need for this service and he wanted to
       know if the board wants him to continue to work with the Park District.
       The board expressed concern regarding the use of the gymnasiums for
       day care and how that would effect court time for WIBA. Mrs. Nolte
       shared a concern for possibly taking business away from St. Luke’s
       Christian Care. Other board members also shared this concern.
       Mrs. Dale discussed Johnson Controls and the escalating utility costs.
       She noted the fact that the gas bill had increased 50% over budget for
       last year and indicated that the district should be saving on the utility
       bills. Dr. Cull indicated that three factors led to the 50% overage: 1)
       inaccurate initial budget “guess”; 2) 20% increase in gas rates; 3)
       bringing significantly more outside air into the building to heat.
       Discussion ensued. Mrs. Nolte suggested that the district monitor these
       costs and as long as this is a performance contract, Johnson Controls
       needs to be involved. Dr. Cull reiterated that with regard to the contract,
       Johnson Controls has been meeting savings targets as agreed to in the

VII.   Board Requested Reports:

A.     N.D.S.E.C. – Mrs. Dale, the N.D.S.E.C. representative alternate, gave the
       report as she had attended the meeting for Mrs. Zelenka.                 She
       highlighted two items – one was the discussion of whether or not to hire
       a DuPage/West Cook director and N.D.S.E.C.’s opposition to this. The
       other item discussed concerned the No Child Left Behind requirements
       for paraprofessionals. N.D.S.E.C. has been meeting with their support
       staff and trying to determine how they are going to offer training for these
       people. Mrs. Dale asked where the district is in training the district’s
       paraprofessional aides. The district will need to come to a conclusion
       regarding this issue.

B.     Middle School – Dr. Nickisch reviewed his report, a copy of which is
       attached to these minutes. His report included the student discipline
       report as well as the Science Fair. Dr. Nickisch discussed the plan to
       honor former graduates from Peacock who have served in the military.
       The plan is to display pictures of these graduates in uniform in the
       atrium. Dr. Nickisch also reported on the tutorial program that has been
       in existence for 8 years. This year, Peacock has the largest group of
       students using the tutorial. Discussion ensued regarding the value of the
       tutorial program. Further discussion continued regarding the discipline
       report and why it increased in October.

C.     Curriculum – Dr. Tornatore reviewed the Curriculum Report, a copy of
       which is attached. She discussed specific items in her report including
       the TAG program. She stated that students in the Talented Portion of
       the program have been identified and by January, the Gifted students
       will be identified. She stated that it was very successful in checking the
       6th grade students again. In reviewing the list of 3rd grade students
       entered into TAG, it was shared that most of the students qualified based
       on categories other than the results obtained from the Otis-Lennon IQ
       test. The Transitional Program is our ESL program. Our program for
       children whose second language is English is a TPI program. Dr.
       Tornatore also discussed the Illinois Textbook Loan Program and
       indicated that the State has given the same amount even though costs
       have risen.
D.   Technology - Mr. Kapachinski reported on Technology. A copy of his
     report is attached to these minutes. He stated that during the last few
     months, there has been a growth in Malware. Peacock has gotten a new
     phone system. December 2nd will be the day that it is put in place.
     Laptops have been purchased for Benson. Mr. Kapachinski will be
     meeting with Benson staff next week. There has been an increase in the
     number of maintenance and Help Desk calls. District staff has been
     working on converged billing which will consolidate all SBC bills into one
     master bill. Mr. Kapachinski is going to view 3 Student Management
     Systems. Mrs. DiCiolla commended Mr. Kapachinski for his efforts in
     saving the district money on the new phone system.

E.   Character Counts! – Mrs. McDonald, representing the Board on the
     Coalition, had not been in attendance at the meeting held earlier this
     evening. Dr. Cull reported on the meeting. The focus was on the video
     that parents will have to view in order for their children to participate in
     any sports’ activity in Itasca. Every parent will have to go through the
     training. Though the video was scheduled to be shown at this meeting,
     there was a problem with the monitor and it will be viewed at the
     December meeting.

     In addition, she reported that the coalition is trying to formulate an event
     for next year that will involve all participating organizations.

F.   Auditor’s Report – Mr. Mike Celer, District auditor, reviewed the
     auditor’s report and distributed the graphic review that is included with
     the audit. An opportunity was given for questions and discussion. Mrs.
     DiCiolla asked about fixed assets and how they are coded. She also
     asked about the budget for “on behalf” payments. Mr. Celer reviewed the
     graphs he had distributed. Dr. Cull stated that Mr. Celer has been a
     very helpful resource for both himself and Mrs. Kuta, the bookkeeper.
     The board thanked Mr. Celer for his report.

G.   Capital Outlay – Mrs. Zelenka thanked Dr. Cull for the work done on the
     report. Mrs. Zelenka had some questions and discussion ensued. She
     also asked about the amount budgeted for Johnson Controls as they
     billed in July for work that was done in May and June. Dr. Cull
     reminded everyone that the bonds that were sold will be spent down.

H.   Activity Fund – Mrs. Dale stated that the Activity Fund listed in the
     monthly financial summary remains the same. She believes that she has
     approved these accounts but does not know what was spent. She
     suggested that the district might not be following the Illinois School
     Code. Dr. Cull stated that these funds are audited including checkbook
     accounts for each school. Mrs. Dale would like to review what has been
     spent over the past few years. Dr. Cull asked for clarification on what
     Mrs. Dale would like to review. The two policies on Student Activity will
     be on the agenda next month.
      I.   Traffic Report –Mr. Latoria, Mr. Putzell, Mrs. Leahy, Dr. Cull, Dr.
           Turner, Chief Heher, and Mrs. Dale have recently met. Mrs. Dale
           reported on their meeting. The Police Chief is going to talk with board
           members as well as meet with crossing guards. The Village is also going
           to do some striping. The general consensus was that the intersection of
           Rush and Washington is not something that could be easily settled.
           Discussion ensued.

J.         Freedom of Information      - Superintendent Cull reported that no
           requests had been made during the past month.

K.         Opportunity for Community Input Regarding Board Requested
           Reports – Mrs. Deb Thude, crossing guard on the corner of Rush and
           Washington, stated that she would need some additional help for this
           corner and that the children needed to be educated on crossing this
           street. Mrs. McDonald stated that parents should be educated.

IX.        Consent Items – Motion made by Mrs. DiCiolla and seconded by Mrs.
           McDonald that the minutes of the October 13, 2004 closed session and
           regular meeting, the expenditure reports for the month of October, 2004,
           and Dawn Cimaglia’s request for leave be approved. Following an
           opportunity for questions and discussion, the motion carried on the
           following ROLL CALL VOTE:

           AYES                            NAYS
           Mrs. DiCiolla
           Mrs. Dale
           Mrs. Nolte
           Mr. Hervas
           Mrs. Zelenka
           Mrs. McDonald

XI.        Action Items

           A. FY2004 Audit – A motion was made by Mr. Hervas and seconded by
              Mrs. McDonald that the FY 2004 audit be approved. Following an
              opportunity for community input, questions and discussion, the
              motion carried on the following ROLL CALL VOTE:

           AYES                            NAYS
           Mr. Hervas
           Mrs. DiCiolla
           Mrs. Nolte
           Mrs. McDonald
           Mrs. Dale
           Mrs. Zelenka

           B. Inter-fund Loan – A motion was made by Mrs. McDonald and
              seconded by Mrs. Zelenka that the Board of Education approve an
              inter-fund loan from the Working Cash Fund to the IMR Fund, in the
          amount of $150,000 to be repaid by October 31, 2005. Following an
          opportunity for questions and discussion, as well as community
          input, the motion carried on the following ROLL CALL VOTE:

       AYES                            NAYS
       Mrs. Nolte
       Mrs. DiCiolla
       Mrs. Zelenka
       Mrs. McDonald
       Mrs. Dale
       Mr. Hervas

       C. Estimated Levy – A motion was made by Mrs. McDonald and
          seconded by Mr. Hervas that the Board of Education approve an
          estimated 2004 Levy of $8,514,044 plus $708,560 for debt service for
          a total estimated 2004 levy of $9,222,604. Following an opportunity
          for community input, questions, and discussion, the motion carried
          on the following ROLL CALL VOTE:

       AYES                            NAYS
       Mrs. DiCiolla
       Mrs. McDonald
       Mrs. Nolte
       Mrs. Zelenka
       Mrs. Dale
       Mr. Hervas

       D. Student Teacher – A motion was made by Mr. Hervas and seconded
       by Mrs. McDonald that the Board of Education approve Bridget Willis to
       student teach in District #10 from March 7 through May 20, 2005. Mrs.
       Zelenka asked if the district monitors the student teachers. Dr. Cull
       assured her that these teachers are monitored. Following a further
       opportunity for questions, discussion, and community input, the motion
       carried on the following VOICE VOTE: All AYES: NAYS none.

XI.    Board Requests for reports - No requests at this time.

XII.   Adjournment – There being no further business, Mrs. Nolte adjourned
       the meeting at 9:57 P.M.

________________________________       _______________________________
Mrs. Maureen McDonald, Secretary       Mrs. Susan Nolte, President
Board of Education                     Board of Education

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