; A clear statement about stuttering
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A clear statement about stuttering


When the prince gives an especially embarrassing speech on behalf of his father, King George V, a speech comprised mostly of gulps and silence, he and his wife Elizabeth know they must take action. Elizabeth ([Helena Bonham Carter]) finds a speech therapist that may just do the trick. Lionel Logue ([Geoffrey Rush]), an eccentric has-been actor from Australia, is known for his "unorthodox and controversial" treatment of speech impediments. His odd manner and penchant for delving into the personal life of his patients pushes Alberts royal buttons.With his older brother shrinking from his kingly calling and another world war brewing on the horizon, [Albert] may be forced to overcome his speech impediment and the fear beneath. As the "king's speech" draws nearer, it is Albert's friendship with Logue that brings the biggest transformation in the prince, transcending the royal divide and offering him support as he has never known before.

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