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					When most of the latest industry buzz surrounding Google's instant (which has
left many companies wondering about the status of the search engine marketing
is moving forward, it seems that they run AdWords even more now?) However,
while the spotlight is he was definitely looking at other Google news, Google
probably hopes you missed this news because it moves the discussion of the
market "research" and "social'-so far away from Google and Facebook directly.

There were data from comScore, which showed that time spent on Facebook
(U.S. numbers only) during the month of August exceeded the time devoted to
the family of Google sites (YouTube, Gmail, google buzz , etc. ..) for the first time
in history. It adds credibility to the Hitwise report in March that said that
Facebook has become the most visited site in the United States for the first time
in their short but spectacular history.

Now take this new information with a grain of salt as all companies have
measures, no matter how big or small, but what these steps for the industry in
which they reside? Is it possible that the search for information in the search
engines become obsolete, is outweighed by the content sharing in social
networks? Or is past and that just missed?

With this information enlightening and coupled with the fact that Facebook is the
basis for more than 500 million active users, it might just be time for you to take
another look at how the company uses a social network. Let's take a closer look at
how a company can capitalize on the popularity of Facebook, let's face it, 500
million active users, everyone can make mistakes, right?

Facebook pages
If your company does not currently have a Facebook, move it now, wait ... keep
reading this then get on it! If you have a Facebook page, maybe we can help you
get more out of it. Here are some basic rules to follow:

* Set realistic goals for your Facebook page and track your progress

* It will be interesting! Reload this page full of content as often as possible

* Promote your Facebook page in your site and add the "follow us" button that

* If your budget allows discounts for those who are on Facebook or those who are
passionate about

* Create a Facebook user group, which is to your target audience

* Be sure to join other groups on Facebook and help promote

* Use the tools on Facebook, track your success with Google Analytics Facebook

Places Facebook
Last month, Facebook launched its registration based on the location that is
similar to Foursquare is known of the place. This is a marketing tool for word-of-
mouth for business and brands and companies can add to your Facebook page
Facebook Square or simply combine the two. The end result of an option
becomes your business address, map, phone number and other important
information through the 500 million active users of Facebook has! The space is
also directly integrated advertising platform that allows companies the ability to
target their ads to a very specific audience-oh, and just happened to offer ads that
can be purchased on a pay per click (as Google).

Facebook Ads

Facebook only generate about half of the projected $ 1.68 billion spent on social
network advertising in the U.S. this year! Some companies spend about $ 20,000
per day in the super-site advertising. If you are now using this marketing effort,
you may want to look into it. Here are some tips to follow when you add this
directory to your company:

* Keywords and demographic selections must be well thought

* Use eye-catching graphics and titles in convincing all listings

* Make your advertising to create interactive

* Update, update, update-get the idea?
* Monitor your PPC results in particular it's your money after all

* Bids for your ad approved faster with Facebook

* Use Facebook Ads Manager which can be downloaded and installed FireFox

Let's face it, no matter what kind of marketing campaign that are currently less
than 500 million active users (unless you are on Facebook), so it is really worth
the effort to investigate what really work Facebook platform to help grow your
business incredible!

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