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					                                                           THE DEPARTMENT

The MFL department at John Kyrle High school and Sixth Form Centre is a dynamic and forward-looking
department working together to promote enthusiasm and interest in foreign languages and cultures and is
committed to raising achievement within the school, in line with specialist targets and the school’s ‘Good to
Great’ ambitions.

The department currently has seven full-time members, and French and Spanish assistantes. As well as the HoD,
the department also includes a language college manager.

French, Spanish and German are taught at KS3/KS4 and at KS5.

French is taught from Year 7, French and Spanish or German in Years 8 and 9 sets 1, 2 and 3 while set 4
continues with only French. All three languages are taught at KS4 (GCSE level) with one group in Year 10 and
one in Year 11 studying for the FCSE (entry level).

           French                                            Spanish                  German
 Year 7    5 lessons per cycle/7 TGs/set in Jan
 Year 8    3 lessons per cycle, Sets 1,2,3                   3 lessons per cycle      3 lessons per cycle
           6 lessons Set 4
 Year 9    As Year 8                                         As Year 8                As Year 8
 Year 10   5 lessons – 4 sets + dual linguists               5 lessons – 2 sets       5 lessons – 1 set
 Year 11   5 lessons per cycle – 3 sets + dual linguists     5 lessons – 2 sets
 Year 12   9 lessons per cycle                               9 lessons                9 lessons
 Year 13   9 lessons per cycle                               9 lessons                9 lessons
 Courses                French                        Spanish                         German
 KS3     Year 7         Expo 1
         Year 8         Expo 2 Vert/Rouge             Listos 1                        Logo
         Year 9         Expo 3 Vert/Rouge             Listos 2                        Logo
 KS4     Years 10/11    Expo 4 F H                    Listos 3                        Logo
 KS5     Years 12/13    Elan & Tout Droit             ¡Ponte al dÍa! Sigue            Schauplatz
                        A variety of textbooks        A variety of textbooks          A variety of textbooks
 The department is following the Edexcel linear syllabus at KS4 and WJEC AS/A2

The department is housed in six specialist rooms and a language laboratory (installed September 2007); each
room incorporates displays to give the pupils a flavour of life in France, Germany and Spain.

A wide variety of teaching and learning styles (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) is encouraged including role play,
mime, song, poetry, display work, games, television, audio/video recording, films and ICT. Members of the MFL
team are encouraged to share resources and ideas and there is a comprehensive shared area of resources on
the network.

In 2010-11, the department organised residential visits to France, Germany and Spain

                    France                                 Spain                     Germany
 Year 7             Paris ‘taster’ visit
 Year 8             Normandy study visit
 Year 9                                                                              Aachen Christmas market
 Year 10
 Years 9/10                                                Costa Brava study visit   Berlin study visit
 Years 9-13                                                                          Betzdorf – school exchange
 Years 12 & 13      Condé work experience
Annually, we take part in European Awareness day, language festivals, theatre visits, exhibitions, industrial visits,
‘journées thématiques’ and GCSE and A-level revision days.

The department has links with higher education institutions, such as Birmingham University. Lecturers have
visited the school to promote languages and to give Mandarin Chinese taster lessons. The department also has
strong links with our partner primary schools, giving advice and support at KS2, including sample lessons and
mornings for gifted and talented pupils.

Ross-on-Wye is twinned with Condé-sur-Noireau (Normandy) and Betzdorf (Westerwald) and the department
enjoys strong links with local Twinning Associations.

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